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Stay-At-Home Mom Shares How She Earns $2-3K In Passive Income Every Week

She said this replaced her corporate salary.

Selling digital products is the best way to generate passive income. In fact, a woman was able to replace her corporate by working five hours a week doing exactly this. 

Stay-at-home mom @slowlivingsimplified (Niki) runs a TikTok account teaching people how they can sustainably make a living from passive income. She explains how she makes $2-3K a week selling digital products and provides a step-by-step guide to help viewers get started. If you're looking for an extra stream of income, this is a great place to start.

Niki said that the first step is to make your product on Canva. Find something you're passionate about and create an ebook or how-to guide. Think of a problem that people might have and make a product that will solve it.

Once you've polished your digital product to perfection, you're going to promote it. This is an important step. You can't expect people to find your product magically. Create social media accounts for your product and promote them for free. The best platforms for this are Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. This way, you can organically grow your audience and get more people to buy your products.

Niki also suggests to avoid paying for ads on Etsy because you are more likely to lose money that way. She sells her products using a landing page via Stan Store.

While this process is simple, you do have to put in more than the minimal amount of effort. First, you need to create a product that will add value to people's lives. Next, you need to grow an audience and promote it. You won't make $2,000 in the first week, but the longer you stay consistent, the quicker you'll get your desired results.