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How Paying Back Unemployment Can Cost More If You Do it Wrong

Updated on April 27, 2016

What You Need to Know About Unemployment "Benefits"

This summer I was in the unfortunate position of receiving unemployment. While it was nice to have the money to help with bills, later I was hit with the true price of taking it.

Because our wonderful (irony alert) government made a mistake, I now have to suffer. Not just me, but my whole family—even my brother's family, my sister's family, my mom, and my dad.

All these people are going to suffer because the government made a mistake and now wants me to repay the money. While I realize that I have no choice but to pay the sum back, I feel like I have been injured in a serious way. If I did not qualify for the money, then why the heck did they give it to me to begin with? I have been a hard-working person, with three jobs prior getting laid off of two and leaving the other due to family needs.

Every American that has ever been though hard times knows what it is like to need help from others. We are at our most vulnerable during those times. So why is our own government taking advantage of us at this time?
Every American that has ever been though hard times knows what it is like to need help from others. We are at our most vulnerable during those times. So why is our own government taking advantage of us at this time?

So when they told me that I could get $380 a week, I thought great. It was not what I had been making, but it would help pay the bills until I could start working again. I went all summer—two and a half months—with no work. Finally I got to go back to one of my previous jobs. But wait, this is when things got FUBAR-ed. Because I was only working a part-time schedule at first, I was still supposed to get my unemployment. Guess what? They recalculated my unemployment, and I got hit with the news that I supposedly owed them a vast amount of money for the whole summer: $2,400! Yes, $2,400. I could not believe it myself, so I went down to the unemployment office and waited hours to see someone who then told me to call the main office in Indianapolis because they could not help me. What a crock. So I called and was put into the wonderful calling-automated system. To my amazement, I was hung up on not once, not twice, but three times before I could actually talk to a person. That meant I spent a total of four-and-a-half hours making phone calls only to have them tell me that it would take another week while they reviewed my case.

A week later and guess what, I did not get a phone call or a letter. One month later, I received a letter telling me I had one week to pay back the money in full or be penalized. Well, the job I am at doesn't pay the kind of money to do that easily. I drive a school bus for Christ's sake. So now I HAVE TO LEAVE MY JOB AND MY FAMILY TO TAKE A NEW JOB THAT PUTS ME OUT ON THE ROAD IN DANGERS UNKNOWN just to pay that MONEY back. I would have never taken this money if I had know all the grief it was going to cause. I would have rather had my utilities shut off and lost my house, but still be with my family, than to go through all this.

For the other part of my family—my brother and his family, my sister and her family, and my mom and dad—I must say I am sorry you will not be seeing me any time soon. Not even for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. I can't even afford to send presents this year. My kids are not going to even get much for the holidays except for what little I can scrounge up and for what's absolutely necessary.

Why would the government do this to me, ruining my life in such a way? They don't care how this is affecting me and my family. They get to keep their jobs, and be with their families, and have money to buy presents for holidays.

Before all this started, back when I had three jobs, I was gone a lot as well. But I was able to come home every night and spend time with my family. I earned a decent pay for a decent day's work. It was around $580 weekly. Now I work much worse hours and can only earn $250 a week. What has this country turned into? Crap, that is what I am thinking, pure crap. Our government sucks and doesn't act on behalf of or even pretend to care about the people it affects.

I hope to make a difference some day, but only after I put this all behind me. I have a long journey to make this money up, and it's not possible with my current job. So now I have to go find a new job, possibly one that will require vast amounts of traveling, which is difficult for my family. But come next election time, I am going to run for office and fire every single one of those bastards at the unemployment office if elected, so join me in my cause.

I need political help, management, etc. I hope to hear from you soon.

I am the average person and will fight for all people to have equal and fair rights. My greatest goal is for everyone to be treated as a person.

If the government makes a mistake, then the people should not have to pay. If I make a mistake, then I should have to pay.

Let's put the scales of justice to use and start standing up for ourselves. We need to stop being the victims of a system that is obviously wrong in the way that it treats people.
Let's put the scales of justice to use and start standing up for ourselves. We need to stop being the victims of a system that is obviously wrong in the way that it treats people.

Thank you for reading this, and please let everyone know to beware of unemployment pay. It sucks to have to go through what I am going through now, and I don't want anyone else to go through it as well.

Okay, time to step this up. After nearly three-and-a-half years, I am getting people with similar stories together to file a class action lawsuit against the government. I am looking for any and all people who would like to join me in this. I need at least 100 people to initially join into a signed agreement to file a class action suit and am working to hire a law firm capable handling a class action suit of this size.

Again, we need at least 100 names and emails to get things rolling. Please join me in standing up for what is right. Because of these truly immoral practices, unemployment benefits do not help, but instead hurt not only people, but also families and our country. It is a bad policy, and we need to stand up to it. So please join me in a cause that is worth fighting for. Don't let this broken system continue to hurt others and ruin families and lives.

I am now no longer married because the money issues stemming from unemployment payback has led to a divorce. Is that funny, or what? Someone has been robbing the system blind because those that need the money are not getting the help they truly need and deserve.

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    • profile image

      clyde j bloomfield 8 years ago

      how does a person even get unemployment started without communication with the unemployment office in tiffin, ohio I filed a calim 11/3/08 and haven't gotten a thing except a couple of papers to fill out in the mail to send back to unemplyment, all it shows online in my benefit claim is pending,and it would take and attorney to understand all the different things involved online they ask, I need money to live on it could be in limbo for months with these people because they know they work for the government and can do anything they want, I just woder how many people get screwed out of their benefits and just give up with all the hassel they put a peron through?????? anyone else had this problem if so shoot me and e-mail and share hoe to get the money i worked 44 yrs for?????at

    • profile image

      Deskjobwriter 8 years ago

      Well I don't know about Ohio but here in indiana you have to make a claim in person the first time then you have a one week waiting period and then they require you to file a claim every week for that weeks pay. Most infor mation can be found on "your sates".gov page. hope that helps even though I was screwed out of my unemployment I did receive some and then they wanted it all back can't figure out that one at all.

    • profile image

      boomer-ella 8 years ago

      My husband is in construction, and as you all know of the one can afford new houses much. He works really hard, but it never fails that he would come home and say "I'm laid off hon." He sometimes went back to work a week later..good, but not great since he missed a whole weeks pay. Other times, he'd wait for his employer to call back only to say "doesn't look good..better look for another job, sorry."

      My husband was pretty used to filing online here in Washington state. Hard to understand? Heck ya! But he did it thank god, and waited his week. On Friday, he would receive his usual "not gonna pay you the week ending because there is a question" blah blab blah. Filled out the paper work they sent, and sends it back. We'll just have to see what he receives next week. And I don't believe they ever paid back pay from the time he filed before. It was a hassle, and we were broke. One time, they kept sending paper work after paper work to fill out so they could make a decission. And when they finally decided okay, we really need the money....they paid $486.00 a week. It was better than a kick in the pants that's for sure. BUT...about 5 paychecks later, they sent a letter saying they were going to stop payments because they thought my husband said he was expecting a paycheck from his employer when he filled. I don't recall that but it was okay because he had found a new job and was to start that following week. We filled out their "questionaire" in reguards to the mystery check and sent it back.

      My husband filed for unemployment...AGAIN last Sunday online. Yet another boss has gone belly-up and he will be looking for another job. AND to add to the stress, the Unemployment Dept. has sent him a bill for $486 saying they "overpaid him"!!!!!!!! Good Grief. I tell ya, its just like they think your robbing from them YOUR money! They send you so much crud to fill out and send back because they know by time they okay your paper work you'll have a job and they won't have to fork over any money! Then, when they do give you a check....they will work really hard to "read between the lines" to question you again and stop payments......and of course.....come after you for these so called "overpayments". They are a pain in the keester they are!

    • profile image

      Deskjobwriter 8 years ago

      Update You only get 10days to file a Dispute to the claims that they over payed you yet they can file an over payment claim at any time much further past the 10 days that they payed you so how is this fair? It was of coarse my money that they took from my paychecks to put into the fund for my self along with money from my employer so how come they do this? I need to find a lawer to deal with all this and it will actually be worth it since I can use the money from the claim, it's far more than what the lawer will charge and better than being out all the money they want back.

    • profile image

      valerie 8 years ago

      i totally agree it is corrupt, i have been on unemplyment for 8 mths, i just received a letter saturday, for a hearing this tuesday issue is wheather "appeal filed timely", wtf, you only have the most 30 to file an appeal, so why would they conduct a hearing for the company 8 mths later to see if they filed an appeal timely, i have this feeling i am going to get screwed and have to pay shit back, the screwed up part is that the same company that laid me off, just fired my husband, and he filed for unemployment, and has had to appeal it, cause they lied and said he quit, which was bull, so we have been waiting 3 mths for them to give nothing, they say it takes that long to make a decision, he has too had to go over the road, just so we can live

    • profile image

      deskjobwriter 8 years ago

      I have to agree with you there it is an unfair system and it is geared for the employers benefits not the people that it was originally desined to help. For me it is the matter of if I can keep my home or not, actually could end up homeless from this mess that they caused and that is the scarest thing of all.

      I tried to go out and get a CDL but have not beenable to pass the test yet so I guess I am not going to be doing that any time soon lke I thought and in the mean time my life has begun to spin into an out of control finacial disaster, so where is my Bail out money going to come from? The US gov seems happy to give tax payers money out these days to any one that asks, and seems to have a good reason why not me?

    • profile image

      jonathan 8 years ago

      i agree with all of you, i filed for unemplyment in september for them firing me, my emplyer contested and said they offered me a demotion and i quit., so i got denied, then i filed an appeal waited 6 more weeks for a hearing. the day of the hearing, tried to explain to the judge how they fired me, she didn't want to hear anything about me being fired or quitting, she was only there to hear about a job refusal. So wait 2 weeks to get an answer, receive one, and find that the judge ruled, that i did not refuse an offer of suitable work, but the previous, determination is null and void, and is being sent back to the investigators to determine if i was fired or, so know i have to wait 6 more weeks for an investigator to do his thing, get another determination, and if that is not in my favor, appeal it again. What a way to drag this out, i was terminated for no fault of my own, and though that was what unemplyment was for, i have never had to file for this before, and am very disappointed, by the time, they decide to give me it or not, i will have done lost everything, everything has been getting shut off, taken away, ect, and the job industry sucks right now. i cant even get a job at mcdonalds, cause i am over qualified. but this proves that they are in it to help the employers out, the claimants are the ones that have to suffer. but they did tell me that if once they reach a decision and if its in my favor, then i will receive a large sum of money at one time, big whoop, that is not helping me at all right now, and everything will be gone by then. I never would have though it would take 5 or more months to make a decision.

    • profile image

      chichick72 8 years ago

      Government sucks, I filed for unemployment back in Feb 2008 after back and fourth appeals, because I was fired unfairly, I won, but in the meantime to make some money to pay my bills I went for flight attendant training, but was unable to take the job, because they had me overnighting a lot where I never see my children, so I couldn't accept the job.. So in the meantime I been collecting unemployment, I received a letter stating I wasn't approved since I didn't accept the job as the flight attendant and now they are saying I have to pay back 8000.00 dollars as a non fault.. Now Im jobless with no income what so ever, these pigs don't give a shit if we have money to feed our families or pay our bills and now Im made to pay something back that was their error and I believe Im still entitled to the benefits! Not only did they extend my checks for 13 weeks, they sent me another letter saying I would be receiving another 13 weeks and the sameday I received that ltr I got the one saying I owe 8000.00 that was overpaid to me! Where is Obama now??? Hate this country! Im appealing it and will fill you in how it goes! Don't back down ppl this is your money, you paid into unemployment why should we have to pay it back?

    • profile image

      valerie 8 years ago

      hey chichick72, how did they know that you didn't accept the job might i ask, and how many appeals did you go through, we have been going back and forth with my husbands, like they are looking for reasons not to pay him its almost 6 mts now. had another appeal last week, and now waiting on the decision. how long did it take to get yours through. and if you don't mind me asking what finally made them realize that you deserved it.

    • profile image

      Deskjobjocky 8 years ago

      Update. Ok I was out of work again for about a month but this time I was not eligiable for unemployment I was about to have all my utilities shut off I was on the verge of having my house forclosed and my van was repossesed.. It was not that I did not want to take care of my financial obligatins it was that I was unable due to my unemployment. I needed a mirrical and it kind of did not come I finally was able to file my wifes taxes early because she has had a job all this time and we received back our tax return refund we where able to catch up on our past due bills and get the house payments caught up, not able to get our van back, and I need a car to go find a new job, going to have to be creative since I am out of money once again..

      I was hoping that I could find a job writing or working from home but after several tries at home based jobs/businesses I HAVE PRETTY MUCH GIVEN UP!

      Currently I am working through a temp agency till I can find better work. it is not much but it is a paycheck bringing in some money. We have cut back on our bills as much as we can and I am even going to food banks to help with groceries, life should not have to be this hard I feel like America is starting to be a third world country. Our standards of living might be only slightly higher than other countries but soon I feel like america will simply fall behind other countries, and start to take a back seat to the global economy. we can no longer keep pace with other countries that can do work cheaper, and provide equally good products. Where the heck has the Labor unions gone too? and how come there is never a union job for me when I am looking to find one?

      I believe in the union and the representation for fair wages /benefits. we don't receive it from our gov, and when was the last time there was a really good strick that made an impact beyond a local region?

      I still desire to change the system from the inside but it might simply be easier to take over and start fresh lot less red tape and BS and we could actually get to make changes that would benefit others in real life. that said I am going to walk down to the bus stop and go look for a car or at least a bicycle.

    • profile image

      deskjobjocky 7 years ago

      Get ready cause here comes the bad, and then the bader news.

