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How to File a Funeral Claim With the SSS

Virtual Pal has been a marketing officer and call reviewer in the Philiippines.

The Philippine Social Security System

The Philippine Social Security System

The Philippine SSS

In 1957, the Philippine government created the SSS, an agency to provide retirement and health benefits for all members. The SSS is a social insurance program for private sector wage earners in the Philippines. Retirement, sickness, maternity, partial disability, pension, and death are some of the many benefits available to SSS members.

In addition, members can get so-called "calamity loans" if they are affected by natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes, and so on. Members can request salary loans, depending on the monthly salary of the employee who is a member of SSS.

Filing Death Claims

Death claims are different from funeral claims. Death claims may be filed by the primary or secondary beneficiary of the deceased employee-member.

Only certain individuals are authorized to receive death claims from a deceased member:

  • Living parents (if the deceased is single)
  • Living siblings
  • The legal spouse
  • Beneficiary children of legal age
  • Guardians of children under 21 years old

Filing Funeral Claims

Again, funeral claims are different from death claims. Funeral claims are given to the person who shouldered the funeral expenses regardless of his/her relationship to the SSS member. As of this moment, funeral claims amount to Php20,000. each. The documents you need to file this claim are as follows:

  1. Death Certificate of a member duly registered with Local Civil Registry Office.
  2. Official receipt (or contract, if not yet buried) issued by the funeral parlor, or certificate of ownership for a prepaid memorial plan.
  3. Filer's Affidavit (Sinumpaang Salaysay), to be filled out by the person actually filing the claim.
  4. Waiver, if the claimant is not the one named in the official receipt. Include authentic identification (with signature) of the one waiving the benefit.
  5. New Residence Certificate (Cedula) of the filer.
  6. Any valid I.D. of the filer (see below)
  7. SSS Digitized ID of the deceased member.

List of accepted IDs

  • Company ID
  • Philippine Passport
  • GSIS card
  • ID card issued by professional associations recognized by PRC
  • Marriage contract
  • NBI clearance
  • Police clearance
  • Postal ID card
  • School ID
  • Senior Citizen Card
  • Tax Identification Card/Affidavit
  • Voter’s Identification Card/Affidavit

Completing the Claim

Upon completion of the above-mentioned documents, proceed to the nearest SSS branch in your area. SSS personnel will give you a claim stub for the check. You may have to wait a few weeks to months before the release of the check. Get their phone number in case you want to make a phone call to follow up on an unpaid claim; this is easier than having to wake up early and fall in line just to follow up.

They will text you when your check is ready for pick up. If you receive the text, bring a valid ID, the death certificate of the member, and the claim stub that SSS gave you when you submitted the documents for your claims.

It is best if you put the filer's name on the receipt from the funeral parlor; that way, the waiver listed in item 4 will not be necessary. Less hassle, fewer documents needed, faster claim. It is also better if you file the claim before the internment. If the funeral parlor service charge is less than Php20,000, you must keep all receipts of the burial expenses for food that was served at the wake.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: In the Phillippines, once a death claim is filled how will it take for reimbursement to come?

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Answer: Mine took 3-4 weeks.

Question: What's next after I received the funeral cheque from a funeral claim in the Phillippines?

Answer: Proceed to the issuing bank(specific branvh stated in the check, bring 2 valid ids, and ung karugtong ng claim stub from sss.

Question: In the Phillippines how can I check if the funeral claim loan is ready to pick up?

Answer: Call the sss branch where you filed the claim.

Question: In the Phillippines, what can you do if the deceased sss member doesn't have the SSS digitized ID?

Answer: Any other issued government ID will help.

Question: How would I proceed when the death member is single, declared beneficiary was her grand daughter for the social security system claim system in the Phillippines?

Answer: If there is a legal document that can prove the claim na ung grand daughter ang beneficiary like a last will, pwede sya mag claim pero kung wala. Automatic parents, at mga kapatid ang beneficiary

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Jhe alcober on October 26, 2019:

Goodpm po. May itatanong po ako,ang nanay ko po namatay nung oct.15,2019 meron po syang sss ang problema nga lang po hinde na nya nahuhulugan, ang tgal na po dekada na po meron pa po bang matatanggap ang mga anak nya? Salamat po

Joshua reyes bernal on September 05, 2019:

How to follow up checked

In funeral claim ?

Tapos na po eh sabi wait lang po kame 2 weeks ?

Marites villarba on June 29, 2019:

Blessed day po.magtatanung lng po ako.nuon po june 11,2019 ngfile ako ng funwral claim sa sss.tas sabi sken after a week ako mg follow up..ang aking ina ay sa feu hisp. Namatay at ang funeral serbis ay sa laguna branch ng eternal un.nun ng kol ako sa sss dto sa batangas city branch sa kumintang sabi nla ngrauest pa daw ng investigation nun june 18 lng 2019. Meanjng un pg file ko ng june request lng cla ng investigation nun june 18.. So after a wk ng follow up ako sa sss .ang sbi la pa daw deedback ang sss laguna tuwing tatawag sko lge ganun ang sbi.kya tinanung ko kung tlgang inaasikado ng sss laguna.sabi ko mg one month na bkit la oa rin feedback..dko alm kung inaasikaso ba tlga..thank u.sana mahelp nyo ako.godbless po.maraming salamat po

Jonavie Caryl on June 22, 2019:

Have a good day maam sir,

Meron lang ako concern,.

