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Financial Tips Everyone In Their 20s Needs to Know According to One Personal Finance Advisor

We wish we knew these sooner

Early adulthood is extremely difficult to navigate, especially if you don't have older mentors guiding you. You're fresh out of college, just got your first professional job and, most likely, you have no idea what you're doing. 

Here's a secret: most older adults don't know what they're doing either. Everyone is just figuring things out as they move through life.

The great thing about humans is their desire to share knowledge that can help others grow. Thanks to platforms like TikTok, tips on adulting are so much more accessible than they used to be. Personal Finance Advisor @grace_lemire posted a video sharing financial tips for people in their twenties. You're going to want to take notes.

Bless the internet and people like Grace who are willing to share valuable information to younger audiences! So, basically, you want to open up a high yields savings account so you can make free money without doing anything. Grace's second tip is to use cash-back apps. If you're spending money, you might as well use an app that will help you get some back. While you're at it, open up a credit card that offers great reward incentives. 

Other TikTok users expressed their agreement. "As someone who bought a house, full paid off car and have plenty, it’s absolutely essential to get started making good financial decisions young!" @daniel.travelstead said. "I didn't start doing all of this until 24 and.I love that you shared this!" @reganmaredith said. "Wish I had known at 20."

It's never too late to start your journey to financial security, but the younger you start, the better.