      If you loose yes you will loose a lot. you will loose your unemployment. then to make things worst you will have to pay back the amount in full that you have already received. and you will not be eligible to unemploment till it is payed back and you find another job and get fired again or get layed off. So suck in that belt and prepare to go to battle and I wish you the best of luck while you go to that meeting of doom. cause it's not in the Goverments best interest, nor the businesses interest to help you out, you see, the country that we live in is run by corporations and they don't like loosing money, so you are a loss for them and they are going to cut you loose and cut their losses.

    • profile image

      sillyfluff 7 years ago

      I've been collecting for 3 months. I hate it! Yes unemployment sucks. Trying to keep positive by getting out of bed, brushing my teeth and getting dressed everyday when I'm thinking...why bother getting up. 5 years ago I was out of work for 5 months. The difference then..the local job listings showed around 1200 and you got call backs/interviews. Difference now very few jobs/no callbacks. I wonder if I'll be living in a tent with a bunch of strangers in a year. Our country as we knew if is gone. Never thought I'd see these days. Best of luck to all of you.

    • profile image

      Tyra 7 years ago

      June 2nd I was laid off of work, worked for 3 years for a tiny company. Husband & wife ran it together. Hated it, so it really was a blessing in disguise, or so I thought. Filed, & was turned down. WTF?? Appealed & had phone interview on 6/22. Won it, all was good! Not so much... Got a letter on 8/12 stating that my former employers appealed it again!! Good God people! So I have to wait until 9/10 for all of this. I am pretty sure that they appealed after the 30 day period, so am hoping that is in my favor!!!

    • profile image

      bob 7 years ago

      I feel every ones pain here me and my wife both lost our jobs we were making around 60,000 between us now nothing. we lost jobs on july 1st and july 20 it is now sept 12 and we still are filling out paper work and taking phone calls and they are still waiting to make a decision. Two month how THE HELL ARE PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE, THE MONEY REALLY MEANS NOTHING NOW MY BILLS ARE ALL A MONTH PAST DUE AND I AM FLAT BROKE ON THE WAY OUT OF MY PLACE TO MOVE BACK WITH MY PARENTS OR LIVE ON THE STREET. THANKS TO THIS GREAT COUNTRY WE LOVE SO MUCH. I have never seen so much bureaucracy in my life they give me seven different numbers to deal with one claim and the right had don't even know what the left is doing. they sent me the same F-ing paper work three times.

    • profile image

      Caitlyn 7 years ago

      I am so fed up i am sure i found this site like others did typing in "unemployment sucks". I live in Michigan and I left one job to take a better position at a different place, unexpectedly they closed for the winter. I tried very hard to find a job. It was Nov 2008 I was laid of I found a new job Feb 2009. In that time I collected $4700.00 then like some of you they told me that my employers both filled complaints and I had to go to court. which my last court date was just Aug. 31st 2009...this shit takes forever and I was told I had to prove the money that I made from the job I got laid off from after my first court date, which I won I just had to prove the money I I filled a claim to get the information from him. He didn't respond for over a month to the investigator so that's when I had to go to my second court case, which I lost because I volunteered to leave one job for another (even though I put my two weeks in and did everything the right and professional way). and so finally a week ago I received the info I needed to prove the money I made, I was so happy because they told me i just had to prove I made $3660.00 from Aug 23, 2008 till Nov 31, 2008.....and I had made $3820.00 so just over what they said. So today I called to make sure everything was all good and let me tell you I cried and cried when they told me the judge from the second case changed the dates that I had to make the amount of money in to Sept 20, 2008 to Nov 31, 2008 so I am now short

      $1035.00 so I have to pay the state of michigan back $4700.00, they are sending me a waiver form (which is my last hope) has anyone ever done this before? and did it work for you?

    • profile image

      bull 7 years ago

      There really needs to be laws in place that stops the States unemployment dept. from screwing you over when its there mistake. So many times they pass unemployment and many times they should of never agreed to pay it. So whos fault is it really ? theres . All money you recive before an appeals court date should remain yours. Its not your fault the system is broke and failing,you did what you were supposed to when filing. I was in the same boat drawled unemployment for over a month ,then got a letter saying employer was appealing ,talk about your bullshirt systems. I was looking at 2,000 repayment. I didn't put up with there crap ,I got a free attorny and stuck it to them and won the appeal. Most employers bank you wont do that,make sure you try to get a free attorny don't let the system or the crooked employers screw you. Also write your congressman on new laws to be put in place to stop there overpayment games. good luck all its a jungle out there

    • profile image

      Kayla 7 years ago

      Well, basically I was fired because I missed work due to my car blowing a head gasket on the way to work. Called so many people to take me to work no one available. waited in the heat for a very long time. Called in twice to let them know.I was fired for it. I filed for unemployement and told them exactly that. They approved me. I though GREAT! I cant find a job so this will help me eat adn pay bills, 180 dollars a week.

      I get a letter in the mail 5 months later saying my employer is appealing. During the hearing the judge scolds me for stating I object! when manager saying hearsay things(which i can do during a hearing on those grounds) expects me to have kept detailed records of everything my manager said and did(who does that???), and calls out my manager on a lie (doesn't repremand her for purgury) and rules in their favor that I quit without good cause, even though I was fired..

      I now apparently have to pay back 4000~ dollars back to New Mexico even though they approved me for it in the first place. Sometimes I wonder if this is designed to back up the employer not the workers(neh that is what they are doing..)

      Im 21, trying to go to school full time for Nursing, and I cant find a job. NOW I HAVE TO PAY 4000 BACK(THAT I DON'T HAVE!) THAT THEY DECIDED THEY WOULD PAY ME IN THE FIRST PLACE, EVEN THOUGH THE REASON IM ON UNEMPLOYMENT IS BECAUSE I CANT FIND A JOB TO GET MONEY.Who does that to poor people?

      Maybe I can make $2 payments a month, cause that's what I MAY be able to afford IF I WANT TO EAT STILL.Gerk-offs.My friend is in the same boat with same employer, he doesn't have money to pay it back either. Do they really expect to be payed back in a timely fashion or even at all?(Our government must be daft.)

    • profile image

      Diane 7 years ago

      I also was awarded money and then lost the appeal? I got a letter stating I owe over 5000 back. I wrote a letter saying I could make payments of 150 a month because I do not want to appeal because it did not get me anywhere the first time. Now they are sending me a letter saying they are going to give me another appeal date. I didn't ask for one. I just want to make monthly payments. Did anyone get any answers from unemployment when you couldn't pay the full amount?

    • profile image

      Sven 7 years ago

      I was bullied into quiting in New Mexico. I went from making $2000 a month to $400 a month due to the economy. I filed for partial benefits, because I wanted to keep my job until things picked up. At that time my former boss started writing me up. After 5 years he had no problems giving me $4 in raises and $300 bonuses each year. after 2 weeks of my former boss bullying me and treating me like crap I resigned for workplace harassment. He appealed the partial, I won then he appealed the "separation with good cause" because I quit, and I lost. Now I have to pay back $4000!! I still cant find work, am going to school for paramedic and will try to file bankruptcy or hardship. WHAT A JOKE UI BENEFITS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      JaneDOE 7 years ago

      Was harassed at work, had to have ameeting with my bosses boss I did threaten to quit but then refused to sign the paper then they asked for my badge so they fired me because I was upset about the harrasment I was receiving, was a Union job and the union was actually a major contributor to the harrasment.

    • profile image

      mary 7 years ago

      wELL I WAS ON TIER II AND ALL OF A SUDDEN IT STOPS NO WARNING I CALLED WAS TOLD TO FILE A NEW CLAIM THEY WANT TO SEE IF I WAS WORKING OR NOT GO FIGURE. so then i'm told 3 diff stories by the idiots at workforce connections in new mexico . i stated i should be back to tier ii and backdated pay for week skip now they say it will take 3 4 weeks i have my rent to pay and this is right around christmas. They are liars and idiot lowlifes at the call centers. Love waiting for hours every time i call and had to buy a new phone battery so i don't drop call on my home phone. Cant wait till they loose their jobs.

    • profile image

      Matt in Indiana 7 years ago

      my girlfriend and I worked at the same job. We both got layed off on the same day. She got a part time job at the same place only bringing home between 0 and 120 a week. I applied directly online never went to the office. They said i got a payment on the 24th which I havnt seen yet. (its now the 28th.) this is only 166 dollars... i was making 276 a week which is very little as it is... My girlfriend is receiving nothing from them, they claim she makes too much o_O. Am i going to have to pay what i get back after I find a job? Its 110 dollars less than what i was making a week, and i was barely making it with my job.

    • Bible Studies profile image

      Bible Studies 7 years ago from PA

      This is a little different story. I'm just starting to file for partial unemployment, since my hours have been reduced.

      I start to fill in the questions, and stopped at the one that said "Were you absent from work when work was available?" Their FAQ said "If you were scheduled to work, but did not report to work, you were absent from work. The total dollar amount for the gross wages you could have earned (potential earnings) must be reported."

      The one day I was suppose to work, was the day of the big snow storm at the beginning of Feb up here in PA. A state of emergency was declared, police were out ticketing anyone on the road, a few roads were closed. I was practically snowed in.

      I called my employer who said if you can't make it, then you can't. Try to come in if things get better later on. It got worse that night. The roads were clear enough I could go to work the next day.

      I called the unemployment office, and they stated if you didn't go to work, you still have to report it as if you did. I'm like what the heck. This is totally unfair. The rep said the reason doesn't matter. If you were scheduled and didn't work, you have to report as if you did work. Yes you could have been in a car accident and in the ER in ICU, and you still have to report as if you had gone to work. There are no exceptions.

      I asked to talk to a supervisor, and he blatantly said it was against the rules there for him to put one on. He would have a supervisor call me back. Two hours later still no call back.

      To me because I didn't work that day, it would have allowed me to collect full unemployment. The next week I accepted to fill in a shift. Because I accepted the shift, I'll barely be collecting any unemployment. I might as well not collect any unemployment at all.

      It was tempting just to mark no even though I was scheduled. It would have been immoral, the Bible tells us we are to work with in the law of the land. It is not worth having to pay back that amount later on, if they would have caught on. I could have all my unemployment taken away.

      Currently, I'm not sure if the two days I'm currently working are going to be around much longer. I might be filing for full unemployment soon. In my case, I will still be working for the security company I'm with. I'll just be on the waiting bench to be called in if someone calls in sick, or if another opening appears.

      I tried to apply with two other companies so far. Both times I had two interviews, and both times I haven't heard anything back. Jobs are hard to find.

    • profile image

      griffey 7 years ago

      I know someone that is currently dealing with the Unemployment Department He applied for unemployment late last fall and was given weekly checks for six weeks. Then for some reason his benefits were suddenly denied and he is required to pay back all the money that was given to him immediately. I think the Dept of Unemployment needs to be careful before sending out weekly checks to unemployed people and then forcing them to give all the money back. They should decide YES or NO and in the beginning of the application process. You either qualify for it or you don't. If you don't qualify for it I guess our government allows you to go on welfare. Most of these people would not be applying for unemployment unless they really needed the help. So where are these poor people going to suddenly come up with the thousands of dollars to pay back the unemployment department if they are barely making enough money to survive. Why did they give him the money at all if they were just going to ask for it back. I thought he earned the benefits through his previous job, like most people do. That process has got to be changed soon or this may turn into a nasty situation. I was unemployed for a few months and had no problems but during my unemployment I was required to go to the local Work Source Office to meetings and search for jobs. While I was there I talked to a lot of people that were abusing the system, buying drugs and alcohol with their unemployment benefits and not looking for jobs. The people working at the Unemployment Offices are either a bunch of idiots or just not smart enough to realize what is really happening out there in the real world. If they continue to give money to people truly committing fraud and collecting weekly benefits with no intentions of seeking work the situation is going to get worse. These freaks never get caught and never have to pay back a dime of their benefits. Why is it that the honest hard working people are often forced to pay back their benefits? This bothers me and makes me not trust our government anymore. Who is really in charge in this country? Also why are there so many freaking people on welfare, getting free medical benefits and monthly checks? They should be forced to wake up, smell the coffee and get off of their fat lazy asses and start working. They seem to be living on easy street and getting a free ride while the rest of us have to work for a living. Life is just not fair. I wish we could all do something about this mess, but it seems to be so out of control that people are just giving up. Somebody get out there and do something!

    • profile image

      Jennifer 7 years ago

      I have been through the worst situation with everything you have mentioned and even worse. I was fired from my job due to an altercation with a horrible customer. I worked for National Car Rental/Alamo Renta-a-Car in Arizona where I either worked indepentdently at an off-site location or with one other person. This happened to be a Sunday, so I was alone. The establishment I worked at was an FBO at a small city airport, and most of the other businesses in the FBO were closed for the day or had already gone. Long story short, no witnesses for the dispute.

      Anyway, after the altercation I was extremely upset. I don't do well with things like this, nor have I ever had something like this happen with a customer. After the customer finally left, I tried to reach several managers at the base location in Phoenix, but to no avail. I then called my manager and left a message stating, " I probably wouldn't be there after today because I couldn't take it anymore, and that I was sorry for the short notice......blah blah blah." BUT, and this is a big BUT, the next day another co-worker had called me to find out what had happened on Sunday (previous day) because a customer had come in stating she tried to return a car, but no one was there (4:35pm), when the hours stated until 5:00pm. I explained how upset I was and that I did leave early. She said, and I quote "oh honey, you had better call David" (my manager). Even though I had already done that the day before, I called again. He said, "okay now what happened?" I told him again, but much calmer, and also said I didn't want to lose my job. I needed it and was sorry for saying I wanted to quit. I did ask if I was fired anyway, and he said he didn't know he would have to look into it and do an investigation. The following day he called me back and said they had to let me go. He set up a meeting to sign papers, return my badge and I thought to get a final paycheck. Well here is where this UNEMPlOYMENT CASE takes affect. When I met with my former boss, he opened up a file and inside was a letter written by him for me that I had to resign without notice and was sorry. He gave me a choice, to walk away without signing the letter and I wouldn't receive a recommendation in good faith, or sign it and I would. Well, like and idiot I signed it, but felt like it was the right thing to do so that I may obtain another job without them knowing I was fired. What would you have done? Regardless, I was really fired and didn't end up quitting. I am still umeployed. Which is why I did end up filing unemployment because after months of searching for a job I can't find one that is worth working for. In other words to make ends meet and not end up on the street.