Way back 2013 june 23 namatay ang mama ko and now nag hahanap kami sa SSS burial ng mama ko dahil ni piso wala kami natanggap,

At ngayon june 23, 2019 nakita ko sa lumang folder na meron ng Funeral Claim Check and Voucher, nkalagay 20,000 possible po ba na makuha pa namin ngayon eto? Please answer i need your help.

Richell basco bocboc on May 06, 2019:

Mag kano po ba makukuha ng burial pag 6months po nahulogan sa SSS? .

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on May 01, 2019:

@jocelyn dela cerna. Tawag tawag ka sa branch kung saan ka nag file. Depende kasi kung no cause of death ang haba ng proseso sa burial.

Jocelyn dela cerna on May 01, 2019:

Hello po.may tanong ako gaano ba katagal makuha ang burila kasi nag file ako last january 23 20119.namatay yong father jan.142019 until now wla pa!anong gagawin ko mag apat na buwan ngayon may 23 2019

Ish on January 28, 2019:

Is there a due in filing like how many days i can file it or none?

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on June 01, 2018:

@josiemarie you can request from the funeral parlor ung kontrata nyo sa funeral service. Inform them for sss claims

Josiemarie on May 16, 2018:

What if i lost the funeral receipt? What should i do.. ?

israelperez on April 10, 2018:

namatay po yung kapatid ko, sa aming ina na po nkatira yung kapatid ko hanggang mamatay nagkarun po sya ngka livein at anak, pero simula po nung umalis yung livein partner ng kapatid ko sinama yung bata wala na po kaming balita sa kanya, hanggan sa mamatay yung kapatid ko, pwede po bang magclaim ng death claim yung nanay ko. at ang nanay ko nman po ang beneficiary ng kapatid ko sa kanyang SSS.anu po ang dapat nmin gawin?

kynx on January 30, 2018:

Hi good day tanong ko lang po regarding sa SSS ng kuya ko namatay siya noong january 24,2018 kapatid ng lola ko ung ginamit na ataul na sa halagang 26,000 pesos then nagfile kami sa SSS sya ung magclaim, ang tanong ko po, ang sabi nya sakin 22,000 lang daw ang nakuha nya is that possible na magbigay ang SSS na mas mababa sa receipt na binayaran namin sa St. Peter may copy naman sila na 26,000 so kulang pa kami sa lola namin ng 4,000. I need help

Patrick Pacete on October 05, 2017:

Hi! Hope you can give me po details. My father died 8 years ago and he was an sss member. We already claimed the burial and currently receiving our monthly pension but I just heard from my mother that one of our siblings has not been included since we started receiving our monthly pension. The problem is, when my mother was processing the death benefits the said sibling was late registered at NSO so they instructed her to pass affidavits then other documents which has been fulfilled by my mother but suddenly they asked her to submit payment of tax in which this said sibling has been included. Because of confusions and other problems at that time during the processing and she doesn't even know where she can get it because my father was only a taxi driver who doesn't have tax returns. Is there still a possible way to solve this problem ma’am? Hope you can help me po. Thank you!

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on September 27, 2017:

@debbie YES you can get the burial, present an official receipt coming from the funeral parlor, put the name who will process the claim on the OR from the servicing funeral parlor. If the amount of the service stated on the OR(official receipt) is less than 20,000 you need to include other receipt like those receipt from supermarket which items include what was use on his wake(coffee, sugar, candies, receipt from catering services if you have one). The thing is the expenses should be at least 20,000 or above. His children is not entitled to a pension since he only have 11 contributions. You may also want to ask the sss personnel once you process the burial.

Debbie on September 22, 2017:

My brother just passed away a week ago, can ge receive burial money eventhough he just have 11 contribution. And hiw about his children below 21 can they receive a pension from sss. Thank you

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on September 04, 2017:

@gary santos

Kung may kapatid ka na menor de edad pa sa pamilya, below 21 yrs old may makukuha ung anak na un.

Danny on January 10, 2017:

I have posted comments to which up to now I have not seen a reply from any of the authors. I have wasted my time relying on your service. Integrity seems to be difficult to achieve let alone, maintain.

salvador on December 14, 2016:

bakit ganun error number binigay ng sss sakin ala nmn ung number 9206446 bat ganun??????????????????

Danny on November 27, 2016:

Hello! Is there a time frame for authors to respond to requests for assistance by clients? Comments are posted as a matter of urgency - out of desperation, and faith on the integrity of the service provided by I realize the authors work on a voluntary basis and, may I reiterate, I am most appreciative.

Danny on November 25, 2016:

Hello, Please advise if my sister's monthly retirement pension is transferable to my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law and my sister were married in 1983, (33yrs.) They have no children. My sister passed away on May 17, 2016, in Sydney, Australia and was buried in Sydney on May 25, 2016. My sister was a retiree pensioner with a date of retirement on July 21, 2002. She was paid her monthly pension up to June 2016. I wish to ascertain my brother-in-law's entitlement before filing the Death Benefit Claim. It is costly to have the required forms and documentations authenticated at the Philippine Consulate. My brother-in-law is on Disability Support Pension. I defrayed the funeral expenses and I understand I have to file that separately. Thank you for your kind and early reply on this matter.

Divine Onza on September 01, 2016:

Good Day!

My father-in-law died last July 29, 2016. My mother-in-law had already received the burial/funeral claims. But what their problem is, they cannot process the pension of my mother-in-law because we later found out thru the NSO that my father-in-law has no registration of birth. My husband called the LCR of Cagayan Valley if they have a record of my father-in law's birth certificate but my husband was told that they don't have anymore files of births on year 1940's. My father-in-law was born year 1945. Will the NSO certificate of no birth registration be accepted at SSS for the pension of my mother-in-law?

