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24 Ways to Make Extra Money With No Skills Required

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24 Ways You Can Make Extra Money (No Skills Required)

There are many ways to make tons of extra money per month legally in the US—some are simple and fast, while others . . . not so much. Yet, still, everyone can use some extra cash at some point in their lives. The secret to success lies within your level of "dedication" and "consistency" in your money-making endeavors. With these two forces driving your income potential, you can make hundreds or thousands of extra cash per month.

Below is a list (with resources) of 24 easy, hassle-free ways to make some extra cash, where no major skill or expertise is necessary to be successful in your earnings. Follow these 24 methods below and begin earning some extra money or income today. You can now buy the car you always wanted, buy that bigger house, pay off some debt, take that trip, forever eliminate that "to-buy" list you've been adding to for years. Use your extra dollars however you decide. Your choices and success are up to you.

  1. Bank Interest & Bonuses: Cash in on the interest provided by your bank accounts. Most bank accounts—checking or savings—provide you with some type of interest-bearing feature. The more money you keep in the bank account, the more cash from interest you can accrue. Interest rates are usually low (i.e., 1% or 2%), but can add up "over time," as well as, based on your ability to add to your cash balance or principal. Banks want to encourage folks to save money. This is also the bank's way of saying "thank you" for letting them keep and safeguard your funds for you. Some bank accounts also reward you with bonuses upon opening the account, as well as increasing funds in that account over time—it's called rewarding you for "good behavior." Bonuses can range from $5–100, so take advantage of these types of bank accounts. They are a great way to earn cash without doing anything at all.
  2. Redeemable Reward Points: More and more banks are also offering this feature on primarily checking accounts. Cash in on reward points that can be redeemed into cash dollars. If you have a Citibank Debit Checking Account, for example, you are earning points every time you use your debit card. For every 8,000 points you retain, you can redeem those points for a $50 check upon request. Enter your request online at, and in two weeks, you can receive a check in the mail. It's just that simple!
  3. Cash Values of Whole Life Insurance: Cash in on your whole life insurance policy. Everyone should have life insurance to protect families and loved ones after one's life has ended. Most Whole Life Insurance policies provide a cash value option that allows you to accrue interest on your payments of up to 3%. The only requirement of you is to keep making your monthly payments as required. The interest on those payments automatically builds. By paying your monthly premium yearly, you increase the time allowed for your larger payments to accrue, thereby creating even more cash via interest for you to use any time, for any reason at all. Simply contact your insurance broker and request a check by mail for the accrued cash. All in all, you don't lose any of the value of your policy.
  4. 401K Company-Matching: While few 401ks do not offer company-matching features, thankfully, most companies do. A 401k is a financial vehicle (or account) for employees to allocate funds for retirement. The cash contributed by employees is usually matched by their employer at a certain prescribed percentage (i.e., 50% or 100%). These accounts also accrue interest from underlying investments. 401k plans are usually fully managed by a fund manager for the best possible performance—return on investment—or fixed interest. Therefore, employees do not have to monitor the growing cash values for these accounts. You can cash out of the plan whenever you need to. Fees for early termination (or pre-retirement termination) from the plan may apply. If your 401k account permits you to select your underlying investments, simply assign your contributions to small stocks for long-term growth. Therefore, as you grow with your employer, your portfolio can grow along with you. As long as employees keep adding to their account within the plan, their employer will likewise add to their account, and the interest on the account will likewise grow. Make sure you are signed up with your employer's 401k today!
  5. Room Rentals: Renting out a room or apartment in your house (or apartment) is a traditional way to make extra cash in the US. Leasers or homeowners can simply allocate a room in their homes for renters seeking a place to stay. Younger individuals are usually more attracted to these living arrangements, so a college environment or city setting is ideal. Certain US states, however, do have strict regulations on renting out rooms to individuals for the purpose of liability. More important is the terms of the lease or sub-lease. Consult an attorney briefly before renting out a room in your home. Also, it is important to be sure rental rates are competitive relative to your local rental market. Renting garage spaces for cars or attics as storage spaces are also great ideas to produce income from your home.
