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Tutorial on How to Transfer Paypal to BPI

Updated on April 22, 2016

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Pictures borrowed from the websites of both Paypal ( and BPI (
Pictures borrowed from the websites of both Paypal ( and BPI (

Paypal to BPI money trasfer process

This hub contains important information regarding Paypal and BPI – a local bank here in the Philippines.

Before we begin, here is what to expect from this Paypal BPI Tutorial and Guide

  • Withdrawing Paypal funds to BPI (a local bank here in Philippines)
  • Tips, things to remember, and requirements when withdrawing Paypal funds
  • How to verify and fund your Paypal account using BPI (including tips and things to know when doing so)

It is also important to note that the steps mentioned here is exclusive only for BPI. HOWEVER – the steps may also be applicable to other local Philippine banks such as Metrobank, BDO, Unionbank, etc... Of course there might be some minor difference like bank routing code (9 digit bank code), number of processing days, processing fees, etc...

Lastly, since we are on the topic of withdrawing money, this post will also briefly discuss some methods on how I put funds or deposit / transfer money to my Paypal account.

Paypal to BPI Requirements (withdrawing Paypal to BPI requirements)

A lot of Filipino Paypal users may not realize this but they can transfer their Paypal funds to physical cash by transferring it to their local bank.

The only thing stopping them is concern or worry that the transfer may not be successful or an error may occur which may lead to the possibility of the money being lost in cyberspace.

So before withdrawing Paypal funds to a BPI savings account, be sure that the following requirements are met:

  • Correct bank routing code – also called 9-digit bank code (please be advised that this is not the card number nor the account number)
  • Registered name with Paypal must match with the one on the bank account
  • Account with the bank must be active or working
  • Paypal account must be verified
  • The savings or ATM account to which money will be transferred to MUST first be ADDED to your Paypal account (see steps below)

Once the above requirements are accomplished, the user may now proceed with the funds transfer / withdrawal.

Steps on how to add or link BPI savings account to your Paypal account:

  • Log in to your verified Paypal account
  • Click the Profile menu which is part of the “My Account” section
  • A drop-down box will appear – choose “Add / Edit Bank Account”
  • Supply in the necessary information of BPI savings (ATM) account

FYI please that you will withdraw your Paypal funds to a savings or ATM account – and NOT your credit card account

Steps on how to withdraw Paypal funds to BPI –

Withdrawing funds from Paypal to BPI (or any other local banks for that matter) is relatively easy because this option is easily viewable / accessible once a user logs in to his or her Paypal account.

The “Withdraw Button” is along the “Add Funds” and “History” button.

After clicking the said button, the user will now be directed to a page wherein the person must choose whether to withdraw the money to the bank account or to a registered Paypal card. For our tutorial, we will choose the former.

After selecting the “withdraw to bank option” you will be directed to the following page (refer to picture below)

Even though it is possible to fund your Paypal account with your credit card, bulk of my Paypal funds ($290) are coming from other online sources like HubPages, oDesk, and YoHoHoN

As can be seen on the photo above, I am withdrawing $290 to my BPI ATM account.

Be sure to double check the important fields like amount to be withdrawn, appropriate bank, and if the last four digits corresponds to the last four digit of the bank account.

After double checking the mentioned fields, proceed by clicking on the “Submit” button.

Review your withdrawal section –

Before finalizing the transaction, Paypal will ask you to verify again if all information are correct. Below is a screen shot sample of the particular page.

This portion is the last chance that you can edit the transaction. Be sure that all info are correct before proceeding.

Your withdrawal request is being processed –

This screenshot is the last portion of the transaction. This part will ask you if you want to visit the details of the withdrawal request or if you would like to go back to your account overview page.

Transaction details –

If you choose the first option, here is a screen shot sample of the transaction details.

How to know if Paypal to BPI is successful?

To know if Paypal to BPI fund transfer is successful, simply check your bank balance or ask for a copy of the statement balance.

As can be seen in the photo below, there is a 150 pesos banking fee for the transaction.

If you will notice on the first picture, the original amount supposed to be given by Paypal has been deducted by 150 pesos and it took three days to process - which is actually quite fast and hassle free.

By the way, the transaction will fall under the remittance category.

Tips and advice on how to have a successful Paypal to BPI transfer:

  • Do the transfer on a Monday. As much as possible avoid the transaction process pass over the weekends or holiday
  • Experiment first with a small amount and see if it will be successful
  • Take details / pictures (screenshot) of the transaction. For readers who are not familiar on how to take a screenshot or creating a copy of the current display of the monitor, here is a good tutorial on how to do such thing: How to use Print Screen in Windows Tutorial

How to fund and put money to Paypal

There are many ways on how to put money to Paypal. Listed below are my favorite ones:

  • BPI Credit Card

Paypal and BPI credit cards

As mentioned numerous times on this post, BPI savings and ATM accounts are mainly used to withdraw money from Paypal.

However, BPI credit cards are used to:

  • Verify a Paypal account
  • Used for online purchase when it has been linked already
  • Fund a paypal account

Adding, linking, and verifying Paypal with a BPI credit card

When you used your BPI credit card to verify your Paypal account, it will automatically be linked / added to your Paypal account.

Below are the steps on how to do so:

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click “Profile” (described on the earlier section of this article)
  • Select “Add / Edit Credit Card”
  • Choose the appropriate card type (Mastercard or Visa depending on your credit card)
  • Enter necessary details
  • Follow on-screen instructions

When the above steps are completed, Paypal will:

  • Charge 150 pesos which will reflect on the billing statement (this amount will be refunded by Paypal)
  • This is actually a code that must be inputted to finalize linking the credit card and completing the process.
  • The code can be distinguished with the prefix “PP” (this step is also mentioned on Paypal’s instruction page)

Final tips and things to remember

We will end this tutorial article with some last tips and things to remember when using BPI credit card to link / verify your Paypal account:

  • BPI e-creditcard can be used (BPI e-Creditcard is BPI’s way of dedicating a credit card solely for online purchases. Anyone one can get this as long they have a primary credit card)
  • BPI prepaid credit cards can also be used. But in doing so, make sure that there is a 150 balance on the BPI prepaid credit card
  • To view the statement balance of the prepaid credit card and retrieve the code, the owner must enroll the account on BPI’s online portal or call the customer service number
  • It is actually more advisable to use a prepaid credit card to ensure that you stay within your budget
  • In regard to the bullet directly above, I put a cap or limit on my e-creditcard to prevent possible insurmountable charges


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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 3 years ago

      Very detailed hub that's also very useful for those wondering how to transfer their PayPal payments to a bank account. There may be many out there that are confused about this and, like you said, worried that they might lose their money. So it really helps that you provided step-by-step instructions complete with pictures so the readers can really visualize things for themselves and easily follow along.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 3 years ago

      Hi Ceres Schwarz,

      Thank you for dropping by and for commenting :)

      Here's hoping that readers will find this hub informational as well.

