How to Withdraw From PayPal to a Bank Account in the Philippines

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It's time to withdraw your hard-earned money from Paypal to your own Bank Account!

It's time to withdraw your hard-earned money from Paypal to your own Bank Account!

Earning via the Internet

It always feels great earning in cyberspace. In this article, we will discuss how to cash out your PayPal money through your bank account. It's fairly easy, and all the steps necessary are conveniently detailed here in this article.

Important Note: This post will focus more on using Unionbank’s EON Banking in getting PayPal earnings to your bank.

Essential Steps to Withdraw from PayPal to a Bank

Before we begin, let me just outline the basic steps in withdrawing your PayPal money to a bank account. Hence, in case, you already know some of the steps, you may freely skip them.

  1. Verifying your PayPal Account
  2. Getting Your Bank Account Ready/ Getting Your EON Card
  3. Registering Your Bank Account under PayPal
  4. Withdrawing Money from PayPal

Now, that I've set out the outline, let's begin the process of your PayPal withdrawal!

Start verifying your Paypal account to enable withdrawal to your bank account!

Start verifying your Paypal account to enable withdrawal to your bank account!

Important Notes:

On Using EON Card

When using an EON card of Unionbank, it is not necessary that you use the same card for verification, although you are definitely free to do so. That being said, you also use your credit card to fund (i.e. the P100 charge) and to verify your account.

On P100 Verification Fee

PayPal will charge a P100 fee over your credit card/eon card for the verification process. Fret not. This will be reimbursed back to your PayPal balance.

How to Verify Your PayPal Account Before You Begin

Before you can actually withdraw anything from your PayPal account, you will need to verify your account. Hence, if you haven't done so, it's about time that you do, but don't worry I'll help you out on that.

Here are the things you need to do:

  1. Ready your credit card or your Unionbank EON card, and take note of the 3 digit code at the back of the card (near the signature portion)
  2. Click on "Get Verified Now" or something similar
  3. Properly indicate all the necessary details of the card you own (e.g. Mastercard, Visa, etc) including the 3-digit code
  4. Verify again all the details before you click on next
  5. After the steps listed above, you will still need to wait for you credit card/bank statement (but you may do this via customer service to hasten the process) to get the verification code. (PayPal will expound on this)
  6. Input the verification code, and you are done with this step!

Ensure That You Have a Balance to Withdraw

Alright, before we proceed further. You need to make sure of course that you have money in your PayPal account. Luckily, the home page of PayPal is already accurate enough, and clearly show to you your updated balance.

Earnings from Hubpages go to Paypal Account, which then could next go to the Bank Account

Earnings from Hubpages go to Paypal Account, which then could next go to the Bank Account

Getting Your Unionbank EON Card

Just in case that you don't have other banks yet, it is suggested that you try getting a Unionbank EON Card for these simple reasons:

  • You may use it for verification process (good for those who do not own credit cards)
  • There is no maintaining balance
  • It is included in the accepted banks for PayPal withdrawals
  • There is no separate transaction fees in transferring funds, except for a P10-charge for each time you use the ATM

You may want to check out more about the EON Card (especially for the requirements) in Unionbank's Website.

Other Important Things to Note:

  • There is an annual charge of P350 for the EON Card
  • If the average amount of balance you have in your account reaches at least P10,000, you get a measly 0.10% interest.
  • Unionbank charges P10 for every ATM-transactions, so always transact big time!

List of PayPal Acceptable Banks in the Philippines

  • Banco de Oro
  • Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Philippine National Bank
  • Security Bank and Trust Co.
  • Unionbank
  • United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)
  • more

For the complete list, you may want to check out the post of pinoymoneytalk.com

How to Register Your Bank Account Under PayPal

It's fairly easy to add a bank account for withdrawal in PayPal.

My account > Withdraw > Withdraw Funds to Bank Account (this is a crucial one) > Add Bank Account

From there, you will need to fill up the necessary information about the bank such as the following:

  • Country
  • Name on account
  • Bank name
  • Bank code (you may retrieve information about this through the link provided on the right)
  • Account Number

After clicking on continue, it will be added now to your account. Unfortunately, you will not be able to change any details so make sure everything else is accurate. If in case you had a mistake, delete the bank and start again.

