How to Submit/eFile Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement Online With FBR for Tax Years 2014, 2015 & 2016

FBR Extends the Date for Filing Return for Tax Year 2016

Date for Filing Income Tax Return Extended Until 31st October 2016

Tax Return for Tax Year 2016 is Ready for Submission

The good news is according to the F.B.R. official website (https::\\, the return for tax year 2016 has been approved and available for submission. However, for the last couple of days neither the official website of FBR inor the IRIS website IRIS ( through which the returns are to be submitted online have been available.

There is not much change in the tax return for tax year 2016 compared to the return for tax year 2015. However, last year too people faced tremendous link problems while submitting returns for tax year 2015 and the date had to be extended many a times. We pray that FBR this year removes the deficiencies in the return process and ensures the smooth running of its online system for filing returns.

Date for Filing of Income Tax Return for Tax Year 2015 Extended Again by FBR

FBR Extends the Date for Filing Income Tax return till 30th November 2015

Filing Income Tax Returns Online in Pakistan

This article is an humble attempt to guide the taxpayers who intend to file their income tax returns on their own without help of any tax lawyer of practitioner.

Earlier, salaried individuals were not required to submit their income tax return if their only source of income was salary and their income was below Rs.500,000. However, with effect from tax year 2013 every employee earning taxable income is required to submit his income tax return.

I think the salaried individuals who do not submit their returns make a blunder. First, they expose themselves for penal action on account of non-submission of return and secondly in majority of cases of salaried persons the tax deducted is more than their actual tax liability. In case such person submit returns they can claim the excess deduction as refund.

It is quite easy to pay income tax in Pakistan. If your income is more than Rs.33,500 per month, your employer is required to deduct taxes from your paycheck. Under section 149 of the Income Tax Ordinance of 201, your employer is also required to file a statement of all taxes they withhold. This has not always been the case.

Every salaried employee with a taxable income of Rs.400,000 is required to electronically file (e-file) an income tax return using the FBR'Sonline system known as IRIS.

In addition to an income tax return, every person who is required to file income tax return for tax year 2015 has also to file wealth statement. Wealth statement is mandatory for filing of income tax return. Without wealth statement you will not be able to submit your income tax return.

Wealth statements contain details of a person's assets and liabilities. That is to say, you have to mention in detail your properties, plots, houses, and vehicles in your name as well as the detail of movable and immovable properties that are in the name of your dependents e.g. your wife and children. Taxpayers are also required to give details of personal expenses e.g. rent of house paid, Travelling, electricity, education and other personal household expenses. Personal expenses is the part and parcel of your wealth statement.

Detail of Personal Expenses

First step to file Income Tax Return for tax years 2014 and 2015

If your income is more than Rs.400,000 and you have decided to submit the return, you first have to register with FBR. For registration with FBR you may visit the following address and state your particulars correct. You may also have to attach the following scanned documents.

1. Both sides of your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

2. Copy of electricity bill of your residence

3. Copy of your pay slip or employer's certificate

4. Document of your ownership of the residence or rent deed, as the case may be.

5. Fill in and signed/thumbed NTN application form.

After attaching the documents please submit the application. After submission of NTN application you will be eligible to prepare and submit your income tax return for tax years 2014 and 2014.

Online Verification of NTN

Before applying, you may check if you have already been allotted NTN by the FBR. For this you may visit following website of FBR to know whether you have already allotted NTN by the FBR or not. After mentioning your CNIC No. if the NTN appears against your name, you need not to register with FBR. Just skip the step of registration and went on to to "E-enrollment for registered person" link.

Online Verification of National Tax No. (NTN) Federal Board of Revenue

Procedures for Using the FBR to Submit Income Tax Returns 2014 and 2015

In order to use the Iris portal to e-file your income tax returns for tax years 2014 and 2015, you must enroll yourself with the has to enrollment himself with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Necessary steps are as under:-

After registering with the FBR, visit the portal's online registration page. A new screen will appear where you will enter your CNIC number, email address, and the verification code that will appear on the left side of the screen. Click "Submit" and the system will ask you to enter codes sent to your mobile number and email address. Enter the codes in the right columns and press "Submit." You will receive your password and pin code in your email and on your mobile phone within less than five minutes.

It is important to note that the SIM of the mobile number you enter must have been registered in your own name for at least the last month. If it is not the case, you will not receive the verification code on your mobile and will not be able to enroll.

It is also advisable to use Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla Firefox to file your returns. Google Chrome and other browsers are not fully compatible with the FBR's new system.

FBR Salaried Employee Tax Return Deadline

Did you file your tax return and wealth statement on time?

See results

Online FBR Tax Return and Wealth Statement 2016

How will you meet your tax and wealth return deadline in 2016?

See results

Submitting Income Tax Return as Salaried Employee

In order to file your return, you may need the following documents/details:

  • Annual salary certificate from your employer indicating the gross salary and tax deducted.
  • Contributions to provident/gratuity/pension funds indicating ending the balance and contributions made during the year.
  • Certificate from banks regarding tax deductions on banking transactions as well as profits earned on bank deposits and tax deducted/deposited against these profits.
  • In case of any local or foreign trip, copy of air ticket including the amount of tax deducted.
  • In case any electricity bill exceeding Rs.100, 000, copy of the same may also be required to take credit of advance income tax deducted.
  • Bank statement/(s) for the period 01.07.2014 to 30.06.2015.
  • In case any investment is made in the shares of the company or mutual fund, detail of the same along with details of profits on sale of shares earned during the year.
  • Any cash or capital dividend received and tax deducted.
  • Certificates from mobile phone companies regarding deduction of tax. This applies to all the cell phones under the taxpayer's use.
  • Details of any function/gathering arranged, such as a marriage, including invoices, so that credit of tax deducted may be claimed.
  • Invoices issued by any educational institutions to claim credit of tax
  • If you bought of sold a vehicle during the year, provide a copy of the registration book and amount paid or received.
  • Documents relating to any immovable or movable property acquired or sold during the year.
  • Details about motor vehicles in your name, including make, engine capacity, year of acquisition, cost, and registration number.
  • Details of token tax paid for tax year 2015.

  • In case of the assets acquired on a lease, provide the information and installments paid during the period 01.07.2014 to 30.06.2015.
  • Details of any foreign remittances received during the year.
  • Complete details of household expense including gross amount of electricity, gas, telephone, and water bills.
  • Insurance premiums paid.
  • Expenses related to education of children.
  • Donation or zakat paid.
  • Fees to join a club including details.
  • If anyone contributes toward personal household expenses, provide their name, NTN, and amount contributed.
  • While preparing a wealth statement, provide details about assets owned by your spouse and/or dependents.

Loan Information Required for Tax Return

Be prepared to provide details about any sort of loans you have, in the following format:

  1. Nature of loan.
  2. Total loan facility availed.
  3. Total installments paid during the year.
  4. Remaining Loan/(s) amount as on 30.06.2015.

Other Sources of Income for Salaried Employees

When filing your tax return, provide details about any other sources of income, including:

  1. Income from property (gross rent, tax deduction on rent [if any], property tax paid, insurance premium paid).
  2. Details of profits earned on bank deposits/saving certificates etc. including bank account number, nature of deposits/saving certificates, gross profit earned during the year, tax deductions made by banks or National Savings.

How to Prepare a Wealth Statement Online

Taxpayers are required to file wealth statement and to reconcile their wealth with the declared in the previous year's wealth statement. Usually, government employees are also required to file Declaration of Assets and liabilities with their respective departments. So, you can pick the figure from declaration of assets. However, reconciling the wealth is little bit tricky.

