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Realtor Explains How You Can Make $2,500 Extra a Month With This Easy Side Hustle

All you need is a car and a camera.

There's no shortage of side hustles for you to explore, but this one might be one of the easiest and most rewarding. All you need is a car and a camera, and you'll be good to go.

In a TikTok, Realtor Laura Suares (@laura_the_lister) explains how you can start your side hustle as a real estate photographer. It's easy, and with some effort, you'll find yourself making a couple thousand more than you usually would each month.

Suarez said this is the best time to get into real estate photography because more and more houses are going up for sale, and each of them needs professional photos to go with their listings. To get started, research all the real estate agents in your area and reach out to them offering your services. Suarez suggests you charge $125 dollars for every picture.

If you shoot one house a day for five days a week, every month you will make  $2,500 a month. You can also make templates and use your pictures to make fliers or social media posts for the agent. 

This side hustle is great because it's an extra source of income and it can act as a creative outlet that helps you get away from your mundane desk job.

"Such great advice," @abiilegal said. "Good stuff. I'm a graphic designer. I can do this," @unclefrank777 said. "Challenge accepted!" @bartsgama declared. 

Bonus: if you give this side hustle a try and find that you're good at it, you can use it to build a photography portfolio that will help you find other opportunities.