      My initial claim to unemployment required an appeal because I am also a student at the University of Phoenix and the judge misunderstood online full time student status as one who actually went to school full time. That was okay, I got the unemployment. I received 263.00 per week of back pay from when I initially filed in May through July 15, 2009. This back pay was how long I waited without an income due to the appeal - a total of 1,900.00 appx. In December - still receiving unemployment (which I have paid into from my past job) I get a notice that my employer is appealing my unemployment saying I quit. Long story short again, after a long appeal over the phone, I lost because my employer saved my phone message to him. That son of a bitch cohersed me into quitting after everything and then lied to a judge about how everything happened. They knew all along that they would get me if I did this, but the message, even though he knew I was upset and didn't want to quit and accepted that I didn't want to quit; the letter that he wrote and basically cohersed me into signing, and lying to a judge in a court hearing over the phone. I now have to repay over 8,000.00 in unemployment wages. I have appealed the case again, and this time I will use an attorney if I have to. National Car and Alamo have since then been bought out by Enterprise Rent a Car, a billion dollar company. I find it amusing that they would go to these extremities to have the little person, who worked faithfully for them for over two and half years, going above and beyond in work ethics and standards, pay them back "chump change" in their pockets. To me this is extreme. I can't even pay my bill, and my family is also suffering because they have had to help me out financially, which is humiliating and wrong. If I knew how to make a difference and where to start I would, but it wouldn't be to just expose unemployment for making me put my money (as if it were a temporary loan) back in the till for others, but also to expose a lying team of management and human resources team of a billion dollar company! How do you expose people like this? Anyone?

    • profile image

      Jon in Indiana 7 years ago

      I live in Elkhart. You all might have heard of it, Pres. Obama has visited here 3 times now, I think. It's been called the "RV Capitol of the World", so yeah, my employment situation is... non-existent. What I don't get is why these companies bother to fight our benefits tooth and nail when it's already paid into the system... I mean, if you are able to receive benefits, it's because it's already in there. So why fight it? It's not like anything extra comes out of THEIR pockets to pay your benefits (that you and the employer had already paid in while you were employed). I hate this system, I hate our government. Our government hasn't been "for the people" for some time now. We need a change. We need to fire these incompetent pigs and get someone in there that's not corrupt. In my area, we've even had employers really low-balling wages because they know there is 200+ people waiting to get in the door for each 1 job that opens up. I worked at one place that I put in 41 hours in 3 days. My first day I started at 5am and didn't leave until 7:30pm. I made a grand total of $10.41 an hour there (in a factory mind you, a place that should easily make ~$20/hr) and if I stopped for 20 seconds to take a small rest I was yelled at. This economy has let this place turn into a legal sweat shop! They have less than 100 people in this plant and go through over 25 people a week. People with jobs like to criticize us without and look down on us, but what goes around comes around. I wonder if they will be so haughty and high minded when their day comes and they need to step into the unemployment office and ask of the state to survive. Then you have the senators throwing a temper tantrum and causing a lapse in benefits. Like I said, this government is no longer for the people anymore. They don't care about us despite us paying their salaries when we did have good jobs.

    • profile image

      Amy 7 years ago

      Just got the worst news today...after a long one year fight with unemployement I now have to pay all of my $5,148.00 back! I fought long & hard against a company which I have no problem mentioning...Coddington Adjustments in New Jersey! This man harrassed me, be-littled me so finally I quit! Unemployement granted me checks & the Coddingtons fought back. Now I have to pay everything back! I hate this government I hate New Jersey & I hate all the corrupt people that work for unemployement!

    • profile image

      Gennaro 6 years ago

      You may have been a victim of unemployment fraud? I don't know if you heard of web phishing? Well it is when someone breaks into your case from within the government unemployment agency, or perhaps from an outside source, and puts a scam on you! You may want to consider looking into this? Call the FBI if you could not get any answers.

      Good Luck, Gennaro

    • profile image

      Gennaro 6 years ago

      PS Deskjockeywriter, Check out the Department of Labor online. I know on the New York State Labor, Unemployment section where you put your social security numbers in, above is information about PHISHING what I was writing you about. I suggest you promptly pursue this quickly!

      Sorry this had happened, and hope you clear this up for your own sake?

      Much obliged, Gennaro

    • DowntroddenInDC profile image

      DowntroddenInDC 6 years ago from Houston, TX

      Start looking for a job! I quit my job to move south, so I don't qualify for unemployment. However, I have some savings to last me while I get a new postions.

      I put together a website to help me and I encourage anyone out there to check it out. Its a link directory to various company careers and jobs section landing pages. To help expedite your search!

    • profile image

      falken 6 years ago

      I can't even get ahold of anyone on the damn phone, there's no physical address for me to go to in town and I can't file for EUC online. I call all day long, left on infinate hold, get hung up on constantly. ALways transferred to the wrong department. Call back and the phone says I have a wait time of 1,053 minutes. That's over 17 hour hold time and this is 2 hours before they close. This is bullshit, bill collectors will not wait for the government to get this done for me. I am going to have to commit crime in order to pay my rent and utilities. I don't want to be a criminal, the government is forcing it upon me. What do you do when you can't pay your bills, you're about to get kicked out and your utilities are all shut off, meanwhile the government sits on their ass with your benefits, and in the long run will probably tell you to pay them back. At least if I get caught, I'll have free room, board and food paid for by the state.

    • profile image

      idkaskmyhubby89 6 years ago

      i worked from june 30 2010 till july 7th 2010 whe i got laid off i went and filed for unemployment for my previous later on in july i had received my first check..but then i decided to move 4hrs away to go to school in august. so like in september i received a notice stating that my unemployment was being revoked because they received word stating that i still worked for the company im like what the hell??? so its now november and im broke. today i just did my appeal and she's saying that some of the things i said she cant use that information...what the fuck?!!! like seriously lady i live 4 hrs away...i moved in august i got laid off in really fuckin think that im going to drive 4 damn hrs to work at a fuckin SUBWAY????? first and foremost don't you work for government????? so why the hell you cant see that im not working that ive only received one paycheck stub from this company??? number 2 yall say that i owe 945 well if that's the case since you also say that i work for this company how about you collect the money from those checks!!! good luck on that one!!!! the government is so fuckin shitty and they are stealing from sad..and im like shit you might as well of said that you was giving me a damn loan

    • profile image

      N. 6 years ago

      It's true. I've been waiting weeks for unemployment benefits (I was let go about a month and a half ago) and still haven't received a dime. They have to 'review' the case? Ok, sure thing. 4 to 6 weeks? Ok, that probably means 2 to 3...yea, NO. If anything, they'll probably EXCEED those 6 weeks. It's funny...when you owe the government money, they come banging on your door, but when they owe you money, they take their good ol' time. I've been a good worker FOR YEARS, and this is the thanks I get. I'm not asking for $500 a week, I'm just asking for something! It could be $100 dollars a week, I don't care, just SOMETHING! I love the United States, but I H-A-T-E it's government. I'm surprised ANYTHING gets done around here...oh wait, no it doesn't!

    • profile image

      Andy 6 years ago

      I got screwed by Missouri unempolyment ,I had drawed unempolyment from 12/09 till 4/12/10 then went back to work till Dec 15 of 2010 .Filed for unemoplyment. I made to muck the first week so didn't get a check next week was a waitting week. then got 127.00 a week for two weeks then got a letter that I was overpaid 948.00 from 1/2/2010 till 4/2010 I should have been on reg unempolyment but some one put me on extened benefits at the Missouri unempolyment office. They said IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE BUT IT DIDN'T MATTER I had to pay it back. Then after 3 times talking with them now I owe 1,068.00. They said they sent me a payment of 222.00 on the 12/25/2010 that I never got that I have to pay back. So now I owe 1290.00 and wont get a unempolyment check till it paid back at 127.00 a week .I have a part time job of 4 to 5 hr a week so take 20% off my 127.00 a week they said some where around 12 to 14 weeks before I will get a check. I told them it your falt and they said yes it is but that didn't matter I HAVE TO PAY IT BACK. I said what happens in the mean time when I lose my apartment and have to live on the street they said not their ploblem.If I didn't like it to appeal it but it will take 12 week or so before an appeal will go thru. If i get a job they will take up to 80% of my pay check to pay back what's not paid and hold my State income tax also. So lets see some one up at the unempolyment head quarters makes a mistake dosent catch for a yr and I have to pay it backSounds like BULL SHIT to me if I had commet froud and lied about what I made or done some thing like that then yes I sould have to pay it back BUT I DIDN'T it was their mistake and they said I SHOULD HAVE CRECTED IT BEFORE NOW how the hell do I do that I don't write my own checks from them or do the paper work that's there job.

    • profile image

      Mike J 6 years ago

      Welcome to the state of Michigan!!!! I just love my state.NOT!!! I had a phone hearing on october 8th 2008 to determine if I was eligible for unemployment. I won the hearing and received unemployment for about a yeah and a half. I know some of you say free loader, but Michigan has no jobs available that don't involve McDonalds. Well It has now been almost been two and a half years since that hearing. I have back to work for some time now,and guess what I just got in the mail two and a half years later? Come on guess...A letter stating that the original

      judges decision has been reversed,and I now owe back $28,000.00. Yes that says twenty eight thousand dollars back. What do I do now. Bankruptcy you say? Checked into that and according to Michigan, certain debts have to be repaid in full no matter what, and unemployment is one of them. So now I have no other options but to bend over and take it in the ass for the next twenty or so years as they garnish my wages,add more penalty fees,take my tax returns,and leave me with what? That's right.. A slave to the state of Michigan that tells me when to wipe my own ass. So to all the people out there that think they want to go on unemployment,think again. Odds are you will be signing your life away to your state. How they can give me that letter two and a half years later baffles my mind. Unemployment seekers beware and enjoy our great state of Michigan!!! Sincerely,

      Michigan Unemployments greatest fan

      Mike J.

    • profile image

      Deskjobjocky 6 years ago

      Mike J. Your not alone and in fact it is more common than you think if you have oportunity get a lawer and contest this reversal you have a very limited time to do this so I advise immediate action!! they do take advatage of the fact that you are getting benefits but these are benefits that are rightfully deserved hence you pay unemployment fees out of your payroll, prior to being unemployed.. The only way this can change is if we as the citizens stand up to the state and fight back. ouch on the 28,000.. that is huge in fact you mak me think my $5,000 to pay back is small when it is not.. there needs to be somone a state rep that you can turn too for resolution with this matter I am planning to locate my self to Michigan and once I have citizenship in Michigan I am applying to get into politics and I suggest you take similar actions.. Maybe you wish to join my political party the Labor Party.. representing the working class americans that are being pushed out of jobs and taxed out of their homes and made to be wage slaves.. Alone you can achieve small things together we can achieve GREAT things! join the Labor Party the ticket I am planing on running on.. I invite you to join me.

    • profile image

      another hoosier screwed 6 years ago

      I just received 2 letters from the state of indiana after alomist 6 months later of my claims stopping. I am told my stte tax returns belong to them now and that I was over paid 13,500.00 If I don't pay it soon they will prosecute me??? I am soo frickin confused. This is utter bs. I am still unemployed and have nothing to give them, much less do I even understand why I have to pay it all back.?.

    • profile image

      jason 5 years ago

      Same here, I owe $8500....and all I did was file my claims as usual...they screwed up and as a single dad with 2 kids I am struggling. I have been going to school the whole time I have been laid off and let me tell you after 18 years of work it has been tough doing this. The last thing I need is the unemployment office trying to screw me more.

    • profile image

      CK in WA 5 years ago

      From the NUMEROUS posts here it is obvious the unemployment systems in all states are NOT working to provide benefits to the people who deserve them.

      Our experience with the WA State Unemployment Office has been a nightmare as well. We own our own const. co., which by the way you do not pay into unemployment in this state if you own your own company and so you are not entitled to collect from it either. So normally when work is slow we are on our own.

      However, my husband took a job the last 3 years working for another company as their employee. He had a deal with them to work their company and ours when the work was there. He ended up working more in the other co. than our own the last two years, which qualified him to collect unemployment.

      After filing and collecting from Nov 1 through about end of March, we get a letter. The other company was claiming he quit. Long story short--we went thru a hearing, which took months and no payments were issued during that time. We had to prove he didn't quit, which we did or pay back almost 6,ooo bucks. We provided all job search logs from Nov through April as well. They were approved. We won and 3 weeks later finally a check. They missed paying 1 week during that time. We are still fighting to clear it up.

      Our problem is the constant harassment we are receiving from WA Unemployment. They seem to be targeting us for some reason. We are allowed to work in our business if the work is there, but have to report the amount earned. Fine. We did report it--the few days that were worked anyhow. We believe they don't like business owners on unemployment from the treatment we've received.

      For those who think they are helping the businesses. No. Not so. They raised the rates on them and are screwing them too. They are all about themselves. Our theory is the state is completely broke so they harass people on unemployment to try and get them off it. With unemployment rates so high they want those numbers down to make it appear things are improving and more importantly so they have one less person to pay out to.

      What's maddening is it isn't their frickin' money to begin with. The federal extensions are their money, but the feds also receive money from businesses nationwide annually to help cover this. We have paid into this for years and could never understand why we had to because we could not ever collect unemployment.