Withdrawing Money from PayPal to Bank

Now that everything is set, you are down to the very last step! Luckily, all the remaining steps are basic which include only the following:

  • Indicating the amount you want to withdraw
  • Choosing the bank account you want your money to be sent to

Take Note:

The minimum amount of withdrawal in the Philippines is P500.

You will easily know you completed the process, when you are brought to the page that looks like this:

Transaction Detail - Proof that the Withdrawal from Paypal is completed

Transaction Detail - Proof that the Withdrawal from Paypal is completed

How long should you wait before the withdrawal gets completed?

The entire process should take a minimum of 2 business days to be completed (i.e. from PayPal to your bank account). Take note that there are 2 major processing done. The first one is when PayPal sends it, and the second one is when your bank receives it (after clearance).

It is important to note that the term "Completed" only refers to the first process involve which pertains to PayPal's sending of money.

You need to check your own bank's balance status to determine whether the withdrawal process is entirely completed. In my case, I got my money 2 days after the status turned to "Completed" in PayPal. Here's a snapshot to give proof to it:

Receiving Money Using Unionbank's EON

Receiving money from Paypal using Unionbank's EON

Receiving money from Paypal using Unionbank's EON

Note: If withdrawing via a bank does not work for you, there are still other alternatives to make use of your PayPal balance such as transferring your money via GCash.

You've reached the end!

I hope you were able to find this guide completely helpful. However, in case, you found something unclear, feel free to drop a comment. I will be glad to assist you to the best of my abilities and experience.

Cheers and happy earning online!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: I transferred funds from my Paypal account to my bank account. Initially, it said that the transaction was "complete", but then just a few days after, the funds were transferred back to my Paypal balance. What should I do to transfer my PayPal funds to my bank account?

Answer: You may want to check whether the bank account that you are transferring to is either a Current Account or a Savings Account. Paypal only allows those two types of account for withdrawal. Second, you may want to check whether the name in your bank account matches with the name you used for Paypal. Also, you may want to double check the bank account details you've input. There might have been some typos, especially with placing "zeroes" as fillers.

Question: Can I use another person's bank account to withdraw money from a PayPal account to a bank in the Philippines?

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot. Quoting PayPal's Help Center, "The name registered on your PayPal account must match the name registered on your bank account. "

Question: My Paypal account doesn't have a middle name, but my bank account has a middle initial. I entered my middle initial as part of my first name in my bank account, but when I tried to withdraw the funds, it didn't go through. What should I do?

Answer: Maybe you can try omitting the middle initial. They normally don't mind the middle name. Since you added something in the first name, that might have prompted a mismatch.

Question: I got this message after two days of withdrawing to put it into my bank account. "An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason: Invalid Bank Account Information." Should I try again and withdraw?

Answer: You may want to double check whether you were able to input the account number. Others did not notice they made typos. While a few others input the Card number rather than the account number.

Question: I have BPI bank account I want to add, do I need to include the first ‘00’ in the account number or the 10 digit is fine? Will it matter?

Answer: The 10 digits should do the trick.

Question: Can I use my mother's bank account to withdraw money from my paypal?

Answer: Unfortunately no. They'll match the names. They'll end up returning back the withdrawn amount less the return fee.

Question: My Paypal amount is P188. Can I transfer the money in my Paypal to my linked bank account?

Answer: No, it's less than the minimum amount of P500.

Question: After linking my bank info, Paypal automatically tagged it as a checking account, well in fact it is a debit card connected to my payroll account. Will this affect the payout from Paypal because it does not match the account type?

Answer: This should not prevent you from receiving your withdrawals from this account because Paypal allows both checking and savings account, and treat them similarly.

Question: I just withdrew money from Paypal to Landbank. How long will it take to arrive?

Answer: The minimum will be 2 banking days, but it may go as long as 5 banking days depending on Paypal's processing, as well as Landbank's.

Question: I have linked my Paymaya card to PayPal and verified it. Still, I am having a problem with the withdrawal process to the Philippines. My other option is the Eon card. Are you having the same problem of withdrawal recently?

Answer: I am now withdrawing money via GCash, so I haven't tried withdrawing via bank method for the last year.

I'm not sure either whether Paymaya has that facility for withdrawing Paypal balance. It's not exactly a Savings or Current Account (CASA) which might be the reason why. You can try EON because that's really linked to a CASA.