In the Wealth statement you are required to mention the complete address of your house, plot or properties etc. your bank balance as on 30.06.2015. While mentioning the value of assets please mention the cost of the asset that is borne by you to acquire the same. For example, you purchased a plot for Rs.100,000 including incidental charges of registry and payment of commission etc. and present value of the said plot is Rs.500,000. You have to mention the value of plot at Rs.100,000 and not Rs.500,000. Similarly, you purchased a vehicle for a consideration of Rs.500,000 four years back and now its market value is around Rs.300,0000. You have to mention the value of the same at Rs.500,0000 and not Rs.300,000. Regarding loans you have to mention the position of loans as on 30.06.2014 or 30.6.2015 (for tax years 2014 and 2015 respectively). Suppose you have obtained house building loan of Rs.100,000 three years back and after payment of instalments the current position of loan is Rs.65000. You have to mention your liability at Rs.65000 and not Rs.100,000.

So far as the reconiliation of wealth is concerned there is a basic technique that taxpayers should use, which can best be explained through the following example

To begin you will need these figures (followed by example amounts):

  1. Wealth for the year: Rs.100
  2. Wealth for the previous year: Rs.90
  3. Increase in wealth: Rs.10 (A)

Sources of Income

  1. Salary income: 50
  2. Rental income: 10
  3. Business income: 20
  4. Foreign remittances: 10

Total: 90 (B)

Now from that amount take away the total calculated from this list of figures:

  1. Personal expenditure: 50
  2. Marriage of son: 20
  3. Taxes paid: 10

Total expenses: 80

Difference 10 (C)

Note that A and C should be equal in all circumstances.

Another Example of Wealth Statement Procedures

Let’s understand this through another example:

  1. Wealth for the year: Rs.100
  2. Wealth for the previous year: Rs.110
  3. Decrease in wealth: (Rs.10) (A)

Sources of Income

  1. Salary income 100 (B)

Now we will subtract the total from the following:

  1. Personal expenditure: 50
  2. Education of children: 40
  3. Taxes paid: 20

Total expenses: 110

Difference between B and C: 10

If a person has other sources of income other than their salary, they are required to file a return for that income as well.

In all salary income cases, taxpayers are required to file their return through the online Iris portal.

Filing income tax return for tax year 2015 FBR

Filing Income Tax Return 2015

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mohsinsajjad92 profile image

mohsinsajjad92 12 minutes ago

Dear Author I think you are a decent person If you don't like publish to my comments/contact you can change the comments but you are not only a person who want to help the general public . I have many users in different web pages blogs, if you dont like to publish my comment no problem I will move user to another page happy

Abdul rahim 10 days ago

i am senior i do not work i get national saving porfit 40000 per month.

can i fill income return,

if yes than what will be i pay my tax

and where i can insert my porfit amount in online iris system

thank you

shehzad 12 days ago

dear Sir,

is there a limit or acceptable value to show cash in hand? it seems to be a common practice in consultants to show the biggest amount possible in term of cash in hand even by showing less expenses. is there any concern or issue with this practice?

Muhammad Saqib Butt 2 weeks ago

I have written my ufone and internet amount spent and tax deducted on them in adjustable tax under section 236 (1) b and d respectively. Is that right way to write it or i should write it somewhere else? (2)one more thing except my own income i have not written amount received from my friend for temporary duration and returned after one month during same time period?? is that right? Amount deposited and returned during same time frame in bank account should be accounted for? Number 3rd and last where to write and bank balance at 30 june 2016 in wealth satement?????

Ijaz 2 weeks ago

Dear Firdousi,

i want to thank you for providing such a valuable information on your blog. Indeed you are doing great job helping people. I appreciate and thank you for this. May Allah reward you.

one more thing is , if i put foreign remittance in foreign income in exempted amount. dont we have to show it "exempted income declared" in wealth statement reconsile? or it will be ok to put amount in foreign remittance in wealth statement and then leave exempted income nill in wealth statement reconsilation

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 weeks ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Ahmed

A taxpayer cannot change his RTO, it is changed automatically by the system when updation is made. Mr. Ahmed continue filing your return where you presently reside without getting worried about RTO status.

Mr. Ijaz

There is no tax liability on the remittances that are received through proper banking channel in Pakistan whether encashed or remained in bank.

Ahmed 2 weeks ago

Dear Furdousi Sir/ Forum Member,

What is the pricedure to change RTO? i was registered in juridiction of RTO bahawalpur.. . now i m submitting return for the first time. I have updated my lahore address. would it update the RTO automatically?

Ijaz 2 weeks ago

Thanks a lot firdousi sahib for your response.

Is is necessary to encash all the remittance in pkr? like if some one has received 10k usd in dollar account and he has only encash 7k. is there any tax liability on the balance 3k remaining in bank?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 weeks ago from Pakistan Author

One has to show foreign remittances in both income tax return and wealth statement. In tax return, they should be shown in exempt column of "Foreign sources/Agriculture".

Ijaz 2 weeks ago

Dear Sir,

If some body has received remittance in their foreign currency account. How they should be shown. Should they be only shown in the wealth statement or they should also be mentioned in tax return?

abdullah 2 weeks ago

For all the guys who have paid their admitted tax through CPR and its showing in Payments tab but they are not able to submit as error "Admitted Income Tax against Code 9203 must be paid before submission" is shown the one final thing to do is to go to the Computation tab and click Calculate again. It will update your amount in 9203 head and you will be able to submit tax.

Muhammad Saqib Butt 2 weeks ago

Assalam u alaikum, Can anybody tell me what should be written in foreign income???? as my father sent my Rs 151500 from abroad during the year. Now if i write it in foreign income it makes computation and my tax admitted will highly rise? Does this type of sending from abroad comes in foreign income? or i show it as a gift? please tell me where to write it in both (wealth statement and income tax return). Moreover i am receiving my salary in saving accounts for which i gets savings of Rs 300 something every month and i have totaled it for the year it becomes 2590.55 for which tax deducted is 259.02. where to write it in both wealth statement and income tax ????

Faisal 2 weeks ago

Dear Sir,

Can you please advise about the treatment of remittance. I provide services/work outside pakistan. I get my salary in USD account in pakistan. I stayed more than 183 days in pakistan so i am resident. How should i show this salary received in USD. can i show them as remittance? DO i have to encash all the foreign currency in PKR in one fiancial year. if i have not encahsed all the remittances and balance is still in my account in foreign currency .....would they attract tax?

Rizwan 3 weeks ago

how to show auto-car finance or car on leasing in wealth tax

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 3 weeks ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Sajjad Ahmed,

Please provide your email so that I may answer your question. You may also contact me. My mobile No. is 0332-4112278

AFZAL SABIR 4 weeks ago

Thanks your good inform

Jawad 4 weeks ago

Please advise about question asked by Mr. Zubair

the question is what to enter in the following field of personal expenses statement:

Personal Expenses

Rates / Taxes / Charge / Cess (7052)

abbas 5 weeks ago

What is this?

122(3) Order to amend Sef assessment on Revision of Income

Ziauddin Mian 5 weeks ago

What is the significance of information filled in against code 703004 about the assets sold/transferred/gifted/donated? Apparently it has no impact on the figures affecting reconciliation

Jamil Afandi 5 weeks ago

How to Submit/eFile Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement Online for Tax Years 2014, 2015 & 2016 with FBR?

