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Hiring Manager Shares What Not To Say When Asked This Common Job Interview Question

And what to say instead.

The worst thing you can do during a job interview is sabotage yourself. You may say something that you think is innocent, but raises red flags for your potential employer. Before an interview, research best practices and learn about what you should and shouldn't say during job interviews.

Dorea Gardner (@doreagardner), a hiring manager, posted a TikTok sharing one of the worst things you could say during a job interview. She also explained what you should say instead.

Gardner shared that when asked the common question, "why do you want to work here," the worst response you can give is to bad mouth your previous employers. Instead, list all the aspects of this new job that excite you. This framework will make you seem eager instead of ungrateful.

Additionally, if hiring managers hear you talk badly about your previous employers, they'll assume you'll talk badly about them. So instead of saying you're dying to leave a terrible work environment, share that you're excited about a fresh start.

This framework also gives you the opportunity to see if and why you really want the job. Will it advance your career? Will you enjoy doing the work? If you're going for the job just for the sake of having a job, you'll remain as miserable as you were with your last employer. Listing out the reasons why you want the job will help you give a more genuine answer.