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Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on September 06, 2020:

@Patricia Vivas, this should technically bounce especially if the names do not match. However, I suggest you reach Paypal's customer service/care.

Patricia Vivas on September 04, 2020:

I withdrew my paypal money last august 29. When I checked it turned out I entered the wrong bank account number. Is there anyway to get my money back? Please let me know.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on July 25, 2020:

@Mona I suggest you explore the option of getting Paypal balances via GCash. That way, you are avoiding the annual fees from EON.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on July 25, 2020:

Thank you for this article. I don't know why, but this stuff doesn't work for me. In the case of Union Bank, I had an EON card because I was paid monthly through Paypal. However, now I get a Paypal fee like once a year so it doesn't seem to be worth investing in an EON card. Also, I have no credit card so I can't use it for my bank account. Maybe I will try to see the names are the same on my debit card and Paypal. Maybe then, it will work, that is, if they don't mind that I am just using a debit card.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on October 09, 2019:

@Gizelle Yes. What you've linked is the card itself (which you may use to purchase online). Hence, you'll need to link the BDO account itself which uses an "account number" rather than a card number.

I hope this helps. Thanks!

Gizelle on October 09, 2019:

Hi, already linked and verified my BDO debit card. Do I have to link my BDO bank account to be able to withdraw money from PayPal to my BDO account? Thank you!

marvin on February 18, 2019:

Nice guide and I'm using EON card too.

Patty on October 12, 2018:

Hi. Would you know if BPI Direct can be used to transfer funds from Paypal? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on August 04, 2018:

@Brando Yes, that is possible. You just need to link your Savings/Current Account

I'm not sure though if BDO charges a fee for it.

Brando on August 04, 2018:

Hi sir can I register and transfer my paypal money to others bank account like bdo and withdraw it from there

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on July 21, 2018:

@kimberly Hopefullly it gets through especially if the card number happens to also be the account number, but if it is not, I'm afraid the withdrawal might bounce back.

kimberly suyman on July 21, 2018:

hi , i put the card number instead of account number , is that ok ? does the money i withdrew will arrive in my eon card ?

Flume Designs on July 18, 2018:

Hello! I request for fund withdrawal today at 3pm. I asked BDO if how long should I wait and told me it should be transferred immediately. is it possible to receive this within 2 days?

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on July 07, 2018:

Hello PointyApoonSpoon! It should be possible. You may want to check with your Account Officer just to be sure. Thanks for dropping by!

PointySpoon on July 07, 2018:

Hello sir, is it possible to forego PayPal conversion fees if I have a dollar account?

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on May 19, 2018:

Hi @Love! What do you mean by prior completion date?

Love Castañeda on May 19, 2018:

Hi Sir..is it possible to receive the money transferred from paypal to my bank account prior completion date?

nats ledesma on May 10, 2018:

hi, i have entered my savings account infos in clearly... but after entering them, paypal then reads it as checking account... is that ok?

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on April 09, 2018:

@einah93 Looks like this is becoming a common problem. If possible, you may want to contact BPI's customer service and ask if Paypal transfer is supported. Anyway, have you checked if what you inputted in Paypal is the account number and not the digits in front of the debit card? It's usual for us to mistaken it as the account number.

einah93 on April 07, 2018:

I have the same problem as Marieliese. I linked my BPI savings account on paypal for me to be able to withdraw the money but after four days, they denied the withdrawal because I put "Invalid Bank Account Information". And after that they deducted 250 on my account. What's wrong tho? Thanks for answering.

Trish on December 28, 2017:

Hi Sir Good Day, I would just like to ask if what happen if I input a wrong number? Like I forgot to include the last digit which is zero in my transaction, but the rest is correct. I send the money in my Metrobank Account from paypal on Dec, 22 2017 and until now I haven't receive it yet. is this means that the money has been transferred to someone account? or just a mistake? and is it possible that Bank Accounts number are nearly the same that it might be mistaken for someone's? Thank you for answering sir. I would really appreciate it.

PwedePadala on December 25, 2017:

My family in the Philippines use Unionbank EON Visa card to withdraw the remittance on PayPal. The downside in using the Visa card is the renewal fee every year but there's no fee in transferring money from PayPal to Unionbank account unlike in other Philippine banks. So if you are using Unionbank regularly somehow the renewal fee is preferable than paying every transaction.

