How to Write a Complaint Letter to AT&T

AT&T stands for American Telephone & Telegraph
AT&T stands for American Telephone & Telegraph | Source

So you're ready to take on AT&T...

AT&T is a huge, profitable company. Personally, I can't stand AT&T, as you will read later in the example letter. I was so frustrated after talking to so many people on the phone, I finally sent a letter straight to the CEO. In the end, his secretary called me and informed me that they took my letter to heart and would be working on strategies to better train employees. They also waived all of the late fees and comped my account for one month. Below are the steps I took to ensure my voice and opinion were heard. After all, we are the customers that keep AT&T in business. How can we expect change if we do not make them accountable?


  1. Go to the AT&T website to find the current CEO of the company. I found out that as of today, March 28, 2016, the CEO is Randall L. Stephenson. You can find his bio HERE.
  2. You can also find a list of all the other important people at AT&T if you really want to make a big stink. (Look at the bottom of Randall's bio page.)
  3. Also, I hope you kept track of who you spoke to, where they were located, and when you made the calls. This makes your complaint more credible.


  1. At the top of the letter write the date, skip a line and write, "Attention: [First Last], CEO". Skip a line or two. Then write "Dear Mr. [CEO's Name]," or any other greeting you are comfortable with.
  2. The first paragraph should outline what services you have with AT&T and how you use it. For example, if you own a small business with a website you may write "Mrs BKay Solutions is a small business that depends heavily on internet sales and leads through the online store on our website. We came to AT&T for it's wireless internet speed and easy network set-up in October 2015."
  3. The next paragraph(s) should detail the problems you are having. Try to include dates, who you spoke with, what was agreed upon, etc. To continue with the example above, you may write, “On October 2nd, 2015, Jimmy Jimenez came to our office to set up the equipment. Mr. Jimenez arrived three hours late and took an hour and a half lunch. When it was time for my employees and me to lock up, Mr. Jimenez said he was not finished and he would return in the morning. Mr. Jimenez never returned. I called Judy Judd in the Barstow customer service center at 8:35am on October 4th, 2015. Ms. Judd informed me that …” and so on.
  4. The last paragraph is where you state your demands. Request that late fees be removed, that services be comped, or that equipment be replaced at no charge- whatever you feel you deserve. Remember to be fair and honest. Also, tell them what you are prepared to do should they not fix their error, “If AT&T fails to correct this error, I will be forced to take my business elsewhere and contact a lawyer or attorney.”
  5. Sign a cordial closing and leave a few blank lines before you type your name. When you print your letter you will sign your name in this spot.


  1. You may want to fax the letter so you can have the confirmation with the date and time stamp on it. The fax number is: 210-351-2071. Be sure to include a cover letter. For information on how to write a fax cover sheet see my Hub, How To Make A Fax Cover Page.

  2. Below is the physical address to send your letter (which is the way I sent mine):

    Randall L. Stephenson, CEO

    AT&T Inc.

    208 S. Akard Street
    Dallas, TX 75202

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  • It's pretty good. There could always be improvement in all areas.
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Sample Letter

December 9th, 2012

Attention: Randall Stephenson, CEO

Dear Randall Stephenson,

To start, my family and I have been loyal Verizon customers for years. I was first introduced to AT&T’s incompetence through all of the dropped calls between my husband and I. I moved to go to school in LA and Verizon could no longer cover my area and I was forced to sign up with AT&T.

On September 28th, 2009 I spoke with Deana in the Bakersfield office. She set me up on automatic withdrawal for both a Go-Phone and High Speed Internet Access because AT&T could not approve me for a regular account without automatic withdrawal. I was then told that I was ALREADY ENROLLED in automatic payments of $40 every thirty days. I was also told that my phone would arrive in a couple of weeks. After numerous phone calls to the AT&T office (some of which transferred me to disconnected numbers or hung up on me), UPS, and about ten of your employees, I was finally able to speak to someone who knew what they were doing. Stella was wonderful. But once I received my phone it was no longer activated. So I had to call, once again, and have my number changed THREE times before my service could begin. That is all over but it was only the beginning of my problems.

On my initial call in September I was informed that automatic payments of $45 (every month starting on October 16th) were set up and that the $100+ for the equipment would be billed immediately and it would be shipped in 3-5 days. It arrived on time and the money was taken. I received a bill of $153.49 due by November 19th, 2009. Thinking it was strange that I was receiving a bill, I called in. Again, my call was transferred to a disconnected number. I did not have the time to call back. I called again on November 29th, 2009 after a disconnection notice was sent. I explained that I was under the impression that I was enrolled in automatic payments and the employee informed me that I was not. She set me up in automatic payments and waived the late fees.