      As for the harassment. We have been repeatedly asked for job logs. When we started they asked for 3 weeks worth. Then the hearing with the employer also covered all job logs Nov thru hearing date in March I think.

      Then he was required to go in for a job source meeting May 3 to learn how to do a resume (which he had) & how to get a job. It turned out to be the one day he was called into to go to work for his own company--who is going to pass up work. Not him. No number is provided to cancel or reschedule the meeting. I called main number. They said wait for a letter, answer questions and return it. I waited. It came and was due back in 4 days. The next day I received a second letter stating he didn't answer the letter, which wasn't even due back yet, and was now required to attend a meeting and bring ALL his job logs (AGAIN--3rd time to be reviewed). He went & took all job logs.

      The job logs were hand-written, but complete as per the form. NOT good enough. If you contact a person in person you still have to provide the person's phone number--not their address. They would not accept them. He came home and had two hours to complete 6 months of job logs. We did it and emailed them to her. She confirmed by email she received and accepted them. Thought all was good. No.

      Next day he gets a call and she says she wants the reason why the job didn't pan out on each one. The form does NOT ask for this, but we did it anyhow. Sent it back in. She called later and complained. He told her to just send them in as is.

      They ended up denying the week he missed the original work source meeting. Apparently going to work was not an acceptable reason for missing the appointment. Can you believe that B.S.! What a joke.

      Last week...another letter comes asking for job search logs for a week in January. We sent them for the 4th time for review.

      Husband went back to work June 6th and was scheduled for another work source meeting on June 13th. He was working so he missed it. They sent out more paperwork wanting to know why he missed this appointment and threatening to deny unemployment for that week. HA! He hadn't even filed to claim in over 2 weeks! Sent it back and told them he was back to work and had not claimed for that week.

      Today....they have now moved to phone calls to him on his cell number. He is in a dump truck and can't drive and talk, but listened to the messages, which are asking for MORE FRICKIN' paperwork regarding the same weeks.

      The WA State Unemployment office is harassing people. It is plain to see and we are fed up. My husband is a very hard working person. He has only filed for unemployment once--way back in the late 1980's or so and that was only for a about a month. He worked 2 jobs the last 3 years and has ran a successful small business since 1999.

      Now this office is asking for paperwork they have received at least 4 times. They are asking for paperwork about the meeting he had with them. HELLO! Don't THEY have the paperwork regarding the meeting in THEIR FILES. You bet they do. THEY need to get off their own lazy asses and go look it up and quit harassing us.

      Thank God he is back to work. We will never bother filing unemployment again. It isn't worth the headache at all, which I am sure is what they were hoping for all along anyhow.

      Washington State is broke. They are looking for anyway possible to squeeze its citizens so they don't have to pay out. We are currently looking forward to a Dept. of Revenue audit of our company books in July. Just MORE waste of my time digging out paperwork. My books are completely in order and above board---no worries, but I really don't need the hassle right now (my Dad was diagnosed with cancer & undergoing chemo--doesn't look good). So sad to have to waste my time with the auditor instead of fishing with my dad.

      My Accountant said they have seen a huge rise in the number of state audits this year. One accountant has 40 on his books and mine said he has over 25 clients---whereas the norm is around a dozen or so a year for them.

      It's time to tighten the belts....not mine. The govt. needs to reign in their spending and quit coming back to the citizens to bleed them dry.

      I really feel for all those who have posted here. We are fortunate enough to not have many bills at this stage in our lives so it hasn't hurt us there, but I couldn't imagine what it would have been like had we had a monthly house payment/rent, etc.

      Hang in there...and God Bless you all. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. People need to know what is happening and perhaps it is time to really start bitching at the right people to stop this crap.

    • profile image

      desjobwriter 5 years ago

      I would like to start a national movment on this issue with all voters and want to bring this tolight in the next vote for our government officials since government employees think it is their job to harrase and make it difficult for those americans that deserve to collect the unemployment that they have been forced to pay and now need. I want this to be an issue for both republicans and democrats to address and to get a resolution because some place some where there is some one responsible for this treatment of citizens, and we have the power to vote but this does us no good when the people that are causing us grief instead of helping us are payed gov emploees them selves. the gov is supposed to work for us not against us. please feel free to write me here on hub pages and I would like to take up for both sides the employees and emploers that are facing challenges that would not be there if not for our screwed up gov.

    • profile image

      KentuckyGal 5 years ago

      File for Bankruptcy people! They're saying I owe them $10,000 - so guess what? I'm not going to owe these criminals JACK. They don't let anyone know about the 10 days to file an appeal - they think they're slick. No wonder people rip them off and don't feel bad. Bunch of jerks! Oh, by the way? It's not the people at the unemployment commission you should be angry at... they're just following the "LAW". It's the people making the "LAW" you should be upset about! Either our state reps need to make some changes to the way they do things, or we vote them out and get people who will do something about this corrupt system.

    • profile image

      lucylou 5 years ago

      does anyone know what happens if you owe unemployment

      and you loose your job

    • profile image

      nina 5 years ago

      Unemployment makes a mistake and Im left to pay. I have an eviction notice now. What are we going to do about this! We have to stand up and fight! I am going to start writing my congressman!

    • profile image

      Santina 5 years ago

      I attempted to call "MARVIN" to certify for the first time this morning and after I was done it said that the payment didn't go through and that I had to call a different number. I have been calling the number for almost 2 hours and I keep getting messages that either say all of the circuits are busy or all of the representatives are busy. Maybe they should hire some of the unemployed people to staff the frustrating!

    • profile image

      Frustrated in Ohio 5 years ago

      Wow, so it seems the unemployment office gives people the run around everywhere and for years now! I've been trying to get it or a job since October! No luck! Denied, denied, denied, hearing (they said I never called in LIE) hearing, waiting. The company I worked for lied, my manager lied under oath even. I just keep hoping karma will prevail!!!

    • profile image

      Am I still in America? 5 years ago

      I am not collecting unemployment and I have never collected it, with that said... in today's economy it could happen to any of us at anytime. After having read all these comments I have to say that what I am seeing here is already been played out in the Social Security System. Our sweet Federal Government stole that money, oh excuse me, borrowed (although my Mother always taught me if you supposedly borrowed something without asking first it was the same as stealing). The republicans want to call SS and Medicare an entitlement and list it right next to welfare and food stamps. DO NOT LIST MY SS AND MEDICARE UP THERE WITH WELFARE AND FOOD STAMPS! But yes it is an entitlement, I AM ENTITLED TO IT BECAUSE IT IS MY DAMN MONEY! Not to mention the places I have worked has had to match every dime I paid into it. Just like unemployment, we pay into it and then they want to keep it and act as though we are lazy because we want our money that they have been taking out of our paychecks, that by the way we did not ask them to start these programs in the first place...but they were looking out for the people. (HA) If they had just left our money in our paychecks we could have saved for our own retirement and have had money for our own crisis. But they thought they could take better care of us than we could. I would not doubt but what the unemployment monies paid in has went the same way as the SS. They most likely have borrowed it to and that is why every claim is a fight to the finish, because they do not have the money. Now that I am 52 years old they either want to abolish SS or extend retirement age, either way I'll never get my money back. I personally do not want to work until I am either too old or too sick to enjoy my retirement. I am sorry but most of us are not making 6 figure incomes and while we have large corporations out there taking money out of our pockets and being able to blatantly rip off consumers what little is left we do not have enough to set aside for all this and what we did have the government has saw fit to withdraw from our paychecks for our own good...just to steal it or give it to those who have never worked or worked so little they should not be drawing off my SS, but when someone who has worked and really needs it, they cannot draw it. I do not want to give the wrong impression I am not a democrat either, if they had their way they would continue to keep taking our money from our checks and then rather than give it back to us they will just give us welfare and food stamps and keep us poor. Obama and his crazy ass healthcare plan, what the hell has that done? It will up the cost of healthcare which will up the cost of insurance not that the insurance companies need a reason to up their costs. The insurance companies is exactly who needs to have something done with them. And none of this cross the state lines bullshit, they say that it will cause more competition, I don't know about you but I have lost count on how many insurance companies we have in Indiana, and surprisingly enough I work in a hospital where when we are trying to get authorization from some of our patients insurance companies we are actually speaking to someone out of state. (WTF)! I'm not saying I understand all that but...WTF! Bottom line is, whether it be republican or democrat or for that matter if what we have now as independents is all we have to choose from...then I think we can look forward to more tent cities showing up, more of our paychecks disappearing longer lines at soup kitchens,homeless shelters,food stamp lines, welfare lines etc. I also believe that what we are missing here is A) unification B) the realization that not everything is convenient, that we need to stand together and start to rebel against what our government has become. Everyone is studying who to vote for...I say all Americans on election day should show up at the voting polls and...NOT VOTE! But we should stand together outside the polls and say we are done, we are taking our country back! We are taking our money back and we are no longer financing big corporations to get rich using our money to do it, all while we grow in poverty. Let us have our own money to make our way in this capitalistic nation. This is no longer a Capitalistic country because the government is taking from the middle class and the poor to give to the wealthy corporations, the illegals, and yes those who truly are lazy and ripping off the system. I often wonder why I get up and go to work in the mornings as well, what with the government, large corporations, just taking every dime I earn, when I realize I do it for my self worth and because I am thankful to have a job. Although I agree with what was said about most of these work places becoming more like sweat shops, and they are getting away with it. Well I have to stop now or I could go on and on, but there are answers we just all have to fight back TOGETHER, remember there is strength in numbers. Overload those unemployment offices, start a wall street out in front of the capitol buildings in your state protesting the unemployment offices. I saw more than 1 comment on Michigan, on Washington, NJ use that and get together look up more in your states who are disgruntled and make a lot of loud noise! Sure you will see yourself on TV and most likely some will not have positive reviews, but that is partially how they hold us back, the other way is by how we act when we protest, Wallstreet protesters screwed up by allowing criminal activity to go on, do not live down there show up everyday and alternate people so that you can continue to look for work at the same time, stop some of the negativity before it starts, example: they want to collect unemployment but they can live down at our capitol protesting instead of looking for work, if you are all alternating and not living down there you just took that point away from them do not give them ammunition to stop you. I do so wish you all the best of luck with whatever you decide to do, but mostly I pray that God be with you! I thought we lived in America, a just and fair Nation? I think we might be wrong.

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Interesting information. I'm just now starting the process, so I'm curious to see if and how I get screwed, as well.

    • profile image

      MAC 5 years ago

      Well I got denied for unemployment after one of my employers said I failed to return to work. I was still under doctors care for a work related injury and still had further testing to be done. I kept my employer abreast of all my doctoring. When I spoke to him Feb.14,2011 he never mentioned that my medical leave ended Jan 31,2011. All he said was keep me posted and I did. The unemployment office had all the medical document that my specialist filled out stating that I was not to return to my original job but released me to a previous job. This has been the biggest nightmare and it has destroyed MY life and everybody around is suffering. I had to give up my car and my bills still keep on coming, just a big mess. My employers pay into unemployment already. My plan was not to live on unemployment, I just needed a little help. I made more money when I was 15 years old than I did last year. Damn them all!

    • profile image

      John Doe 5 years ago

      I am in NJ, was unemployed, was eligible for benefits, received them, and did not work the whole time. Now I get a letter saying they want me to pay it all back (4 tiers). This is a scam by the gov. because if a guy is legitimately unemployed, receives the standard tiers for that state, then how the hell do they turn around , and say..."ooops sorry, we used the wrong soc. number, and now we want all the money back." Oh, so based on something as stupid, as an soc. number, you are going to screw me, a nurse who was legitimately seperated from employment. It's a gov. scam.

    • profile image

      Monique 5 years ago

      Who do you talk to from a legal perspective? Who can we write and how can we get someone to moderate on our behalf. If this something that is taking place nationwhide then it should be made public and every News Paper, Congressman, Senator, Mayor, etc. should know. What can we do?

    • profile image

      Ange 5 years ago

      My wife filed for unemployment because her work put her on a leave because they could not give her light duty work and she had a dr. report saying she needed light duty faxed to the work to prove it. Well she got her unemployment and has had it for 17 weeks and now they finally decide to say why are you getting it again? She tells them the same thing and then calls back and says that she never told the hr that she needed light duty and my wife gets confused under stress said she don't remember what she told them but i know she did. Anyway we get the letter saying we owe all 17 weeks back which is 4,000 because she does not deserve unemployment for voluntary loa which it wasn't! Luckily they are not seeking jail time but im disabled and my wife is unemployed we can't pay that so they said you have 2 years before they can put liens on property and interest inures! Ok so that's ok we will pay on it cause we don't know what else to do then my wife talks to the people to make the payments too and they say interest starts next month. Im wondering if we should appeal and argue that she made a mistake and she told them in person she could not work unless light duty.

    • profile image

      Rudy 5 years ago

      They want me to pay back over 20k because of their mistake.

      However, I believe they are scamming people by tagging them with another persons data, lame excuse.

    • profile image

      Edna Matthews 5 years ago

      They say i owe 3500 , After I listened and trusted their workers! i followed their advice when they told me i didn't have to file for paid and unpaid training, i did just that next thing u know Im charged with over payment.I just lost my JOB today!! and while i filed i was approve so far for $66 a week!!!! and when i get my benefits the will garnish them until its all paid off..and that can take up to 5yrs in that little amount smh!! I HATE OUR GOVERNMENT!! I'm paying for their Mistake. Life is hard But GOD IS YET STILL A WAY MAKER!