Roelyn37 on November 25, 2017:

Hi sir, unfortunately, EON card is no longer available. So, I used Land Bank debit card instead. However, whenever I try to withdraw money it will always be reversed and they will take P250 from it. My account has already been verified but I don't understand why? All the information were correct but it was still reversed. Do you have any idea about this sir?

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on November 15, 2017:

Hello there Marieliese! I'd like to know if your BPI ATM account is a regular Current Account/Savings Account?

This may sound silly, but make sure that the bank account number you are inputting in Paypal is the actual bank account (and not the 16 digit number associated to Mastercard or Visa).

Also, make sure that the correct Bank Code is used which is 010040018 for BPI.

I hope these will already do the trick. If not, feel free to update us.

marieliese on November 15, 2017:

Hello po, i just wanted to ask how to properly withdraw money from paypal to my BPI atm account, kasi laging cancel everytime I withdraw and my fund from paypal will be deducted 250 every transaction.

Hope you can help me. Thanks and more power!

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on October 07, 2017:

@Noel All you have to do is to key in the bank account in the "Add Bank" options, possibly under "Withdraw" tab.

Noel on October 07, 2017:

I am here in Dubai my question is how to transfer fund from Paypal - Dubai to my Bank Account in the Philippines?

Alain R Sarmiento on February 25, 2017:

Hi sir renz, is it possible to transfer fund from paypal to my landbank atm savings account?

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on January 20, 2017:

@angel by the looks of it, No. Paypal requires a bank account (i.e. savings account more specifically) in order to transfer the funds.

angel on January 20, 2017:

can i use my payoneer master card to sign up paypal

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on January 03, 2017:

Chances are the transfer will not push through and it will be credited back to your Paypal balance.

workingstudent on January 03, 2017:

hi sir

i got a bit of problem here, cause when i withdraw my money on paypal to my bank i accidentally put/fill my card number instead the account number, and it got process, what will happen to my money? please help me

nuzzo on January 02, 2017:

Has anybody used Auction Essistance to get money out of their account? I am unable to get a bank on my own.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on December 24, 2016:

Looking forward to that Dishang! Congratulations!

Dishang on December 23, 2016:

I just applied for an EON acct w/ UBP. This is the article I am looking for. Will update once I get the Card, add it on my Paypal, and get paid (hopefully). thanks!

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on December 16, 2016:

Hi there! You may want to double check the details of the transfer including the bank account number. When did the status change to Completed? I asked because you still need to wait for the payment to clear about 3 more days after it turns to Completed.

Plegin on December 16, 2016:

Is there a transfer fee involved when you transfer your balance from Paypal account to your EON account? I know Paypal already charged people once they received payments. So my question is will there be another fee when you try to withdraw/transfer to you EON account?

josephtf on December 16, 2016:

Hi. I withdrew money from my PayPal to my BDO account last December 5, 2016. It is showing in the PayPal that the process is completed already, yet the money is still not showing in my BDO account up to now. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on December 15, 2016:

Yes, I have a friend who was able to withdraw from Paypal to his Metrobank account, although he noted that there might be a fee (or possibly just exchange rate difference).

Myss on December 14, 2016:

Hi do you know if i can transfer and withdraw my paypal fund with Metrobank debit Mastercard?

I got $100 to withdraw and it's my first time to use paypal


Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on November 29, 2016:

@Ken The name might just be a minor issue. It's possible that the "Mywallet" visa card is not an acceptable "bank account", but this is just a guess. Have you contacted Paypal customer service regarding the issue? I think it's better to have a Savings Account as your linked bank account, since MyWallet is a prepaid visa card.

Ken Navea on November 28, 2016:

Sir, I am using RCBC Mywallet visa card and my paypal already verified and the said account is already linked as my bank account.. and i withdraw to bank account 3weeks ago, i've been worrying and then i got an email now saying my transfer is reversed it said invalid bank account info. but upon checking i put all correct info. my only concern is my Middle name on my bank account it says "Ken Cruz Navea" and on my Paypal It's just Ken Navea, maybe thats a factor? what do u think sir? how about i try withdraw using Credit Card or Debit card option? will it be less hassle? thanks

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on November 23, 2016:

@CHRISTIAN Have you already verified your account? You need to verify your account first before you can transfer funds to your bank account.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on November 23, 2016:

@elvin it's computed on an average daily balance (ADB) basis. So, if you withdraw your money immediately, you will not be able to hit the 10,000 ADB to earn the interest.