Pls. help because Cagayan valley is too far because my father-in-law's family now residing in Taguig City for a very long time. Hope you could enlighten us by answering our queries. Thank you very much!

Eduve Estilloso Bagaman on July 28, 2016:

Mam/Sir: Ask lang po. anong dapat na gagawing ko, kc mali ang pagfill up ng aming secretary sa SSS instead Male, Female ang nasulat niya sa record. Only lately I found that mistake?

Md Fahad Hossain from Bangladesh on June 22, 2016:

Thanks, for this information.

marie joy gonzales on April 20, 2016:

Kung ung pension mo tenatranfer SA bangko pagnamatay KA ba may makukuha rin ba SA bangko yung maiwan mo.

Helen Tejome on February 21, 2016:

my Uncle died 2 months ago, then ang beneficiary ay ang cousin ko, pero ang ng process ng mga papers para sa benefits na dapat makuha ng cousin ko ay ang step mom nya, my cousin give authorization letter to her step mom kasi kailangan daw, then nabalitaan nalang namin na nakuha na aw ang benefits na dapat para sa cousin ko, pero di ibinigay ng step mom nya,.

Ano po kaya ang dapat gawin ng pinsan ko para makuha nya ang perang dapat sa kanya, dahil sa sya naman ang totoong beneficiary ng tatay nya. please give us some advice kung ano po ang dapat nyang gawin. thanks po and more power

marcelina n. marquez on February 20, 2016:

required po ba ang baptismal certificate ng asawa ko na namatay two years ago pa?yun po kasi ang hinahanap sa akin pero wala po akong na lang po kulang para mkuha ko death benefits .please enlighten me. name ng asawa ko is ANDRES MARQUEZ

mrs dy on February 07, 2016:

hi po ask lang what if nawala ung claim stub? possible ba makuha pa din? thank you :)

jude on January 30, 2016:

how long is the process for burial claims? its over six months now since we filed the claim and still we haven't received any exact response to what month and year will we be receiving the benefit... :(

azzy29 on December 03, 2015:

Ask ko lang po .. Finallow up ko po kasi ung burial cheque ng father ko after 1 week gamit yung number na nakalagay sa claim stab ..nandoon na daw po ung cheque pero ang sabi ung huli daw sa pipirma ng cheque ay nka leave kya daw mag hintay pa daw ulit ako ng another 1 week pag nkabalik na daw ung boss na tinatawag nila ..

Invalid reason un right?

Rosie04 on November 22, 2015:

Kahit ba walang hulog pero member ng SSS pwede pa din ba makakuha ng funeral/burial?

jocelyn on November 11, 2015:

8 yrs ago nmatay ang mother ko... ask ko lng kung pwede pang mag aply ng burial claim ng mother ko.? maraming salamt po

bry on October 07, 2015:

Goodday po tatanong ko lang po sana kng minsan tlgang nadedelayed ang dating ng pension??salamat po

Deeanne on September 30, 2015:

Mam/Sir. My mom died on July 17, 2008. alam namin may sss cya and as per cheking with my friend who works at sss now. pwede pa daw namin i claim ang sss death benefit nya. Matutulungan sana ako ng friend ko pero out of the country cya ngaun. Any suggestion po?

Lynn n. on September 24, 2015:

Itatanong ko lang po, namatay po ang tatay ko noong December 22,2013, at nilakad ko po ang burial nya after syang ilibing,, Nung inilakad ko na po ang burial ng tatay ko,sa diko maintindihang lagi nilang sinasabi pinabalik-balik po nila ako, hangang sa inabot na po ako ng 1year and 9 months sa pag aasikaso sa papeles na kinailangan nila, Ngayon ko lang po natangap sa wakas ang burial ng aking ama,, Ang susunod ko pong iki-claim ay ang death benifits ng tatay ko at ang nanay ko ang kailangang tumangap nito,, Ang tanong ko po ay ito ,, Ang sabi po sa akin ng sss ang matatangap daw po ng nanay kong pensyon buwanan ay nasa 2,400.pesos umpisa po itong dec,22 kung kailanang petsa ng kanyang pagpanaw,, mag oapasa napo ako ng mga papeles nextweek, wala po kasi akong alam tungkol sa ganyang sitwasyon, diba po bukod sa matatangap ni nanay magsimula sa dec,22 ngayong taon na ito,2 taon ang lumipas bago ko natangap ang burial nya, isasama din po ba nila ang nakalipas na mga buwan na paglalakad kong nasayang na dapat noon pa ay nagpepensyon na ang nanay ko magmula ng ilibing ang tatay.ibibigay din po ba nila ang 1year and 9 months na lumipas? Gusto ko talagang malaman? Marami pong salamat sa isasagot nyo sa akin.

nancy javier on September 07, 2015:

july 24,2015 po pala namatay tatay ko nawala po id card nya kaya hindi po namin alam ang sss number nya pinakuha kami birthcertificate sa nso pero no record 1936 po pinanganak ang tatay ko kasali po ba sa na wash out sa city hall ang birthcertificate non pinakukuha kami sa munisipyo sa malilipot albay don kasi sya sinilang o kaya baptismal daw hindi ko po alam yon saka patay na po lahat ng kapatid ng tatay ko salamat po

nancy javier on September 07, 2015:

sir namatay po tatay ko july 24 pa hangang ngayon po hnd pa namin nakukuha burial kasi po wla pong record sa nso ng birthcertificate ang tatay ko pinakukuha po kami sa munisipyo ng malilipot albay sa bicol po ng record ng birthcertificate ng tatay q o kya dw po baptismal ang problema ko po wla na po mga kapatid tatay ko don at hnd ko din po kilala mga kamag anak namin don wla na po bang ibang requarements na pwede isubmit ayaw din po nila ng marriage contract nawala po kasi sss id ng tatay ko nd namin alam pero meron na po don result ng benet ng tatay e1 paano po ang gagawin q sinisingil na po kami sa puninarya ng serbesyo sana matulungan nyo kami salamat po