Fakeeri 6 weeks ago

This article is a complete guide to file income tax return online for all the persons having salary or business income. Good efforts.

Allah Rakha 6 weeks ago

THis article is superb. Very helpful informative and simplified.

Mohammadirfan 6 weeks ago

Good,useful and informative article .

Firdousi 7 weeks ago

I like this article

Tanweer 7 weeks ago

I am a filler but I have bought a car and it is registered in my wife's name, she is a house wife (non-filler). When ever I have to pay the tax on car it is deducted as a non-filler how can this be catered.

zafar 8 weeks ago

i have sold my house and gave amount to my non filer wife .she bought a house in her name .how to reflect this transaction in IT return and wealth statement.

Author of artilc (Firdousi) 2 months ago

Dear Mohsin Sahib

Please mention it in the gross receipts column after opening folder "Other sources".

Mobin Khan 2 months ago


Where to put in the 'Educational Institutio Fee'

Sajjad Ahmed 2 months ago

Please guide I have one issue in filling of Wealth Statement 2016. In which box I have to enter Wealth amount belonging to previous years?? How to make un-reconciled amount to zero. Please note below:

Net Assets Current Year 4,309,861

Net Assets Previous Year 5,772,850

Increase / Decrease in Assets -1,462,989

Unreconciled Amount -3,076,718

My Mobile number is 0300-4744515

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 months ago from Pakistan Author

Before submission please press" "Calculation" button appearing on the right side. After pressing calculation button press 'submission' button.

Yousaf 2 months ago

Where to add my total pension amount that I have received in this year I was a Federal employee so it would be exempted And also some 200000 in my Pensioner account Pl advise

Abdul Sattar 2 months ago

Dear sir,

I am a salaried person and want following information.

I had not claimed markup against house building loan (Profit on debit etc. u/s 64A ) in tax year 2012, 2013 and 2014. Can it be claimed in this year?

Haseeb 2 months ago

I am also facing error calculation must be executed before submission although my reconciliation is Zero. Please help. Thanks

Aatif 2 months ago

I've filled out my tax return and done everything in order, but when I try to submit it, I receive an error that says "calculation must be executed before submission." Can you please help with figuring out what is causing this error and how to resolve it? Please note that I have already submitted my wealth statement.

Asher 2 months ago

With Holding Tax charged on the Profit by the bank is adjustable or only the WHT tax charged on the cash transaction is adjustable?

Asher 2 months ago

Can you help me in some information regarding the AOP Tax return.

i am providing a construction material to a government organization and they deduct 17% GST + 4.5% Income Tax and 2 % transportation Tax on all my payments & bills. Where as i do not charge any GST from the whole sale supplier. I have following questions.

1. When i monthly file the Sales Tax, i file the Sales tax as Null, ( As i do not charged the GST from the whole sale supplier)? Is it correct.

2. Once i file my tax return for my AOP, which other taxes i need to pay, as government organization is already deducted 17% GST and 4.5% Income Tax and 2 % trasnportation Tax.

3. Suppose in the end of the complete fiscal year we have income of 6 lac rupees from this AOP business, and as we are three partners the revenue is divided as 2 lac to each partner, and this we will show in our personal income tax retrun (Income from the AOP) any other thing or tax that we need to pay on it?

I hope your detailed answer on this. Thanks

Asher 2 months ago

Aoa any tax consultant or lawyer (taxation) around? Need to check which taxes are adjustable once you file the tax returns. What i can see only PTCL bill shows the amount of WHT deduction, where as IESCO bill only shows excise duty, ptv fee and GST, SNGPL only shows GST. Any expert can explain this. Thanks

abdul wahid 2 months ago

please help me for submitting of wealth staement retun year 2016

Dr. Abdus Saboor 3 months ago

I want to submit wealth statement for current year 2015-2106. Please guide me where can I find its form. I have income tax return form bit could not find wealth tax form.

Dr Aslam Butt 3 months ago

Please answer my previous query .

Dr Aslam Butt 3 months ago

Dear Sir,

I own one house and two plots that I have declared in the wealth statement for 2016 but when I visited the page related to Property in my Registration details I found house entry got duplicated and also plots entries duplicated thus showing in total 2 houses and 4 plots.

I might have deleted the references as there were some mistakes. But my wealth statement for the current yea( that I have filled electronically ) shows my assets as I wish.

Please guide me as to howI could make changes to my profile .

Safdar 3 months ago

I want to know how calculate the liabilities from the total income and equal with the difference of annual income and house hold expenses

just like my income is 518702 house hold expenses are 297064 total assets are 743138 and liabilities are 131640 out of which i paid 6563 please tell me how I equal the difference as there is a difference between income and expenses 221640 but after deducting the liabilities amount comes 618061 and my previous net worth was Rs.528061

therefore the difference comes to Rs.618061-528061= 90000

hence the amount of previous sum i.e. 221640 and 90000 are not equal how we can equal them

Munir Ahmad Assad profile image

Munir Ahmad Assad 3 months ago

Assalam-o-Alaikum, Dear sir, I want to know if any person purchase Prize bonds, in which column of these will be entered in Income Tax return and if any prize bond declared as winning and in which column prize amount of Prize bond and deducted income tax on Prize of Prize bond will be entered. Pleas help me thanks,

Arif Kamal 3 months ago

I worked for a company in Pakistan and paid income tax and e-returns till 2015. Now I have shifted to UAE and has no property in Pakistan. I send money to my parents in Pakistan and maintain bank account in Pakistan. Should I fill online tax returns this year also? I have no source of income or property in Pakistan for me or my dependents.

Samuel William Din 3 months ago

I am a insurance agent. I borrowed some money from my clients. Few of my clients sent me money by cheques and online transfer. I had about 300,000 rupees in my account which I plan to invest in my business. I invested this money in Karachi Stock Exchange. Now FBR has sent me notice as I did not pay any income tax ever since. How I get rid of this notice as all the money is not mine but of my clients and I have borrowed it.

Javed Anwar 3 months ago

Any one can tell me please, how w can revise withholding tax return on IRIS.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 4 months ago from Pakistan Author

Dear Mr. Muhammad Yousaf,

You have to declare the property in your name in the wealth statement. Definitely the property is purchased by you out of your foreign income and it can be proved, in case the Departments asks you to explain.

In case you purchase the property from a society on installment, you have to show advances paid against the said property till the closing date which for tax year 2016 is 30.06.2016 and for tax year 2015 was 30.06.2015.

In case spouse is dependent on you, you can show the asset owned by your spouse in the column "Asset in any Other's name".

muhammadyousaf78 4 months ago


I need an enquiry. If anyone is abroad and he purchased the property in pakistan while transferring the money in his friend account. how we will show source of income for such transactions.

Secondly if we purchase the property direct from society on installment how we record such transaction.

thirdly how we record transaction (wealth) made against spouse (house wife).


Muhammad Yousaf 4 months ago


I need to know if some one is abroad and he is purchasing property while using his friend account in pakistan how we will handle such situation.

MJI 4 months ago

@Umair FBR yet not started to file tax return 2016 in IRIS.

