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Retired Private Equity Employee Dishes the #1 Networking Advice for Women

Let's put an end to selling yourself short.

One of the most important factors in leveling up your career is an introvert's worst nightmare: talking to people. More specifically, talking to strangers in an attempt to further your own personal interests. It's nerve-wracking, but you have to do it.

Retired private equity employee, @hotgirlwisdom (Nadine), posted a TikTok explaining her networking best practices for women. This formula will help you stop selling yourself short and instead showcase your worth so people will want to hire you.

The first step is to take out a piece of paper and list out all of your achievements. All of them, no matter how small. Once you have that, write down the skills that helped you reach your achievements. This will help you show employers why you are qualified for the job. You need to show them how you will handle day-to-days tasks and exceed expectations. Next, take all your key skills and compress them into three points. 

If you're nervous, practice! Practice to your mom, your partner, your best friend and your pet. Get comfortable with what you're going to say, but not to the point you sound like a robot. Try to appear as genuine as possible. 

When you start to doubt yourself, remember that there is a white man out there with half the qualifications who thinks he's a better fit than you. More often than not, these men are hired over women because of their confidence. So channel the confidence of a mediocre white man and you'll be just fine.