Edward D. on September 03, 2015:

good day sir;

just want to ask pno po kung ung mga kapatid ko ay nasa abroad at hindi sila mkakapag fill out ng form para sa death claim,makukuha pa din po kya nmin ung death claim ng mama namin?salamat po.

yel on August 31, 2015:

kailangan pa ba ng birth cert sa pag file?

georvel naluan on August 31, 2015:

tanong kulang po sir ung papa ko namatay nung july 15 2015,,nilibing cya july 24 2015..lilakad po namin ang sss burial nya pagkatapos ng libing..kaso ung e6 id po ng papa ko dalawa..parihong pangalan pariho din yung number..sabi po ng clerk sa sss ofiz ng davao city babalikan lng namin sa aug,28,2015 para daw maproces nla.kaso nung bumalik kami..dami na namang mga alibi sinabi ng clerk....tama ba un almost one month na..wala pa kaming natanggap dami ng utang....hindi pa nabayaran..ano po bang dapat naming gawin? completo naman lahat ng requarmnts namin.....pls paki advise naman ano dapat gawin....thanks

ghie on August 25, 2015:

hi!ask ko lng po ung tungkol sa death benefits?kc ung lolo q namtay na,bale ang nakuha lng nmin ung sa funeral sabi ng iba meron pa dw na detah benefits,pno po nmin makukuha un?wala nmn kcng cnabi dun sss na kinunan nmin ng check..slamat po

m on August 19, 2015:

Hi po gusto k lng po magtanung, papa ko po member ng sss pero nmatay na po sya, 121 monts po ang naihulog nia, so bukod po b sa pension na mku2ha ng mama ko may iba pa po bang mku2ha 2lad ng lump sum po?

Rhyna Casanova on August 15, 2015:

Hi ask ko lang if paano magapply ng death claim ang pinsan ko na 15 years old para sa death ng mama nya. Ang daddy nya ay nasa US na TNT at nakatira sya sa bahay na kung saan ang nagaalaga sa kanya ngayon ay ang mga sisters ko na maay edad sa kanya. Pwede ba sila tumayong guardian niya?

O pwede kaya nya iapply na lang ang death claim kapag 18 years old na lang .


Paul on August 06, 2015:

Funeral Parlor refuse to issue O.R. as per their record all expenses was settled by the Insurance company...instead they issued Certification (with my name included as husband) that the deasesed was indeed serviced by their parlor ....the Insurance company no longer exist....CAN I APPLY BURIAL CLAIMED USING CERTIFICATION, INSTEAD O.R.

Rholee on August 03, 2015:

Bakit at papaano nakukuha ng ibang tao ang burial at lamsum ng isang sss member or pensioner pag sya ay namatay na.gayong meron pa naman syang anak na puweding mag claim.ganon ba kaluwag ang policy ng sss?.paki explain lang para malinawan

Rosalie Sario on July 31, 2015:

tanong q lang po sa death claim po ba gaano katagal po ba process nun? kc po ung sa bf q po mula nung inapply po nla ung sa daeth claim po ng dad nya last yr pa po until now ndi pa dn po nakukuha . kumpleto nmn po cla ng reqs. almost 1yr n' half na po un..

cindy on June 15, 2015:

tanong ko lng po,,namatay na kasi lola ko last year..paano po mangyayari sa pension nya n natatangap sa yumao nyang asawa which is lolo ko.masasama po ba yun sa lump sum?salamt po

xander on May 28, 2015:

Gud day poh,paano poh pg hindi deneclaire ng mother ng namatay n may anak ang namatay,tapos deneclaire n nila n ilalump sum n nila ang mkukuha s sss,pero s ngaun hindi p nman nila un nakukuha,,,pwede p poh b ihabol ang anak kung sakali?

lhezianeal on May 22, 2015:

permission to ask..ano po ba ang dpat gawin kapag ung beneficiary po ng sss member ay pumanaw na?

julie on May 09, 2015:

hi! can I ask a question? my father died last may 3 2015, the problem is one of the needed requirements to claim the funeral is the marriage contract. the thing is my dad is married but not to my mom, pero nag sama cla for 3 lng nung ex wife way back 1980s and wala na kameng balita dun sa ex wife niya,,, can we still claim the funeral benefits even though we don't have the marriage contract of my dad? and another problem mt dad in our birth certificate is using his name in the baptismal which is different to his name in his birth certificate what will I do? thanks! hope that you answer my question.. this could be a big help..Godbless!!!

jovita encarguez on March 25, 2015:

paanu po namin malalaman if na release na ang burial benefits

Charisma Requerme on March 22, 2015:

One of the requirements to claim for burial is the nso birth certificate of my father who died and so with the nso marriage contract. I found out that my dad born last 1942 does not have an nso birth certificate so with the marriage contract of my parents. What will I do? Would that mean i cannot get any claim?

mhean23 on March 15, 2015:

Ask ku lng makukuha po bang death benefits ung asawa ng members sa sss.ung babae po ung namatay.pero ung lalaki po ung member.

roda palles lasala on March 09, 2015:

Good day po sir mam.ilang bwan n din po iniwan kme ng father ko.nakuha ko n din po ung burial kc aq nman po ang naglakad and then po pagdating s death claim mother ko n po ok n po lht pti requirements sbe verify nlng dw po after a few months pinuntahan ng mother ko wala dw po matatangap n death claim mother ko kc nd dw cia umabot s 120 months.ano po b tlga ang totoo.pinag antay po kme wala nman po pla makuha.un lng po tnx.


