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Self-Proclaimed Financial Expert Says There Are 5 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty Spending Money On

Think of them as investments.

It can be hard not to feel guilty spending extra money on yourself when you're living paycheck-to-paycheck, supporting a family, trying to save or all of the above. Your comfort becomes your second priority when you're in survival mode, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Personal Finance Educator @basicfinancial on TikTok explained why you shouldn't feel guilty splurging on certain items, instead you should see them as investments. They will make your life much better and actually help you reach your financial goals.

We really needed to hear that last point! No point in shaming yourself - or anyone else - for spending money on something that makes you happy. You're just going to end up miserable.

The TikTok commenters matched our energy. "Fire all the financial planners who say to cancel your daily Starbucks to get rich," @funartlife said. "Hell yes [on] shoes and mattresses," @misswendolyn said. "I've always said this. My mattress was $2500 and going on 15 years."

Some folks even added their own suggestions. "Quality sleeping pillows are also highly underrated," @shslulu said. "Vacation with the family. . . never regret it!" @tahoe098 said.

This video definitely does make us feel better about spending a little extra money on certain items. We need to look at them as necessities rather than luxuries. If it's making you're life easier and if it's making you happy, there's no reason to feel bad!