  6. Housesitting: Homeowners, especially those with vacation properties, will, at times, seek out individuals to merely sit in their homes to secure it, while they are away from the location. Not only do housesitters get a free place to live for a period, but they also get paid for sitting at home and doing nothing at all. While basic and necessary maintenance must be kept up (i.e., sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc.), most houses do not require much day-to-day care at all. Individuals managing small online businesses on their laptops can double their overall monthly income by working from home while housesitting. Interested individuals should visit such websites as HouseSittersAmerica and HouseCarers for more information on housesitting.
  7. Moving & Deliveries: People regularly need help with deliveries or moving. Helping out is not just a good way to make money, but it's also a great way to build relationships—ones where individuals return for your assistance again in the future or refer someone else to you. Every task from delivering groceries or helping someone move a desk from the office can prove to pay off well. Once people entrust a task into your hands, they will regularly seek you out to assist in similar tasks—and pay well in the process.
  8. Car Washes: Most drivers wash their cars regularly—especially during the summer. Receiving regular car washes are part of the necessary maintenance of a vehicle. Offering car-wash services is a quick and fun way for a group of friends to earn some extra cash. Car washes are usually $10–25 per wash. Weekend days for car washing are usually busier than weekdays. Car wash sites that are set up or located next to gas stations or close to highway exits are usually most successful.
  9. Pawn Gold or Diamonds: Many men and women who are divorced and no longer want to hold on to their old wedding bands and engagement rings may find a stash of cash right in their jewelry box. Gold and diamonds hold significant exchange value in the commodities market, which is why they are treasured for years to come. Therefore, their value will just about never run out. Feel free to empty out your jewelry box of unwanted or unusable gold or diamond pieces and hurry to your local pawn shop. Some shops even accept electronics, paintings, and antiques, among other "treasures." So let the treasure hunt begin!
  10. Yard Sale: At the beginning of every spring season, hold a yard sale. Sometimes, especially around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we tend to accumulate more than we need. Use the Spring season to doing some cleaning and selling. Try to sell items that were purchased at a discount on sale at a higher value. You should be able to make a substantial profit.
  11. Sell Water: During the summer, the sale of water increases dramatically. The US is the only country with a billion-dollar bottled-water industry. While not helpful or sustainable for the environment, surveys prove that Americans significantly prefer bottled water. Selling bottled water on the beach or at the park during the Summer season has amazing earning ability. Usually, packaged bottled water (i.e., 24 bottles per pack at $4.99) is substantially cheaper than the single bottles (i.e., $1) that you will sell—hence your earning and profit potential.
  12. Auctioning on eBay: Auctioning is a great way for cash to exchange hands quickly and simply. Similar to the infamous NYSE, the goal is to buy something of value under the price in which you sell that item (or buy low, sell higher). These trades or exchanges are executed at sites like every day, twenty-four hours per day. Demand causes fluctuation in prices. Therefore, if you purchase a book today and tomorrow that book becomes a best-seller, you can then sell that same book higher for a profit because the demand for that book went up. eBay provides a place for items to be bought, sold, and delivered effortlessly.
  13. Collecting Antiques: There are people who have made fortunes simply by collecting (and selling) antiques—especially to museums and libraries. Television shows such as Antique Roadshow from PBS provides a venue for individuals to showcase their antiques and get a free appraisal for potential worth or value. Items passed down from family generations usually have the most worth. However, visiting old furniture thrift stores, yard sales, auctions, etc. are great ways to start building a collection of antiques that may one day be worth millions.
  14. Returning Merchandise: Many times, we buy clothing, accessories, furniture, and other store-bought items that end up unused. Practice removing price tags only when the item is certain to be used. When shopping for gifts for teens or adults, it is always better to give gift certificates or gift cards. If an item is not used within one month of purchase, chances are it is not a necessity. Returning those merchandise to the store is a great way to rebuild your cash stash. Some stores will even accept returned gift cards.
  15. Social Site or Network Advertising: Turn your social sites into an advertisement medium. If you enjoy finding, making, and communicating with new people on sites like Facebook and Twitter, then why not promote or publicize your friends' events on your site—to your other "friends" that is. Simply inform your friend network that you are available to post flyers for occasions and events like parties and trips on your site for $1/day—the more friends you have, the more you can charge per day. You can increase your income while increasing your friendships.
  16. Hosting Events: Put that social charm and charisma to work for you. Hosting events is a great way to earn extra cash—you get to have fun and get paid to do so. Hosting birthday parties and dinners for friends can not only help you earn big, but build your social reputation and network as well. Use your social sites to get the word out. Offer to use and decorate your home as a venue. You can charge per guest or bill the individual you are holding the event for. Either way, you get paid to party!
