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How to Send Money Using the GCash App in a Few Easy Steps

Jenny, a twenty-something-year-old, writes about how to use financial software.

Send money with GCash

Send money with GCash

Do You Use GCash?

Amongst all the popular online financial apps available today in the Philippines, GCash is definitely one of the biggest and most convenient. The GCash app is made by Globe Telecom and was designed as a virtual wallet that offers a long list of services including bill payments, online shopping, online banking (GSave), loading, investments, and many more. And one of its useful features is "Send Money" which allows us to instantly send money to any GCash user and various banks in the Philippines in just a few short steps.

Are you interested in using this GCash feature today? Let me help you by listing down the easy step-by-step procedure on how you can conveniently send money to anyone and anywhere using the GCash app without any charges.

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Step 1

After successfully logging in on the GCash app with your MPIN, select the "Send Money" icon from the list of GCash main services.

Select "Send Money"

Select "Send Money"

Step 2

Choose which type of method you want to choose. You can select "Express Send," "Send with a Clip," or "Send Ang Pao" to send money to another GCash account. For this particular tutorial, I will select "Express Send." You can also choose to send money to any of the banks listed on the app.

"Send Money" options

"Send Money" options

Send Money OptionsVariations

Express Send

Quickly send money to another GCash account (can also add a message for the recipient)

Send with a Clip

Send money with an attached message, image, video or audio for the recipient

Send Ang Pao

Send money with your message and any of the virtual 'ang pao' (Chinese lucky envelope) designs.

Send Money From GCash to the Following Banks

BPI / BPI Family Savings Bank / BPI Direct Banko

United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)

Dungganon Bank (A Microfinance Rural Bank). Inc.

Paymaya Philippines, Inc.

BDO Unibank, Inc. / BDO Network Bank

Philippine Savings Bank

East West Rural Bank, Inc.

Philippine Business Bank, Inc., A Savings Bank

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co.

Asia United Bank Corporation

China Bank Savings, Inc.

Philippine Trust Company

LandBank of the Phils.

Philippine Bank of the Philippines

Equicom Savings Bank, Inc.

Philippine Veterans Bank

Security Bank Corporation

AllBank (A Thrift Bank), Inc.

ING Bank N.V.

Quezon Capital Rural Bank

Union Bank of the Phils.

Bangko Mabuhay

Isla Bank (A Thrift Bank), Inc.

Robinsons Bank Corporation

Philippine National Bank (PNB) / PNB Savings Bank

Bank of Commerce

Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank, Inc.

Sterling Bank of Asia, Inc. (A Savings Bank, Inc.)

China Banking Corporation

Cebuana Lhuillier Rural Bank, Inc.

Maybank Philippines, Inc.

Sun Savings Bank, Inc.

East West Banking Corporation

CTBC Bank (Phils.) Corporation

OmniPay, Inc.

UPCB Savings Bank

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) (DCPay)

Partner Rural Bank (Cotabato), Inc.

Wealth Development Bank

Step 3

Enter the GCash registered number of the person you want to send money to. If the number was already listed in the contact list on your phone, tap the blue "contacts" icon on the right side to quickly select the number. You can type the amount you intend to send or simply select from the list. Check the information you've entered and then press "Done."

"Send To"

"Send To"

Step 4

For the confirmation page, check the amount, and the name and number of the person you are sending money to. There is also a given space where you can type your desired message for the recipient. When you're done, tap "Confirm."



Step 5

After a few seconds, a notification will flash on your screen. This means that the money was successfully sent to the recipient. You can screenshot or download this using the button on the upper right side of the page to serve as your receipt. You will also receive a text message notification confirming the transaction.



Easy, Right?

Congratulations! You have now sent money using the GCash app in five short steps, easy and hassle-free. Do you want to know other useful GCash features? You can also read the following GCash-related articles:

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