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This Week Proved That Twitter Has the Power to Tank the Stock Market

All because of a blue check and a Tweet

Whenever you feel poorly about your work, just remember that you can never mess up as badly as the richest man in the world.

This month, billionaire Elon Musk rolled out a new subscription plan for Twitter, his recent $44 billion purchase. With this subscription, called Twitter Blue, users can pay $7.99 a month to have a blue "verified" checkmark next to their username.

In the past, this checkmark indicated that the account belonged to a real public figure or entity and not just someone pretending to be them. In other words, it verified that the people behind the accounts were the real deal. 

Now that it's available to everyone, Twitter users have been using it to parody celebrities and companies. While the whole fiasco has been hilarious, it has also done some serious damage. 

As shown in this TikTok by user @blarkypoo, tweets made by these parody accounts have impacted a tank in the stock market. Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly saw a sudden drop in its stock after a parody account tweeted the company was going to make insulin free.

"Did Elon Musk accidentally give power to the people and start our revolt against our capitalist overlords?????" @the_setting_sun wrote in the comments section of the TikTok. "Bro paid $8 to drop their stock by billions," @andreamallia_ said. "It's so rare for the people to have actual power that this feels awesome," @seniorsharts said.

This really shows how words hold a lot of power. It'll be interesting to see how Musk handles this mess going forward.