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Woman’s Simple But Genius Hack Will Help Lower Your Grocery Bill

We could all stand to save a bit at the grocery store!

When you're in charge of feeding your family, you want the absolute best for them. So it's not surprising when you stack your shopping cart every grocery trip with all the goodies they love, as well as the essentials for everything you need to cook. However, all these items add up fast, and you may find yourself with a grocery bill that is too large to manage.

Money expert Gina Zakaria (@savingwhizgina) has a simple yet effective hack for saving money while grocery shopping. Don't worry, you'll still be able to cook your loved ones' favorite meals! You'll just be smarter about the way you shop.

Essentially, Zakaria suggests one big grocery trip each month for your pantry staples. This includes meat, canned vegetables, grains and any other non-perishable item that you can use for multiple recipes throughout the month. This definitely beats only getting items for one single recipe. Even if you want to do that, you'll have the budget for it for the rest of the month because of how much you saved on your first trip. So genius!

Other TikTok users were blown away by this awesome hack. "I wish I see this before I spent money at Costco 😫," __tay1998 lamented. "Sooooooo smart," @theburgerbandit said. "I try to use what I have and just buy what is missing, and also buy more meat, etc. when it is in the weekly ad," 19_theswedishmom_92 said.

Try this out on your next grocery trip and see how much you can save!