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Man Makes Solid Point About Investing in Stocks vs. Real Estate

Guess which is better...

The best way to grow your wealth is by turning your money into more money, and we're not talking about alchemy (hello fans of "The Office"). We're always been told that we need to invest in order to reach that millionaire status, but if we're not smart about our investments, we can end up losing more money than we gained.

TikTok user @_averyheilbron pitted investing in stocks against investing in real estate to explain which is the better and safer option. The answer may not be what you think.

What he said is true, 90% of millionaires get rich by investing in real estate. Stocks are unpredictable and can crash at any moment, often leaving you with less than what you began with. Though investing in property can take you longer to achieve, it'll give you more rewards in the long term. You can buy a building and rent out units to tenants. You can use the revenue to invest in more properties and make more money on top of that.

"Real estate is definitely my preference," @matthewbennett_ said in the comments. "To me, it makes way more sense than stocks. I genuinely enjoy doing it." "I prefer stock market but really want to get into real estate," @jordanswiss wrote. "With most capital in stocks now, waiting for an upside in the market."

It definitely is worth the time and effort to invest in real estate. If you want to become a millionaire in the matter of years, this is the way to go.