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Woman Makes Sister Who Is Terrible at Saving a Budget Binder

And she does it in the most sisterly way possible.

We all need a sister in our life who makes sure our finances are in order and that we're being smart with our money. And nothing screams sisterly love like aggressively telling each other to get your 'ish together. Because no matter how much we get on each other's nerves, we still want the other to succeed in life.

The owner of the Australian small business For Little Luca (@forlittleluca) posted a TikTok featuring a customer named Debbie breaking down the budget binder she made for her sister who, allegedly, is terrible at saving money. It's so cute and simple!

A little bit of tough love goes a long way. After decorating the baby pink binder with some - ahem - motivational words, Debbie had her sister pick five categories she wanted to put money away for. Her sister chose bills, fuel, groceries, holidays and eating out. For each paycheck she receives, she going to allocate funds for each of the categories. 

"I'm trash at saving money too, maybe I should make myself one," @onlythesweetstuff wrote in the comments section of the video.

For real though, this is such a great way to save money. The cash will be in the envelope instead of your bank account so you won't be able to accidentally spend it on nonessentials or impulse purchases

If you're struggling to save some cash, give this method a try!