I then received a letter stating that I owed $148 or my service would be cancelled on December 9th, 2009!!! I called on December 8th, 2009 and spoke to someone. She said the automatic payment would not come out until December 22nd, 2009 and that my service would be disconnected until then. I explained that I felt it was AT&T’s fault and I expected them to fix it. She said there was nothing she could do. I spoke with her supervisor who did not give her name when answering the phone and was incredibly rude to me. She did not offer any solutions and would not work with me on any level.

I did pay my overdue balance because I am willing to pay for services that I receive. I am requesting that I am reimbursed or that any late or disconnection fees be waived from my account over the past three months. I am also requesting that your employees be better trained in respect and quality costumer service. Not only does the customer service fall under par, but the service itself is poor as well. My calls are constantly dropped, my voicemail does not work, and my calls are broken and filled with static. The internet service is slow, disruptive, and the box often malfunctions, taking over a half hour to recalibrate. I do not recommend AT&T to any of my friends, family members, or customers because of this.

Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Britney Kay Sinclair

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Petra Vlah profile image

Petra Vlah 3 years ago from Los Angeles

In California (and I suspect all over the west coast), AT&T is a monopoly and they do as they please. To speak to a person, you have to be on line for 40 minutes or so, only to get more frustrated by their incompetence.

Whatever happened to the antitrust law, I have no idea, but dealing with AT&T is a royal pain

MrsBkay profile image

MrsBkay 3 years ago from Southern California Desert Author

Obviously, I feel your pain. I since moved BACK into Verizon's service area but to be honest, they're not much better. Plus, the government only enforces laws that benefit them! If you don't pay the IRS they tack on fees and penalties right away. But if they forget to pay you- you have to file a special claim and wait for weeks! Ah! The system! ha ha.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

This caught my eye, and I had to read it! I have ATT and they are awful. My family and I never got into the habit of being on our cell phones all the time, we use them if we really have to say something or get info through, otherwise we use the landline and call home or wait until we are together in the evening. But my bill was so high for the little bit we use the phones. I called to complain. They gave me a different plan. I just got the bill, and although we all used less than 1 hour in a month, it was still over $100.00. The next time I get a new phone or carrier, I'm going to read every bit of fine print! My ATT Pantech phone is awful too. I'm moderately tech savvy, but I can't even get the thing to scroll correctly when I want to call someone. My first Nokia was my favorite cell phone! Thanks for the info.

MrsBkay profile image

MrsBkay 3 years ago from Southern California Desert Author

My first phone was a Nokia from Verizon as well! lol. $100 is absolutely crazy! Phone technology is not new, I don't know why they're charging so much. Especially if you have one of those new smart phones where you HAVE TO have a data plan. Currently I only have AT&T for my phone service. It's a 3 year old phone and it's prepaid. I pay $25/mo for 250 minutes and unlimited text. I hate them but until my phone breaks I won't buy another one.

Trix 2 years ago

Ok, what is the ADDRESS for Randall Stephenson of AT & T? You kind of left out that very vital information.

Janet 2 years ago

I am so sick of AT&T.. I have U Verse, and every month my bill is different, you call after 2 hrs, you still have no answers to your problems.. Just discusting!!

maggie ceballos 2 years ago

AT&T always were trying to get extra mony from me in my bill most of all long distance even that I got che cheapest rate and They lock my number so nobody can make long distance calls. 'cause I only use it to get internet service from people pc, so we barely answer the phone, cause I have everything in my cellphone, including international long distance, but they still overcharge my last bill because they said a ''x company ask for the payment from a service I didn't have.that's ridiculous.the worst of all is that number is for chatting by phone with extrangers.I don't even think tha company exist .I hate AT&T .That company make many tricks to steal money from the costumers becausemany of them didn't realize it or they don't speak english , that 's terrible .somebody should do something.....

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

Now my last cell phone was "obsolete" this happens often, they tell you the battery that makes it run is no longer available. I was afraid I would fall behind tech wise, and got a Samsung Galaxy 4. It has so many features I will never need or use. I bought it at Staples though, so a phone person wouldn't pressure me, and the tech guy was young and said he had the same phone, that it would not be obsolete for years. But then I bought a new car, and the dealership people didn't even know how to connect the Bluetooth, I had to go back to Staples twice, and it's still not right. And the bill for myself and son is almost $200.00 now, despite the fact we use little to no long distance, and internet surfing and many minutes are supposed to be rolled over. I don't know how they get away with it.

MrsBkay profile image

MrsBkay 2 years ago from Southern California Desert Author

I'm sorry you didn't see it but I clearly gave the address, Trix.