      Kind Regards.

    • Melvin 3 years ago

      Just a few question:

      What kind is BPI Express Teller International? Where can i find the card number and card security code? Thanks!

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 3 years ago

      Hi Melvin,

      Thanks for dropping by. BPI Express Teller International? Haven't heard of that one but my best guess is that it can be used with international banks affiliated with BPI. Below are some details to your inquiry:

      Card number: 16 digits in front of the card (AFAIK) as the 10 digits at the back of the card is the account number.

      Card security code: I think this is the PIN code. Security digits that should not be divulged are only found on credit cards.

      Hope this helps :)

    • Jenalyn Fuentes 3 years ago

      Hi , why I was not able to withdraw to my bank account ? This is always the result " The amount you are trying to withdraw is greater than your withdrawal limit. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit." Am I need to have a credit card ?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 3 years ago

      Hi Jenalyn Fuentes,

      Thanks for visiting but I think you didn't read the whole post :p

      Anyway, here's a gist of what you need:

      - Credit card to verify your paypal account. You need to verify your paypal account so that you can use it properly

      - BPI savings account or ATM. This is where your paypal money will go whenever you decide to withdraw your paypal funds to BPI.

      Hope this helps. I tried to made the post as easy to follow as possible which is the reason why I went to all the trouble of cropping screenshots :) Anyway, please feel free to comment back if you are still having trouble :)

    • Sid Bernardo 3 years ago

      Regarding the BPI account number, is it the one at the back of the BPI ATM?

    • dARA 3 years ago

      thanks a lot. I have a question. My friend told me that eon will cost 250 while bpi is only 150. I have currently added my BPI as bank account, the email says it's successful. But I wonder why there is no deduction on my balance as I check my bpi.I guess there is no corresponding fee. Am I doing it rightly? anyways--my primary bank account is eon

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 3 years ago

      Hi Sid Bernardo

      Yup, that is the account number of the ATM.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 3 years ago

      Yup, there is a 150 fee when using BPI. Usually, when you withdraw funds from Paypal to BPI, the former will indicate the amount in our local currency deducted by 150 :)

    • cheryl 3 years ago

      pls help i want to withdraw my paypal money thru my bpi account, but im still unverified. the problem is i don't have a credit card.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 3 years ago

      Hi Cheryl,

      FYI please that you can only withdraw Paypal funds to a local bank if your Paypal account is verified.

      To verify your Paypal account, you need to have a credit card.

      To have a credit card, apply for one at your nearest bank. The requirements depends on the bank

      Hope this helps :)

    • aish 3 years ago

      whew . i know how paypal work in u.s and canada but i don't know how long is the process of adding a bank here in the philippines. will i also receive random deposit to confirm if i really own the bank?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 3 years ago

      Hi Aish,

      Thank you for dropping by.

      As for the question, adding a bank here in the Philippines is relatively quick. Simply go to the add bank settings page of the Paypal account and follow the on-screen instructions.

      The bank account details must also match the name of your paypal account otherwise, the transfer may not push through.

    • curious 2 years ago

      can i use my bpi savings acct to fund my paypal acct? thanks!

    • kendz 2 years ago

      hi, I verified my paypal using Union Bank eon account and have been withdrawing since then. Then I became inactive in paypal and I also don't use the bank account anymore. Now, I wanted to withdraw money to a different account (BPI). I have already added it as primary account. Is it possible to withdraw the money to that account? I hope u could help thanks!

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi Curious,

      So sorry for the late reply. I haven't used this method yet since most of my Paypal funds have came from online sources / jobs.

      I am not sure, but I think it is possible if you have added and confirmed your BPI savings account to your Paypal account. Instead of withdrawing money, you can use the "Add money" option.

      Hope this helps :)

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi Kendz,

      So sorry for the late reply.

      My primary bank account in my Paypal is BPI and I withdraw money to it.

      If you have successfully linked / confirmed your BPI account to your Paypal account, I think you can withdraw money to it provided you will input the correct bank information (routing number of BPI and that the master card appearing is that of BPI and not of Unionbank Eon).

      Btw, you mentioned that Paypal is inactive? Do you mean suspended? Anyway, just to be safe, I would suggest clearing all issues with Paypal before trying to withdraw :)

      Hope this helps :)

    • cheryl amor 2 years ago

      Hi, im having a problem and im on an emergency situation. I withdrawed my money from paypal last friday (dec.5, 2014) can anyone tell me when it will be appeared on my bpi savings account???please help urgent.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi Cheryl,

      Paypal fund transfer to a BPI local bank account usually takes 3 business days. If you withdrew last Friday, it should arrive either tom or Friday :)

      Hope this helps :)

    • maia 2 years ago

      Hi, i am withdrawing the money from my paypal into my bpi atm on thursday and it tells that the money will show to my account with in 2-4 days.but when i checked on thusrsday so that would be considered 7 days it doesn' appeared on my account. what should i do? please do help

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi Maia,

      From your comment, I gather that you it has been one week and the money hasn't arrived in your BPI ATM savings account?

      Is this the first time that this has happened? Are there any issues in either paypal or bpi accounts?

    • mark 2 years ago

      Hi, I tried adding a bpi checking and then a savings account but I got an error from paypal. "You cannot add a bank at this time".

      Any idea what went wrong?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi! Mark,

      If it's only a one time occurrence, suggest trying waiting a few hours before re-trying. Clearing some cache and cookies might also help before doing so.

      Hope this helps :)

    • rejie 2 years ago

      hello. i have transfer from paypal to bpi. in the paypal account, it said that transfer has been completed. but the money doesn't show up to bpi atm card. What should i do?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi! Rejie,

      I encountered that too on rare occasions. Give it at least 3 to 5 days :)

      Hope this helps :)

    • norniel 2 years ago

      can use paypal for payment even without bank account on it? i don't have bank account yet but i have paypal account.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi! Norniel,

      Afaik, it is not possible to purchase / buy anything unless the paypal account is verified - at which case you need a credit card to do so (which follows that you need a bank account to have a credit card - unless it's a bpi prepaid credit card)

    • norniel 2 years ago

      Thanks for your great feedback.

      I have BPI Express Teller International also known as "Blue Card" the problem is, which it has 10 digit card number at the back on it, paypal requires only 9 digit. Is this possible to use this card in paypal?