Only old returns can be filed.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 4 months ago from Pakistan Author

Tax return for 2016 has not been published by the FBR so far. You can file your return as soon as it is made available in the system

Umair 4 months ago


Dear i am trying to file for IT for the year 2016 on IRIS, but as soon as i select the period, i get an error "Transaction not allowed as workflow rule has failed". Can you please what is this? Is this some sort of restriction for year 2016 as friend of mine tried this for year 2015 and its working.?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 5 months ago from Pakistan Author

Actually, the concern of FBR that from where the sources were generated to buy the said car. This means, you have not declared any taxable income then how you can purchase of an asset of more than Rs.1,000,000/-. We have the solution of your problem. Please contact us via cell # 0345-4258240

Khawaja Omar 5 months ago

sir my wife who is house wife bought a vehicle of 1400000 in 2011 now FBR guys are after that vehicle . How to fill IT return for unemployed person. Kindly advice

Abid 5 months ago

plz guide, main computer network & system engineer hoon main Immigration Ausratailia aur Assessment Austrailia ki karwana chatta hoon. meri pay 30,000/= per month hai kia main Tax kay zamray main aata hoon yaa nahi plz send to me on my Email.

M. Ahmad 6 months ago

Sir, Could you please help me know: Which property rate should I mention in my wealth statement? 1. Registry Rate. for example, Rs. 991, 000 or 2. Rs. 1800,000 original buying rate of a property? I mentioned original buying rate, but someone asked me to revise the WS and mention registry rate. Thanks for help.

Muzammil 9 months ago

Where we need to add the CPR number after payment of Admitted Tax (9203)? I am trying to add the CPR number for the amount I paid in National Bank against Admitted tax. The problem is that when I press the payment tab and add the CPR number, no record of payment is shown in the CPR number search.

Please help

Ali 11 months ago


There will be some amount written in admitted income tax column. You need to make payment first. Make payment by visiting National Bank. Then add that through Payments tab in the form and you will be able to submit form.

Qasim 11 months ago

while i am submitting return there is popup "Admitted Income Tax against Code 9203 must be paid before submission"

somebody help me how to deal with it.

Ali 11 months ago

Dear Firdous,

I submitted my income tax return for tax year 2015 (1st Jul 2014 - 30th Jun 2015) 2 weeks ago but still my name is not their in the latest ATL uploaded this week. Any idea what the issue could be?


Hammad 11 months ago

Dear Firdous,

I submitted income tax return for tax year/period 2015 (1st July 2014 - 30th june 2015 ) on 9th Dec 2015 but my name is not appearing in ATL updated on 14th Dec 2015. Any idea what the issue could be?


Naqvi 12 months ago

For salaried individuals, is tax applicable on different types of bonus received like joining, performance and attendance?

Any help will be appreciated!

Naqvi 12 months ago

For salaried individuals, is tax also applicable on performance bonus received?

M.Zubair 12 months ago

Dear Sir / Madam,

Are Salaried Individuals required to enter any amount here in this column:

Personal Expenses

Rates / Taxes / Charge / Cess (7052)

As I have heard and read that this column / catergory basically pertains to "Taxation of Property Income" or any tax paid on "Goods Transportation / Clearance from Custom Authorities" and is not meant for Salaried Individuals.

Please guide, I am a Salaried Individual and I have not entered any amount in this head. Further, the Print Screen Shot of Personal Expenses that you shared, doesn't contain any figure against this column / category either.



RIZWAN 12 months ago

I was doing consulting business as sole proprietor last year and I filed IT-2 , but I dont have any business income this year as i was sick and have retired and closed my business office. I only have income from my investments and bank account. Should I file IT-1B or IT-2?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 12 months ago from Pakistan Author

Dear Faheem

You don't need to mention "zero". Just file nil return without mentioning any figure.

Faheem 12 months ago

AOA, Could anyone guide me how to file income tax return with "zero income". Since, zero disappears from the filed while computing.

siddique 13 months ago

I am overseas Pakistan, this thread helped me alot to file my ITR. Many thanks.


Adnan 13 months ago

Can anyone tell why still NTN are issued?


Imran 13 months ago

Very informative and knowledgeable hub.

Adnan 13 months ago

As per law from now on for newly registered salaried indiviuals their CNIC will be NTN nut when I visited and search by CNIC, I found a record with NTN number (Not same as CNIC). But should I be assigned that NTN?

FBRUSER 13 months ago

Can any expert confirm that reporting of Foreign Currency Accounts in IT returns / Wealth Statement is not compulsory under CIRCULAR NO. 4 OF 1997 (INCOME TAX).

Shoukat Shadat Ali 13 months ago

In which portion of IRIS will I fill out the provident fund amount? Provident fund amount will be entered as it is? or I will calculate the difference from previous year to current year?

anis 13 months ago

Sir, i have a residential plot but i have missed to mentioned it in last year return statement. pls advise me the procedure how i mention it now in the return of this year

Yugal 13 months ago

Dears, I need information regarding Foreign remittances.

I am living in UAE and sending remittance to my bank account. I dont have any other source of income. Which It form should i select???

Also, I am sending installment in Dollars for my plot in overseas block (Bahria Town). Should i decalre my plot and how should i mention my payment in dollars which I am sending Bank draft to Bahria.??

Plz guide me

Kashif 13 months ago

I have emailed you, also asking here. How to fill the following columns:

-Private Vehicle Tax u/s 234

-Electricity Bill of Domestic Consumer u/s 235A

-Telephone Bill u/s 236(1)(a)

-Cellphone Bill u/s 236(1)(a)

-Prepaid Telephone Card u/s 236(1)(b)

Let me explain:

-Private Vehicle Tax u/s 234

--I am a car owner and have paid annual tax on my vehicle, so should I add that tax in this column? If yes, am I supposed to fill only the amount of withholding tax as mentioned on the challan form or the TOTAL amount (including moto vehicle tax etc)?

-Electricity Bill of Domestic Consumer u/s 235A

-- What about this? Everyone has an electric connection at his home.

-Telephone Bill u/s 236(1)(a)


-Cellphone Bill u/s 236(1)(a)

-Prepaid Telephone Card u/s 236(1)(b)

--What's the difference between these two? And as I own 2 x SIMs on my name, should I get my Tax Certificates from cell companies and fill in the tax paid by me on pre-paid mobile phone cards? If yes, will the tax amount be only for the FY-2014/15 as I am filing the return for year 2015.

Lastly, am I supposed to attach any scanned documents as proof with the return to show that I have paid this tax?


Maqsood Ahmad 13 months ago

Sir I completed my income tax return 2015 but it isnot submitted nor show submit date why is so? Please tell thanks so much.

Imran 13 months ago

Investment in shares is to be disclosed as "Other Assets"?

Tayyab 14 months ago

Dear SkyLark,

Got your point and issue resolved.

Thanks for sharing knowledge,


firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Imran

All taxpayers who are required to file return of income are also required to file wealth statement. Income Tax Return can only be filed if first taxpayer submits his income tax return. In case you are facing problems in submitting the wealth statement you can contact me via email or via phone 03244083282. We charge very negligible fee for services which depends on case to case.

Imran 14 months ago

Are non-residents required to file the Wealth Statement?

FBRUSER 14 months ago

For the first time filers to become Active filer, is it enough to file tax return for 2015 along with Wealth Statement or previous year (2014) should also be filed along with Wealth Statement?

SkyLark 14 months ago

Dear Tayyab,

As per my knowledge, the following might help you.

There are two cells which are named as under:

1) Net Assets for Current Year 2015 code 703001

2) Net assets for Previous Year 2014 code 703002

As per the given detail, your wealth should be entered Rs. 2,000,000 for 2014, which you can enter by clicking on cell.

And for 2015 the amount will be come(automatically) from Personal Assets/Liabilities form, which ofcourse should be Rs. 2,250,000.oo.