    • MarkHudson01 profile image

      MarkHudson01 5 years ago

      I was on unemployment for a wile only living off 170 a week. finally i got a job at a temp lobber place. but they only needed me for two weeks. So then after that i asked to be back on. I then was on unemployment again thinking everything was fine because they accepted me back. knowing about my last job experience. But it wasn't in tell i got another job 8 months later to shut it off to then tell me i wasn't accepted. I hate my life. I have suicidal thoughts. Thank you government

    • deskjockywriter profile image

      deskjockywriter 5 years ago from Muncie, Indiana

      It has been three years now I am still apauled that this can happen to the american people and that the gov system is so corrupted. So I am purposing a class action law suit if you are able please contact me for further information.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 5 years ago

      On Thanksgiving I went in for emergency surgery. My manager refused to take me off the schedule even though I was in the hospital and was harassing me to work. I worked for the company for 6 years, never called off and never written up. Two weeks later when I was released I went back to work and they hired someone else and cut me down to 2 days a week for 2 weeks then on December 26th I was let go. I filed for unemployment after almost 2 months I got a letter saying I was awarded Unemployment because there was no evidence that I did anything that was detrimental to my employer or whatever. Terrific! It's not anywhere what I was making before but hey it's something. Yesterday I get a letter that my ex-manager is appealing my unemployment and made up all this COMPLETE bull as to why I was fired. How is this possible?!?! I only had a handful of days to appeal if I was denied. How the hell months later they can appeal?!?? And it's not like I haven't been trying to get a job. The state of Pennsylvania requires you to put in 3 applications a week to keep your unemployment which I've been doing. But it's kind of hard to get a job when the company you're trying to work for calls your former employer and they say horrible lies about you!

    • profile image

      Christine 5 years ago

      This happened to us also. I was so shocked. We had to take out a loan to pay it back! It would have better to never have received the money. Funny they can demand immediate repayment for their errors but if we find an error they made it can take weeks if not months.

    • profile image

      Jackie 5 years ago

      we need to start the movement of americans against the unemployment office I hate them with a passion recall all of unemployment

    • deskjockywriter profile image

      deskjockywriter 5 years ago from Muncie, Indiana

      I am very serious about the fact that any one who has an issue contact me for being included into a clas action lawsuit and if you have any legal battles with judgments in your favor please share with me as it would be invaluable in my fight as I feel like they made a mistake and owe me that money not me owe them

    • profile image

      Jill 5 years ago

      My employer paid me as an LLC 5% holder only a member. I never received any money all yr and had to file MTA tax and taxes quarterly. It cost me more to be an llc. So I asked to be terminated. One I never signed anything back in 2007 to join. I signed a paper in 2011, however he told me it was chaging status to w2. Now I received w2 wages paid all federal, state and Unemployment nys. Now I've been laid off. Collected three months unemployement and now they sent me a letter that they stopped my unemployemnt and have to pay it back. Why?? I'm no longer an LLC member. I paid by w2 and I have to get an attorney and go to court. Not understanding family of five and no income!

    • deskjockywriter profile image

      deskjockywriter 5 years ago from Muncie, Indiana

      class action law suit against the unemployment system is a real deal I am seeking an appropriate Law Firm that could handle such a suit if you read this and have an unemployment issue feel free to contact me via this site follow me and I will keep updates going will be getting a web page made soon for the law suit list.

    • profile image

      Michael 5 years ago

      I had a part-time already, when I lost my full-time job. So Unemployment knew that I had two jobs. I ended up collecting for about 22 months of Unemployment. Long story short, I earned about $4,000 from my part-time work in that time span. Now with the letters I am receiving, penalties, over payment and such, they say I owe over $52,000. I guess they are claiming fraud.

      At one point, while collecting Unemployment, I took a job for less than a week and got a $70 check for two weeks. I stated on MARVIN that I did in fact start a new job; even though it was very part-time. For that, I stopped getting my Unemployment checks. So at that point, I was very careful with what I stated on the automated system. And, for that reason, I simply skipped claiming a few weeks and thought that would just make everything balance out.

      I admit that I didn't follow the proper procedure. I'm not going to sit here and play stupid. BUT, I made about $4,000 for 22 months. How can they justify asking me for $52,000? Heck, I only made $4,000.

    • profile image

      Jody 5 years ago

      I lived in Minnesota, worked 2.5 years for a healthcare company, was treated like sh** by my two clients, one tried to run me over with her electric wheel chair, and she tried to bite me twice in 8 months time, the company promised me raises, never saw one, I was doing the training for all new PCA's, and got sick of the run around and mistreatment by the clients. I was going to give two weeks notice, and was told I was done effective immediately, I applied for UI, and my employer did not respond to the states request for denial or approval, so I had to copy all my check stubs, and send them to the state, I was approved for UI, I received UI for two years while looking for work, in the mean time, I discovered that my employer was giving me a bad reference when I applied to PCA jobs. They decided all of a sudden to appeal my UI, I lost my appeal, and now the state of MN wants $17,000.00 in full. I still have not been able to find full time, long term employment, even with the help of a work rehab vendor hired by my workers comp from another job that I was injured on the job at. I moved from MN to WI and still no work. I continue to look for work, and I want to file for bankruptcy, but I am not sure if I can against the debt.

    • profile image

      james 4 years ago

      I signed up for unemployment, because it was the only way I could get food stamps. I never collected any money and now they wont stop sending me a collection letter. The government wants me to pay back money I never received. Its one big scam to screw over the american people.

    • profile image

      Mary 4 years ago

      I too got screwed with unemployment and the appeal process. They requested $120 a month. I pay them $50. I will pay them what I can afford not what they want me to. Pay them back $1 tell them that's all you can afford. If they cash the check they excepted your payment plan and not theirs. Even if I win the lottery I still want pay them what they want me to. It's just the principle of they should not lie to people and treat them like they haven't contribute to our government when they worked hard and honest. Shame unemployment employees aren't hared working and honest.

    • deskjockywriter profile image

      deskjockywriter 4 years ago from Muncie, Indiana

      For Every one that must know there is a solution you simply need to stand up not as an individual but with a class action suit

    • profile image

      Aaron 4 years ago

      So, I was out of work for a year. Collected about 11,000 total. In that time I started a blog - have never made a cent from it - just to divert some creative energy before I went stir crazy. Well, I found myself with a job and then out of one the next year. Applied again for unemployment. 7 months. They never processed the paperwork. I called numerous times, e-mails, nothing. We're working on. At the end I got a job and ended it. I figured it would be straightened out and I'd get something for my taxes. Nope. So, I called, said this was outstanding and if we could close the account. I didn't even want the money anymore. Well, over a month of e-mails they asked me what I did during the time of this second filing. I told them I had some creative work that didn't pay anything, a second blog. Well, they didn't read it and decided that this was what I did a year previous and that I'd lied about being unemployed for a year as I was making a living as a blogger and suddenly I was asked to pay back 24,000 in one month! Of course, I declared that I was going to want a hearing. Then, I heard that there was a math mistake and I ACTUALLY owed 29,000! Wow, that's some math mistake. I went to court - didn't have a lawyer because I was making $1000 a month and didn't want to go bankrupt just on lawyer's fees. Long story short. There was a missed email from them to me (that I didn't see until closing arguments) asking what I did the 2 years previous, and that's when I figured the whole thing out. Sadly, the judge refused to see any e-mails and said the 7 months outstanding was irrelevant and refused to hear details. The result? Well, I've spent this year paying back $5000! Why? Because I'm only a partial embezzler! You see, in NYC if you have ANYTHING you're doing - including babysitting or picking your nose - outside of watching tv you're employed! And, here, if I babysit my niece for one day I'm not partially employed I'm FULLY employed! So, one day of babysitting means a complete forfetting of ALL benefits. It's completely messed up. So, what happened was I paid for a blog hosting side mid-year. Now, I don't make any money from the blog, there was nothing on it for months as it had to be designed. But, the action of doing something to occupy my time meant I was EMPLOYED ... part of the year! It's stupid! What's worse is that I lost my job in May. I'm banned from unemployment for over a year. That may have lapsed now, but since I still have the blog I'm still employed and I don't want to go back to court so I'm not collecting umeployment. Right now I sell books off my shelf on Amazon and bring in about $100 a month. My unemployment check is $107 a month. Yeah, I'm doing well. ha Send resumes out and get no response. Not even an interview. So, I'm really just waiting. I dont' have a CC due to a bankruptcy. And, I still owe 2500 to unemployment due in a couple months. It won't happen. I expect to be audited or something. They'll find I have exactly what I say I do. Nothing. Luckily, I'm in a domestic partnership with someone whose willing to cover the expenses. But, it really sucks. And, the blog was tied into starting my own business as I thought that because I couldn't find one why not be creative? So, I'm punished for working hard! But, hey, if you want to know how to eat on $5 a day in NYC I can help!

    • profile image

      Eric 4 years ago

      How do I join this Class action Lawsuit?? This story sounds EXACTLY like mine and I am in the SAME predicament... single father, claimed unemployment, EVEN WON THE FIRST APPEAL, and the government is saying that I owe close to $5000. I have a mortgage, college loans, utility bills and my daughter to feed! I don't make but about $1500 a month yet they are demanding that I pay back within a month! YES, I SAID I EVEN WON MY EMPLOYERS APPEAL!! Any suggestions or information would be appreciated

    • profile image

      AlexBroolve 4 years ago

      We employed to acquire high on existence although as of late I've established some sort of opposition.

    • profile image

      Lucky me 1863 4 years ago

      Does filling for bankruptcy help? Or do you have to pay anyway. These unemployment seems to have unethical practices.

    • profile image

      SHERRY 3 years ago

      you are right I get half my money taken away because they (social security/disability) because they made an error so what the H am I suppose to live on . I just keep getting deeper & deeper in debt!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DOES SUCK! I BET IF THEY HAD TO LIVE ON 700 P/MO THEN YOU WOULD SEE SOMETHING HAPPEN . I BUSTED MY BODY UP WORKING SO HARD ON THE FARM & WHAT DO YOU GET FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK "NOT A DARN THING" & A HUSBAND THAT I DIVORCED CAUSE HE HE WAS SO NASTY HE DOESN'T LIKE HIMSELF SO NOW HE THINKS HES GONNA WRECK MY LIFE. HE DOESN'T HAVE TO PAY ME CRAP!!!! YOUR DAMNED IF YOU DO & DAMNED IF YOU DON'T

    • profile image

      sighs 3 years ago

      I would like to join this class action suit.

      Where do I sign up for it, what do you need from me?

      It's true, they don't care about anything except money. They treat unemployment benefits like it's a line of credit. And you see the law that people are obligated to pay back monies paid in error even if they are received in good faith. It doesn't matter if you are honest with them, it's like they punish you for it. They are either Apaths or Sociopaths - probably a mix of both. They are indifferent and/or uncaring about others.

      They need to be stopped and held accountable for THEIR errors.

    • profile image

      cheryl remington 3 years ago

      If I hear one more time that I cant do anything about what my former employer & the unemployment judge did to me , I'm going to loose it! I cant find a lawyer here in Spokane to save my life even with all the proof I have , but because I have no money up front means I have no rights. I can honestly say that being in an abusive relationship & having cancer is easier to have gone thru than what they have & still doing to me! I am separated with a 9yr old son who is suffering because of this , I have no family hear or any support ,and this has put me & my son in harms way for no good reason . If there is anything I can do to help stop the corruption and or suggest how to hold them accountable PLEASE CONTACT ME! My son & I would be forever GREATFUL!! My email is

    • profile image

      Brandon Meehan 3 years ago

      your story sounds exactly like mine I worked 1 day and they are trying to say I owe them for 9,000 bucks they tole 2,100 from my wife's tax return last year now I am in school and am expecting Financial Aid and I am in fear of them taking my aid how do I sign up with the Class acton Law suit get a hold of me my I am on facebook my url is

    • profile image

      Dee 3 years ago

      This issue is ongoing and is ridiculous. Back in October 2010 I got approved for eligibility and received 283 a week. In April i received an error stating i needed to call in because there was an issue with my certification. I was then informed that I have been receiving unemployment insurance for the past six months and i needed to pay back $6,700. I filed for an appeal and i lost due to not having any documentation. I do not understand how I am required to pay back this amount of money when it was not my fault i was over payed. I was not trained to do their job and determine if someone is eligible to receive benefits. The employer failed to appeal the determination within the 15 day period and allegedly it was because they never received paperwork from the department. They allegedly showed "good cause" because they did not receive information and because they only found out due to checking their quarterly report. How is it my fault they only check their reports quarterly? If they pay into the system they should check reports in a more timely manner considering they are ruining someone else's life and eventually credit. I was told there is nothing I can do about this situation because i received benefits when i was not eligible. (like i knew that). I was informed that by the end of December or the beginning of January they will put a lien on any property and will begin to garnish my wages. The only options i have is to file for bankruptcy, pay off the amount in full, or payments, or take this case to civil court. I am only 24 years old and getting screwed over due to their mistakes. There needs to be a rule or policy that if it is administrative or employer mistakes they are obligated to pay the amount that was over payed or take it out of the workers gross income , considering it was their mistake. I am completely disappointed in this system that continuously screws innocent people over. Social Policy makers should really take a look into this problem and help people out that do not deserve this. I have a child i have to care for, and if i did not need the assistance i would have not applied for benefits. I would like to join this class action. Something needs to change.

    • profile image

      oneforall 3 years ago

      this country needs a revolution point blank period...people need to stand up and take back our country...everything this country was founded upon has been taken out of our hands slowly but surely...but its written that this country is ours...not theres...they work for us...time to put there ass back in the rightful position

    • profile image

      Painful2013 3 years ago

      I want to join the law suit.

      They stated I owe over 15,000. I asked for a break down and was unable to get a break down on the amount owe. Now I have to go to court on Unemployment Fraud Jan 17th, and try to fight this. I am unsure what to do and how to handle this situation. Can I file CHAPTER 13 to get this dismiss? What are my options? I barely have enough money to feed my family, and this will really put a burden on me if I have to pay this amount back to unemployment.