    • atela 2 years ago

      Hello, I'm newbie in online job. I would like to connect my bpi ATM to PayPal, what is this account number? Is it at the back of my card or at the front starting 5?Please help.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi! Atela,

      As i recall, an atm's account number can be found at the back of the card :)

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi! Norniel,

      I think the one you are referring to is an ATM card. You may withdraw your Paypal funds on this card / account.

      However, to fund your Paypal account or for online purchases, you wouldn't be able to use an ATM card.

      I have also edited the article to explain / expand on the difference and usage of these two BPI cards

      Hope this helps :)

    • 2 years ago


      I signed up for paypal as I work as a freelancer too like you. Do I need to have credit card to withdraw? Upon signing up the only choice is a business account, would this do if I want to receive money trough online outsourcing sites? I also asked the paypal support that there's is a limit of 10,000 dollars that can be withdraw without having an credit card.

      Looking forward for your response Thanks!

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 2 years ago

      Hi! Kantatero1,

      You need a savings account to withdraw your money from PayPal.

      My account is personal type and I haven't encountered any problems yet. i am also unsure on what it's the difference between the two

      Anyway, you still need a credit card to verify a newly created PayPal account.

      Hope this helps :)

    • Alvin 2 years ago


      My registered paypal name spells out my middle name while my BPI bank account only includes my middle initial. Would I be encountering issues when I transfer my paypal funds to my BPI account?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 24 months ago

      Hi! Alvin,

      Interesting question. PayPal policy states that the name on both accounts should match with each other. Am not entirely sure if they are that critical when it comes to middle name.

    • Hi po! 24 months ago

      First of all, I want to thank you for this article and answering questions 2 years after it was written! Thank You. =)

      Now my question: I'm in the process of verifying my paypal. My atm card is an BPI Express Teller (the blue card). Do you know what is its card type? American Express, discover, visa or MasterCard? the logos at the back are 'cirrus', a red stylized 'p', and another of the same 'p' logo but blue and smaller and 'express net' is written underneath it. That's 3 logos excluding the BPI logo, none of which is in the card type list in Paypal.

      Also, I don't see any 3-digit security code said to be at the back of the card. This code is required for verification but I can't see it in back and front of the atm card.

      Lastly, numbers at the from is the card number, yes? and the 10 digits at the back is the account number?

      Again, I thank and applaud you for your time and effort spent on this page for the last 2 years.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 24 months ago

      Hello Hi Po,

      Thank you for the kind words :)

      As for the inquiries, I think the card you are referring to is an ATM card which is why you don't see a 3-digit security code.

      ATM cards are usually savings accounts where you will withdraw PayPal funds into. You cannot use this card to verify your PayPal account.

      To verify your PayPal account using BPI, you need to apply for any of its credit cards (I would suggest using BPI prepaid credit card)

      However, if you need to verify your PayPal quickly, you may want to use RCBC. I made a complete step-by-step guide (with pictures) on the link above. It is near the top with the title "How to verify and withdraw PayPal to RCBC"

      Hope this helps :)

    • FrancisD. 23 months ago

      Hi, thank you for this well-written article. I just have one question. Is it possible to use another credit card to verify the Paypal account? This may sound unusual but I don't want to have one, if it can be avoided, and I have always relied on using my friend's card for my online purchases.

      Thanks in advance!

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 23 months ago

      Hi! FrancisD,

      Interesting question. I am not entirely sure, but for security and privacy concerns, I would suggest against it.

      Also, BPI have prepaid credit cards. RCBC also has the same which can be processed in less than a week. I have written a complete step-by-step guide regarding this.

      Hope this helps :)

    • TSLU 23 months ago

      Other tutorials were crappy since the instructions were vague and even contained horrible grammaw. This tutorial tho was amazing af because of such detail and helpful tips. Thank you so much good sir or ma'am! *brofist :D

    • FrancisD 23 months ago

      Got myself a BPI ePrepaid card, and it worked! Thanks for replying. :)

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 23 months ago

      Hi TSLU,

      Thank you for the kind words and compliment :)

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 23 months ago

      Hi FrancisD,

      That is nice to hear and congratulations :)

    • lordy 23 months ago

      Hello. I would just like to ask if you've experienced withdrawing from PayPal on a Friday evening? When does it usually appear on the BPI ATM acc? I'm withdrawing next week on Friday and I hope to receive it at my atm card by Sunday evening. Will it be possible?

    • PEG 22 months ago

      Thanks for the tips. Question though, I've withdrawn my money from my Paypal to my BPI and the status tells me that its "completed", but when i check my BPI acct ONLINE, the money has not entered yet. I made my transaction on thursday(feb.26) and today is monday(mar.2)

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 22 months ago

      Hi Lordy and Peg,

      My apologies for the lateness of my reply.

      @Lordy - I haven't withdrawn on days crossing weekends and holidays and would advise against. Am thinking those days are not considered / counted as business days.

      @PEG - It is currently 03/08 and am thinking you already received your money. However, if not yet, suggest contacting Paypal support.

    • Bong 22 months ago

      Hi, when you said atm/savings account what account number should I put in? Is that the actual 16 digit long number in front of the card or the savings account number which is shorter? If I remember it correctly, it says "1-16 digits" so this got me really confuse. Please clarify. TiA

    • Aya 22 months ago

      hi! I have a question, why did you choose BPI over EON? I'm having a dilemma as I have both accounts.

      I heard that EON doesn't charge when BPI does (the 150php). I'm actually leaning towards BPI so I'm glad I saw your post.

    • Nestah 22 months ago

      Good day :) I added BPI acct and was able to complete the withdrawal last March 12. However, the cash was not available in my bank acct up to now. I haven't received any email from Paypal. I checked my paypal acct and still the status is completed.

    • Yan 22 months ago

      will this work with a BPI Family acct?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 21 months ago

      Hello everybody. Sorry for the late reply.

      Bong -

      As far as I remember, I have put in my Savings Account Number and not the card number

      Aya -

      I used to have both too but stuck with BPI because of accessibility and convenience. Plus (and I'm not promoting the establishment in any way) but their frontliners are really accommodating and helpful ;)

      Nestah -

      I hope you already received your funds. If not yet, suggest to contact Paypal and/or BPI

      Yan -

      Am not very familiar with a family account. I guess if it is a savings account, it could work :)

    • lelouch 21 months ago

      Can i use other eastwest debit card to verify my account? and in withdrawing i will use bpi? will it work?

    • Lelouch 21 months ago

      Can you use eastwest debit card to verify your paypal while you will use bpi in withdrawing your paypal? will it work?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 21 months ago

      Hi lelouch,

      Yes you can. Basically, you can use a different bank from the one you used for verification.

