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Rapper Waka Flocka Says Learning How to Use Credit Changed Everything for Him

And this financial advisor thinks he is onto something.

You can now scratch receiving sound financial advice from Waka Flocka off of your 2022 bingo card. But really, you shouldn't be surprised. Advice about money management and investing is floating around all over the internet. Everyone has their opinions and tips that they want to share. But if a celebrity is revealing a secret to their wealth, you should sit down and take notes.

During an interview, the rapper explained how learning about credit changed his life. Wealth strategist Brandon A. Cole (@mr.onecoleworld) explained how the average person can also utilize this hack to increase their wealth and build their credit.

This complex topic was so beautifully broken down for everyone to understand

Essentially, you use your credit card to fund money into a bank and receive interest instead of paying it. You can then use this relationship with your bank you purchase an income-producing asset, like a house that you then rent out, and use the profits to pay off your credit cards. It's an endless cycle of building great credit. 

This definitely beats paying for stuff with a debit card or cash. Investing is truly the best way to grow your wealth, and you don't need to be uber-rich to start. Talk to your banker about your options. Investing a little now can come in handy in the future.