Baligod on February 20, 2015:

Gud Day po. Ung byenan q po eh kamanatay lang. Beneficiary cya ng asawa nya na namatay na rin. May makukuha po kaya cya sa burial?

Salamat po

cristina on February 08, 2015:

hi po nakakuha napo kmi ng burial ang next po nmn ay ang death claim ng ninong ko nung ngpunta po kmi sa sss branch sa bacoor, ang aga po nmn pumila tpos ang sbi online na po makakakuha ng number pra sa pag fifile dko nmn po mkta yung site kung san pwde kumuha ng number. big thanks po

jennifer 01 on January 31, 2015:

,ask ko lang po if maclaim ko po yong burial benefits ng tatay ko ksi po 3 kming magkakapatid pero ako po yong original na anak.Sa memorial service contract ako po yong nakapirma pero po ang nagbayad ng casket nya ay yong kapatid ko.Ngayon makukuha ko po ba yung burial Benefits nya kung Funeral Receipt lang po ang wala ako?

daisy garcia on January 24, 2015:

Gudday po aq po ang nag aalaga sa lolo q pensi0n dn po cia tnung q lang po qng my mku2ha po b aq kht hnd nia po aq benificiary?

Jonathan lipana on January 03, 2015:

Hi ask ko lang po kung may makukuha pa yung kapatid ko. Namatay po tatay ko at nagstart sya makakuha ng pension nung 20yrs old kapatid ko. This coming jan13 tapos na pension ng utol ko kasi 21yo na sya. 1yr nya lng napakinabangan pension ng tatay ko.

shinAlba on January 02, 2015:

Hi po. Pa help nmn nmtay papa ko sa province nmin sa surigao del sur. Ako at si mama nsa manila. Wala kming pera pmasahe. Tanong ko is.. my ibang way ba pra maasikaso yung pension ni papa. Pede po ba ipadala yung mga papers nya.. nsa surigao po. Sna my sumagot . Slamat po tlga.

mrs. Ting on January 01, 2015:

Hi, ask ko lang po kung 1) possible pa na maka claim ako ng benefit for maternity kahit hindi ako nakapag file ng notification and nagka miscarriage ako bigla? I just found out na pregnant na pala ako for 2mos. but then nagka-miscarriage ako ng hindi inaasahan this dec9. Pwede pa po kaya? 2) before the miscarriage, i was also confined for 3days for threatened abortion, how do i file a claim for that? Sicknes po b?

runelynr.declines on December 06, 2014:

Sir tanong kuh lng poh un kinakasama kuh nmatay last feb.92014 my legal wife and anak poh siya...mkakuha p poh b un anak kuh sa pension khit d poh cla nlgay sa additional benificiary at pngalwamg family kmi..

Chumzie28 on December 01, 2014:

Sir namatay papa ko noong 4 years old ako..tumanggap na po mama ko ng monthly pension...tapos siya din po yong tumatanggap ng pension naming magkakapatid..pero noong mag 18 po ako nagpunta po kami sa sss para po ma change yong guardianship namin kasi simula naman po namatay yong papa ko hindi po talaga kami sa mama ko nakatira at hindi po siya nagbibigay sa amin...pero po mahaba yong proseso at ang naging resulta na stop po ang pension both ng mama ko at sa amin...ngayon po 25 na ako...tanong ko lang..pwede ko pa po ba makuha yong pension ko simula ng maputol hanggang sa nag 21 ako?

Chumzie28 on December 01, 2014:

Sir ask ko lang po..natanggap na po kasi ng punerarya ang burial claim ng lolo ko..ano na po ba dapat ang sunod na gawin ng lola ko para po magka pension na siya?

noel on November 14, 2014:

tanong ko lang po kung maaari pang magfile ng funeral claim para sa mother ko n namatay pa nuong 2009? salamat po

liza on November 04, 2014:

Tanong ko lng po kung ano n po ang status ng burial benefit ng tatay ko 7months n po kcing namatay tatay wala pa po .pangalan po ng tatay ko ay Igmedio U Garcia sss#03-2309812-6

zynneeth on November 04, 2014:

Gud day po... ask q lng po if my expiration bh yung death claim o lump.sum? Nkuha na po nmen ung funeral claim.. but d death and lump.sum na stop yung process kasi i need to go back sa work in abroad,,, my father died last march 2012

yul herr on October 20, 2014:

October 21, 2014


Hello po!

Sana po masagot nyo po ang aking mga katanungan:

Isa po akong worker sa pribadong sector at patuloy pa rin sa pagtratrabaho sa kasalukuyan at ako ay 51 years old na ngaun at alam kung umabot na ang aking contributions para qualified to receive a pension huli kong silip is 256 contributions.

