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Mom’s “Go All In” Method Helped Her Pay Down $30k In Debt

She absolutely swears by it.

Debt can be extremely debilitating. It consumes so much of your life and can hold you back from certain experiences. When much of your paycheck goes toward paying off your debt, there's barely any room left to treat yourself.

This mom wants you to know that there is hope. TikTok user @lilianalopex_14 shared how she and her husband paid off $30k in debt in ten months. She listed each step of the process so viewers can follow in her footsteps and finally be debt free.

Lopez said she used Dave Ramsey's Baby Step method and it worked wonders for her. She swears by it, and wants others to know that it really works.

"If you do it right, and you go all in, you should be debt-free in a couple of months," she said. "Go all in, and watch your life change."

The first step of the process is to put $1,000 away into an emergency savings account. Then you need to list out all of your debt from smallest to largest and focus on paying off the smallest debt first. Lopex emphasized that interest does not matter in this instance. The last step is to have three to six months' worth of expenses in your emergency fund.

Some users noted in the comments that this method may be unrealistic for folks who are single or live in a single-income household. Lopez shared that even though she had her husband's help, she had to work three jobs at one point.

"I literally did not stop," she said in response to a comment, "It's just for a season!"

Lopex acknowledged that the timeline depends on how much debt you have, but guaranteed that if you put your mind to it, you will eliminate your debt faster than you'd expect.