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PayMaya Errors and Solutions

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Errors Encountered When Using PayMaya

Have you encountered PayMaya errors such as failed money transfer, bill payments not reported to the biller, referral code not received upon inviting someone, and so on? Do you know what to do in this situation?

Although the PayMaya solutions mentioned here have worked for one or many users, the solutions may not always work for everyone, as each user's PayMaya profile can be quite different. If a solution here does not work for you, it is best to bring up the PayMaya concern with PayMaya’s actual support team.

Incidentally, don’t be too trusting if someone offers to help with your PayMaya error, especially if they ask for PayMaya personal details. These details should be kept confidential and must not be divulged or given to other users.

What Is PayMaya?

PayMaya is an e-money platform, a way to pay transactions using the web. As indicated on its official website, PayMaya, formerly known as Smart eMoney, Inc. is a subsidiary of PLDT and Smart’s digital innovations company, Voyager Innovations.

The app processes the payment online, making it quick and convenient. This means that the user no longer needs to physically go to banks or payment centers when paying for their credit card bills and utilities. PayMaya can also be used to pay for services offered online: booking a flight or hotel, buying items from online shops like Lazada, and auction sites like eBay or Amazon.

Why Use PayMaya?

Here comes the interesting question: why use PayMaya when it is prone to errors? When it comes to e-currency, wouldn’t it be a good idea to use a platform that is error-free?

These are valid questions and concerns as many believe that transparency is hard to come by when online money payment problems and transaction errors are concerned. Think about it when it comes to traditional methods; people are more trusting when they talk to someone that they can see physically. People are more relaxed if they know they have an office to go to for support if the hotline is always busy.

Nonetheless, digital technology has come a long way. We are already at a point wherein transactions are reflected near real-time on different systems, which is why PayMaya can offer the services that they have.

This is why PayMaya is a good alternative to GCash. Many consider GCash the industry leader when it comes to cashless and online transactions. But of course, no system is perfect. GCash also has its own problems with errors.

Moving on, let us now tackle the different types of PayMaya errors with corresponding solutions to correct them.

Error and solution of PayMayaCares channel

Error and solution of PayMayaCares channel

Error 404: PayMaya Invite Code Error

Let's start here, as many PayMaya users also appear to be GCash users but are encountering problems with the latter, which is why they are exploring other alternatives.

Naturally, if they are happy with their PayMaya experience, they would want to invite their friends to come aboard the platform. Besides, there is an incentive for doing that.

Unfortunately, this particular error may water down that happy feeling. This error means the app was unable to unlock the invite code or that the invite code was not found.

Solution: as can be seen in the screenshot above, the simple solution is to upgrade the PayMaya account and ensure that the latest app is currently installed.

Mobile app error screenshot

Mobile app error screenshot

Western Union Error

This particular error occurs when a valid ID is not yet added to the PayMaya account. Remember that even though PayMaya is a virtual wallet platform, it still involves money, which is why proper identification is required.

Solution: once proper credentials are linked, money can be remitted to PayMaya via Western Union. Another great tip for users who urgently need the money: other users report that emailing a soft copy of the valid IDs to PayMaya support together with other requirements will expedite the process.

Discussion with another user who contacted PayMaya support

Discussion with another user who contacted PayMaya support

Cannot Log in

PayMaya login errors may have no single definite cause as they can be a different cause for each user. The only time that all users are affected is when there is a systemwide maintenance or outage.

The solution is often different for each user. But the simplest ones (listed below) usually do the trick:

  • Check whether the pin and login credentials are correct
  • Check whether the internet connection is stable
  • Clear the app's cache and data
  • Reinstall the app for a clean slate

Another PayMaya error reported by users is that repeated attempts to link their PayMaya account to PayPal always fail. This is quite infuriating since it should be a simple process and the instructions are quite straightforward.

The attempt fails because during the linking process PayPal will try to deduct a certain amount to PayMaya to determine if the account is active and not dormant.

Solution: The most common culprit of this PayMaya issue error lack of funds on the account. The PayMaya account should have sufficient funds, at least 200 pesos.

Unable to Withdraw PayPal Funds to PayMaya

Unfortunately, this scenario can no longer be considered a PayMaya error. I don't recall the exact date, but the option to withdraw money from PayPal to PayMaya was decommissioned and is no longer allowed.

Load Credits Not Received

Another known PayMaya error is that load credits are not received by the buyer.

One thing people use PayMaya for is buying prepaid load credits from other PayMaya users.

Basically, what happens in this error is that a user who bought prepaid load credits from the seller did not receive them. Naturally, this would result in a dispute and refunds. There are rare instances wherein the arrival of the credit is just delayed. Problems arise when the seller has already refunded the buyer for supposed items.

Solution: There is no definite solution for this. The best you can do is keep transaction reference numbers and the sequence of events and try to work it out with the buyer or PayMaya support.

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Rodric Hones on September 01, 2020:

Hello writterjj.

My father is unable to pay the transaction fee for the PRC Renewal. Each time we try to pay, we are prompted with a message that says, "Merchant Error: We are unable to process this transaction right now. Please try again later." May I know your thoughts on this? Thank you very much!

writerjj (author) on August 14, 2020:

Hi Leslie.

Apologies for the delayed reply. Is the issue now resolved?

Leslie Jane Labangcop on May 08, 2020:

My Paymaya account was blocked due to lack of personal information. I reported it and email support@paymaya 2weeks ago but it seemed no response at all.How can I recover it?