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Updated on December 15, 2017
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How Much Is My Domain Name Worth?

This is the most import question a domainer should ask before investing. Whether or not you make money from your investment depends on the type of names you register or buy.

Domain name investing can be likened to investing in real estate, virtual real estate (VRE). As the buyer, it is crucial that you know what you are doing and do your own research prior to purchasing a URL. Whether you are buying website addresses to develop a site, monetize, park, or sell for profit, their worth can determine your success.

Let me begin by making an honest statement here: Do not waste your money on paid appraisals that are not worth the value of paper on which they are printed. You can value a URL free yourself via the links I've listed below.

5 Best Free Domain Name Appraisal Sites Online

You will note that the value will vary from site to site. The real value of your URL is what the buyer agrees to pay.

If you would like to get a second, third, or fourth opinion from another appraiser, it is a good idea. That way, you can get an idea about the range of the name's value. Create a spreadsheet with the names you own and enter the appraised values given by the different appraisal sites.

Here are the five best free appraisal sites.


Domainindex.com is a public service provided free of charge that calculates price indices for website addresses to track the development of price levels. It provides a very comprehensive instant appraisal based of the sales price or value based on an all-encompassing methodology.

2. estibot.com

Estibot is a trusted and widely used free appraisal service, providing over 1.3 million appraisals per day. Its search engine is trusted by registrars, parking companies, investors, and the IRS to generate accurate fair market value based on historical sales and other criteria. Some features are appraised drop lists, an end-user lead-generator (to help you sell your URLs), an advertiser bid tool, and API access. Estibot also provides appraisal certificates for a small fee.

3. Valuate.com

Valuate.com is a free valuation tool that will provide a fair appraisal value based on your name’s metrics and the sales of similar domains. I like Valuate.com because it provides all other relevant data such as top sales reports, search frequency of website addresses, traffic, competition, and CPC in an easy-to-read table. If you decide to sell, you can easily click the "sell it" button and it will take you to Cax.com, a domain marketplace. Valuate.com participates with Domaining, the industry's latest newsletter, to which you can subscribe for free. Valuate.com will also check for trademark issues. You can submit only five (5) names per day for free: In order to submit more than five, there is a free registration to become a member.

4. GoDaddy.com

GoDaddy is the world’s largest website address registrar; it also operates its own auction, market, and dropmarket. GoDaddy’s free domain name appraisal service doesn’t just provide one value but gives you a range of values. It is instant and free and comes with an appraisal certificate which you can easily print. You need to log into your account to use the service.

5. sedo.com

Sedo.com is the world’s biggest domain brokerage. Sedo provides an instant appraisal service once you become a member and log in.

There are many other sites online—some require payment and others are free. From my experience, the five best ones are listed above, but another site, URLAppraisal.net, provides an instant appraisal service which you may want to try out.

How accurate are automated domain name appraisals?

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Criteria to Establish Domain Value

Some Factors That Determine a Domain Name's Worth
Domain Name Extension (.com is the most popular and preferred TLD)
Number of words and letters it contains (the shorter, the better)
Memorability (is it easy to remember?)
Pronounceability (is it easy to pronounce?)
Search Results (is the word being searched for?)
Traffic Rank (alexa page rank and search engine PR)
Age of Domain (is it established?)
Numbers and Hyphens (make it hard to verbalize)
Marketability (is it brandable and a name a business could be built on?)

How to Buy a Valuable Domain Name

You need to be your own appraiser if you want to be a successful domainer. For your purposes, only you can be the best website address value estimator. After all, it is your money that you are spending.

First, familiarize yourself with the valuation factors provided in the table above, then familiarize yourself with each of the tools described below.

1. Google External Keyword Tool

Use this to find out if the keyword, product, or service is in demand and is being searched for. Select the exact match search. Google also gives you other information regarding keyword competition, how much people are paying to advertise, and traffic details. There's so much you can learn about search history and behavior of internet users from tools provided by Google.

2. Comparable Names Sales History

DNSalePrice.com is the best resource available for free where you can estimate the value of your URL based on recent comparable sales. The best place to find what kind of names fetch higher prices is DNJournal.com, the industry news magazine with a weekly sales report.

3. Forums

Online forums are the best places to access free resources and interact with other seasoned domainers. DN Forum is the best and largest forum of its kind on the internet where you can buy, sell, appraise, learn about, and discuss, all for free.

How Much Are Domain Names Worth?

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      • profile image

        Web Click India 3 weeks ago

        Thanks for sharing this useful information with us.