Form for Personal Assets/Liabilities should be filled in such a way the total should be Rs. 2,250,000.

Hopefully this would help to sort out your problem.



"Power is gained by sharing Knowledge, not by hoarding it"

Mir Tilawat Ali 14 months ago

Please guide the what balance of provident fund to be fill in the Assets Column as Assets

Our P.F balance have three parts

1. Employee cont xxxxxxxx

2.Employer cont xxxxxxxx

3.Interest xxxxxx

Total xxxxxxxxxx

My email address;

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Shah,

Your CNIC No. is your NTN now. No special No. from FBR will be issued.

Mr. Amin,

WHT on prize bond is non-refundable

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Imran

You need not to file any supporting document with the return.

Imran 14 months ago

Do we need to file any supporting documents along with the tax return?

Shah 14 months ago

Will new salaried individuals registering through IRIS will get NTN numbers or not?

Amin 14 months ago

Is WHT tax on prize bonds refundable?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Dear Asif,

Please read my article at:

to know the benefits of filing the return

Asif 14 months ago

Dear! May I know what is the benifits to submit the tax return. I need your assistance in this regard.



Ali 14 months ago


Enter that amount in the "Net assets previous year" in reconciliation sheet.

Tayyab 14 months ago

Dear FBRuser,

Thanks for your reply, but the issue remains unresolved, The amount cannot reconciled due to difference. Please see the following example for better understanding;

Till 2014 Wealth was Rs. 2,000,000 (Which was not filed ever)

In 2015 Salary Recieved Rs. 1,000,000

Tax Deducted Rs. 50,000

Other Expenses (including all) Rs. 700,000

Here Wealth for 2015 is Rs. 250,000 (i.e. Salary - Tax - Expenses)

Now Total Wealth becomes Rs. 2,250,000/- and difference in reconciliation arises by Rs. 2,000,000.

The question is where I enter the Rs. 2,000,000/- that resolve the unrecociled amount.


Ali 14 months ago

Any idea about newly registered users paying admitted income tax but the receipt generated have no ntn but cnic and it don't show up on income tax form payments tab?


FBRuser 14 months ago

Hajra Khan, Being senior citizen law entitles you 50% discount of payable tax . just ensure that your correct date of birth is entered in IRIS system. Pension amount should be mentioned in salary field.

Hajra Khan 14 months ago

i am 68 years old tax payer .Am I allowed senior citizen benefit ?if yes how ? i am working in a private medical college getting salary and pension from govt. job tell me where to mention my pension amount

Fbruser 14 months ago

Tayyeb, take the following example.

2015 - your income is 100, your expence is 80. So 10 has been added to your wealth. Now for 2014, total all your verifiable assets which you were having on 30-6-2014. It includes every thing. Now this total figure will be your previous year assets.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Tayyab

I can suggest you to resolve the problem if you sent me your wealth statement at my email address.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author


You have to go to "Payments" and click on the + sign. Your CPR No. paid in the bank will appear and you will be able to submit the return.

Tayyab 14 months ago

Dear Firdousi,

Please guide I have one issue in filling of Wealth Statement 2015 as I am filling for the first time. In which box I have to enter Wealth amount belonging to previous years?? Because If I enter in “Net Assets Previous Year”, it could not reconciled. Please help where I enter the above amount as wealth is greater than annual salary of 2015?

Thanks & Regards

Ali 14 months ago


If income tax is not deducted by employer then how to submit the form as there is some admitted income tax. If it has to be paid first then after paying where will we enter that amount to submit form?


FBRUSER 14 months ago


Form 114(1) (Return of income filed voluntarily for a complete year):

All Salaried, Business Indivuduals, AOP are required to file 114(1).

Form 115(4) (Statement of final taxation filed voluntarily):

If your source of income is ONLY from Profit on debt (Bank/National Savings etc), or you get your money after deduction of WHT. than you need to file 115(4).

Khalid Shakeel Goldmedalist 14 months ago

Thanks for e-consultancy. I appreciate your efforts for such help. I am also much fan of Taxation work. May I take any help from you in taxation matters of Income Tax / Sales Tax etc.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Irfan

Probably you have filed your return for 2015. For getting your name in active taxpayers list you have to file your return for 2014 as well.

Ali 14 months ago

@zaka What if it is not deducted by employer but paid separately?

zaka 14 months ago

Attention everyone who is having this error

"Admitted Income tax against code 9203 must be paid before submission."

If your Income Tax is deducted by your employer, then go to

Form 114(1)

Tax Chargeable / Payments

Adjustable Tax

Fill your deducted Income tax in Code 64020001 to 64020004

Irfan 14 months ago

I had filed my return on 24.09.2015 but my name is still not appearing in the list of active tax payers. Could any one tell me the reason? What i need to do now?

Assad 14 months ago

Can anyone explain the difference between form 114(1) (Return of income filed voluntarily for a complete year) and 115(4) (Statement of final taxation filed voluntarily)?


Raza 14 months ago

Is FBR online system working for new tax payers? I mean those users who registered through IRIS in september and have only cnic and no ntn. Admitted income tax payments not showing in payments tab despite having a receipt with CPR no. So, form can't be submitted. What to do to submit form

Please guide!

Raza 14 months ago

Is FBR online system working properly for newly registered tax payers through IRIS? That is users having only CNIC and no NTN. Do their payments for admitted income tax showing up? Because without that form can't be submitted!

Please help!

rash 14 months ago


There is a minimum base from which no income tax is deducted? What is that limit? Is it supposed to be deducted from the total annual income?

Lawbiz 14 months ago

You have to file income tax return, though probably you will not be required to pay any tax

arslan 14 months ago

my income is mostly from freelance business and online web work. and monthly income(freelance + web work) comes to my payoneer card, i then withdraw those money from payoneer and put them in my Bank. should i also be counted as a tax liable person , my income mostly is round about 80,000 PKR / month, please suggest me what i have to do.

Anwar 14 months ago

In income tax form under "Adjustable Tax" where we add "cash withdrawal transactions", when adding bank details their it asks for opening/acquisition date do we have to enter date of opening of account or are they referring to date of transaction?

Alam 14 months ago

Is anyone out there able to contact FBR help centre through helpline because whenever I call at 111-772-772 they say all operators are busy and call never gets through?

Fassee Ullah 14 months ago

A good informative hub but needs further details as fbr has made filing of income tax return more and more complicated.

Naseer Ahmed 14 months ago

Information mentioned is very useful. I am trying to be filer myself far two weeks still having problem with it, in fact FBR has made IT and ST Return and submission forms very complicated and difficult which may not be understandable for a normal person , with this type of perception no one wants to submit his income, sales and wealth statement. From consultants demands 5k per form but why should we pay anyone if they make there system user friendly.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Dear FBR User

I think it needs bit discussion on phone or you may visit our office, as I think there is some sort of communication gap i.e. you may not explain the actual position or I am unable to understand what you want to say.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

I sent you reply.

Irfan 14 months ago

Dear Firdous: i had sent it to the same address. Has been resent, Please confirm if you have received it.

Aftab 14 months ago

dear sir , i am govt employee,, i am confused as, how to fill the LINK tab while filing the volutery form,,, please help

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Irfan

I have not received your mail. Please sent it to Please note that it is zero at the end of firdousi

Ali Raza 14 months ago

Thanks for this Article which is very helpful but please also write an article for How to apply NTN in IRIS coz it seems very difficult for almost everyone nowadays..Please write the easy method to Register in income tax.

