11 Reasons to Stay at Home and Manage Your House

Updated on November 16, 2018
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I am an emerging writer from Vancouver with numerous children's books available and several books in my new "A Better You" series.

11 Reasons to Stay at Home and Manage Your House

We all want the good life. You can wake up when you want, spend all day in your pjs and leave the bathroom door open while you do your business. These are all things you can do when you don’t work. I know what you’re saying. “I gotta work to make money!”

Of course you need to make an income but there are real ways to make money at home. More important than making money is saving money by not working. Scrap the idea of a “housewife” because this ain’t the ’50’s. These days it takes multiple incomes to just keep afloat but you need to weigh the costs and benefits of having one spouse stay home. Whether you’re a man or woman doesn’t matter. What matters is home management.

Below are 11 reasons why you need a house manager:

1. You need a someone in charge.

Every business has a boss; someone who is in control of everything. They don’t do everything but they know what’s going on and they know how to delegate. If a boss is successful then the business is profitable. Our home is no different or at least it shouldn’t be. Running a home is tough work and most families do a terrible job at it.

By the way, this is the most important job in a family. Anyone can go out and earn an income at a job. You have to be accountable to a boss or your clients if you want to keep the money rolling in. The same goes for home. Take charge and be the big boss!

2. First up & last down

There has to be a drill sergeant doing roll call every morning. Most adults can get themselves going to go to work but kids need more motivation. We’d all like to sleep in but there are things to do. The sun’s going come up whether you like it or not. The house manager needs to set the tone and keep everyone else accountable. That means they have to be up first to make sure everyone else gets moving.

When everyone is gone you can get your stuff going, then when it comes to the end of the night you have to get people to bed. It’s a tough call for a parent because kids do not want the day to end, especially when the adults are still going strong. You know when roll call is the next morning so you set the time to shut down at night. Kids need more sleep then adults so you will still get your 7-8 hours sleep too.

3. Control The Money

There has to be one person who is in control of the finances; everything from budgeting to saving to paying off debt. In many relationships there are spenders and savers. If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with 2 savers then count yourself blessed.

Bills have to be paid on time and savings need to be put aside. I suggest the house manager work off a master budget which has a monthly chart for short term and a yearly chart for the bigger picture. You also need long term goals written down that have to be factored in to your cash flow.

4. Feed The Family

Every number on this list is important but food is where budgets can get blown, and I mean nuclear! If you don’t have one spouse home then chances are more cash will be spent on meals brought in or meals eaten out. Don’t get me wrong, going out for dinner is exciting and a great experience. Pizza nights and goodies for movies are important for having fun as a family. You should have all these extras worked into your food budget.

When both spouses are working then it makes it harder to get home and get food on the table. It can be done and we all can do it but it’s so much easier to just call for chinese food delivery. How about when the kids have activities at night? It’s much more convenient to grab some burgers on the way to soccer isn’t it?

The house manager makes sure all meals are planned around activities and work so everyone gets fed and no impulse buys get racked up on the credit card. Make a weekly meal plan, delagate food prep duties and have everyone pick a night to prepare dinner. What an important life skill to have!

5. Time Budgeting

What’s the one thing we all have the same amount of? Time. It’s the great equalizer. There’s 24 hours everyday and you can’t borrow a few from Sunday. Since we only have a finite amount of time we need to learn how to budget it. Budgeting seems to be a theme here doesn’t it? That’s because it works for so many areas and it’s a house managers favorite tool.

Learn to set aside blocks of time so you can manage your life easier. First take away 8-9 hours of sleep. Now you have your spouse working and kids at school and that burns up another 8. You are left with a precious few hours for meal time and activities. Make the best use of the small amount of time that you have. Remember on the weekends you will have more time to maybe, I don’t know, relax?

6. Be There For Everyone

We all have times when we look for support. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold. In a family unit it’s usually mom and dad that are there for us. It could be your spouse or another family member or even a friend. It’s important for someone to step up and carry the weight and lighten the load.