    • profile image

      Al 3 years ago

      Guys don't be surprised that this shit awful country is screwing people over. I went through several years ago and fond that the solution is to work under the table and have several different hustles going on that are tax free....Im not saying sell drugs or something like that, I am just suggesting that you find some income that they cant tax. This way you are both making a better life for you, and sticking it to the gov. Some small business owners pay under the table as well as if you use craigslist under the "Gigs" or "General Labor" section. I owe 3000 dollars to them and as long as I never work a taxed job they wont be able to get it. Fuck them. Remember this only works if you were poor and probably going to be poor your whole life. I wouldn't advocate doing this if you have a good job. Lets just say if you make 30000 a year or less than 12 bucks an hour you can do better out of the system. I once had the typical republican attitude that if people just worked hard like me they would be fine. Lost a job....than another....than my wife go laid off twice in one year. We have been stepped on and led on in regards to getting help. I will never pay into this bs again.

    • profile image

      AJ 3 years ago

      Jesus, wish you used a different name but okay....

      Some people scam the system from the start. Others try to utilize programs and then get off them asap. Not everybody is honest or a cheat. The answer is as always somewhere in the middle. Figured with you being Jesus you would have knowledge of this. If an employer lies and says you quit after they fire you. YOU COULD END UP OWING THE GOV MONEY. Right or wrong this is a truth. If the employer wins you have to pay it back. Doesn't matter if they lied to win. So typing in all caps that people need to read a pamphlet does very little to fix this issue. I guess what we need to do is 1. apply for benefits. 2. pray we actually get them. 3. Save them for an undetermined amount of time to make sure we aren't going to get screwed. 4. Hope we can use the money and find a job before we cant feed our kids and pay our bills. Awesome logic on your part though. I have never before this day wanted to slug Jesus in the face.

    • profile image

      Kevin 3 years ago

      let me start by saying that I am in a very similar situation in fact the state of Kentucky has filed liens against me. Keep in mind I applied for unemployment and began receiving payment. Little did I know at the time that KY has passed a law that allows any UE applicant (that meet specific prerequisites) to begin receiving unemployment compensation within a matter of weeks of filing their claim. Be minful this is before they have officially made an actual determination of your case. After collecting benefits for little more than seven months I receive a notice that my claim had been denied and requested I repay ALL UE benefits that had been paid to me. As they were aware I was unemployed and had no income. During the time I was collecting benefits I was interviewed several times with various companies and on numerous occasions told I was over qualified.

      So faced with the issue of having to repay KY I was willing to work at McDonald's if necessary to make payments as they requested.

      Not more than four weeks after being told I had to repay them, and they did originally offer a payment plan. I agreed that once I was gainfully employed would keep them appraised of my status and begin paying them back upon receipt of my first paycheck.

      The next parcel I received advised me that I must remit a full payment which obviously I don't have the financial means to do or UE would have never been needed to begin with.

      After talking with various state employees, they inform me and everyone else that the law was passed to prevent those who loose their jobs, get laid off, furlough etc to be able to maintain their homes and such.

      Well the reality is, they passed the law so they could take advantage of individual and families during hardships.

      As of now the state has filed a lien against any property/money I may ever have. Although I don't OWN anything but an old vehicle I feel bad for other who would loose their home, cars, IRA etc..

      If I ever inherite anything KEntucky will take it which is a shame.

      All the while, the money I "owe" them is accruing interest.

      although I don't have financial means I do have the best of intentions and would help anyone in any way possible especially as it pertains to the cases I've read here today

    • profile image

      N Petit 3 years ago

      I lost my job as a mechanic 3 years ago due to a theft of my personal tools I was required to have for work. I was told by my boss that if I can not replace my tools to leave. It is really hard to replace $30,000 worth of tools. No Insurance company will cover my tools at work. Work refused to pay me for the theft of my tools at their building, even though they claimed them on their insurance. I was forced out of work. I filed for unemployment in Michigan. After a few months I received a notice that my claim was denied and I had to repay. I went through all the steps. I got a terrible state appointed lawyer. I had my hearing. All I was allowed to say was yes or no. My lawyer only asked me if I was in the union. That's it! My employer's high paid lawyer lied his butt off and said that my tools I had purchased since I was twelve was company property and did not belong to me. I had to provide tools to have this job. It was in the job interview. At any rate I lost my Unemployment hearing and was forced to pay them back. It took a while to pay them as I has no job and zero income. I was forced to withdraw a 401k I had from another job prior. I paid my unemployment back in full in May of 2012. I received a form that I owed $0.00 in June of 2012. In December of 2013 I received a statement from UIA that I owed them interest. Remember that I have a form stating that it was paid in full with interest In June. I wrote the UIA a letter and sent a copy of their form stating that it was paid. I spent hours on the phone on hold only to get a message to call again. I have been hung up on several times. I called my State Representative. UIA called me and said they would fix the problem and let me know. No one called. I was billed again. I wrote another letter. No reply. I was billed a third time. I spent over an hour on hold today only to be hung up on. I called again. No one could help. I called my State Rep one more time today. I got a call within an hour from UIA. Apparently they claim to have a two year computer glitch and I owe them. I don't know what to do. I paid them in full for money I should have. I lost tools, I lost a job, I lost my life savings, I paid in full and they still want more. NO!

    • profile image

      Pissed 3 years ago

      Well I can relate to all having problems with this unemployment crap..I was on unemployment here in Arizona in 09 when the financial crisis first hit..I was fired from my job for some BS company nonsense meaning (Out with the old smart wise worker..In with the new easier to screw over new worker) Those who have worked for a standard american company can relate right? Anyway in 09 when I applied it seemed to go more easier despite the time when the fed gov stopped

      payments due to political gridlock..(Those who remember)...Despite that I remember it going smoother...I was fired and yet I had no major problems.. Company never fought it...Jan 8 2014..Lost my job after 2 yrs for the (same BS crapolla)..I filed a few days after my first small sad pitiful check $240 The most you can get in AZ I thought "Hey that went smooth again"....... The next week STOPPED!!! Of course my former slave master devil employer (a very large major american company) decides to dispute my unemployment..A whopping 5 weeks later ...NOTHING!!! Even though I called unemployment last week and was told by a supervisor I was to be paid 3 days ago...From the stories I am hearing from you all I better not get into anything further with these nazis!..I've been looking very hard to find a new job but I better look harder..I don't think its a good idea to move forward with unemployment ..I have enough problems I don't need a big pay back bill hanging over my head!..Hope I can find a job FAST!

    • Foster Chelle profile image

      Foster Chelle 3 years ago

      Here is one for you, I have worked at Walmart for right round 20 years. I was sick. I was out a lot for surgery but making sure that hr knew why I was out gave them doctor notes and I would get letters from the store about my leave. My gallbladder has ruptured, my appendix had ruptured, and had to have surgery. the day I came home I got a letter saying I was released from work. so I give unemployment the letter. still have the letter. I have lupus. and nuroplophy or nerve damage. then congress went through the non sighning stuff went on. I then got a letter saying that I needed to pay because I was working. I was not working. walamrt even said I was not working. today I get a letter saying that if they do not get payment they are going to file a civil suit. I wrote them a letter back and said I told I was not working, you sent me a letter still have the letter that says we know you have not worked so for that reason you can not get unemployment. so let me get this straight. you know I am not working, you know I am not getting money, you know I am sick with lupus and nerve damage, and where am I going to get this money? oh wait im not working so I can get unemployment. not. I have not worked in 6 months remember. Im not going to give you my arm, leg or anything else. you wouldn't want them anyway as they have lupus, its an autoimmune disease. so I will give you money when I have it but right now I have nothing so take me to court. I will tell the judge the same thing and maybe he will listen.

    • profile image

      JoyceMiller 3 years ago

      Hey Foster,

      You can get money from Walmart once you quit. First since you have health issues, you cannot work anyway. Please apply for SSI for the rest of your life. When you separate from Walmart, and you might get a small pension. Whatever you get SSI will take that off the payment you will get from them. Get your doctor to issue a report stating your medical condition and that YOU ARE UNABLE TO WORK. This letter will be sent to the SSI they will review it and you no doubt will get a SSI check. Move into an apartment complex that takes SSI and your rent will be cheap. Yes, you gotta do this before Congress goes all goofy and says no more SSI people can be signed up. So hurry and get your doctor to write that report that you are unable to work. Forget unemployment, which means you CAN work, and that means you have to LOOK FOR work, even though you are very sick. You can't look for work and you can't go back to work. So get SSI for the rest of your life and be happy:) Hope this helps.

    • profile image

      Mharris 3 years ago

      I worked at a job and one day the owner decides she is paying too much in rent , so she closes the business until she can find a cheaper place . Leaves us all hanging . I file for unemoyment and I'm approved . So I check in and do everything I need to do every week to get my check. I even call and ask if everything is ok like every other week and I'm told yea you are fine. I go through three tiers with nothing said to me . This is September 2011 it starts. In May 2012 I stop getting my check one week . I inquire and I'm told they made a mistake. The excuse is because they couldn't get in contact with the place that just closed , my benefits were coming from the job that I had before. The one that I had quit ( which was a temp staffing agency job)to go to the other one. They said that because I had quit that one is wasn't supposed to be eligible for benefits. I fought it and wrote to contest it. Never heard back about it never received a letter back. Since then I got another job. February 2014, I get a letter in the mail saying I owe $9000. The letter has no number to call back or to dispute it . I don't have that kind of money . I don't even make that much to make payments towards that . I didn't make the mistake they did. I kept all the letters they sent me through this whole thing . I don't have the money for this and I will be damn if they put me in debt for someone else's mistake. I will go to the governor , senator , president , the news. I will make sure people know about this corruption.

    • profile image

      davidjr23 2 years ago

      Hey deskjockey I have the same problem, i got a letter form unemployment saying i owe them a little more the 15,000. When i first got that unemployment they said i qualify for 350 a week now after collecting for a year. i got a letter saying i own them all that money because i didn't qualify for it. So what should i do? Did you fix your problem?

    • profile image

      bluejay 2 years ago

      I got unemployment when I was wrongfully terminated from my job. A couple of months later I got a part-time job. I talked to the unemployment agency and they said I could take it and they would deduct the amount I was paid from unemployment. I quit that job a week later due to lack of childcare providers for part time workers. The unemployment agency had hearing about this matter (without my knowledge) and they decided that I owed them money for all weeks after I took the part time job. I told them they had told me I could take the job and still pay me the difference. They said that was the rules at that time, but the rules have changed in the last couple of weeks. So they cut me off from unemployment and they made me pay back 3 weeks of pay. I would like to join this lawsuit-how do I sing up.

    • profile image

      dina1927 2 years ago

      I receive an audit notice for some weeks that don't match with my former employers numbers with mine and some of the claims are in the wrong employers and I remembered when I was clauming benefits I was most of the time being kick out of the system when I call back It would say the weeks were claimed so on and so forth. And now Im not sure if I should reply back to the notice or not.

    • profile image

      tim 2 years ago

      The state of R.I. is threatening collections for $8,200 for 5 months of unemployment. They did not allow a continuance for my lawyer, found against me to collect, and now they want what they already gave me. I did not lie when I filed my claim, and there is not any fraud on my behalf.

    • profile image

      Brianne 2 years ago

      I collected unemployment in NYS at the max rate of 400 weekly. 1 year later was told the company i worked for disputed it and owed $17,000. Yes, Seventeen Thousand dollars. i had a lawyer got to the DOL years later with notarized documents from the former employer saying i in fact was entitled when i was finally getting back on my feet and they refused to open my case. NYS has taken my tax return for the past 3 years and i assume will continue to do so. i am a single parent completely screwed by the "system".

    • profile image

      qui 2 years ago

      soo sorry this happened to you! I am going through the same exact thing. We have to pay for the mistakes that they make and it is not fair!

    • profile image

      Bobbi 2 years ago

      Did this guy ever try the law suit? My husband revived unemployment while caring for his dad with cancer, he had 4 yrs of making 70,000 a year, after the unemployment ended, we got a letter saying he shouldn't have been paid and they want like 16,000$. I would love to be a part of the law suit, my email is

    • profile image

      fatima 2 years ago

      My husband is having so much problems with the unemployment too but in california they told him to almost like all of you and takes 4 ever to get some one to help we finally had our congressmen help us try that it helps good luck every one

    • profile image

      blackstareyes 2 years ago

      Well get this I never received the unemployment money to use, they sent it they said on the card. They never sent the card though. How ironic I have to pay money that I never received. This is what New Jersey does. Now I'm out of a job and can't feed my kids. You know that fake saying they have NO CHILD GOES HUNGRY. That's a lie too that NJ tells. I have never seen a State Return Tax either. New Jersey has the worst government system around.

    • profile image

      don 22 months ago

      I got laid off October 20th 2014 for the next four and a half months I collected unemployment I went from making almost a thousand dollars twice a month to two hundred and twelve dollars a week at which point in time I receive a letter in the mail saying that my benefits. If I do not find a job soon I found a job worked it was there for 2 months before they laid me off try to file unemployment again they tell me that I am ineligible and that I have to pay back 2400 dollars plus interest on that how is it that we can pay into it and still get penalized for using it it makes no sense to me whatsoever I live in the great state of Washington .... well not so great

    • profile image

      olgarihna 21 months ago

      I was collecting an unemployment twice, and never had to pay back

    • profile image

      What can I do 18 months ago

      I lost one of my jobs in December 2014 filed in March of 2015.

      I was told to file normaly even after I asked how do I file? because I still had one part time job. She said file normaly so I did. I was honest and said I still have a part time job and a on call job. I guess I misunderstood when she said file normaly. What she should of said is "when you file and they ask you the question did you work"? You say yes and put in your job that you are still working. I honestly had no idea what she ment by file normaly. So I did I though when asked that question it was for any work that you worked after opening up a unemployment case. Sorry I was an idiot and completely miss understood what she was saying. Well


      they let it go until my 24 weeks was up. They over paide me by almost 6,000 and gave me a penalty fee of 3,936. I get this letter in the mail and just fell apart. Why would they let it get so bad? Why couldn't they let me know I was filling wrong? Now I owe 9,936 to unemployment, and I'm still only working one job part time with no way to pay any thing. Can't hardly pay my regular bills, let alone a 9,936 bill. That was all a misunderstanding that they couldn't even inform me of. It's crule to let someone suffer so badly with out a warning or notice or anything.