FBRUSER 14 months ago

News just out of the box:

FBR soon to launch tax amnesty scheme for non-filers to bring them into tax net.

Any one has similar information?

FBRUSER 14 months ago

Dear Firdousi, Please share your expert opinion on the following.

Inward remittance in Foreign currency accounts as in which year they should be reported. For example, a non-resident pakistani opens a foreign currency account in Pakistan and feeds it through foreign remittances. Later after some years he returns back and gets it en-cashed through bank having direct debit from Foreign Currency account and credit to his/her Pak rupee account. Obviously there would be gain due to exchange rate.

1- So the question is, in which year the remittances (FCY) are to be reported, simply because people keep Foreign Currency account for hedging only.

2- How to show exchange rate difference (gain / loss) in ITR/ Wealth statement while not physically converted foreign currency into pak rupee.


Irfan 14 months ago

I have sent you an email with my login details. Please check.Appreciate your usual assistance in the matter.

Ali 14 months ago

@firdousi0 Payment section is "137- Admitted Income Tax- 9203" and Nature Of Payment is "Admitted Income Tax" and Account Head(NAM) is "B01131".

I think Payment section and Nature of payment is fine. But don't know about Account Head, is it fine too?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Irfan

Through you have sent me the snapshot but I cannot give you an advice unless I have your username and password. Don't sent your pincode without which I will not be able to submit your return. After sorting out the issue I will guide you what to do or inform you what I have done


firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Yes you can edit your declaration within two months from filing of income tax return.

Owais Awan 14 months ago

Can i edit declaration form after submit?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

As per media reports the date for filing of income tax returns for tax year 2015 has been extended till 31st October 2015. Extension of date has been announced in the media and notification for extension of date is to be available soon on the FBR's official website. This news is available on the GEO website.

meuser 14 months ago

its still pretty confusing and complicated, fbr should make it more simple for a third world country with poor literacy rate and corruption

FBRUSER 14 months ago

Dear Asad, you need to use "Date of transaction". So any type of transaction between 1-7-2014 to 30-6-2015 either income or expense will be part of your return. So June-14 salary received on 1 July-15 will be included in IT return but salary of June-15 will not be included simply because you did not receive till 30-June-2015.

Asad 14 months ago

If anyone starts working from 1st july 2014 then in tax year 2015 only 11 salaries will count? As the salary received for month June 15 will be in 1st week of July 15?

Please help!

FBRUSER 14 months ago

Dear Firdousi, Still I am confused on reporting of remittance in Foreign currency accounts as in which year they should be reported. For example, a non-resident pakistani opens a foreign currency account in Pakistan and feeds it through foreign remittances. Later after some years he returns back and gets it en-cashed through bank having direct debit from Foreign Currency account and credit to his/her Pak rupee account.

So the question is, in which year the remittances (FCY) are to be reported, simply because people keep Foreign Currency account for hedging only.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Dear Taxpayers

There are confirmed reports from the reliable sources that draft for extension of date for filing income tax return is ready. The date for filing of income tax returns for tax year 2015 is going to be extended by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The notification for extension of date will be available on the official website of FBR i.e. very shortly.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Dear Ali

Obviously, you have deposited tax under wrong head. I can help you to sort out the problem if you provide me you CPR at my email (after firdousi it is zero and not "o").

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author


I think, you are mixing up remittances and gain on foreign remittances. If you receive remittances from abroad through proper banking channel, usually relatives of most Pakistanis sent, they have to be shown in the year they were received by you and they are exempt from tax.

What I replied earlier was under wrong impression and that was in relation to gain on dollar account.

Ali 14 months ago

@firdousi0 I paid the admitted income tax but the CPR no. is not being displayed in payments tab for income tax return form. Any idea what to do to submit the form?

Masood 14 months ago

what is the institution name in shares/stock of investment in FBR wealth statement ?

FBRUSER 14 months ago

Mr. Firdous, I had sent an email to FBR and they replied that remittance should be reported in the year in which it was received in Pakistan.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

In the year of encashment

FBRUSER 14 months ago

Additionally, in which year foreign currency remittance should be reported, in the year remittance received or when it gets en-cashed into rupees.

Hanif 14 months ago

If the foreign currency account is fed with remittances and later dollars converted through bank and encashment certificate is issued by the bank than I dont think the gain is taxable, simply because remittances are tax exempt. Please comment.

Arif 14 months ago

Dear Firdous

Whether "Other sources of Income" in Declaration form may include profit on term deposits certificates or not???

Likewise dividend of KSE Shares may included in other sources???

or not?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Dear Haris

It is taxable only if you encash the foreign current. Suppose, you purchased dollars for Rs.90 and you encashed dollars when they were Rs.104 the difference is then taxable.

Haris 14 months ago

@AsifHussain Is your issue resolved?

Hanif 14 months ago

How to show "gain" on foreign currency account due to Rupee devaluation. Is it taxable or not?

ARIF 14 months ago

Other sources may include profit on term deposits???

Other sources may include divident of KSR Shares???

or not?

Muhammad Shabbir 14 months ago

Please guide me

1.where I put my bank account balance ending 30th June 2015 in asset/wealth statement "iris" column. As per iris video instruction it should be put in account/ annuity/bond/certificate/security/deposit --- (code 7012). But when we load iris asset/wealth statement form 116(2) we find at code 7012 there are shown as: investment (account/ annuity/bond/certificate/security/deposit. It means it is mentioned in "investment" whereas in iris video " investment" is mentioned at code 7006.

2. Is medical allowance is exempted from tax. If so, please mention the the SROs regarding this exemption. Because my employer did not exempt medical allowance from my salary, and included it in the taxable amount.

3. Please guide me should I have to enter my provident fund amount? If so, then have I to show all the amount which have been collected by my employer over 20 years of my service. what about the contribution in GPF collected during the tax year. Where I have to show GPF amount in iris asset/wealth statement column.

wasim 14 months ago

I have completed tax return for year 2015. Fbr is printing active tax payers for 2014. When they will issue list of ATP for 2015

manafzal 14 months ago

I am a govt. servent and was on 5 ex-pakistan leave, joined back in july 2015, zero income during last year, do i need to file tax return

Irfan 14 months ago

i filed tax returns last week but my name is not reflecting in active taxpayer list. Please help me out.

Asif Hussain 14 months ago

I paid admitted tax in to the Bank and got my CPR.

e.fbr shows my payment

but iris (Where we submit return) not shown my payment

please help me

Sajid 14 months ago

I am also having the same issue as bigengr explained. I have the CPR No/Challan for each month. But system is keep prompting "Admitted Income Tax against Code 9203 must be paid before submission."

Zaurez 14 months ago

Is the filing date is being extended till October 31, 2015.

Zubair 14 months ago

In continuation to our previous discussion, should this gin amount of Rs.5,000/- be included in the income from other sources or just to be included in Assets Reconciliation Statement Only?

Zubair 14 months ago

Firdous, I highly appreciate your valuable guidance on the queries raised above.

Thank you and Regards

Irfan 14 months ago

Hi Firdous:

Had emailed you as well and awaiting your response. After filing returns , the tax deducted from my salary by my employer is appearing under the head of Withholding Income Tax (Code 9201).

As suggested by you i tried to file return by clearing all the values under "Adjustable Tax" and "Final / Fixed / Minimum / Average / Relevant / Reduced Tax" but it was continuously giving me message that i need to pay the tax so was left with no choice but to incorporate the value under the tab of Salary of Corporate Sector Employees u/s 149 in the form Adjustable Tax.

