How to Keep Telemarketers From Driving You Crazy

Updated on July 31, 2018
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If you live in the United States, you undoubtedly are plagued by those consistent and annoying phone calls from telemarketers.

At first you tolerate them, but after awhile they begin to drive you crazy!

You can’t eat a meal, watch a favorite TV program or entertain company without that phone interrupting you. After awhile, this situation becomes maddening!

If you are like me, you have tried everything to keep telemarketers from driving you nuts, but in the end, nothing seems to work.

Learn the best ways to deal with those pesky telemarketing calls!
Learn the best ways to deal with those pesky telemarketing calls! | Source

Things That Don’t Work

After trying to

  • ignore the calls,
  • pick the phone up and then quickly hang it up,
  • answer and clearly tell the caller to stop calling,
  • answer and blow a whistle loudly into the receiver.
  • answer and threaten the caller with legal action,
  • answer, lay the receiver down and walk away until the caller stops talking and
  • similar behaviors

you quickly learn that the calls don’t stop, and, in fact, they increase!

So, you go online and find sites dedicated to people who want to know where the calls are coming from such as 800 Notes only to learn that other people are getting calls from the same numbers!

Then you call the phone company and ask them to block the numbers the calls are coming from, but you again find that they just keep coming. This time from different numbers!

Finally, in desperation, you contact the Federal Do Not Call Service.

  • You report the offending number, but nothing happens.
  • When they call again, you do the same thing, and the same thing happens.

You get really frustrated and start keeping track of the calls and reporting them regularly.

Before long, you do some research and learn that before the government will go after any telemarketer, they must receive thousands of complaints. Therefore it can take a very long time, if ever, before your complaint will make a difference.

Why These Ploys Don’t Work

If the people calling you are legitimate businesses, all you have to do to stop them from calling is tell them you are on the Do Not Call list. They will stop calling.

However, those that are illegal do not care about the Do Not Call List and all of the tricks you use to stop them mean nothing to them.

Furthermore, many now use robo calls, so you cannot even speak to or threaten a real person or even know which so called company is calling you.

In addition, these companies use throw away phones. They purchase a block of phone numbers and if one doesn’t work or gets blocked, they simply change to a different one.

Many of their call centers are located outside of the US, so even though the return number may seem local, it really is not.

Illegal telemarketing companies do not care about the laws which include but are not limited to not

  • making robo calls,
  • calling cell phones,
  • calling outside of the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM and

clearly identifying themselves and the names of their companies.

Telemarketers come in all ages, shapes and sizes.  Some can become abusive if confronted.
Telemarketers come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Some can become abusive if confronted. | Source

Is the Effort Worth The Results?

Doing any or all of the things mentioned earlier requires a great deal of your time and effort and is also inconvenient.

I’ve done all of them and can tell you that after a year of meticulously keeping track of calls, I finally got results due to the fact that enough people had complained to the DNC hotline. My telemarketers went to jail as a result, and the calls stopped for quite some time.

However, they eventually started again!

Why They Keep Calling

This is because there is always a new batch of crooks wanting to entrap people into expensive and illegal deals.

It obviously works because according the US Bureau of Labor Statistics there currently are approximately 189,670 people employed as telemarketers who make a mean annual income of $27,670 each. This adds up to more than 50 billion dollars a year, which is just for salaries!

Clearly, the people running telemarketing businesses do so because they’re making a great deal of money!

If people were not buying what these companies are selling, there would be no reason for those ongoing, irritating phone calls!

However, they target the elderly and language impaired, so it is easy for them to manipulate people into purchasing sub par products.

What You Can Do

Since you now know what doesn’t work, you can save a good deal of time and effort by doing a few things that can help.

The best and most effective thing you can do is sign up for a call blocker called Nomorobo. It is free for consumers with landlines and costs $1.99 per month for consumers who use mobile devices.

This product is a new technology that has been approved by the FTC for blocking and diverting telemarketer calls. You can learn more about it by clicking on this link.

If you don’t want to use this product, I suggest that you

  • keep cell phones turned off,
  • block texting on cell phones and
  • limit the number of times your phones will ring.

Doing this will cause inconvenience, but will allow you to avoid most of the problems you have from telemarketing calls.

If you advise the people who normally call you that you’ll be doing this, and tell them to leave messages, you can always call them back, thus not missing any important calls.

The Bottom Line

Telemarketing calls are disliked by most people because they are invasive and irritating.

However, the do supply employment for a great number of people and thus help the economy.

Unfortunately, this system of marketing has been grossly abused. Because of this, the average citizen wants to do away with it.

However, this is unlikely to happen.

What I have suggested in this article can help tremendously. It is not a perfect solution, but it is one that works.

So, if those pesky telemarketing calls have been driving you crazy, at least you now know some effective ways to deal with them.

How many telemarketing calls do you generally get in a day?

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