Ako po ay walang asawa wala ng mga magulang at may 5 kapatid. Isa sa aking kapatid at ang kanyang isang anak ang ginawa kong beneficiaries

Sometime around late April of this year nagka heart attack ako, nakakuha naman ako ng sickness benefit, sa ngayon habang tinatype ko itong sulat na to, medyo hindi na naman maganda ang health ko at natatakot na baka umulit huwag naman sana, sa katunayan nagpaaalam ako ngayon habang tinitipa ko ito sa aking pinagtrabahoan na pumunta sa aking cardiologist dahit sa kirot ng aking puso.

Mga katanungan:

1. Dahil sa aking takot na baka may masamang mangyayari sa akin dahil sa kondisyon ko, ako po ay malayo sa aking mga kamag-anak , maari po kaya akong mag file ng disability retirement at ano po ba ang aking makukuha kung sakali, sa opinyon nyo po ba isang paborabling hakbang ito para sa akin?, may maeenjoy kaya akong benefits. Kung sa pagtratrabaho kayangkaya ko pa at I enjoy my work, stresswise manageable naman siya para sa akin. Ang kinatakutan ko lng kung makaramdam ako ng hindi maganda, gusto ko talaga umabot pa sa retirement age, kaso nga traydor daw kasi ang sakit sa puso at seguro kelangan ko na talaga magpahinga muna dahil nagtrabaho ako simula nung pagkagraduate ko ng college hanggang ngayon.

2. Anong kaibahan ng disability retirement at permanent retirement, magkano ang aking makukuha at may lump sum bang makukuha pag disability retirement?

3. Kung sakali huwag naman sana muna ngayon gusto ko sanang ilista ang pagprocess step by step at ibigay sa aking kapatid para walang sagabal at kalitohan ang mangyayari sa isang taong namatay, anong unang gagawin anong susunod kelan dapat gawin those kind of things.

4. May hangganan ba ang disability retirement benefits? or permanent benefits?

5. Pag namatay ang member during disability retirement may makukuha pa rin po bang death at burial benefits? may makukuha pa rin ba ang beneficiaries at hanggang kailan?

Maraming salamat po.

God bless us all

mavhic17 on October 19, 2014:

hi! ask ko lng po if ung tito ko po nsa usa cxa for about 34 yrs, but till now po dpa cxa citizen dun and now his death my makukuha pa po ba cxa sa sss na death claims? and if meron po ano po ung requirements if ung legal wife po ung mag claim? and what if din po nawawala n ung id nya sa sss? thanks!

anna of trece martires on October 14, 2014:

tanong lang po..makakaclaim po ba kmi ng funeral at death claims kung WALANG DIGITIZED SSS ID ang kapatid kong namatay...SSS form E-1 lang po ang meron sya.

maricel caballero on October 12, 2014:

may tanong lng po ako kc on processing plang po ung pension ng mga anak ko ng time n paalis plng p ako for abroad.d ko pa po na e check kung ok n cya now.ask ko lng po continues po b n maibbgay un pension ng anak ko kahit d ko cya na pupuntahan sa sss branch for personal appearance ko every time n mag death anniv. or birthday nya?thank u po

Maricris De Guzman on October 08, 2014:

Tanong ko lng po , possible po bang may makuha pa ko sa SSS ng daddy kong 21 years ng patay this coming Nov.8 2014 ? Kasal sila ng mother ko pero may live in partner na sya ngayon . Is she still a legal beneficiary ? Di ko din po alam kung ano SS# , Death certificate lng po hawak ko , ngayon ko lng din po nalaman na may SSS sya kya ngayon plng ipaprocess . Thank you.

ryan on September 14, 2014:

Ask qlang po After ma claim ang burial benefits,Pano nman makukuha at proseso ng lump sum?gaano katagal at mga kailangan documents? Tnx

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on September 13, 2014:


1-2 weeks makuha na ung check.. mas maganda kung kinuha mo ung telephone number ng branch kung saan ka nagfile

@yamz villarubia

since wala sya kahit 1 contribution. WALA PO SYANG MAKUKUHA

@edilberto llaneta

kung member ng sss mother OO. pero kung pensioner lang sya at yung tatay mo ang member.. hindi..

@laura alcazar

after makuha ung funeral claim the sss officer will tell you kung ano pa orther benefits na entitled kayo.. unahin muna ung funeral claim-(death certificate, official receipt, at Id ng SSS member need dalhin pagpunta ng sss office)

@dennis contreras





ung burial PWEDE MONG LAKARIN, BASTA SA IYO MO IPAPANGALAN YUNG RESIBO GALING SA FUNERAL PARLOR. death cert at ung plastic id ng tatay mo lang need dalhin.. of course valid id mo..

since nag pension na tatay mo, transferable ung pension sa mother mo. HINDI KA PDENG MAGLAKAD NG DEATH CLAIMS(PENSION) ang NANAY MO LANG


kung sa states sya namatay. may additional requirements na hihingin sau ang sss.. mas mainam na sadyain mo ung pinakamalapit na sss office sa inyo. death cert at iD ng sss member at iD mo muna dalhin mo

@chris and nelly

itetext ka naman pag ready for pick up na ung check mo.. and mas mainam na kunin mo ujng telephone number ng sss office kungg san ka nag file ng claim mo..

edilberto llaneta on September 12, 2014:

Tanong lang po namatay po father ko nung year 2000 so ang nanay ko po ang tumanggap ng death benefits. Kaso namatay po ang nanay ko recently lang entitled po ba kami sa burial or funeral claim.