The return has been filed but i m getting the feeling that withholding income tax should be Nil. Could you please tell me how to fix this?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Zubar.

You are right. The value should be shown exactly in the manner you provided above. Amount of provident fund should be the amount the PF made by you and your employer profit

Zubair 14 months ago

1) Please guide the what balance of provident fund to be stated in the Assets Column as Assets:

a) PF Contribution made by employee only or PF Contribution made by employee + the Conribution made by employer + Profit applied thereon.

2) Please also guide on the matter that if a person is having a Vehicle say Motor Bike as an asset as per his Asset Statement on 30-06-2014 for Rs.40,000/- and in the month of November 2014 he sold the same for Rs.45,000/- how this amount would be reported in the wealth statement if the said amount of Rs.45,000/- is gifted by the person to his son?

Should it first be deleted from this year's wealth statement and the proceeds amount to be written in the Reconciliation of Net Assets as follows:

Inflows Column - Gain on Sale of Assets Rs.5,000/-

Inflows Column - Others = Rs.40,000/- (Cost Price)

Outflows Column - Gift = Rs.45,000/-

Assets Transferred / Sold / Gifted / Donated during the year = Rs.45,000/-

Please provide your valuable guidance on the above queries and oblige.

Please also guide as if there is any update regarding the extension in the last date for filing of IT Return for the year 2015.

Irfan 14 months ago

thankyou issue sorted. filed statement 114(1) and 116(2) and they are reflecting in completed tasks, need to know if my returns have been filed? my cnic# is not appearing in active taxpayer list. how long does it take for updation of records? Am i missing something ?

This is the first time i am filing returns so asking basis questions. Hope am not annoying . Appreciate if someone can help me out from their experience.

Haris 14 months ago

@Irfan Inflow tab will get automatically filled when you fill the tabs below it related to source of income.

Irfan 14 months ago

thanks issue resolved, experiencing another problem though, when i try to submit wealth statement, get the error that unreconciled amount is PKR 1,208,464. The inflow tab is locked (showing nil value) and this amount should have been appearing there as it is my salary of previous twelve month. Please tell me where i am going wrong?

Asif Hussain 14 months ago

I make the E-Payment form through e.fbr and make the payment into the National Bank and got the computerized receipt but when i search my payment into the iris website the system does not show my payment. on the otherhand system shows payment on the e.fbr web portal rather than iris.

Please help me

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Law does not require you to attach any document, except audited accounts for limited company for which the last date is 31st December 2015. So forget this part of the Declaration.

abdul karim 14 months ago

In declaration form there is a column "Attachment". I want to know how to fill this column or it mean to attach documents if so , how can we attach documwnts

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Government of Pakistan has announces vacancies in Income Tax, Sales Tax and Customs Department government by Federal Board of Revenue. The vacancies are for different categories ranging from Stanotypist, Assistant to Naib Qasid and mali. Tests will be through NTS. Form for submission of application can be downloaded from: (Copy and paste the following link in your address bar)

For advertisement:

For Application form:

Last date of submission of application for posts in Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is 3rd October 2015

No tests for BS-1 to 4. For BS-5 and above test date will be announced by NTS soon.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Plz check "Adjustable Tax" and "Final / Fixed / Minimum / Average / Relevant / Reduced Tax" forms and delete all the amounts mentioned therein. Please use Chrome or Explorer-7. I also noted that some friends are finding problems to get the adjustment of tax against payments made agaisnt "Admitted liability" for this please always use "Income Tax Annual Payment" under the tab "e-payments" at Please don't use anyother option to avoid any sort of problems. This is very important

Irfan 14 months ago

@Sheraz/ Firdousi Was your issue sorted. I am having exactly the same problem . After making various attempts, Computation sheet shows Withholding Income Tax (9201) as PKR 63,346 which i presume should be nil.

Appreciate if you can suggest any way around.

Thanks a bunch




Ahsan 14 months ago

If I see my last year returns, there is a head (#64020000, Salary of employee, u/s 149) under adjustable tax where my tax deduction is entered. However in the current year tax returns, this head is not available under adjustable tax tab. If I enter it under any other head e.g. 64020004, Salary of other employee, u/s 149) it gets adjusted but under with holding tax. This is probably the reason why tax is not getting deducted and thud not allowing to submit the returns. Any help?

Ahsan 14 months ago

I am also having the same issue. System keeps prompting "Admitted Income Tax against Code 9203 must be paid before submission. Although it has already been paid by my company. Please help.

Haris 14 months ago

In wealth statement form where to enter the money one got on different occassions like Eid, Birthdays etc? Will it be fine to show it in gift column or others column? And that money will not be the part of wealth statement and not income tax return form as this money is not taxable?

AC 14 months ago

How can a salaried individual deposit additional income tax?

I was supposed to pay 100, but 80 was actually deducted by the employer. How to generate the challan to pay the 20 that I need to pay now

Abid Hussain 14 months ago

how and where to enter medical allowance in tax return at IRIS website?

abdul ghafoor 14 months ago

Thanks a lot for ur prompt reply & guidance.

Tariq Mustafa 14 months ago

After failure to e-file salary tax return I am consulting lawyer, reason is fbr website is not supportive . Please make it correct. There are problems to submit e-salary tax return.

bukhary72pk 14 months ago

Salamun Alaikum Sir!

The article is very much informatic. However, I need some assistance please. I am a govt employee and my tax is deducted by my deptt. I have filled my form 116(2) and form 114(1). Kindly guide me where and at which specific field, I have to mention the tax already deducted from salary. Thanks a lot.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Though the pension is exempt, you will be considered as a salaried person and have to submit the return online using Get yourself enrolled with the website which is very easy and submit the return accordingly. You don't need to even visit the office of FBR and can submit the return online.

abdul Ghafoor. 14 months ago

I am retired & drawing pension. I have NTN . pension is exempted from tax. I live in a old house constructed in year 1960 which is inherited whose plot area is 1000 sq yds. I have been regularly filing IT returns on IT-1A form manually. As forms have been changed this year ,would u please guide me which form to be used now for manual filing. Thanking u in anticipation.

wasim ahmed 14 months ago

From IRIS system only 2014 onwards returns can be filled... what about returns for previous years. Also is it mandatory to file returns for pervious years.

waseem haq 14 months ago

very helping info please must read....

Ashraf Cheema 14 months ago

1-Benevolent fund is being deducted from my salary, but i am not getting any benefit from it. I should deduct income tax on this fund or not ?

2-Same about group Insurance deduction.

3-whether I.T will apply on House Rent allowance

Usman 14 months ago

I am also having the same issue as bigengr explained. I have the CPR No/Challan for each month. But system is keep prompting "Admitted Income Tax against Code 9203 must be paid before submission."

bigengr 14 months ago

I am a salaried govt employee. Today I completed my online return for year 2014-15. When I clicked to submit a window popped up telling me " Code 9203, amount ----- to be paid before submission". But my Tax has been already deducted by my deptt. I am unable to file my return. Please help.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

It is not unusual. Probably, your company has deducted less than your actual tax liability. There are many other heads through which the government collects taxes which a lay man may not know. So even you may not require to pay further tax if you acquire the service of a professional.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 14 months ago from Pakistan Author

Mr. Sheraz.

