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Kevin Hart Breaks Down How He Invests His Money

It makes sense if you’ve got it!

Kevin Hart is a man of many talents, and it's time to add "financial advisor" to his list of titles. Though he has an illustrious career, much of his wealth does not come from his movie paychecks.

Evan Carmichael (@evanmarmichael) shared a clip from an interview where Hart broke down his paycheck and where the majority of his money goes. And it may not be where you think.

 Hart revealed that half of his paycheck from a movie goes to the government as taxes. So what he does every time he gets a paycheck is take half of the money and store it in a separate account. This account will cover all the taxes he owes so he'll never touch that money. Then he takes half of whatever is left of his paycheck and puts it towards his investments, whatever they may be. He is then left with 25% to use for personal expenses, which for Hart, is still a lot of money probably. 

Other TikTok users expressed their skepticism in the comments. "So easy to say when you're not living paycheck to paycheck," aortix_21 said. "His half ain't the same amount as my half. I need all my money," @beercules00 said. "Bro I can't live with 100% of my income. How am I supposed to live with 25%?" @carlinho0509 asked. 

If you want to try out this method of money management but you don't think you make enough money to do so, do not lose hope. The best way to approach this is to start small. Instead of 50%, put away 5% or 10%. You will gain momentum over time.