      Hope this helps.


    • Richard D. 21 months ago

      Is there a fee on BPI if you withdraw via Paypal? And if it have, how much does it cost? Thanks!

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 21 months ago

      Hi Richard D.

      Paypal charges me $1 (or 50 pesos) when the amount to be withdrawn is less than 7k.

      BPI charges 150 pesos regardless of the withdrawal amount

      Hope this helps :)


    • Mark 21 months ago

      I got a question, what if the card that you linked to your Paypal (e.g. EON, credit card) expires, can you still use your paypal? if not, how can I update the expiration of my card in Paypal? TIA

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 21 months ago

      Hi Mark,

      Interesting question. I think you will not be able to make purchases with an expired linked-card.

      The card that I used will expire next year. I might add a different card or re-apply the current one in case I will retain it.

      Hope this helps.


    • Richard D. 21 months ago

      Thanks for the response writerjj.

      Another questions, what is the best bank and card type to use to withdraw on Paypal with less or no fees at all?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 20 months ago

      Hi Richard D.,

      Am not sure what has the least minimum fees (have heard that eon charges nothing). I only use RCBC and BPI but mostly BPI. never had any problem with it and consistent that the money will arrive on the third day

    • Miguel 20 months ago

      Can I use my easy saver account to verify my paypal account?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 20 months ago

      Hi Miguel,

      I am not sure what is an easy saver account. My best guess would have to be if it functions similar to a credit card, it might work.

      Hope this helps

    • xanthe 20 months ago

      Hi, can I link my BPI ATM Savings Account toPayPal? I have already added it to my PayPal account. But do I have to call BPI to get it verified? Thanks

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 20 months ago

      Hi Xanthe,

      You can add your BPI Savings Account to Paypal. No need to inform BPI. Once you have added your BPI-SA, you can withdraw Paypal funds to that provided that all information are accurate.

    • Robert 19 months ago


      Nice article. Am also using BPI savings account to withdraw my money from paypal but my debit card has expired after my last withdrawal. I have a question: Can I still withdraw money from paypal to my bank account if my debit card was expired? It seems my paypal status didn't change to unverified after my debit card expired. So i think its okay to withdraw because my paypal account is still verified and it didn't change my status.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 19 months ago

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for dropping by. That is an interesting situation. I have not been in such since I see to it that any of my Paypal information is always updated. I would also advise to do the same to avoid any possible/future issues.

    • den 19 months ago

      i called bpi if paypal can be tranferred to bpi savings acct.,said its possible but u have 2 link it first to bank of america.,

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 19 months ago

      Hi Den,

      That is quite strange. My SA account is not linked to Bank of America. I have also no issues linking it with Paypal and have no problems transferring Paypal funds to it.

    • armi 18 months ago

      Awww! If the status of ur paypal account is unverified meaning u can't transfer and withdraw the funds from ur bpi savings acct.? So I should have credit card first to verify ???

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 18 months ago

      Hi Armi,

      Yes, you need to verify your account with a credit card. After which, you may now transfer/withdraw your Paypal funds to a BPI savings account. I have provided a link on the article on how to verify your Paypal account with RCBC (in case you don't have BPI)

      Hope this helps.

    • Navanax 18 months ago


      I'm selling my car and the buyer wants to transfer the payment of USD 58,000.00.

      My Paypal Account is verified with 2 credit cards, VISA and Mastercard. And I recently added my BPI Current Account, but do not know how to confirm it.

      Is there a limit/fees with transactions this large?


    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 18 months ago

      Hi Navanax,

      That's a huge amount. As I know, Paypal removes the withdrawal limits when an account is verified. However, am not sure for an amount that big. Also, am not sure about "Current Accounts". When I added my Savings Account, no confirmation was needed.

      Anyway, the most amount that I have withdrawn from PP to BPI does not exceed $100. Aside from Paypal standard charges, BPI always charges me 150 pesos.

      Hope this helps.

    • grace 18 months ago

      Hello...Good Evening, just want to inquire..i make my paypal account then paypal placed me a limits on my account but then when i uploaded my passport and the credit card statement, paypal removed its limitation, but the account i see is still "unverified", the problem was, when i tried to withdrawn small amount like 500 to my BPI Express Teller Card (the Blue one) which is my primary bank account linked to paypal last July 1, 2015. Paypal emailed me that (transfer 500.00 PHP from PayPal to your bank account, and we're processing it now. It usually takes 2-4 business days for transfers like this to go through, so you should see the money in your bank account by Jul 6, 2015). Why does my withdrawal status show "Complete" but the money isn’t in my bank account?until now July 8, 2015. Thanks..a big help if you reply to my concern.

      2nd problem i noticed also is i put the 16 digits infront of the BPI atm, and not the digits from the back.

    • En 18 months ago

      Hi! I just signed up for Paypal and it now has a Middle Name field unlike years before, i.e., upon sign up, it will ask for your First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name. However, when I tried to add a bank account, there were only the First Name and Last Name fields. My bank account name has my first name, middle name, and last name on it. What do I do or put in the bank account First Name field? Should I include my middle name in there? I understand that the Paypal name and bank account name should match or else I might encounter some problems withdrawing.

      Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 18 months ago

      Hi Grace,

      That's quite the scenario. Let me clarify if I understood your concern correctly:

      1. You recently created a Paypal account and you provided your passport and credit card statement

      2. The limits are lifted but the account remains unverified

      3. After which, you withdrew your Paypal funds to BPI last July 1 and it has not yet reflected on your BPI account after several days

      As far as I know:

      -- Limits will be lifted once an account is verified and this is done with the steps I provided on my post (not by providing proof of identity)

      -- There are two possible reasons why you haven't received your money yet at BPI. First, because your account remains unverified. Second, incorrect bank details. I have provided the steps on how to add your BPI Savings Account on the post. You are free to use it as reference.

      -- Lastly, Paypal requires the account number of the Savings Account and not the card number of the ATM card

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 18 months ago

      Hi En,

      As far as I know, Paypal requires that the registered name of your account matches the one with the savings account for a successful withdrawal.

      As for adding the bank account, suggest contacting Paypal's support for a more official response.

    • grace 18 months ago

      Hi..thanks for replying for my concern. I just recently received an email from paypal with this (An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason

      Invalid Bank Account Information

      Our system was not able to process the transaction with the bank information listed on your account. You should contact your bank regarding the bank account information required for electronic funds transfers.) I have call BPI but no one answering. What should I do? Thanks a lot, its a big help if you can help me resolve my issues about this

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 18 months ago

      Hi again Grace.