Yamz villarubia on September 11, 2014:

Good day po tanong ko lng sana, sa kaibigan ko yung kuya.nya namatay.. kakapa member lng po nya hindi pa sya.nkapag contribute kc voluntary contribution sya may makukuha po ba sya single palang po sya...maraming salamat po

Laura alcazar on September 11, 2014:

My father past away last aug.25,2014 my mother also dead and 4 kami mag kakapatid just ask lng po bukod sa funeral kng may meron pa kmi pwde maclaim sa death nya 171 lumps po sya sa sss nya ano po ba ang need nmn sana matulungan po kmi salamat Wla na po minor saaming mag kakapatid

Laura alcazar on September 11, 2014:

My father past away last aug.25,2014 my mother also dead and 4 kami mag kakapatid just ask lng po bukod sa funeral kng may meron pa kmi pwde maclaim sa death nya 171 lumps po sya sa sss nya ano po ba ang need nmn sana matulungan po kmi salamat

mae on September 04, 2014:

Hi gud day..ask q lng po sna if possible po for death claim ang lola q even if nsa states lolo passed away po last aug. 10 2014....and naeexpired po b un if d agad ma claim? Thank you..

Nelly on September 01, 2014:


Gaano po katagal bago marelease yung death pension? i completed all the requirements last july 1, 2014. Thank you!

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on September 01, 2014:


yes, GANUN po talaga ang proseso..

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on September 01, 2014:

@jun picol

Sir kung kayo ay nabigyan na ng claim stub at KUMPLETO na ung requirements na hnihingi ng sss. dapat sa loob lamang ng 2-3 linggo nasa inyo na ung pera. Maari kayong mag follow up araw araw sa kanila. by phone or in person.


jun picol on August 31, 2014:

Ako po si andres picol. tanong ko lang po, tungkol sa burial claim benefits po para sa aking nanay (Diosdada Picol) na dapat niyang makuha sa pagpanaw ng aking tatay noong december 14, 2012 sa Patin-ay-Agusan Del Sur Hospital. nilakad o pnirocess,finile na po na aking ina ang papeles sa Butuan City pero magdadalawang taon na ang nakalipas o hanggang ngaun wala paring resultang nagaganap para maclaim ang burial benefits. eto po yung tanong ko. Paano po ang maari naming gawin para maging mapabilis at makuha ang pribiliheyo para sa aking ina?. Thank you at maraming salamat

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on August 30, 2014:


Sorry for your lost, if your 8 year old son is using you late husband's surname and he was properly and legally acknowledge by him HE SURE WILL BE CONSIDERED AS A BENEFICIARY even if your son is not declared as one.

PROVIDED, the father signed the birth certificate of the child duly registered at NSO. And you as the mother given the fact that he is a minor will be in charge of the claim for your kid. You may file a claim. Present the birth certificate of the child and IF YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY SEPARATED/ANNULED the marriage contract will be needed.

IF for instance, may kinakasama na at may anak pa sa kinakasama ung husband mo, entitled sila(anak sa kinakasama at ung anak sa iyo) sa claim(lump sum/pension) . The key there is if the dead member acknowledge the relationship to the claimant or the beneficiary in papers, meaning with proper documentation.

Mae Villanueva on August 30, 2014:

Hi, my husband just died. We were married and have a 1 eight years old son but we got separated for over 8 years now. My question is, if my husband did not wrote in my son's name as a beneficiary, would my son still be qualified as one?

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on August 28, 2014:

@rose dones

unfortunately since you said you stop your contribution, you cannot file a death loan. dapat kasi active member ka ng sss or paying ka.. or you have at least 6 months contributions prior(bago) sa araw na nagfile ka.. halimbawa mag file ka this august 2014 dapat from august 2013-july2014 may 6 months ka na hulog..

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on August 28, 2014:

@mr august

yung bc, kahit ung no record sa NSO pde present yun. BASTA UNG BC NYA EH KASAMA SA NAWASH OUT nung binomba ang records sa city hall. May certain years na alam ng sss kung kelan nawala records lahat ng bc.. sa tito ko ganun, 1946 at yung isa mas una pa jan sa year na yan. WALANG RECORD SA NSO.. tinanggap ung nso copy na no record..

Regarding sa OR, need po nila un talaga. pero kung susubukan nyong ipasa contract baka mapakiusapan nyo sss officer na kausap.


yung pension naipapasa lang sa ANAK NA MENOR DE EDAD O SA LEGAL WIFE.. kung legally separated na sila, at wala ng menor de edad na anak. WALA NG MAKUKUHA AFTER NG BURIAL.FUNERAL CLAIM(P20,000)

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on August 24, 2014:

@mr. August

Sir, ung resibo po ang hanap nila. Ang kontrata kasi tinatanggap lang nila pag HINDI PA BAYAD ung service. pero kung bayad na resibo talaga hinihingi.. Pde naman kayo humingi ng kopya ng or sa funeral servicing parlor-TELL THEM GAGAMITIN SA SSS CLAIM, bibigyan nila kayo ng kopya for sure.

But you may also try presenting the contract alone. bring NSO copy ng BC ng tatay mo at ORIGINAL NA DEATH CERTIFICATE NG tatay mo

@ms gdgp

yung funeral claim(P20,000) isa lang po authorized maglakad-KUNG SINO NAGABAYAD NG SERBISYO ng punerarya. MUCH BETTER ung may oras maglakad ng papeles ipangalan ung OFFICIAL RECEIPT from the funeral parlor.

yung death claim naman, 4 na forms-tig issa kayong magkakapatid . kung buhay pa ung nanay nyo at legally married sila ng tatay mo pang lima sya. 5 claimants, SA ISANG TAO LANG IPAPANGALAN cheke..

ms. gdgp on August 24, 2014:

Tanong ko lang po, 4 kami magkakapatid, kapag nagclaim ba kami ng death benefit ng aming tatay na namatay, sa isang name lang po ba ipapangalan ang check o sa aming apat na magkakapatid?