You may want to fax the letter so you can have the confirmation with the date and time stamp on it. The fax number is: 210-351-2071. Be sure to include a cover letter. For information on how to write a fax cover sheet see my Hub, How To Make A Fax Cover Page.

Below is the physical address to send your letter (which is the way I sent mine):

Randall L. Stephenson, CEO

AT&T Inc.

208 S. Akard Street

Dallas, TX 75202"

marvinlzinn1 17 months ago

Yes, it has been common in the last couple months for technical and question calls to AT&T being cut off at the beginning of a conversation. Also finding something on the web pages often fails due to username and/or passwords that seem to be accepted, but with no other notice just direct to a different place essentially back to where I started. Most of this is due to customer service organization changing to pay less for employees or new technical program updates.

The entire mayhem at AT&T is no different than most business in the United States. It is obvious results of customers wanting thing cheap without regard to the real cost of lower safety and quality (like made in China).

Hosea Robertson 12 months ago

AT&T Are The Worst provider Ever

They Are So Rude & Call You a Liar

Every time You Call Them.

MAde Payment Arrangements On Line

10/06/15 Did a Split Paymrnt

Pay 114.00 On The 10/15 /2015

Pay 114.00 On The 10/30/ 2015

Paid on 10/15/2015 On The 10/19/15

My Service Was Suspended For Non

Payment said They Didn't See The

10/30 Only 10/15 I told Them I had

Confirmation she said when you pay

The 114.00 That's When You Get Your

Service back.

These people are Cold Blood Bites

They Have Hidden Charges And Lie

About Everything And Talk To You

Very Nasty Like You Want Something

For Nothing about To Show You Who

Boss!!! AT&T Stinks!!!

Hosea Robertson..

Fran in Atlanta 4 months ago

Dealing with AT&T "customer service " is like the revolving door nightmare. I was lied to about having an escalated case submitted and one CSR started saying, "Hello? Hello? I can't hear you!" when she got tired of talking about my issue and the conversation was getting tense. ALSO, I read an article tonight online that claims the company will take legal action against those writing their president! I would be dumbfounded and flabbergasted if that's true! I feel like they're too big, inefficient and crooks! It's one-way communication with no resolution to my issues. In the meantime, I have NO internet or TV service!

Artist Without A Brush 3 months ago

Amen to a lot of things I read. We are rural and have the wonderful touted Uverse system that controls my phone and computer. We are a rural community only 50 miles from St. Louis but you would think we were out in the boonies and used smoke signals. Our road is probably about 100 years old with telephone wires that date back to the 1930's. Now they want to tell me I can get wonderful service with uverse. Not. The wires cannot support the new technology and every wind wisp, thunder cloud or burp causes the system to go out. OK, now I can reboot and it will come on but that is not the point. ATT says it is 95% reliable. That is only when it is on. In any kind of lightning or thunderstorm you can expect it to be off. We are both aged and need to rely on a telephone. Whoops, don't have that either. Oh, I guess I can go back to the old fashion telephone but now I have no computer system that is fast enough to enjoy. Boy to they have you by the big kahuna' ya think. Guess I will have to write a long involved letter to tell them that their systems stinks. Will be using smoke signals for all other stuff. Even a cell phone has limitations and why should I have to have one to pick up the slack of an expensive uverse system that does not work.

Susan 3 months ago

When I called ATT&T last month to lower my internet service, I was told that I could cancel the U-Verse portion of my bundle at any time. I didn't want it anymore since the kids were moving out of the house. Now, after talking with a rep and a manager at AT&T I have been told that I had a 150 early cancellation fee. Slimy.

Valleria Davi 2 months ago

I had a go phone as I,am 75 years old I paid in store for the service. I decided it was to much trouble to go to store & pay . I switched providers and got a contract with a different provider. I then requested a refund of 51.72 cents. Because I paid in cash and not a debit card AT&T refuses to refund my money. The store says they can't refund the money AT&T can't refund my money where is my money. I was told if I paid by debit card they could refund my money but because I used America cash. They cannot refund my money that I paid in store.

Eleanor Gray 8 weeks ago

AT&T cancelled my service without notifying me. I am 83 years old and even though my number is not in use they will not make an effort to give it back to me. This makes me so sad as all of my family and contacts know my number ... it would be extremely difficult for me to learn a new number. I do not know what department or number to call so AT&T makes an exception and restores my number which I had for many years. If you have any advice I would greatly appreciate how to 'restore" my is out there unused and I feel certain there must be a way to get it back.

