How to Set and Accomplish Goals for the New Year

Updated on May 5, 2020
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Nitin is a certified life coach, executive coach, writer, husband, and father. His passion is to help people become the best they can be. It

Some people have goals like traveling to new places around the world and revisiting some places that they have already traveled to in the past.
Some people have goals like traveling to new places around the world and revisiting some places that they have already traveled to in the past. | Source

If you want to achieve anything significant in life, then you need to set up goals.

Goals are milestones that you need to pass on your journey of life. It’s very important to have goals and plans in your life so that you can move forward in that direction without getting distracted.

I want to share with you a few things that will help you to set attainable goals for your life.

Personal Goals

Personal goals have to do with your personal life and they could be anything under the sun.

  • It could be learning a new skill like motor driving.
  • Learning to cook a new recipe or learning a new sport
  • It could be learning about weight loss.
  • It could be learning to undertake intermittent fasting or undertake a keto diet.
  • Your personal goal could be building good relationships at home with parents, spouses or with your siblings.
  • You may want to get further education: a new degree or certification.
  • Another personal goal that you may have is to take care of your finances more responsibly.
  • Financial goals may also include earning more, saving more, spending less and overall planning your finances in such a way that you are not overspending money You may want to plan in such a way that you will have enough savings and investments.
  • Some people have goals like traveling to new places around the world and revisiting some places that they have already traveled to in the past.

In short, personal goals could be anything under the sun that concerns you as a person.

Business Goals

I have categorized the second set of goals as business goals.

Business goals could include the following:

  • Starting a new website
  • Increasing revenue streams
  • Learning new marketing skills: FB ads, Google ads, Bing ads
  • Starting a new YouTube channel
  • Learning social media marketing
  • Getting more traffic to your website, product or services

How to Set Realistic, Attainable Goals

I share below some important things that will help you to decide which goals you want to set up for yourself and how to accomplish them.

1. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T.

To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant): Goals have to be very specific and clear so that you understand what exactly you want to achieve.
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating): Goals need to be measurable in order to gauge the advancements done.
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable): Goals should not be so big that you can never accomplish them. They should be reasonable enough to be achievable.
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based): The goals you set should be relevant to your vision and life purpose. Only then will they make sense.
  • Time-bound (time-limited, time-sensitive): Finally, your goals should be time-bound. If there are no time limits, then the goals have no meaning. They have to be accomplished in a given period of time to be effective.

2. Your goals should be in sync with your overall purpose in life

Your goals should be aligned with your purpose in life. Your ultimate goal is to fulfill your life purpose. But in order to achieve it, you need to set up your goals in such a way that you can get there easily and systematically. After having considered your life purpose you need to work on your goals accordingly.

3. Create a goal card

One strategy that helps in formulating your goals and making them clear in your own mind is something that many well-known motivators and life coaches prescribe.

This method is to make small cards and write your goals on those cards and keep these cards in your pocket or in your wallet as a constant reminder of your goals.

It also helps to keep these cards in places where you see them every day as a mirror or refrigerator.

The idea is to remind yourself and to etch in your subconscious mind that these are the goals that you have to accomplish in a particular given time period.

This method is very helpful to achieve the goals within the given time period.

4. Be accountable to a close friend or a group

Nothing helps you in accomplishing your goals more than have someone hold you. These are normally called as accountability partners or accountability groups.

Being accountable to someone keeps you alert that you will be asked uncomfortable questions related to the accomplishment of your goals. This may be an uncomfortable way of doing things but in the long run, it’s going to only help you.

So go ahead and decide whom you would like to have as your accountability partner. Choose someone who you trust and who will be brutally honest with you in order to help you achieve your goals.

5. Don’t be overwhelmed when obstacles come your way

As you pursue your goals, don’t be surprised if you face roadblocks. The way to success is paved with roadblocks. The earlier you understand this the better it will be for you.

So when you are faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles don’t be overwhelmed but find your way out.

With every obstacle there will be a way out, you just need to find out where it is.

6. Massive action is necessary for the goals to translate into reality

Setting up goals is one thing but accomplishing them is a totally different thing.

If you want to achieve your goals in the time frame that you want to, then you have to take action and you have to take massive action.

Just thinking about your goals and looking at them every day will not get the job done. You will have to follow up on your goals with solid measurable action daily.

7. Evaluate your performance on a quarterly basis

Now that you have set up your goals and you're also looking at them every day, follow up with massive action. The next thing to do is to evaluate your performance on a regular basis.

On a regular basis means monthly, quarterly or biannually. If you don’t evaluate your performance, then you will not be able to know how far you have come and how far you need to go.

Go into the new year fully equipped and prepared to achieve something significant in your life. Let these guidelines help you to set up the right goals and move another level up in your life.

Goals. There's no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There's no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There's no telling what will happen when you act upon them.

Jim Rohn

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Nitin Khaire


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    • nitinkhaire profile imageAUTHOR

      Nitin Khaire 

      6 months ago from Mumbai

      Thank you so much Carolyn for your wonderful feedback. Yes, the acronym SMART can be interpreted in the way you have described. It's a rather interesting angle too. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I appreciate it very much

    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 

      6 months ago from South Dakota, USA

      Wonderful article. I especially appreciated your discussion of SMART goals - and how the letters mean different things to different people. I prefer Specific, Measurable, Aligned (to life purpose), Realistic, and Time-bound. It's all there - just a slightly different take. The bottom line is ACTION. All the planning in the world will not help without concrete action.

      Thank you!

    • Prantika Samanta profile image

      Prantika Samanta 

      6 months ago from Kolkata, India

      Goals are important to set to execute any task. Setting goals

      and working towards them help us achieve our targets and lead a satisfied life. Sometimes in life, when we go through trying times, we need to set goals to come out of frustration.

    • Vidya21 profile image


      6 months ago

      Thanks for featuring the 7 points for accomplishing goals. Helpful hub.

    • PrateekJain24 profile image

      Prateek Jain 

      6 months ago from Madhya Pradesh, India

      U discussed all the important elements in best way. Very nice sir.


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