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on August 21, 2014:


quote ko lang ha "Please be inform that funeral claim is different from death claim. Funeral claim is given to the person who shouldered the funeral expenses regardless of his/her relationship to the SSS member. As of this moment, funeral claim is amounting to Php20,000"

FUNERAL claim unang nilalakad, un yung 20,000 pesos fixed amount yun. TIP: kung yung service ng funeral parlor is less than 20,000 (halimbawa ang nakuha nyong serbisyo eh around 18k or below-basta hindi umabot ng 20,000-may 2 options kayo para paabutin ng 20k ung gastos 1st)ask nyo ung funeral parlor na ilagay sa OFFICIAL RECEIPT na iisyu sa inyo na 20,000(twenty thousand pesos) ung binayaran nyo. maiintindihan naman nila un, sabihin nyo lang na may sss kayo na i claim, 2nd)kung di pumayag si funeral parlor, LAHAT NG RESIBO NA GINASTOS SA LAMAY, pagpapalibing, pagbukas ng nitso, pagpapasemento, lapida, i file nyo sama nyo sa isusubmit sa sss office. NEED KASI SA SSS NA YUNG GASTOS EH 20,000 PATAAS.. if I WILL REPEAT IF THE FUNERAL SERVICE' CHARGE AMOUNT IS EQUIVALENT/MORE THAN P20,000 kahit wala ng resibo ng gastos sa lamay OKAY NA YUN.. OR NA LANG FROM THE SERVICING PARLOR..

ung death claims po, na claim after ma release ung check na P20,000. pwedeng LUMP SUM or PENSION depende sa number of contributions ng member. at sa choice ng claimant.

dcri on August 21, 2014:

Ask ko lang po sir/maam if ano ang difference ng funeral and death claim? Can we claim both at the same time?

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on August 20, 2014:

@juvy joey

kung ung FUNERA CLAIM po ung tinutukoy nyo, wala namang expiration ung claim nun. sabihin nyo lang na ngayon nyo lang nalaman na may sss sya. after funeral claim(P20,000). KUNG ANG HULOG NG TATAY MO EH more than a year 12 months or more, may makukuha pa syang lump sum. ANG PDE LANG MAG CLAIM NGAYON, EH KAYONG MAGKAKAPATID-since NAG ASAWA na ung mother mo s you claim.




you can go to the nearest sss office to check kung ano sss number ng mother mo. present lang ng one valid id ng moter mo at one valid id ng magveverify

Arneth on August 18, 2014:

Hi ask ko lang po pwede po ba kaming magclaim ng burial hindi na namin alam ung sss number ng mother ko ....salamat po.

nhess on August 12, 2014:

ilang week po bgo mtatanggap ung deat claim ng nanay ko?

Juvy Joey on August 06, 2014:

Permission to ask. Can i still claim the death benefits of my father even 4yrs na syang patay?

24yrs.old na po ako at panganay sa aming tatlo 23 at 21 yrs.old po yung brother at sister ko.. separated at nag pakasal na po yung mother ko sa iba..

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on August 06, 2014:


hindi na sya pwedeng magmember since 59yrs old na sya.

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on August 04, 2014:


Follow up ka lang ng follow up.. ung 5 days di kasama sabado, linggo at holiday sa bilang.

Ganyan talaga minsan pag maglalabas sila ng pera mas matagal at mas mahirap..


pde naman ung punerarya pede ring kayo. malamang kapag sila pinalakad nyo i charge pa kau sa gastos sa paglakad ng sss.. maigi habang nakaburol pa lakarin na.. original DEATH CERT, OFFICIAL RECEIPT(KUNG WALA PA O D PA BAYAD, UNG CONTRACT SERVICE NG FUNERAL-ask them they know that. sabihin nyo nedd sa paglakad ng sss)

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on July 19, 2014:


Lahat ng members ng SSS na may hulog is entitled sa burial claim. complete their requirements and the process will push thru. AS LONG AS WALA PANG IBANG NAG CLAIM NG BURIAL CLAIM NYA. YOU CAN STILL FILE IT!

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on July 19, 2014:


ma'am, mas mapapadali po sana ung proseso kung may legal papers kayong ipapakita na legal guardian po kau ng mga pamangkin nyo prior to the claim.

Virtual Pal (author) from Philippines on July 19, 2014:


yes you can still file a burial claim. as long as makumpleto mo ung requirements. kung sino nakapangalan sa resibo ng servicing funeral parlor. yun ang dapat maglakad ng claim. Kung hindi naman sya available para lakarin yung claim. Kailangan ng authorization letter plus VALID id ng name na nakalagay sa OFFICIAL receipt ng punerarya na nagsasabing pinahihintulutan nyang maglakad ang sinuman na itatalaga nya na lumakad ng burial claim. AGAIN, MAS MAHABA ANG WAITING TIME, BUT STILL YOU CAN FILE A CLAIM( which is more important kesa wala).

rhose on July 18, 2014:

gud pm, pwede ko p b iclaim yng burial ng father ko kahit 8monhs ago na, at isang problem kc ay hindi ko makita ang SSS number nya, nagtrabaho kc sya before sa LA TONDENA DISTLR.

ito lng kc ang maari asahan ng mother ko . sna kng maari nyo po itext sagot skin sa 09199742001.salamat

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