Beverly Stroup 6 weeks ago

My complaint is with their package, tv, phone and Wi-Fi. Here is what I wrote: As I told your agents, after being transferred, put on hold for long periods of time?, I am paid up to date on both me AT&T Uverse and also on the Direct Tv accounts. A few months ago I spoke to your agent, Bernard or something like that. I explained I was paying for my sister's Direct Tv for her home at 507 Blanche Dr., 63125. I fully explained it would only be for 2 or 3 months, as she was selling her home there and moving to a senior condo development in Lake Ozark, MO. At the condo, the cable fee is built in to maintenance fee and so she has to switch to Charter when she moved. I explained since it was for such a short duration, I wanted to be sure there were no early cancellation fees in this situation. He assured me that under the circumstances I would NOT be charged the fee. Especially since the entire condo has cable included in monthly resident fee. I trusted him. When she sold her home I again called your company as I was instructed and the sent us a box to put the equipment in and return. I was told I would get an adjusted bill soon. It never came, so I went ahead and played both my bill for Uverse at my home, and the latest bill for the Direct tv. Only recently did I receive a bill for almost 700.00! for early cancellation fees! I have been a loyal Uverse customer since 2009, always paying on time. I put up with your horrible customer service, especially in the last 3 years, being transferred over and over again, being put on hold for ridiculously long periods, having to explain the current problem over and over again with each transfer, and on one occasion, after over an hour I was disconnected! I am, believe it or not, a very patient person, but after getting your last bill and dealing with your inept customer service reps, I was so upset I was in bed for 2 days. I am disabled. Very low income, and have terribly high medication expenses. I do not owe the early termination fee. Perhaps Bernard or whatever his name is, who assured me it wasn't an issue, should pay it. If this isn't resolved, I will relate all this to local news, the attorney General's office and the BBB. Also I will publicly share it on Facebook! This is inexcusable and if not resolved, at the end of my personal contract for Uverse, I will be immediately switching to Charter.

Beverly Stroup.

Ps.. my accounts are paid in full. You do not have the right to my bank info.

Tom Kinnard 4 weeks ago

do not know what failed but do know no one at at&t cares.

had two service tech,s try to fix my digital life which would not record and when it did record only two or three hours I was unable to erase it. I gave up , now my e-mail is really messed up and i no longer want anything to do with AT&T. When i get ready to move AT&T will be left on the roadside simple because they do not care anymore. ADT, Verizon, and Time Warner are looking real good now. It seems that it is OK to lose customers instead of trying to keep them.

Donald james louk jr 4 weeks ago

I am an AT&T customer first of all I'm very dissatisfied and not happy at all you people change and upgrade too much you messed things up around you don't put no kind of help up on each app you're always upgrading and messing up my phone I am so sick and tired of everything changing for bad instead of for better,,, you people ruin every as possible and I am so sick and tired of you people upgrading and changing it every damn stinking hour of the day I am tired of it and I wish you people leave me the hell alone I am tired of people ruining my apps upgrading my phone I'm sick of it you messed everything up I can't you people leave stuff alone thank you goodbye

Carol Blanding 3 weeks ago

att sucks,, as soon as my phone is payed off we are outta this clique!!!!!! back to Verizon I go!

Frank 13 days ago

AT&T is, by a comfortable light year, the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I lived for a year in Cleveland, and I got their u-verse Internet service because it was the only choice I had. The service kept going in and out for the first few months, and I had techs over no fewer than 4 times to get it fixed. Mind you, I had to take time off work for each one of those, because they refused to be flexible enough to give me a window of time after work hours. Despite all these problems, they refused to allow me to cancel the service without charging me a termination fee (as if their crappy service wasn't a breach of contract). On the fourth visit, I finally learned that due to my distance, my bandwidth was too great, so I had to downgrade my service plan. They did that, and finally it worked. It worked after that. However, I later had other problems. When it came time to move back to my home state of MI, I called and cancelled service. In fact, just because I had a feeling that this vile, evil company would give me problems, I called *three* times to make sure they had me cancelled. Three times! They always said, "yes, we see here that you're schedule to be terminated." So, after three calls, and sending them back the router, I assumed I was good to go. Four months later, I get a bill for 129.31. i figured it was some bullcrap termination charge, but I'm a very busy person and I don't have time to deal with these issues. So, I called and just paid the bill. Then, at the end, the annoying recording said, "your service will be restored shortly." What???? This wasn't a termination fee! They never cancelled my service! I have to call and try to get my money back, but there's no doubt that I won't be able to because they're a large, powerful company and I'm powerless to do anything about it, not to mention that I really don't have much time as I just started a new job and can't take much time off. I'll just be screwed out of my money. Wow. Everyone at this company should be ashamed of themselves.

Ellen Arcadi 3 days ago

I hate ATT the worse customer service ever. this last time ( and there have been many times before) I had to call 6 times with being on the phone up to 1 hr. test 1 hr. each time I am told the problem is fixed and each time I find out after that it has not been fixed.

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