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Stop Shopping on Black Friday and Do This Instead

This is where the real savings come in.

All good things come to those who wait, especially during seductive Black Friday sales.

Capitalism's favorite time of year is upon us, and TikTok creator Mike Lorenzo (@lorenzofamilydeals) wants you to know that you can save even more money if you wait until the end of the season. Trust us, your patience will be rewarded.

Lorenzo said as tempting as Black Friday deals can be, you should wait until after Christmas. According to him, most of the things you see on sale now will be sold for up to 90% off. If you don't find these deals on Dec. 26, wait a day or two. This inventory comes from holiday returns and overstocked items. 

"I work at Costco. Come January, we sell jackets, clothes, etc. very cheap to clear our inventory and we do keep returns if unused and we discount them," @tinamarie.25 commented under the TikTok.

Other TikTok users were happy to hear this information. "Literally!! And also the deals are way cheaper all year round. It's just not marked!" @kaylaboudin said.

Another great reason to wait before you splurge is that you will be less likely to make impulse purchases. It's likely that you're currently being bombarded by deals at every turn. A lot of them seem too good to be true so you make the purchase before you even know whether or not you actually want the item.

But if you really feel like you can't wait to make your purchase, you can follow the steps of @tomthompson33. "Basically buy it now and return it, then buy it again." Solid strategy!