    • profile image

      Out of Town 18 months ago

      I've been eligible to receive benefits since the company I was working for was shut down and gave everyone the right to apply for unemployment benefits. A week after the nonpayable week I decided to go visit a relative in a different location to see how the job economy was like there and see if I could find any good job opportunities. Because I went out of town I couldn't make it to the scheduled job career search thing, but instead filled forms online which were fine at the time. After everything was done and I went back to my home town, unemployment tells me I was overpaid even though I gave them my full work search history while I was out of town, and for some reason they weren't satisfied with it and now say I was overpaid and owe them money. Do they not know how hard it is to find a job without a degree or certificates, of course not, they haven't experienced any of this, just a bunch of losers sitting behind the desk trying to make your life more miserably it seems like.

    • profile image

      UIvictim808 18 months ago

      I am so very embarrassed to live in America after dealing with UI in Hawaii since June of 2015. Okay, This is a long story. I am an adjunct University lecturer of 10 years, but for reasons that are as unjust as one can imagine, UI benefits were the obvious next step. I was not denied benefits by my employer. My employer was actually fair and did not fight the UI case. IT IS THE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES THAT THIS SHARE IS ABOUT, AND WHO PLAY A ROLE IN CAUSING TWO MINOR CHILDREN AND MYSELF GREAT LOSS AND PAIN. I have a part in this though. I had support by a fantastic law firm here locally but failed to use them. This is what happened: I missed an appointment at the UI office early on, and I called in to say I would be late for that fact finding interview, but they said that was not OKAY and that I would need to get a physician note. Okay, well, if you are going to go to the doctor, great, grab a note. But, having no money, no UI benefits yet, and no health insurance (the adjunct problem), I was not going to go to the doctor for pain associated with a condition I was well aware of that WOULD NOT hinder my ability to work! I simply was running late that ONE day. I do not want to get into the medical issue, but let's put it this way, I might also be facing inequity for being a woman...surprised? I did get the physician note when it was time for a surgery that only required one day of rest follow up. But, they still denied my benefits because that note was a month after the time of the notice that I was not feeling well, putting me a few minutes late for a meeting. So, they are basically saying I was not well enough to work all month simply because I could not go to the doctor for a physical problem that caused me to be later ONE time. It gets worse, then in the appeal, the appeals referee or whatever you call the woman that looks like she has a job that intentionally hurts people all day to save the government a buck by searching for any place where the victim has not crossed a T or dotted an i! Then they write up a letter of denial and when you look into the justification it is not only absurd, but there is very little evidence anywhere that anyone can win following that appeal!!!! What? I know, lawyers don't even suggest it at THAT point because it is too late. Their decision is WORD (after a few minutes with you in an interview). So, remember, I am in this appeal because I had to prove I was able to work during the month following that one phone call to be 10 minutes late. Okay, so why did the next request by this appeals witch make any sense? She asked if I had copies of my JOB CONTACTS with me. Now, the way it works in Hawaii is as soon as you receive an appeal date, you get a letter telling you to come in and look at the evidence against you, and I did that. The info they had was all related to the physician letter not being given to them following that one ten minutes late event. So, that is what I was prepared with. But, job contacts were covered by another program I was in that looked over them and required I hand them in (I was fortunate to supposedly be randomly assigned for this program). But, this should be in my favor with this case because they already had my contacts approved right? One would think. No, she demanded I gather the old copies by 3:30 that afternoon and now we are at 1:30 pm. So, I go downstairs to the UI office from the appeals office I am in and I ask for my copies from the file. NO, we do not have them (I had to move due to losing home over the UI situation), so I had a new address and supposedly would find my docs on contacts from job searches there. I drive in the disgusting Honolulu traffic for an hour to go about 20 miles to the office that will have this record, but NO they do not and tell me that the other office I was at does!!! So, back I go and thank God there is less traffic, but I still end up with only 5 minutes to spare due to the lines in awaiting the conclusions that nobody knows what the hell they are doing. Then, I finally get the docs...30 seconds to spare and run back up to the office and hand over the requested (for reasons beyond me) to give to the staff. I would have been declined if 30 seconds later after running around and speeding in my car and pushing over pedestrians (not really, but surely frightened a few with my pace and fear ridden expression) to get the repeated news that NOBODY can find my work contacts! Unbelievable. But, it gets worse. A week after that lovely day, my letter comes and I AM DENIED, not because I was not physically able to work, but because my contact list was sloppy. Yes, that is correct. You heard me. I have bad handwriting, But, get this: I had already had them approved, remember? The program I was so fortunate to get randomly assigned to that picks apart your search and then approves or disapproves it! I was already approved. Now, on an unrelated appeal I am told that I did not qualify all those past weeks due to this. So, not only did I not win my case for the $3000 they owe me, but I ALSO LOSE BENEFITS ALREADY PAID. I now owe the government because I have sloppy handwriting. And, the thing is, if a lawyer would take a 3rd appeal (they really don't do that very often), I would be able to prove that in childhood I was diagnosed with a spatial orientation brain disorder that was impeding on my success with handwriting in elementary school. It does not go away, but I never get complaints by gov. offices etc. Nobody told me that neatness mattered and those that approved them when talking to me about my contacts never brought it up. There is more to tell if you want to contact me for the rest, but I SUGGEST, I HIGHLY SUGGEST, I SUGGEST WITH EVERYTHING IN ME AS AN ADVOCATE FOR THE UNEMPLOYED, THE MIDDLE CLASS AND ESPECIALLY FOR US ADJUNCTS COLLEGE TEACHERS THAT SUFFER MUCH INJUSTICE; GET A LAWYER AS SOON AS YOU FIND OUT YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED UI BENEFITS.....DO NOT WAIT UNTIL 3RD APPEAL STATUS OR SECOND FOR GOD'S SAKE. GET ONE RIGHT AWAY, TALK TO SOMEONE THAT KNOWS WHAT YOU SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT SAY. In addition the lawyer presence is so powerful. It is my experience on unrelated but related things recently like my bank taking 19 NSF fees and sucking up all of an unemployment check then refusing to reverse the excessive # of fees. Yes, that happened over a PayPal purchase for $3. I cancelled a purchase but PayPal continues to pull the money prior to issuing a refund. I discovered that I have very little power, but boy do lawyers get the attention of these control addicts that do not care at all about the citizens of this country...we all need legal support. I did not use it with this case because honestly, I felt that it was a very obvious case in my favor. I had the proof that I did not have any condition that prevented me from work. That was my mistake. I did not know how tricky they are and that they do not have our best interest in their decisions. Had I known that I would have used my Legal Shield membership. I am such a proponent of the need to protect ourselves from businesses and government that stomp on those of us that do not fly jets and have lawyers at our dinner tables. The color GREEN separates us from justice . The wealthy do not face any of the above issues. Right? It is time to close the gap. Become a member, and carry your lawyer in your back pocket, but most importantly....DON'T forget to use it like I did. I literally only pay $25 in Hawaii a month and it is less on the mainland (everywhere but here). Don't appeal without law support and also witnesses depending on the claim issue. I found a new way, not only in protecting myself and family but now I work for the good guys. Email me at for help with getting your lawyer and firm before the case. Also, if you are interested in a career change once you have that experience of empowerment from the support of your team of lawyers.

    • profile image

      UIvictim808 18 months ago

      forgot to ask how to become a member of that suit the author shared on. I passed the quiz to qualify!

    • profile image

      CaptainClutch78 16 months ago

      My terrible situation is coming from Michigan UIA (Unemployment Insurance Agency). I could write a book about this situation. Like many of the other stories i have read, it is causing great pain to my family and I. Not only myself by also my Fiance were wrongly "Re-Determined" after already receiving payments. My Fiance has been getting her income taxes taken for the past 2 years by the UIA because of a misunderstanding with her being in "training" while collecting unemployment, let me remind you it was unpaid training and she was not selected for the position.

      Now on to my situation which is 10x worst!! I had worked for the same company for 10 years. The owner had decided to close up shop, sell the company and no longer do the services that required my help. During the process of selling the company he began canceling all the upcoming work that would have needed my help. So i filed for unemployment, instantly received notice saying i was approved due to my length with the company and amount made. I was granted the highest payment they issue. I received 2 payments (4 weeks worth) and a month later i was "re determined" because the owner did not want his insurance to raise (which he forgot he has told me, the senior supervisor who never expected to lose my job, that he would do if any other employees ever tried to file for unemployment, he was a cheap skate). He replied to UIA that i quit, no call, no show. Like many other in this post, i had a similar situation. We were a small company with few employees, no paper trail or proof of me actually being told there was no longer need for me! BUT i did and still do have ALL THIS in text message. I have uploaded and/or sent these screen shots to UIA several times and written several letters pleading my case that i did NOT QUIT AND was told i wasn't needed. All they do is tell me its too late to "protest" and i have never heard back from anyone. Instead i keep getting a bill in the mail now, my balance keeps climbing, and its up to like $1,600. That doesn't even include my Fiance's bill she keeps getting from them even after they took her small little tax refund for the past 2 years. The unemployment agency is the biggest joke, the laziest employees, and I cant get through to them via phone for the life of me!!! someone please help! I have also tried to claim my benefit weeks still, it lets me go through the Marvin Process than tell me benefit week issued is $0.00. This is one of the worst issues i have ever dealt with. Need advice, has anyone figured out how to prove them wrong? How to solve the problem?

    • profile image

      Olivia 15 months ago

      Is this still active?

    • profile image

      stacey Gumm 15 months ago

      What is indiana and these people that work in office who the judge that decides if your appeal is granted.. we need to fight this not right .. I payed into 13 years union pay got some unemployment now they want it back .. I payed into it.. worked another job like temp job , got windy and cold job stopped but they say this time didn't make enough in 4 quarter made Alot first quarter. That don't count. Union not helping ,I'm not working , no gas for car to look for job. And indiana unemployment ask me don't I have family to help me .. what nerve them saying that. Food stamp office got in to fight.. and had to have city council where I live pay my nipsco bill going to get shut off.. I work 13 union now have to fight to keep heat on . Yes got to pay back what little I got. .. what about now not working ask me have I look for jobs with what gas money nothing ,then food office say got to go to class to workshop kind of pay for stamps.. send a bus because food stamp can't put gas or car insur.. it not money.. what do these people think..broke broke.. I'm broke..

    • profile image

      stacey gumm 15 months ago


      IF NOT WORKING WE SHOULD GET IT TO HELP IN TIME TO LOOK FOR JOBS SEARCH THAT TAKE TIME.. FACEBOOK PAGE ME STACEY GUMM, VALPARASIO Indiana.. will lawyer do it.. or waste of time. .I had to yell those people on the phone.. I have no job.. no car look for job .. let me know maybe we can all fight this together group.. to indy... I'm mad.. I payed into this..

    • profile image

      Bill 14 months ago

      I worked at a job for 10yrs, made $45K a year at the end, the company owner passed away & 2 months later I was fired! After 10yrs of service & paying insane amounts to Gov't , taxes, etc. & working 55-60hrs a week, weekends, holidays, work until 1am, always on call, & so on. So I applied for unemployment in NYS & got approved for $425 a week not even 1/2 of what I was used to, & less then what was deducted out of my paycheck for years. Anyway I was a realtor but did very little with it as I did not have time due to my 55-60hr a week job. So I planned to give my all at real estate upon being fired from my job. Now in NYS real estate only gets paid at a closing which is typically 2-3 months after a sale. I did not have any closings or sales forthcoming, & if I even sold a home the day of my termination I would be waiting 2-3 months before ever seeing that $, in addition you only get paid if you make a sale, so office time, client meetings, client showings, open houses, and so on don't make you a dime unless it leads to a sale. So now when I was approved for NYS unemployment I was required to attend a meeting/orientation seminar. I was up front about my real estate & asked to speak with the rep afterwards to discuss it. I told him how everything works & my plan was to try being a realtor as a future full time career, and he said thats great, he understands, and my showings, open houses, etc. would constitute my work search requirement. Now fast forward a few months later NYS UE wants to meet with me in regards to my case. I meet with the man & bring everything, my planner which has every single thing in it, even if I just went & sat at the broker office for a few hours & never even got a phone call, every showing, literally everything. Which I wanted so that I was upfront & not hiding anything. While turns out that every entry in my planner they consider a day of work even though zero money was made on %99.9 of them. Now they require all of the money back & a bunch of penalty fee's on top of that! For over $6000!!! Like wtf, during the time I met with the state guy he basically said if you sat home & did nothing everything would be fine, but because you wanted to do something & not rely on help for an extended time, you are basically screwed. This is insane & so messed up, the system is completely backwards.

