McDonald's Share Values Continue to Increase

Updated on December 29, 2017
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Good News

After all of the devastating recent events, like the Bronx fire and the Boxing Day accident, we all could use some good news. Well, I intend to deliver. In the last two years, shares in the McDonald's Corporation have nearly doubled in value.


More Good News

This may seem to be good enough, but there's more! The McDonald's Corporation also pays dividends to share holders. All of us who own shares in the company got paid for owning a part of the business on the fifteenth of this month (December, 2017). McDonald's paid us more than one dollar for every share we own in the corporation. Even more; McDonald's has generally been paying quarterly dividends. So, investors get free money for trusting in their business about four times every year.


What's the Big Deal?

Why is all this so important? Not all companies pay dividends. In fact, one could own thousands of dollars worth of shares and not receive a penny. Investing is all about where to put your dollar and when.

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Recommendations and Warnings

I also recommend only investing in those businesses which you believe in, and to never invest money that you cannot spare. You should all note that the stock market, like the Baltimore Ravens, isn't perfect; there are always risks no matter how sure you think that you are. Always be careful.

My Optimism

Notwithstanding, shares in the McDonald's Corporation have gone from $95 at the end of 2014 - to over $170 this month. That's a huge increase for a business that is already doing well, being established in multiple countries! I will not claim to predict the future, but my hopes for the continued progress of the McDonald's name remains optimistic.


Importance of Growth

I will make one final note. Even when an organization pays dividends, investors can lose money. That's why it is so awesome that McDonald's shares have gone up in value. The business already pays dividends and individuals who invested in the company in 2014 could sell their shares now and have made considerable profits.

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As always, I am very interested to know what you all think. Will McDonald's shares continue to increase in value? Are business stocks a worthwhile place to put your money? Do you already invest? Let me know any and all of your thoughts.

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