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How to Figure Out a Budget for Your New Home

Spoiler Alert: You don't have to buy everything in a single week

Finding the perfect apartment is one thing. Furnishing it is a whole other journey. You get caught up in the honeymoon phase and try to justify spending thousands just to make the place feel more like you.

Your apartment should absolutely feel like home, but you shouldn't empty your pockets right away. TikTok creator @amoochlife shared a helpful template you can when trying to figure out how to budget your apartment spending. 

The first thing you need to do is divide your budget into two sections, one for the items you need to buy in the first month, and one for the items you can live without until later. 

Items you need for the first month can include basic furniture like a bed/mattress, a coffee table, a couch and other necessities like plates and utensils, towels and cleaning supplies. @amoochlife suggests keeping this list to six items or less. The items you can live without include a TV, artwork, area rugs and more. Be sure to write the estimated price next to each item.

With that, you are all set and you can go off and look for the best deals.

"Going to implement this into my apartment budget! Thanks," @collxxn5 commented under the video.

The keyword here is moderation. We know how exciting it can be to move into a new place and make it yours. But you also have to remember that all your other bills won't just go away. You're still paying rent and utilities. Your place belongs to you and you have plenty of time to make it feel like home.