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Every College-Bound Kid Should Heed This Woman’s Advice to Save Big on Tuition

Believe us when we tell you where you go to school matters.

Attending college and getting a higher education is one of the most important stages of your life. It's essential for landing a well-paying job and sets a foundation for future success. It is also one of the main ways people can pull themselves out of poverty. Despite the fact that college education plays such a huge role in shaping the future of today's youths, it is far from affordable.

Most folks tend to plan to send their kids to a public state school, assuming it's the cheaper option. And while state schools are fantastic, they don't have to be the only option.

Scholarship Coach Ryan Kelly (@ryan.kel) explains how private schools can be a cheaper alternative to public school. It's a lot more simple than you may think.

So you're telling me I don't need to sell my soul in order to afford private college for my future kids? That's honestly amazing! And it makes sense.

Parents in the comments expressed their concern about affording their child's college tuition. "We are applying to a few private [colleges] and I keep hearing this, but we can't afford their posted rate," @ilovehandstands1 said. 

One parent shared their scholarship success. "My daughter has already been [accepted into] a private university. They have already offered her about $20,000," @ynot494 said. Congrats!

 The seemingly obvious choice for families looking to save on tuition is public school. That's a lot of competition for private institutions. By offering more scholarships, they're increasing the chances of more students attending, and they're giving students affordable options. It's a win-win!