  17. Teach English: The United States is the melting pot of the world. Many people come here with the hope of a better life and to fulfill the American Dream. You can participate in helping others realize these goals by teaching English. Simply post ads on sites such as Craigslist, or you can even distribute flyers in highly diverse communities. Don't forget to state your ad and contact information in multiple languages! Soon you will be helping people from all over the world to speak English in the US and communicate their needs and desires to the people around them.
  18. Blogging: A penny for your thoughts, perhaps! Blogging is a growing method for earning cash by simply sharing your thoughts online. Sites like HubPages, Blogger, etc., allow bloggers to write what's on their minds and get paid to do so by sponsoring companies such as Google, eBay, Kontera, and Amazon. Simply place the ads of these sponsors on your site and begin earning from the clicks on these ads by visitors or readers of your blogs. Signing up with these sites to create your blogs is free. You can click on the links to those sites to begin blogging right now.
  19. Paid Surveys: Marketing companies and large corporations are willing to spend tons of money on market research. Therefore, individuals are paid for taking surveys that apply to their demographics. Many online services, such as, are now aggressively seeking individuals to sign up (for free) in order to complete these surveys. (Note that as soon as you sign up, you can expect to immediately receive several surveys in your email.) For every survey completed, individuals receive a cash credit or a check sent to the mailing address in their account. Compensation per survey may be small ($5–10). However, by taking multiple surveys over a longer and consistent period of time, individuals can significantly increase their earning potential.
  20. Photo Stock: Many people, young and old, love taking pictures to capture great moments and memories. How about making those moments work for you? Sites like iStockPhoto, BigStockPhoto, Fotolia, Dreamstime, ShutterPoint, etc., all permit you to upload royalty-free pictures for sale. Signing up with these sites is free. You can upload your old or new pictures and be paid a percentage by the site for each download by the general public. Most cell phones provide a camera or picture-taking feature. Large companies like Microsoft may, at times purchase these pictures in large bulk quantity for downloading by their software users. Individuals can, therefore, earn substantially.
  21. Bottle Collection: Collecting bottles is another traditional way to make extra cash over a period of time. It's simple and quick! Not only are you earning extra dollars, but you also contribute to ensuring sustainable, or long-lasting, life on Earth. Simply collect cans and bottles (aluminum, plastic, or glass) and take them to the sanitation house nearest to you, where you can simply drop them into the appropriate machines for change in return. Sometimes grocery stores also house these machines, so take your bottles with you on your way to do your weekly grocery shopping. It is best to collect cans and bottles on the night before the general recycling pick-up by your local sanitation service. However, you can always make arrangements with local restaurants and eateries to pick up their already separated bottles and cans on a specific day every week.
  22. Paid Referrals: Many businesses will pay for a good referral—a client, an employee, an investor, new business leads and opportunities. Sift through your network and see who you can refer. Banks, especially, pay well for referrals of new customers. A quality referral made the first time around is usually the basis for developing a powerful relationship of trust between the referrer and the business. That company may be inclined to pay more for additional referrals in the future.
  23. Jury Duty: Courthouses are always seeking jurors for trials, which is why there is a federal requirement on all adult US citizens to serve in jury duty at least once every three years. Although jury duty stems from the rights provided by our US Constitution, it is not widely met with high anticipation by US citizens. While many individuals prefer not to miss days from their jobs for jury service, jury duty does provide a valid form of income for others. Jurors receive compensation from the courts for each day of service, just as any employer would pay an employee for days worked. For many retired citizens, jury duty on long-lasting trials provides bountiful extra income per serve.
  24. Tax Refunds: Tax season is one of the most anticipated seasons for some individuals who have diligently paid taxes throughout the year—not so much for others. Whether taxes to the federal or state governments were deducted from your day job, applied to certain purchases made or already paid from your business, you can now expect some type of credit (in the form of a refund) from those taxes paid. Based on various federal and state calculations, individuals and some smaller businesses are usually subject to a refund for surplus payments on discounted tax bills as calculated by the government agency. All entities (individuals or businesses) must file the applicable tax filing forms first and submit the form to the applicable federal or state government agencies. These forms will be analyzed and processed for your potential tax refund—if applicable. For more information on filing Federal tax forms, visit the government-managed website

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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