      Looks like a bank information issue. I would suggest double checking the account number of the bank account you added on Paypal. Ask BPI what is the account number of the account and put it on Paypal.

      Hope this helps!

    • Dexter DP profile image

      Dexter DP 17 months ago


      I'd like to share my tips with Paypal and BPI (Yes my account is BPI)..

      I've been using Paypal and BPI for quite some time now and I have to say that both service are excellent..

      Paypal I believe has certain cut-off times when withdrawing money to BPI, and I would suggest , based from my experience, that if you would like to get your money in less than 24hrs (instead of 3-4 days), always withdraw your money from these time frame - 1:00AM to 3:00AM (manila time) and you'll get your money by 5:00PM the same day..Again this has been proven as I always process payments from Paypal almost every single day, and Paypal/BPI never fails to deliver my funds on my ATM at every 5:00PM....


    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 16 months ago

      Hi Dexter DP

      Thanks for the tip. I'll try that. Hope other readers who tried would also same their experience.

      Thanks again for sharing.

    • chris 16 months ago

      hello is this the bank routing number of bpi: 010040018?

      is the routing number of bank of the philippine islands and bpi family savings bank the same? i called bpi hotline and the rep kept giving the swift code and seem to not know anything about the routing number. i hope you can help me on this. thank you in advance!

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 16 months ago

      Hi Chris,

      Yup. As of posting time, that is the bank routing number. This is also known as bank code which can be seen on one of the provided photos.

      As for the inquiry, am not sure if the one used by BPI and BPI family bank is the same. By the way, I use BPI.

      Hope this helps :)

    • question 16 months ago

      Hi, I am a freelancer and I accidentally click the tab withdraw to my paypal account. My problem is my paypal account was not yet verified. Can i transfer my funds to other with paypal account that was verified?


    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 16 months ago

      Hi question,

      Don't worry. After clicking on the "Withdraw" button, there are still plenty of steps that needs to be accomplished before finalizing the process. Just click on Overview or Back to cancel the process.

      Hope this helps :)

    • jem 16 months ago

      requirements for this card?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 15 months ago

      Hi Jem,

      Do you mean requirements for the credit card or ATM card?

    • Lore 14 months ago

      Hi writerjj,

      So basically the only cost of withdrawal from paypal to bpi is just 150 pesos?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 14 months ago

      Hi Lore,

      Yup, regardless of the amount withdrawn :)

    • Abe 13 months ago


      This is my first time to withdraw from my Paypal account to my BPI savings account. I'm not yet verified by Paypal as I don't have yet that debit/credit card requirement that they are requiring to be verified. But I'm wondering I was able to withdraw/transfer the funds once it became available on my paypal balance. I even received a confirmation email from paypal that it's being processed and when I checked my Paypal account, the status of my withdrawal is "completed", so I assume my money will available on my BPI account in 2-4 business days as they stated. But up it's been 4 business days, it's not yet on my BPI account. I understand and read your post that you can only withdraw your Paypal money once you are verified. But why is it in the first place, Paypal sent a confirmation email to me regarding that they are processing my withdrawal and even state "complete" status knowing that my account is not yet verified. They should have had an info message like "you can't withdraw your funds because you are not yet verified" or something like that. Isn't it "Complete" meaning Paypal already completed the transfer request and it's up to BPI to complete the transfer as per their withdrawal policy? Do you think my withdrawal will go through? Can't wait till Monday to go to BPI and check if the transfer is successful.

      I'm quite being nervous about this because I transferred quite a big amount of money.

      I thank you in advance. I appreciate your effort and time.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 13 months ago

      Hi Abe,

      Sorry to hear about your predicament. Funds of failed transactions are normally returned. However, if it has been a long time, and the money has not been returned to your account or pushed to BPI, it would be best to contact Paypal.

    • Alden Montana 12 months ago


      Im just really wondering on how to withdraw my funds in paypal. Like for example i'm done withdrawing my funds to the PayPal Withdraw button by the way i choose "Withdraw funds to your bank account". Now my question is where do i withdraw my funds? Do i need to go to the teller and withdraw in manually or i can withdraw the funds directly to any ATM Machines? Thanks in advance!

    • Anonymous 12 months ago

      Can you register a joint account in Paypal? (Even if I am only the Supplementary?)

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 12 months ago

      Hi Alden Montana,

      If the savings account you specified is a passbook account, you can withdraw it over the counter (teller). However, if your bank account comes with an ATM card, you could get your withdrawn Paypal funds in an ATM machine.

      Hi Anonymous,

      Afaik, If you are a supplementary credit card holder, the code that Paypal will send will appear on the billing statement of the principal card holder

    • Lorraine 12 months ago


      Its been more than a week now since I transferred money from paypal to bpi and im still not credited. I'm still not verified. Is that the reason why i didnt get credited to my bank account? I have one more pending transfer. please help

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 11 months ago

      Hi Lorraine,

      Apologies for the late reply. Have you received it already?

    • Sannylyn 11 months ago

      Hi. My original bank for Paypal is Land Bank of the Philipiines but I also listed my BPI express teller card. I need to get my money the soonest so I would like to ask, how long does it takes to get the money from Paypal to BPI? Or which is sooner, LBP or BPI?

      Thank you so much fro your help

    • Juian 11 months ago

      Goodness this is what I have been looking for. I have known Paypal for years but hesitant about having one but came just few weeks I was compelled to use it to claim some freelance service fees, and for newbie users like me you just caught all the questions in mind on point. Thank you. Very big help.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 11 months ago

      Hi Sannylyn,

      Paypal to BPI normally takes 3 days. Also, there is a 150 processing fee on top of Paypal's fee when you withdraw below 7k.

      Hi Juian,

      Glad you found it useful :) Compliment are very much appreciated :)

    • Bryan 9 months ago

      Hi. Is it okay if my paypel is not verified? I dont have any credit card. But I've already link my BPI Express Teller in Paypal. Thanks

    • Marielle Agabe 9 months ago

      Hi, I just want to ask if you know how to verify and to complete my sending and withdrawal limit in my Paypal account?. I already link my BPI account. And my sending limit is already complete but my withdrawal limit is not yet complete. This is my first time using Paypal account.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 9 months ago

      Hi Bryan,

      It would be advisable to verify your Paypal to avoid any possible problems - particularly when withdrawing funds is concerned.

      Hi Marielle Agabe,

      That's interesting. As I recall, limits will be removed once you linked and verified your Paypal account.

    • Deniece Lim 8 months ago

      Hi! Any idea how much is the maximum amount I can transfer from my paypal account to my BPI bank account? Thanks!

