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These 12 Sentences Will Apparently Teach You More Than Business School Every Could

Here’s what to take away form that bold claim

The decisions you make while you're young will have a huge impact on your future, especially financial decisions. Even the choices you didn't think would matter will eventually determine your financial status when you're older. The sooner you start getting smart about your money, the better. 

With so much information floating around on the internet, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Personal finance educator @basicfinancialliteracy posted a TikTok video sharing tips on how you can start making better decisions about your finances. These 12 sentences are enough to change your life.

We never looked at choosing our spouse as a big financial decision, but we can see how it has an impact. @basicfinancialliteracy also highlighted the importance of having at least 3 months' worth of savings in an emergency fund, prioritizing paying off high-interest debt, staying healthy, living below your means, automating your finances and staying away from get-rich-quick schemes.

All these points are simple and easy to follow. They also don't require that you make a major lifestyle change. This proves that anyone can turn their life around.

Other TikTok users also loved this advice. "The first one hit hard," @ahavamelantha wrote in the comments. "#8 is key. Deprivation economics NEVER works," @fetchter.eth said."I'm sick of being told a coffee is going to change my financial future! I'm having my dang coffee," @couponing_coffee_target said.

You're not going to become an expert on all of these points in a single night. Pick the point that is easiest and start from there. When you're ready, you can start incorporating the others. Stay consistent and stay motivated and you'll see the results you want.