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If You and Your Partner Save $100 a Week for 2 Years, It Could Change Your Lives

It’s absolutely an investment.

Money management is all about mindset. You need to be open to growth in order for that growth to happen. You need to stay committed if you want to cross the finish line and reach financial security. 

Mortgage expert @mortagebymia explained how coupled can save $26,000 in two and a half years. And no, you don't need to be wealthy to do this.

Basically, if you and your partner save $100 a week, you'll have saved $26,000 in two and a half years. That's a lot of money in a short amount of time! That can get you a much-needed vacation, a downpayment on a house or a couple of months of rent. You can also invest that money and turn it into more money.

If you think you don't get paid enough to put aside $100 every week, don't fret. Look at your expenses and see what you can cut out. Be smarter about your grocery trips, order less take out or opt out of some monthly subscriptions. You'll find yourself with an extra $100 quicker than you may think.

And if you still feel like that won't work, cut that $100 down to $50. It'll take you twice as long to get to $26,000, but you will get there eventually. And you can always increase the amount you put into your savings once your finances are more secure.

The important thing is to try and stay consistent. Your future self will thank you.