This job is best suited for the house manager. They know all the moving parts and make the schedules. They set the daily itinerary and keep everyone on track. Of course both parents should be emotional support and help where needed. That’s part of being a parent and spouse. With regards to the day to day though, the house manager has the answers and sets the tone and temperature for everyone.

7. Put Out Fires

Wouldn’t it be great if everything went smoothly in life? Everyone would have a beautiful place to live and work at their dream job. All the backyards would have money trees and chocolate would flow from a beautiful, golden fountain. Well life doesn’t work like that and everything isn’t always unicorns and candy floss.

There will be times when the fan gets hit. Life is unexpected and the only thing we can count on is change. You need a person who can weather the storm. Car breaks down? Get it fixed. Someone gets hurt? Patch them up. You need to have the skills to respond and react, and to know the difference. Get good at problem solving and be the one who can get things done, and redone.

8. Earn Money At Home

Being the house manager is a vital role in the family. Without it things won’t run as smoothly. It is a real sacrifice for the household income though. We live in a world where one income is not enough anymore. Finding creative ways to make money from home will help the overall bottom line.

In my book You Don’t Need A Real Job To Make Money I lay out 10 amazing paths to make cash part time and at home. These are ways to help the bank account while still being able to keep the home fires burning, or put them out. When you factor in the extra expense of having a full time job (vehicle, clothing etc.) you can earn part time income that will equal it out. Also a great tip is to live within your means. You don’t need to keep up with the Jones, just do you.

9. Keep The Peace

Running the house isn’t for the faint of heart. You need a strong mind and thick skin. You are warden and councillor. There is a balance you have to strike in the family dynamic and being a good leader is needed.

There will be times when you have to break up fights between the kids. Other times you have to protect and defend them. You are a role model and they will take their cues from you. How you handle tense situations will raise or lower the anxiety level of everyone around you. Be calm and take charge when needed. Help those in need and lead the rest though trying times.

10. Be Informed

We live in the information age. Anything you need to know is right in the palm of your hand. Smart phones are great but they don’t necessarily make you smarter. Being in the know is important because knowledge is power.

Be an expert in everything that involves your family. There is nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on. You may not be an Einstein but you can be your families Tesla. You can also be the firewall for your family. Your kids don’t need to know everything that’s going on, especially if it’s stressful. Filter out the unnecessary but at the same time keep them well informed. A knowledgeable family can make good decisions and avoid the garbage that can accumulate in our minds.

11. Plan For The Future

Do you live in the past? Do you dream of the future? Are you here in the present? These are 3 locations that matter most in our lives. The most important thing about the past is that you can’t change it. You can learn from it though. The present is a gift; hey, it’s in the name. You need to be in the here and now to function properly. While both are important, we need to make plans for the future. There has to be a destination and you need a detailed map.

Have you ever gone on vacation and just winged it? It causes unnecessary stress for everyone. Where are we going to eat and where are we going to sleep? If you fail to plan then you plan to fail; brutal truth for sure. You are already an expert at budgeting so plan out your families future but make sure you use a pencil. There are many roadblocks and detours along the way so be prepared to brake and swerve. Keep your eye on the family prize and lead them towards your amazing future!

Well there you have it. 11 reasons to stay at home and manage your family. Learn these and implement them when you can. They will help guide you in your duties as the home CEO and be a reference for the ever changing landscape of life.

Take your role seriously and know that you are an amazing leader. Be proud and share the message of home management to everyone who needs to know. Now get back to it and make your family a success!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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      • profile image

        manyang kuich lam 

        16 months ago

        I,m very proude to hearing this nessage now I,m become good leader

      • denise.w.anderson profile image

        Denise W Anderson 

        16 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

        This is awesome! I used to call myself the Vice President of the Anderson Corporation in charge of Production and Development. Being a home manager is a big job, and you have hit on the most important points here. Kudos!


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