    • Andrei 8 months ago

      Hi! Thank you for this post :)

      the fee when withdrawing from your BPI account is P150, regardless of the amount? Does that mean that it's advisable to "collect" the money in your Paypal first before withdrawing everything all at once so you'll only have to pay P150 for that one transaction? :) I'm just confirming because I read in another blog that it's P250 when withdrawing from BPI (but it could be outdated so I'm not sure)

      thank you! :)

    • Jerwinio 8 months ago


      It seems that I have read your guide too late now as I have already transferred my funds from paypal to my bank account, yes my Bank account is BPI and I have input my card number instead of account number and I am really unease after I have read your guide, paypal seems misunderstood me when it comes to inputing account number though because it requires 1-16 digit number and the card number on my BPI Express Teller is exactly 16 digits and I just read that the account number is actually the 10 digit number at the back of the card...

      Anyway is there any possibilities that the funds I transferred will return from my paypal account? I really wanted to clear my mind since I am getting paranoid after reading this...I am a freelancer also and this is my first using paypal as a method of getting paid. Thank you for providing this guide and unfortunate for me to have read this too soon.

    • Cholo 8 months ago

      Hi, I already have 1) a verified paypal account, 2) BPI savings account, and 3) funds in my paypal I wish to withdraw.

      My concern is, according to Paypal, the linked BPI account is a checking account, but my actual BPI account is a savings account.

      Will there be problems due to this discrepancy? Is your BPI account a checking or savings account? Also, can you kindly check if the BPI account linked to your Paypal is a checking account too?

      Thank you.

    • Cholo 8 months ago


      I already linked my BPI savings account to my Paypal account, my accounts are also verified now.

      My concern is, according to Paypal, the linked BPI account is a checking account, while my actual BPI account is a savings account. There are no options to link a savings account; Paypal automatically assumes my account is a checking account.

      Will there be any problems due to the said discrepancy? Is your BPI account a savings or checking/current account? Can you confirm if your linked account on Paypal is listed as a checking account?

      Thank you.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 8 months ago

      Hi Deniece Lim,

      That's a good question. The most that I have transferred is $400+ Am not sure if there is an amount ceiling. I suggest contacting both Paypal and BPI support (I'm thinking that BPI might have a maximum amount which might be dictated by AMLC - but again, I'm not sure about it)

      Hi Andrei,

      Yup, it is 150. I just confirmed it a few weeks ago :) Since it is regardless of amount, it is advisable to accumulate it first before withdrawing :)

      Hi Jerwinio,

      Yup the account number is the one at the bank. If the transaction will fail, the funds will go back to your Paypal account with a corresponding fee (i think they call it a penalty fee or something of that sort)

      Hi Cholo,

      The account that I have linked is a savings account. I couldn't recall if I was given an option to choose between a checking and savings account when I linked my account. Anyway, how does Paypal indicate that the one you have is a checking account? When you tried to withdraw or at the Bank section?

    • Chai 8 months ago

      Hello Good pm..

      Can a BPI Express Teller International (blue color) can be used to link paypal and receiving some payment? Can I use this type of card?


    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 8 months ago

      Hi Chai,

      Yup. But, if you want to verify your account, you need a credit card.

    • Mary Ruth 7 months ago

      How to get a paypal catd?

    • mary ruth 7 months ago

      my bank information in paypal says it is checking, but it is a savings account... so my money got rejected... please help me how to change it into checking account.. i didn't even do it.. it was automatic and not changeable. i need to withdraw my money from paypal, i get my salary from my new job in paypal... and also want to know how have paypal card

    • Jose 6 months ago

      I have the same issue as Cholo with the Savings and Checking account. When I added my SA number, Paypal listed it as Checking Account. I have withdrawn some money last week and it's been 5 weekdays now and I still haven't received any money. I hope there won't be any problem. I'll update you.

    • Marianne 6 months ago

      I currently have a BPI savings account. Does linking it to a PayPal account require Visa or Mastercard in the card? Because mine does not have. Thank you!

    • saysay say 6 months ago

      Hi Good day.

      i would like to ask if its okay if my account in paypal is different name to my BPI account?

      cause when i send money its denied after 5 days it happened to me 2 times when im sending money thru my account in paypal to my BPI account.

    • say 6 months ago

      hello Good day..

      just want to ask what should i do if the paypal denied my request to send a money to my bank account in BPI.?

      i give my account no. and the bamk code but they denied it.

      and my name i used to paypal is different to my BPI bank account.

      should i change it to access my account in BPI ?

      they give this email this.

      "An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason:

      Invalid Bank Account Information

      Our system was not able to process the transaction with the bank information listed on your account. You should contact your bank regarding the bank account information required for electronic funds transfers. If you still need assistance, you may email us through our secure server at "

    • saysay say 6 months ago

      hello Good day..

      just want to ask what should i do if the paypal denied my request to send a money to my bank account in BPI.?

      i give my account no. and the bamk code but they denied it.

      and my name i used to paypal is different to my BPI bank account.

      should i change it to access my account in BPI ?

      they give this email this.

      "An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason:

      Invalid Bank Account Information

      Our system was not able to process the transaction with the bank information listed on your account. You should contact your bank regarding the bank account information required for electronic funds transfers. If you still need assistance, you may email us through our secure server at "

    • christian 6 months ago

      sir is it okey to put the 16 number instead of 10 number in the account number?thanks God bless

    • PJ 6 months ago

      I have an unverified Paypal account and I can transfer funds to my BPI savings account regardless. Just make sure the name on your Paypal is the same reflecting on you ATM card. Takes 1-2 days for my balance to reflect.

    • Gab Gamboa 6 months ago

      Hi Everyone,

      I want to add my two cents in this conversation, if you guys don't mind, lol, and i hope these information helps you one way or another.

      Note: All information below are based from my personal experience from PP and may not be the same case for some users here.

      1.) paypal asks you to add a debit/credit card to your account because it will not allow users from the Philippines to add funds directly to their PP account from any type of bank account (Checking/Savings).

      If you are a seller, the buyer will be credited via their credit/debit card going into your PP account but there is no way that you can personally fund your account. Bank funding only works in the US and other countries. The exception is if you have lots of debit/credit cards handy and you pay yourself :) Or you're receiving money as payment for services and there is no need for you to manually add funds to paypal, otherwise you really need a cc/debit card on your account to get fully verified and to use paypal to pay for anything (if you have paypal balance it will not directly deduct it from your card, i believe it will give you an option which method of payment to use).

      2. Your debit/credit card should have the following logos on the front MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover. If your debit/credit card doesn't have one right now, then you can't use that. Find a bank that carry these logos and you're good to go.