I think, you have made a mistake. Obviously, you mentioned the amount in the exempt column or the tax deducted is mentioned in the form "final/fix/minimum etc.", which should have been mentioned in "Adjustable Tax". As described by you, the right has not rightly been filled in but the exact conclusion could only be made after seeing what you have done.

Khashkheli 14 months ago

I am a salaried person and file my online return every year. Today I completed my online return 114(1) for year 2014-15 and I clicked to submit a window popped up telling me " Code 9203, amount ----- to be paid before submission". As my Tax has been already deducted and sumbitted through my company. I am unable to file my return. Please help me in this regard.

Sheraz 14 months ago

I am a Salaried Individual. After filling the return, I am getting my tax amount under 2nd column labeled as (Amount Exempt from Tax/Subject to Fixed/ Final Tax) of Withholding Income Tax. Is that OKay or i am doing any mistake?

I have filled Salary Amount and Tax amount under Adjustable Tax and Computation sheet shows Withholding Income Tax. I can remember it was not apearing last year in Iris. Can somebody guide me with this, Withholding Income Tax?



NASIR 15 months ago


Please guide me that what is the criteria for assessment of immovable property/plots/landed property etc.I am a salaried person as well as a land owner/sugarcane grower and wants to proceed for e filling.

Can a person maintain a huge bank account without filling tax return?

An early reply will be appreciated.


haris 15 months ago

how to submit incom tax retrun

Munir Ahmad Assad 15 months ago

Thanks Sir, for help, Sir I am a dull or lay man if you tell me the codes and pages of e-fbr with images to mention these lines, shall be highly thankful.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 15 months ago from Pakistan Author

The above items should appear in the wealth statment u/s 116(2). Please mention loans in the liabilities portion, which will be automatically reduced from your net wealth. Please reduce the installments paid upto 30.06.2015 from the said loans. Please mention the plot particulars in the relevant portion of immovable properties. Only the installments paid upto 30.06.2015 against the plot mentioned be mentioned in respect of plot acquired on installments.

Munir Ahmad Assad 15 months ago

Dear sir, Assalam-o-Alaikum,

I am facing some problems during e-filing. The detail is as under:-


1. My friend has obtained loan from our department which is deducted

from his salary by installments

2. He also obtained the loan from a Bank witch is deducted from his

salary by installments.

3. He purchased a plot from these loans.

4. He purchased an other plot by installments.

what will be for method to above said lines for filling the form of income Tax Return 2014-15 (e-filing).

Pleas send me the detail with heads or images for the same.


Farooq Nadeem 15 months ago

Thanks SkyLark. You have been most helpful.

FBR changes the tax filing forms/procedures every year causing a host of problems for senior citizens etc. The video guide prepared last year by FBR has not been updated to show how to file the Statement of Assets/Liabilites/Expenses.

Thanks once again for your prompt response.

SkyLark 15 months ago

Dear Farooq & Ibrahim ,

For Wealth Statement you have to go to main screen and the click on Declaration and there, there is form with a caption below:

"116(2) (Statement of Assets / Liabilities filed voluntarily"

then select period then the same procedure you already did with IT Return.

Regards, SL

M.Razi khan 15 months ago

Dear sir I want to have blank forms of income tax return filling and a blank form of filling wealth tax return(I am a salaried person) Please guide me how can I have tha same. B.Regards

Ibraheem 15 months ago

I have the exact same problem as listed by Mr. Farooq.

When I click on Personal Expenses nothing comes up whereas there is supposed to be Statement of Assets/Liabilities to be filled.

Last year there was no problem.

Help from an IRIS expert would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Farooq Nadeem 15 months ago

I have almost completed my tax return for 2015. When I click on Personal Assets/Liabilities/Receipts/Expenses the drop down menu only shows Personal Expenses.On clicking on Personal Expenses nothing happens. Also Personal Assets/Liabilites and Reconciliation of Net Assets are missing.

How do I file the personal expenses, wealth statement etc? Is this a temporary problem?

For 2014 I had no problem in e-filing the tax return.

AHSAN 15 months ago

no use of it, I wanted to know how a person can fill the income tax return on iris, as it is very complicated and not friendly at all and other things is that what I will show to my personal expenses as it is not opening......very slow and complicated, it is much better e-fbr than iris.

Syed Ehtasham 15 months ago

i need to have a Wealth Statement Annexure Some one plz help me to do the same !

salman 15 months ago

My Annual salary is less thwn 1 million but when i try to file the return or submit my information for year 2014 to 2015 it shows submit your wealth statment.

i cant understand y this msg is cuming again and again

salman 15 months ago

How to add an a plot in wealth statement, which is on installment? can u give example on it?

javeed 16 months ago

very discouraging. It looks so complicated that normal person cannot accomplish the task. One then has to higher the services of professional and pay some fee to him to escape the tyranny of tax people. This concern of a salaried person who work hard to earn their livelihood.

Tahir 16 months ago

Dear Firdous

Thank you very much for such an elaborate information. I have a simple question. My office is deducting my tax since 2004 from my pay. But I have never filled this IT return. If I want to start now, what procedure should I adopt. Should I start e-filling from 2004 or I need to get some special permission for previous years from FBR. I already have NTN no and e-enrollment. Only issue is how to start about the previous ones????

waiting for your response and guidance


Zed 16 months ago

I want to file my tax returns but have few negative thoughts in mind which i want to clear before going ahead with procedure. Can you guys share with us your experiences with FBR. File tax returns mean recording all your financial positions with FBR so do you think it may create any issue for us in future? 17 months ago

rticle is nice and informative , but required more detail , how to calculate.... and make equal the A and C .......... i dont understand how increase and expense should be equal .................... any one guide me please.....

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 18 months ago from Pakistan Author

You can also download FTN list from:

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 18 months ago from Pakistan Author

you can get the FTN of your employer from the website of FBR

sublime 18 months ago


I need my tax details but when i try to fill e-fbr form i get stuck on employer's FTN n without that can't go further. well the problem is i don't hv employers FTN along n i m ex-employee. from where can i get that detail.


Hammad 19 months ago

Can you tell me where to put the income tax deducted by the employee in online form?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 years ago from Pakistan Author

You are right. Expenses and income should not be equal in every case. Suppose you earn Rs.100 and spent out Rs.80. Rs.20 would be your saving which would be included in your net assets in the shape of cash etc.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 years ago from Pakistan Author

I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 years ago from Pakistan Author

There is no bar in filing in your previous returns. You may obtain your login password etc and submit the returns online.

munir 2 years ago

article is nice and informative , but required more detail , how to calculate.... and make equal the A and C .......... i don't understand how increase and expense should be equal .................... any one guide me please.....

Zahid Khan 2 years ago

If I have not file returns in previous years what should I do now how can i file the returns of previous years and how can i declare my assets

ejaz uddin 2 years ago

Love You!

Qazi 2 years ago

Is this info valid in this tax filing year

1. All salaried to fill-up e-fbr

2. All over 1 million income per yearto fill-up wealth statement

Awais 2 years ago

Information mentioned is very useful. In fact still the bad thing is that FBR has made IT and ST Return and submission forms very complicated and difficult which may not be understandable for a normal person , with this type of perception no one wants to submit his income, sales and wealth statement. And normally the tax consultant demand a huge amount to guide / file your tax returns. Lets hope that everyone feels the responisblity to pay their tax's as helping to build Pakistan more bright in future.

Tariq 3 years ago

quite useful

amir khan 3 years ago

good informative

wajahat ali khan 4 years ago

very helpful for filing of tax returns

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