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Realtor Shares Her Biggest Frustration With Clients When Closing a Home

Patience is a virtue...

Buying a home is an extremely complicated process; you need to be on your A-game the entire way through. If you make drastic moves without consulting your realtor, not only will you lose your dream home, but your realtor will lose a paycheck.

Realtor @yourhomegirlshanta (Shanta) posted a TikTok sharing one of the biggest mistakes a can make before closing on a house. If you're in the market, watching this TikTok may save you from losing your new home.

If you're about to buy a new home, chances are you need to take out a loan. These loans are never guaranteed. Banks need to take a holistic look at your financial status. This includes your income as well as any debt you're in. The higher your income and the lower your debt, the better your chances of getting a loan and a low interest rate. If you have a lot of debt, you still might be able to get a loan, your interest rate will just be higher.

Now, if you make a major purchase, like buying a car, you can kiss your new home goodbye. You will be hard-pressed to find a bank willing to loan you money since you just blew a bunch of it on a major purchase. 

"I waited six months after I purchased my house to buy my new Jeep. House first, vehicle later," TikTok user @diana_shawnee wrote in the comments section. "Another thing is don't change jobs. I learned that the hard way," @doraannedwards added.

If you are unsure about what you can and cannot spend your money on, talk with your realtor. They are there to help you.