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6 Ways to Keep Your Credit Score High

You can take steps to keep your credit score high. Your credit score or credit rating is weighed when you want to borrow money to make a major purchase such as buying a car, taking a mortgage, or applying for a credit card. It is your financial responsibility to keep an eye on your credit score.


Hidden Buy-To-Let Expenses in France

The cost of purchasing a buy-to-let property may be far more than it appears at first sight. Initially, you will look at the purchase price, closing costs and fees, mortgage payments, and maintenance costs of a property. However, there are a few more things to consider.


How to Get Rich by Living Below Your Means

Learn simple strategies that can help you get rich by learning to live within your means and taking control of where your money goes. Financial tips with a positive approach that will change the way you think about money and will make good changes happen.


Why Did TSLA Just Do a Stock Dilution?

After TSLA's meteoric rise from $189 in June 2019 to $967 in February 2020, their management did the inevitable. A stock dilution. In this article I will summarise why companies do common stock offerings, and what that means for the stock price.