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Here’s a Script to Follow If Debt Collectors Won’t Leave You Be

This financial educator is dishing out her best “lines.”

If you're getting bombarded my calls from debt collectors and you want them to stop, this TikTok may be your saving grace. posted an informative video a few months ago outlining a script that you can use the next time your debt collectors call. With a simple, firm and polite message, you can get them off your back for little while longer.

As stated in the video, it is imperative that you do not identify yourself. Doing so may affect the statute of limitations for your debt or how long a company has before they take legal action. 

Instead, tell the collectors that they must contact you through a written letter sent to your address. Then politely request that they cease calling you. When you do this, they are legally required to back off. Continuing to bombard you with calls is a violation of your rights and can qualify you for compensation of up to $1000 per phone call.

"As someone who works in debt collections, I can verify that this is 100% true!" @jamiecruse_ said in the comments. "We actually respect people who straight up tell us this." "I've also been told to add 'this is a verbal cease and desist to stop calling this number.' Most collectors won't call after that," @mansfurter said.

Try out this script the next time you're contacted by a debt collector. It will benefit you a lot more than blocking the number or simply ignoring the call.