      • profile image

        Multivious 5 weeks ago

        SEDO is a joke. $99 for a domain appraisal. Business must be booming there.

      • profile image

        jetpowercom 8 weeks ago

        SEDO appraisal is not free.

      • profile image

        James 5 months ago

      • profile image

        Chris 11 months ago

        Domain valuation is a very tricky question. You need to determine and understand the why behind domain valuation and picking a domain. You need to understand the fundamentals to know if an appraisal is accurate or not. For example, domains that are appraised for $20k on these free sites regularly sell in the six figures. This is a must if you are selling and want to make sure you don't leave money on the table.

        http://chriszuiker.com (several great free resources to understand the fundamentals of domain valuation.)

      • profile image

        Jerry 16 months ago

        GoDaddy will be retiring the appraisal feature soon.

      • profile image

        Mike 18 months ago

        There is this one too but it's more than all for website appraisal more than domain only:


      • profile image

        Sailboat.Bid 18 months ago

        Doain Sailboat.Bid for sale Now !

      • profile image

        Richard 18 months ago


        The only one I know is and always use is http://FreeValuator.com

        Which one do you guys always use?


      • profile image

        Steve 18 months ago

        Hi, I suggest this domain


        free domain appraisal

      • profile image

        JiaChang 19 months ago

        We are planning to launch toughdomains.com and it will have the features like estibot api integrated on to the system to check the price of all your domains. Please give us a try since the service is free.

      • profile image

        Jesusito 20 months ago

        Another evaluator is http://trevia.es you can see any domain name appraisal for free

      • profile image

        Ashok 21 months ago

        I found interesting ....Please check http://dvaluator.com

      • profile image

        Dorin Sufana 23 months ago

        There is one more that you haved missed , you should defently chesck


      • profile image

        shuffy 23 months ago

        here is another domain appraisal website to consider. take a look at this one if you please .


      • profile image

        Chris Franco 23 months ago

        One of the new Domain Name Valuation websites. www.valbot.com

      • profile image

        Jitendra Sharma 2 years ago

        As domain Broker i use www.kliqqi.net for my domain appraisal becouse his correct data analysis. Domain appraisal is most part of my domain brokering business.

      • profile image

        ErrandMarket.com 2 years ago

        errandmarket.com has been listed on sedo.com . If you miss out this 2016 . Too bad

      • profile image

        Ron 2 years ago

        Well, there are few good other appraisal sites which can be a great alternative to all the above you said. http://www.statchest.com is really great tool for domain name appraisal service and it's free like above ones. I am doubtful that any tools is great for checking a site worth because these are virtual machines and they have their own methods and relying completely on them would be slightly wrong idea.

      • profile image

        nikhil 2 years ago

        i own a domain usa.care want to check estimate domain value

      • profile image

        webguru80 2 years ago

        check www.dvaluator.com

      • Jennifer Fouts profile image

        Jennifer Morris Fouts 2 years ago from Griffin, Georgia

        Nice work! I am registered with GoDaddy, and since you mentioned them favorably, no reason why not :-) I also read somewhere that domains can be sold on ebay, never thought of that...Domain appraisals should be like that credit report commercial that says "Where free is really free!"

      • profile image

        steve b 2 years ago

        I have several articles on my blog that goes into depth on domain evaluation and domain metrics that I think could help answer some questions people on here are asking about. www.domainsecrets.net.

      • profile image

        sharanappa 2 years ago

        how to running valute websites http://cakefesto.com/

      • profile image

        M Weisman 2 years ago

        I tested a domain sparkwest.com and received widely vary results from your suggested sites, from $0 to over $5000 based on "comparable sales". Does anyone know of a reputable valuation site?

      • profile image

        Jim 2 years ago

        These services are worthless because one says a domain is worth $1900 and the other says the same domain is worth $9.

        So how does this help anyone when there seems to be no real science to it?

      • profile image

        Great Article 2 years ago

        Regarding New gtld's extensions this is another website the check wwww.appraisal.website

        Best of luck to all domainers!

      • profile image

        Busicoe 2 years ago

        ValuatorPro.com = "Your new Go To". Free unlimited apparaisals, and even a breakdown of value based on social media stats, traffic, and age.

        Check it out and for sure add to your list

      • Chris Stephenson profile image

        Chris Stephenson 3 years ago

        Thanks for the great info I have tried some of the sites you recommended I've got a Facebook page where you can advertise your domains for free just put your message on the page its freedomainadverts I also have a site that gives free information on how to make money quick on the web legally. It is cmoneyquick.blogspot.co.uk hope these help and thanks once again for all your help your articles are a great help to many thanks.

