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4 Strange Side Hustles That Can Make You Rich

These are disturbing and genius at the same time.

Side hustles are one of the best ways to earn extra money and grow your wealth. You have standard side hustles like starting an online business selling stickers, making youtube videos and walking your neighbors' dogs. And then you have the not-so-typical side hustles, like selling your bath water.

TikTok user @joshuaerabu posted a video sharing side hustles that, while strange, could make you a lot of money. If you're okay with doing some weird stuff for money, proceed, but beware. We guarantee that you are not ready for some of these.

Let's address the most shocking of these first: poop. Who knew that our feces could be so valuable? We were taught from a young age that poop is nothing but waste. I guess our science teachers were wrong.

"You're telling. . . I-I've been POOPING FOR FREE ALL THESE YEARSSSSS?!?!" @slimmdr lamented in the comments. I know, right? Talk about betrayal.

The rest of the side hustles are a little tamer, but not any less strange. They include breeding decorative shrimps for aquariums, cuddling with strangers and be people's friends. And honestly, these are not the worst things you could do for some extra cash. If you like meeting new people or physical touch is your love language, you might have a great time with these. If anything, you'll have some memorable experiences and some great stories to share with your family and friends.