      3. For those asking what your card number is, its the one on the front side of the card. it is long. probably around 16 numbers. The account number for BPI i think is the one on the back. If you are unsure, call your bank. If you have online banking on, i believe it is listed there.

      The security code is the 3 digit (or 4) code at the back of your card. You need that. If your card doesn't have it, then again, ask your bank. Based on my research, only debit/credit cards would have this 3 digit number on the back, and are usually on MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards (4 digits for AmEx). I am unsure if this applies now but please..again if you're not sure. Ask your bank. :)

      4. I just recently discovered that some other countries cant send users in the PH personal payments (not for goods).

      5. The time of remittance to one's bank account is counted in BANKING days, so that means no weekend, no holidays.

      6. You can also use a checking account aside from your savings account (mine is checking or current) for your registered bank account.

      7. Don't expect that the money sent to/from you will be in full when you receive/send it. PayPal charges fees... for the PH, they charge the sender a specific fee rate and the sender has the choice of either shouldering it or passing it on to the receiver (in most cases it is the latter).Example, the seller decides for you to pay the fee then it would look something like, 50.00+(3.9%+15 of 50) = 66.95 -- this will be charged to you, the buyer. In receiving money, there is also that charge (im still researching on this), but it would be around xx%+fix amount too, deducted from the original amount.

      They also have a conversion fee, it will apply if you are paid in dollars and your local currency/ and is withdrawing in peso.

      8. Please read PP terms and conditions before using it.

      Hope this helps . :)

    • chel 5 months ago

      will any atm saving account of bpi work on paypal?thanks

    • john 5 months ago

      Is there a minimum amount required before you can withdraw money?

    • Divine 5 months ago

      Hi writerjj,

      Thanks a lot for this post! Helped a lot!

      Just for clarification, even though I don't have a dollar account (in my case AUD account) in BPI, I can still withdraw AUD and will get the amount in PHP in my BPI account? Is that right?

      I have an ATM savings account.

      Thank you in advance!

    • ian 5 months ago


      The appropriate account to open is a BPI savings acct. right? If so, which one, Family Savings or Easy Saver?

      My Unionbank account has expired (Paypal knows this too) and I'm not planning of reopening it. I work for an online writing co. in the Phil. and their official bank is BPI. I'm on Upwork/Odesk too so I'm planning to open BPI acct. for my Paypal.

      When applying for a BPI acct, do you need online registration first like UnionBanks EON?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 5 months ago

      Hello Dear Readers,

      So sorry for the late reply (busy days). Anyway, I'll try to assist in anyway I can.

      Mary Ruth,

      I don't think PayPal offers any type of card. To withdraw your money from PayPal, you need to (a) verify your account first (using a credit card with a Master or Visa logo); (b) once verified, you may now add your BPI savings account; (c) once added, you can now withdraw Paypal funds to that account


      Interesting. Have you already received your money?


      You can only use that SA to withdraw from your Paypal funds. But you cannot use it to verify your Paypal account


      Try changing your name first. Names on both should match each other.


      Information must be complete


      Interesting and thanks for sharing

      Gab Gamboa,

      Very nice and detailed. Thanks for sharing those very useful tips


      That's what I like to think


      I believe there is


      Yes. You don't need a dollary account and any money you withdraw from PayPal will arrive in BPI as Peso


      A regular BPI SA will do. I don't know any BPI online registration. I already have an existing BPI long before I knew PayPal. I added that account in PP and voila!

    • Divine 5 months ago

      Thanks a lot for that info! God bless. :)

    • Lanie 5 months ago

      I transferred my paypal money last wed but I still cannot see the money in my BPI account. Is it possible that it will not be transferred anymore?

    • Arnold 5 months ago

      Hi, idk if this is still active but,,

      Can i withdraw with my paypal unverified?

      It says there's a $10k a month withdrawal limit for unverified. So does that mean i can withdraw just with a limit?

      I tried withdrawing but i had a problem with my name. Or account number of bpi

      How will i know my bpi name?

      Like , if my name on bpi doesnt have my middle name, does that mean my paypal also shouldnt have my middle name?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 5 months ago

      Hi Divine -- you are most welcome :)

      Hi Lanie -- have the funds already arrived?

      Hi Arnold -- some commenters said that it is possible to withdraw with an unverified account. I'm not sure if that is true, but as my personal rule of thumb, I always stick with correct procedures when money is involved

    • camille 4 months ago

      Same experience. I withdraw from PayPal to my BPI SA last Aug 16 and up to now Aug 23, it didn't appear on my account. It's my first time to transfer $1,000. But before, I don't have problem with PayPal withdrawals. I'm so worried :(

      Anyone here experienced withdrawing big amount from PayPal? :(

    • NS5Dev 4 months ago

      Anyone tried opening BPI dollar account and withdrawn Paypal dollar funds to it?

    • BeriAckerman 4 months ago

      Hi, I just recently linked my BPI ePrepaid Card as an alternative for the credit card with paypal and I was wondering if its possible for me to use my BPI ATM Card (Express Teller) to withdraw money from paypal?

      I don't have a passbook, so I don't know how this works neither do I have a BPI Online Banking Account. I'm new to this, sorry. :(

      I hope you can help me with this one. Thank you in advance.

    • tax-free-lancer 4 months ago


      I'm a Union Bank EON user. My debit card expired about a year ago. My question is similar to Robert's. Can I still transfer my PayPal funds to my bank account?

    • Chamie 4 months ago

      Hello :) I'd like to confirm if the instructions specified here are still up to date. Also, is the bank routing code the same as the swift code?

      Thank you so much for this!

    • Riri 4 months ago

      Hi, I just made a new paypal account and what do you mean by a verified account? Isn't it when u verify it thru email after registration? And if it isnt, will my paypal account gets verified if I connect my paymaya visa card with it? It's currently connected to my old paypal account. I haven't tried withdrawing (but no problem sending money) since I haven't linked it to a bank account yet (planning to get one asap). Will it get verified? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for this article as well. It's really helpful. :)

    • Arvilyn 4 months ago

      Hi This is arvilyn. I hope that you can help me here. I withdraw specific amount from paypal to my bank account. I was able to receive confirmation on my email that the amount should be on my bank on Sept 2 but until now i haven't receive it. Please help me I need that money.

    • Asmarie 4 months ago


      This is according to a PayPal Consumer Support Specialist I’ve spoken to.

      Your bank account doesn’t necessarily need to be confirmed and it is not necessary as well for you to link a card for bank confirmation. Confirming a bank is only applicable for US PayPal users, for them to be able to pull funds from the bank.