CHRISTIAN on November 22, 2016:

Good day sir i would like to seek on your assistance on this matter, my link bank account is china bank then the status of my current balance is still on-hold status,

Should i get a card on unionbank or china bank is okay?


elvin on October 25, 2016:

hey thats great thanks i see theres have 0.10% intereset for 10,000 balance ..

but how many months to get interest ??

i withdraw my paypal account around 40,000 to 60,000 monthly .. using my eon card ...

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on October 10, 2016:

As far as I know, yes you can withdraw in ATMs other than UnionBank. However, I am not sure if other ATMs charge for incoming transfers from Paypal. What I know is, Unionbank and Metrobank do not charge additional.

Avegail on October 10, 2016:

Can I withdraw in any ATM that has visa or megalink? or do I just need to withdraw at a union bank atm?

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on October 03, 2016:

@Rosheena - I haven't tried personally, but my friend went through the same procedures with his Metrobank account

@Javier - the amount will automatically be converted to PHP and usually it uses the exchange rate of Paypal. I believe there is no limit in POS purchases

Rosheena on October 03, 2016:

will there be discrepancies, if my BPI is savings account?

Javier on September 30, 2016:

nice article, i have some doubts, if my money in paypal is in $ and i want ro withdraw to my eon bank acc the money that i will receive remains on $ or this bank acc only works in PHP, and if so is there any currency fee involved or how this works? one more question, the eon card have any limit in pos purchases per day? for example if i need to use it 20 time in 20 differents purchases online or phisical could i do that?

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on February 10, 2015:

@hypnodoctor Thank you very much for sharing that piece of information with us!

hypnodoctor on February 10, 2015:

In my country (and I believe in most countries in the world), it's the VISA card that can accept withdrawals from PayPal. There's a fee associated with it, though (I think it's 2 EUR for me). If you can get a bank that offers Visa Electron instead of Maestro card as the bank card, it's even easier because there's no delay between getting the money on your card and then it being transferred to your account (usually 1-2 days).

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on November 14, 2014:

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment cinderella14! Hopefully, this hub is providing more clarity on how to withdraw money from Paypal.

Sharon Lopez from Philippines on November 12, 2014:

This is a very helpful hub. I'm sure those who will be able to read this can ask for no more. Every detail has been covered. I personally use LBP for transfer of funds. Have a great day!

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on November 01, 2014:

@Saadat Ali Thanks and you're welcome! I hope the details here are also useful there in your country.

Saadat Ali from Pakistan on October 31, 2014:

very informative, your article cleared my concepts. thanks for sharing this useful information.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on October 20, 2014:

Hello there buddy! When I asked a BPI staff a few months back, she was unsure and not knowledgeable of the Paypal process.

Sorry, I won't be able to help you on this. :(

solomon martinez on October 12, 2014:

How much will BPI charged if I withdraw my Paypal funds thru them?

jonathan on October 02, 2014:

my paypal account is limited and my eon card is not verified yet but i already add it to my paypal account.when i try to verifiy my card it automatically log me off..anyone cn help me on how can i verify my card

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on September 27, 2014:

I'm happy to hear that DenverMaria!

DenverMaria on September 26, 2014:

All my debts have been paid for. TY Universe!

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on August 06, 2014:

You're welcome, and thank you for appreciating the hub Thelma!

Thelma Alberts from Germany on August 06, 2014:

Very useful and informative hub. Although I am not using EON bank for my Paypal account, it is still interesting to know how it is in the Philippines. I´ll pass this hub to my nephew who is also writing online. Thanks for sharing.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on January 24, 2014:

If I can remember it correctly, I didn't put my middle initial, since there was no separate field for it. :)

bron on January 24, 2014:


May I know if you included your middle initial in the account name when you linked your bank account to PayPal? You see, my account name also includes my middle initial, but I see the PayPal account name only uses first and last name.

Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on January 09, 2014:

Hello there! Thanks man! I also personally use an EON card to withdraw money frlm Paypal. :)

brycekiguchi on January 09, 2014:

I'm using my Unionbank ePaycard with PayPal.

Neat looking article. Voted up!

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