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5 Practical Notion Daily Planner Templates

I'm obsessed with Notion, a productivity tool that helps you organise your life. I share my tips on how to get even more out of it.


Searching for the Perfect Daily Planner Template?

Getting the right Notion daily planner template can make or break your overall use and enjoyment of Notion. It is the template that you are likely going to be frequenting more often, so it's important that it's right for your workflow.

Plus, it needs to interact with the rest of your setup, so you know exactly what's going on how. It's also a lot of fun, especially as you make edits to it and optimise it for your work status and overall life.

So here I review some of our favorite templates to give you some inspiration and even potentially duplicate and copy the template for your own use. You can see that some come with time slots, some have it as a big brain dump of ideas, some also have certain widgets. As you go through the templates, you will get a better and better idea of what you need.

Here, I review the following:

  1. Daily Planner
  2. Daily Log
  3. Student Daily Planner
  4. Agenda Master Plan
  5. Refresh Daily Planner

1. Daily Planner

You can find the Daily Planner on the Notion website itself; simply head to the templates section and search for "Daily Planner", then you can see the way it is structured.

Although it's not really to my liking, you can get a clear sense of the way it operates and how you can utilise some aspects of the template and discard other ones. For example, I rather my template be clearer, so I will do away with aspects like the "Thoughts", "Gratitudes" and the "Brain Dump" sections. I want it to be more reminder- and task-based so I know exactly what I need to do that day.

2. Daily Logger

The Daily Log is built in the video above, and you can follow it along and see how Keep Productive has actually built this template. It's more of a journal-based template than one that is more task-based, although it does have a series of templates that you can utilise. You can see there are entries he has made for "Journal Entries" as well as "Checklists" and other aspects. It's clear this is a foundational template that you can build upon and adjust.

It is a quite simple template, but it shows you how each daily template can work into the rest of your setup so you know how to set it up and for them all to relate to one another; otherwise, your 'daily' aspects can get lost. For example, say on one day, you had five tasks set up but only managed four tasks. Well, you would want to be able to quickly reference that previous day to remind you of the task that's missing so you can ensure you can complete it on the following day, for example.

3. Student Daily Planner

For those who are at college or university who are looking for a daily template, this Daily Planner that you can find by following the video above, so you can duplicate it. You can see Udoka Fintelmann has based the work template based on time blocking and task batching.

You can see that he has a specific time slot section on the left and a column for suggested tasks throughout the day. There is a range of priorities that need to be done for the day, as well as a place to dump tasks as he remembers them. Plus, he has a quick access section to frequent templates that he often uses as well as trackers that he is working on to improve his healthier habits.

4. Agenda Master Plan

This is a template that was built by Jeff Su, who is featured in the video above, where he explains how he utilises the template on a regular basis. You can see the process that he has undergone to 'evolve' his template and how he actually goes about work. You can see it is a weekly agenda template but utilises a daily workflow where he goes through the five-minute workflow on a daily basis. You can copy the templates as well if you want and adjust them to how you want them.

There are a few tricks and tips that are mentioned in the video as well so you can automatically generate new pages with a preset template that you need. It's definitely worth checking out to understand how you can implement it into your own work way such as the way he has set up dates from a chronological perspective.

5. Refresh Daily Planner

This is a really simple template that you can find on Gumroad; just search for "Notion Daily Planner Template", and you should then be able to find this for free. You can see exactly what it is you plan on doing during that day as well as what you are noticing during the day to keep you more present, what you are capturing (almost acting like a journal type aspect to the template) as well as what you're building (through the habits you are tracking down) and overall improvements that you're making.

These can be collated into a template entry format so you can see the progress you are making on pretty much a daily basis but can be reviewed on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis—a clever template for those looking for more of an overall overview.

Notion Daily Planner Templates Help You Stay Organised

Hopefully, the above list of Notion daily planner templates has given you some inspiration to either make your own or modify one of the above templates. What I have found with these templates is that they are often ever-evolving to how you go about your work. So what you start with today is going to look a whole lot different down the line.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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