      For linking a card, they ask you to link a card for online transactions and payments since the only allowed funding source for your payments are PayPal balance and cards.

      For Philippine PayPal accounts, even if your account does not have a credit card, you can still receive payments and withdraw the money to your bank even pay using the money on your PayPal balance.

      To verify the PayPal account which will lift your withdrawal limit, that’s the time that they will require to verify your PayPal account by linking and confirming a card.

    • sidlj 3 months ago

      Hi Sorry I have a newbie question - I used my credit card to purchase online through paypal and the bank alerted me that I have exceeded the budget I had set. What does exceeding the budget mean?

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 3 months ago

      Hi Camille,

      Have the funds arrived?

      Hi NS5Dev,

      That's interesting. Hope some readers who did so would share their experience.

      Hi BeriAckerman,

      Yes you can.

      The ePrepaid Card is use for verifying your account and for online purchases.

      The BPI ATM Card (assuming it is a savings account) is used for transferring your Paypal funds to that particular account.

      Hi tax-free-lancer,

      Who's Roberts?

      Hi Chamie,

      There are slight changes but the essence is still the same.

      Hi Riri,

      The email verification is different from the actual verification. The former is just to ensure that noone is spamming by making lots of paypal account.

      What's paymaya?

      Hi Arvilyn,

      Have the funds arrived already?

      Hi Asmarie,

      Thanks for bringing that up.

      Hi sidlj,

      Is your card connected with Paypal? Is your Paypal verified?

    • Harvey Guiang 3 months ago

      Hi! Can I use EPS card to my paypal account?

    • Kat 3 months ago

      Do I really need to have a credit card in order to verify my PayPal Account?

    • Charisse 3 months ago

      Hi. I'm trying to link my BPI Family Savings Bank account to PayPal. However, I am not sure of their Bank code. I called BPI Family many times but they kept on giving me their swift code which when I tried to enter in the bank code, is invalid. Is this code 010040018 the same for BPI Family Savings Bank?

    • April 3 months ago

      Tried Dexter's advise above last night/earlier today. I transferred my Paypal balance to my BPI Easy Savers Account at around 2:30am, but no luck for me (haha) It's now 5:35pm and the transfer is not in my BPI account yet.

      Hopefully next week. This is my first time transferring Paypal funds to a local bank account, I'm hoping that it will be successful and will encounter no errors. *crossing fingers*

    • KBD 3 months ago


      I have added my BPI MORE FUN PREPAID VISA CARD in my paypal account.

      I have added also my BPI SAVINGS ACCOUNT.



      2. If yes, can i then transfer what i funded to my other linked BPI SAVINGS ACCOUNT,SO THAT i can en-cash it?

      for example:

      funded 500pesos from BPI MORE FUN PREPAID VISA CARD to PAYPAL ACCOUNT ---THEN transfer that 500pesos from PAYPAL ACCOUNT----to BPI SAVINGS ACCOUNT.--then i'll go to ATM machine to WITHDRAW the cash.

      Is that possible?

      Hoping for your quick response.

    • Cherith 2 months ago

      Hi. I called the BPI branch where I opened my account and they gave me a different bank code. They gave me the code specifically for their branch where I opened my account. Is that ok to use? Or should I use this one in your post?

    • Aya 2 months ago

      Hi. Good morning. I just want to know what kind of BPI bank account for paypal withrawals that i should have get? I hope to hear from you soon. Do i have to tell them that i will use BPI bank account for paypal withdrawals?

    • Twix 2 months ago

      Hi! I have a card with BPI, and that is the BPI Express Teller card which is the blue card that has the letters "EPS" written on the lower right side of the card. This one has no CVC, but it is a debit card that was given to me upon opening an account in BPI. I am planning to link my BPI bank account to Paypal, since I do not have a credit card. Do you think that my BPI savings account can be used for funding my Paypal account?

    • diana 2 months ago

      hi, i used my bpi checking account to withdraw funds, but still 7 days, still nothing on my bank account. please help

    • ROSE 2 months ago

      Hi the name of my bank card has my middle name R. Only shall I put it like that as well or the whole word Rico? Ciz at my paypal account I have it as Rico not R. Though at my bank card it's R.

    • Vance Dee 8 weeks ago

      Question why does bpi say they don't have a bank code?

    • koi 7 weeks ago

      Hi. I'm about to open a paypal account and one of the info asked is the business name. Is it really important or can I put anything on it or just a dash?

    • jrbergonie 7 weeks ago

      Hi, why does paypal shows my bank account as a checking account when it is a savings account? is there any problem with that?

    • Jenny 6 weeks ago

      Hello, I link my paypal account to BPI EPS savings card. I transferred my funds last Nov 28 and until now it's not showing in my card. Is BPI EPS an eprepaid card? Do you think I'll get my money for this? Or will it reverse in my Paypal account?

    • paolo 6 weeks ago

      hi. i transfer my paypal money to my bpi bank account and after 2 days paypal say's completed. when i try to check my balance in my atm. no money added to my bpi acc.

    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 5 weeks ago

      Hi Harvey Guiang,

      Are you referring to BPI EPS? If that is a savings account, you can transfer your Paypal funds to it

      Hi Kat,

      A debit card will also do.

      Hi Charisse,

      I think BPI family and BPI have different bank codes. The one provided here is for BPI and not family.

      Hi April,

      If you followed this tutorial, you should have no problems transferring your Paypal funds to BPI :)

      Hi KBD,

      I'm not sure I follow you. Basically, your flow is the following:


      Hi Cherith,

      I think the one provided to you is the swift code

      Hi Aya,

      Simply open a savings account at BPI. Link that one to Paypal, and when successful, you may now transfer your Paypal funds to that BPI savings account

      Hi Twix,

      I think that one is a BPI ATM card for a savings account. If so, you cannot use it to verify your Paypal nor use it for funding.

      Hi Diana,

      To clarify, you used a savings account or a checking account? I think checking accounts are not good

      Hi Rose,

      Paypal states that it the names should match

      Hi Koi,

      I think that is an option for users. Mine is not for business

      Hi Jenny,

      If the transaction will fail, Paypal would inform you. If it has been too long already, send them an email if the transaction pushed through or otherwise.

      Hi Paolo,

      That's usually the case. Check you savings account on the 3rd day and after.

    • Jason Mapa 11 days ago

      I transfered my money from paypal to BPI and after the 2-4 days. I checked my balance (Balance Inquiry) where should I expect it? In Current or Savings? Just asking coz i'm afraid to lose my money and it's my first time transfering my money

    • Melanie 8 days ago

      Hi Would it be possible to request BPI to expedite the transfer once I have completed the steps through PayPal?

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