      • profile image

        notRon 3 years ago

        Sitesworthy.com has unlimited checks, no "captcha" and even does adult domains - can you rate and add to this list?

      • profile image

        Ron 3 years ago

        We launched http://AppraiseAnyDomain.com which has free unlimited domain appraisals. Can you evaluate it and add to the list? Thanks.

      • profile image

        SetUrFashion.com 3 years ago

        good work

      • profile image

        SetUrFashion.com 3 years ago


      • profile image

        John 3 years ago

        Bulkvaluation.com is an bulk domain valuation tool.

        Worth to check.

      • profile image

        Johnk78 3 years ago

        whoah this blog is excellent i really like reading your articles. Stay up the good work! You already know, many persons are looking around for this info, you could help them greatly. dekcaaeefbfb

      • profile image

        analyzes 3 years ago

        You can take Godaddy off the list, it's "Appraisal" link no longer works, after calling them they stated that the "Appraisal" Service was no longer an option even for registered and paid domain club members.

      • profile image

        Salim 3 years ago

        Well check our site too, you can buy and sell your website


      • profile image

        zeeshan 4 years ago

        Very nice and informative article. Thanks a lot.

      • profile image

        carl 4 years ago

        Note that estibot.com only offers 1 appraisal a day for free. Paid membership plans start from $29.95/month for 500 queries a day

      • profile image

        Muhammad Irfan 4 years ago

        very nice article about domain value checker. here is another domain value checker. http://plan-it-tools.com/domain-value-checker.php

      • profile image

        christine 4 years ago

        how can you get traffic to a domain name only do you have to put it on a site and park it thanks for your great info

      • profile image

        TryingToTestEm 4 years ago

        DomainMongrel.com is NOT unlimited, it limits you to 1 search per day, ridiculous quota. None of these services are absolutely 'accurate' to any one standard. Unfortunately only paid services seem to compare the lot (godaddy auction, sedo, etc)

      • Chris Stephenson profile image

        Chris Stephenson 4 years ago

        thanks for the great information it was really useful

        I have got a couple of hub pages and id like to put adverts on like this can you put your own adverts on

        thanks chris stephenson

      • profile image

        Francisco 4 years ago

        Godaddy valuated my domain at 18k-20k for a domain called kasbeer . com i donot know how far or accurate this number is but im sure excited, Do you think i might have struck some gold here

      • accofranco profile image

        accofranco 4 years ago from L Island

        This is classic...I want to venture into domain flipping, any tips to assist me? Please share with me or write me through my profile page....thanks for sharing

      • profile image

        nikashi_designs 5 years ago

        Useful information which still leaves even more doubt on the actual value of a domain. I currently own 130 domains and websites and have been buying and selling for years now. I created a spreadsheet using most of the listings above plus a few others and collecting the appraised values of each domain then averaging the results, seems to work best. It is a mine field to say the least but you are correct that the shorter the better. Also it has to be easy to brand and market. Stick to .com, .net, and don't bother with .biz, .us, you can't even give those away. Although I have been buying tons of 4 letter .co from Godaddy for future sales a couple of years from now. Sometimes its best to cut your losses and let some domains just expire and not renew. Great article...Thanks again

      • profile image

        DomainMongrel.com 5 years ago

        We launched http://DomainMongrel.com which has free unlimited domain appraisals. Can you evaluate it and add to the list? TheDomains.com has given us favorable review.

        Also Valuate.com uses Estibot.com api so they are not two different services but the same tool.

      • profile image

        Godwhyme 5 years ago

        All info given is really very nice, thanx, I will keep visiting here, thnx again.....

      • Kejanny profile image

        Kejanny 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

        Thank you JanMaklak for visiting my hub and commenting. Yes, I think its good you appraise them and probably put up for auction if you wish.

      • JanMaklak profile image

        JanMaklak 5 years ago from Canada

        I never though about getting domains appraised before. I own 3 inactive domains that are probably worth a bit more than it cost me. I'll go check this out. Thank you for a great post!

      • Kejanny profile image

        Kejanny 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

        Thank you Safiq for your contribution . Appreciated. Best regards, Kejanny.

      • safiq ali patel profile image

        safiq ali patel 5 years ago from United States Of America

        Webstatschecker will also help you evaluate stats about domain names and key words. Best from Safiq Ali Patel