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Financial Literacy Lawyer Shares How You Can Get a Free Pair of Airpod Pros

Use this foolproof script

No matter what anyone tells you, it absolutely is possible to get free stuff. Some restrictions, of course, may apply, but there are policies put in place that can help you land free items when you need them.

Apple, for example, has a policy that allows you to acquire a free pair of Airpod Pros if the ones you previously purchased are no longer working as expected. Financial Literacy Lawyer Erika Kullberg (@erikakullberg) posted a TikTok explaining exactly how you can do this. She even included a script if you're unsure about your approach.

Kullberg claimed that hundreds of people were able to get a free pair of Airpod Pros by using her approach. If your Airpods are emitting a static-like noise, or if the noise canceling feature isn't working as expected, you may be eligible for a free pair.

To find out if and how you can get your hands on a free pair, check the inside of your case for a serial number. Open up a new chatbox with Apple Support and use the script Kullberg provided. Be sure to provide them with the serial number as well. If you are eligible, you can send in your old Airpods by mail or take them to a store in person. An Apple employee will run a test, and if the Airpods Pro fail, you'll get a new pair. 

It's such a simple process, and you don't even need your original receipt. So before you throw out your janky Airpods, see if you can score a free pair.