    • profile image

      Anna Marie Onesti 12 months ago

      I was overpaid 6 years ago 4 years ago they suspended me for a year said I owed 8000 I continued to get unemployment for two or three years after that went back to work finally said they change the laws because it was so called fraud they are now taking 100% of my unemployment leaving me with no money yet they say if you're not working we take 100% if you're working we only asked for 20% how does that seem right they leave me with not one penny left a week but yet still send me bills for for 500 a month I think they are the most rudest awful people next to the IRS I wish that hole government assholes that make these decisions would get something like this happened to them with their fancy jobs and all their money that they get paycheck to paycheck yet if I made a mistake 6 years ago and was overpaid okay doesn't everybody make mistakes in life but they told me at the office that once you make this problem in cleaning when you're already working that's what they do now instead of having me pay half of my check it's the whole thing so now I'm left with no money can't pay my bills I have a dog that needs to go to the vet and I can't even Round Up change to get him to go I call around for free help and then again nobody will help unless you have money but yet unemployment gives me nothing if there was a way to dispose of them I would love to do that actually make them suffer I think they're ruthless horrible people that says ice told money that was my own I made the money it's my unemployment yet they are in charge of it and say I committed fraud for taking my own money what kind of crap is that I hate the unemployment I hate it more than anything all they've done is cause me anguish pain and anxieties and I'm sick of them whoever made this law should suffer like I said

    • Katie ONeil profile image

      Katie ONeil 11 months ago

      I'm in NJ over here and had a very similar situation. I was told I defrauded them by misrepresenting my hours for part-time unemployment benefits. However, it was their customer support team that told me what to do and how to do it. I had part-time tip-based employment and was not sure how/what to claim versus what my employer was already claiming for my hourly wage checks.I called the help center at the NJ Department of Labor. I collected around $125.00 a week. Fast forward to some months after my unemployment was over and I was fully employed and I get a letter stating I owe all the money back PLUS fees because I was supposedly purposefully defrauding the DOL. All this to the tune of over $9000.00. I went through several appeals explaining what I had been told only to be reprimanded and scolded at every turn. They have taken my family's tax refund in full for three years in a row now. It seems like the "appeal process" is really just a dog and pony show to make us feel like we have some recourse when we all know which side its going to lean towards.

    • profile image 11 months ago

      I was denied unemployment after 6 weeks of submitting weekly certs due to my employer lying to the state. The worker stated that employers lie all the time, nothing they can do. I received $900 in payments, now almost 6 months later, they want it back within 15 days. I am a single mother barely making ends meet. I am not sure what to do. Getting a hold of them is like finding a needle in a haystack.

    • profile image

      lisa 11 months ago

      we live in NY and this has happen to us

    • profile image

      Jenifer 10 months ago

      I worked for 17 years straight, I got laid off and I needed the Unemployment, I got it, I found a job in 4weeks after that. I had it stopped. Then I received a letter stating I got overpaid $800.00 and I had to pay them back. It's been a year, and I still owe that. They keep sending me letters. This is my thing, Why should I have to pay my own money back?? So can I get all the money back that for 17 years they took from me for Welfare??

    • profile image

      Karmah 10 months ago

      Im in Texas. You did not explain what their reasons were to demand full repayment. In my 20's I was fired at a radio station where I worked as a DJ, because I did not want to date this man that worked there because he started out sweet and turned into the largest jerk. Turns out his daddy owned the radio station. They denied my unemployment and I appealed offering to show all his love letters. Then I got my unemployment. This was a hardship time for me all the way around and I was traumatized and depressed. I stopped filing for my unemployment so the money stopped. But right after filing a buddy offered me this fantastic part time job doing laser light shows at Richland College. It was a few hours a month, less than the earning cap TWC outlined so I would still qualify to receive full payment. That stated, and that being a good thing, Richland College could not even tell me what I was making hourly and advised me I had to wait till the end of the following month when I would be paid my first check. I didn't want to quit the job and I believe TWC is backward in its thinking because folks should be rewarded and not penalized for trying to get a job. But TWC told me I had to know to the penny what I would be earning if I took on work and if I did not know, the rep told me all payments would be withheld until I did know. As my hours fluctuated, and as my first payment was gonna take 2 months, I chose to say nothing of the work, figuring I could bring it up on the tail end since it was, again, at or lower than the earnings cap set by TWC so I technically did qualify for the full benefit each month. It is your employer who pays for this. In my case, it was this dude that sexually harassed and fired me that paid for it. No, I was NOT giving a penny of that $2500.00 back. Out of principle. years went by, I married and my husband was doing work on a series. When the show was on hiatus for a couple of months or so 3 times a year, everyone was off work, chillaxing. He made great money and saved alot of it so he didnt need unemployment. When he first explained that folks filed for unemployment during hiatus, it rubbed me the wrong way ethically. Flash forward, I got laid off and got up the gumption to file for unemployment again and they approved it but immediately began taking 'their' money that I 'owed' them back out so I got nothing. Again, principle, I said screw it and stopped filing. My husband said just get through with it, keep filing even though they are wrong. But I stopped, very angry at the injustice of it all. I am angry. So back to show being on hiatus and folks claiming unemployment 'wrongfully' because to my mind they KNOW the show has stop work points, therefore they should prepare for that, should plan and save for them. Its flat wrong to take unfair advantage by claiming unemployment I railed and then had my epiphany! SCREW THEM! TAKE the unemployment, husband! The system is broken, I cannot get unemployment when I desperately need it and you dont need it so you will get it. Big woo woo to my ethics. Screw my ethics. He gets unemployment no worries. Flash forward a 3rd time in my life I grow the cajones to apply for unemployment again. TWC approves it but not for the entire time I qualify and now they say I owe them close to 3k which they of course are taking out before I evah see a dime. What I find ironic here is that I did truly qualify for that cash in the wayback machine, that very first time I filed. Due to that, I never got a penny the 2nd time I filed and gave up. And now, I am on a severance package and don't need it. I wasnt even planning to file ever again in my life. And, as I was getting a severance, I didn't think we could file, but found all my other team mates that lost their job in this last round of layoffs filed and got unemployment. You know it is your employer that pays for this dole, right? I find this so ironic. The radio station where I was sexually harassed out of a job is defunct, the business disbanded, the dad dead. But the sexual harassment dweeb son still lives. So what happens to the cash, does TWC keep it and play tiddlywinks with it? Or does it go back to the son? I just had to ask this question (unanswered) of TWC. Exactly who are they paying back here some 30 years later on the money I truly do not owe? But I will tell you this...I tell everyone to file for unemployment, regardless of need, whenever there is a legal loophole to do so, just out of sheer spite for the system.

    • profile image

      shirley 9 months ago

      my job went out of business applied for unemployment got one check went on vacation when I got back a letter in the mail stating I had been over payed by a total of $7,869 in unemployment impossible since I have be recertified I worked for the school system was called back every year until 2014 when they went out of business out of two months each this was a total for two years unemployment I truly do not owe this havent gotten my income in 2014 0r 2015 someone please advise

    • profile image

      Cory 9 months ago

      This is from their website. You should be able to get a waiver from paying your money back if the mistake was not your own error.


      If you were paid more unemployment benefits than you were due through no fault of your own, or the fraud alleged was not committed by you, you can ask the unemployment commission to waive the requirement for you to repay the benefits. If you receive a Notice of Overpayment, you can appeal the repayment requirement. The court will consider the reason for the overpayment, as well as your ability to repay the money. If you don’t win your appeal, you will still have to repay the money, but also have the option of negotiating a repayment schedule.

    • profile image

      hungry 8 months ago

      they make you certify promptly and then they say within so many days you will receive payment. im hungry. ive never asked for help once in my life. its far worse than ive ever imagined. when i cant get a job at a gas station because im "over-qualified" just to feed myself and use my ssi to pay rent while i look for a better just awful. im going to die from starvation in america. the greatest country in the world

    • profile image 8 months ago

      I am in Tennessee and have been dealing with the "Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development" (i.e. "TDLWD") since May 16, 2016. I won't fully elaborate on the many details and issues surrounding my situation--to do so would require way more than 8100 characters haha. Suffice it to say: the experiences and interactions with TDLWD during the last 3 months have caused MORE stress and hardship than actually losing my job. Sadly, the fun is far from over. Currently, I am waiting for the agency to approve my request for a SECOND appeal (I'm having to "appeal the first decision of the appeals tribunal"), and it will be another month or so until an actual hearing will take place.

      After filing my claim back in May, I began researching and deciphering the laws and regulations governing the unemployment program in my state. I am DISGUSTED and infuriated by the legislators of this state: their blatant disregard for the unemployed workers is SHAMEFUL. They do NOT support or introduce new policies to benefit the unemployed workers in Tennessee. Instead, they promote legislation that further RESTRICTS claimants from even qualifying for benefits, and revising (or completely ELIMINATING) any existing language which restricts the agency from being able to deny a claim.

      This is occurring at the STATE level, so I agree that it IS probably going to require action at the federal level in order to achieve justice for the millions of affected Americans.

      My situation does not (YET) involve the demand for repayment by the state, since I haven't actually received a single penny of benefits owed to me. But I've had enough exposure to this system to know it is corrupt and BROKEN. I would love the opportunity to share what I have experienced THUS far. Even if I DO manage to "win" the benefits I am owed, I would still like to be involved with your efforts. Something MUST be done, that much is obvious!!

      The system is dysfunctional, and it will never change on its own.

    • profile image

      Donna 7 months ago

      My son received a notice three years after receiving unemployment benefits that he was overpaid and when he sent in all the documentation to prove that he did not file at the time that they claim it did not match with what they even had from the employer at the time. He is now having to pay back for a claim that one he did not use and two in the amount over $3,700.00 and they are double charging him interest each month on top of that so each payment they are only deducting $2.00 maybe $3.00 so it will never be paid off. We have tried to get it cleared and they keep saying that we are wrong. It just sickens me that they are such thieves. We are in Oregon so I don't know if he can be a part of your suit but I would love to see this disappear from his record. Oh and they said that he could not claim unemployment benefits again. We have proof he did not do all they said in the first place. We even had a lawyer but that did us no good either I am just disgusted with our government.

    • profile image

      Th 6 months ago

      I have fought with the unemployment for years now.about six years ago I was on unemployment and on one of my reviews the red flagged me.then I got a letter stating that I frauded and had to repay 30,000 in unemployment even though I never received much of any money.i had a lawyer Appeal with me and won my case.but know every time I try and file or get unemployment when I get started back to work the automatically say I was not owed the money and say I frueded every time. I just got a job at walmarts and just got my letter stating I freuded and that they are looking into it .the crazy thing is I only just got my first initial unemployment checks which I have been waiting for over several months to get and I took the first job offered to me.if would love to see if I could do something to get this blackmail to stop all they are wanting is for me to pay them money.ever since I won my case they have been trying to get me to pay them money. Help

    • profile image

      Jennifer king 6 months ago

      I am going through this now too. Started a brand new job with the Texas state school and they kept my first paycheck! They say they will hold my second as well. BS!

    • profile image

      Brittany smith 6 months ago

      Experiencing this problem too. Uia gave me $10,000 over a year period and turned around and said it looks like you were disqualified to begin with and that I owed the overpayment due to unintentional reasons. I Figured I had no choice so for couple years I paid what I could borrowing from student loans up to 3,000$ until I kept over drafting my bank account then I requested a waiver due to financial hardship. I finally after almost 9 months got a hearing but for the affidavit back in December 2015 rather than my situation right now as a recent graduate October 2016. The judge denied me and I'm stuck with $11,500; more than I was overpaid. I got it down to $7000 but the interest is screwing me. Injustice doesn't quite cover it. Uia tried saying that it was my fault and that I claimed benefits when I was still working but I wasn't working at all when I filed. They said due to unintentional reasons so that shows it was on them. I'm a broke college graduate and I work a 10.50/hour job. Can't get afford to get married and I'm dependent on my fiancé. Ain't life grand?

    • profile image

      Michelle 5 months ago

      I am not alone. As I read through all the experiences you all have had it mirrors the past 5-7 years of my life delaing with Unemployment "Overpayment" issues. All along I've been disgusted at the way the system works and something has to be done! So, if this is what we all need to do to get the ball rolling then I am in! I owe more now after all these years of late payments and fees, etc... more money than the total of my "overpayment" at the beginning of this nightmare! Can you please tell me if I could not pay back 2,500.00 of money YOU SENT ME as you accepted my papers each week when I submitted them, then how do you think I can ever pay back my current debt after so many fees and late charges ,etc... of a total of $8,000.00+ !!!?????? Unemployment in California needs to get their heads out of their behinds and get someone with a brain to restructure the entire way unemployemnt is done! Its a complete joke and now I know I am not the only one who thinks this....EVERYONE thinks this because all of you have experienced the horror I have and I will do whatever it takes to file a lawsuit ASAP... because this has been unfair and it's MY money I make at MY job now and I will NOT allow these idiots in Unemployment to touch any of it... they are the idiots that overpayed so sorry for your luck but it took you over a month of paying me too much to then say OOPS , we need our money back plus a lot more for the fees etc... ARE YOU KIDDING ME UNEMPLOYMENT? Sorry, but I dont think so... I am sick of being treated unfair and unkind by our government.... it's time for a change to where the people like all of us are the ones coming out ahead.... for once!!!! Let me know where I sign to file and I am all over it..... thanks for taking time to read what I just wrote. I appreciate it.

    • profile image

      kat 5 months ago

      Yes, I am having this happen to me now and they say I owe them 12,870.53 I can not pay this I do not have that kind of money. I do not know what to do I guess they will get my taxes and I will have to pay them a payments are declare bankruptcy are something. I work two part time jobs and I just got another temporary job. I hope it works into something more. I need help to get this off my back. I am with you on getting them crazy people back.

    • profile image

      Robert Perez 5 months ago

      Over paid $7,000 and it just accumulated to almost $10,000 in interest

    • profile image

      Darryl A. Harris 3 months ago

      I was trying to get unemployment but at the time I was working a full time and a part time job. I was laid off from the full time job so I applied just for the full time job and still working the part time job. I thought I made it clear to them that I was only applying because I lost my full time job. I was recieving benifits but not just my full time job but my part time as well. Now I have to repay back that money that I was not supposed to get and my part time job does not pay enough to repay that money back and I'm hit with interests because my income is small. I can only pay them $50.00 a month because I only work one job. I think I made the wiorst mistake of my life and I don't know how to handle it.

    • profile image

      Malieke Thomas 3 months ago

      I work for a company in Highland, In. I been there for 3years, and every year I was laid off. The first year I got it an the 2nd I went through hell to get it, my lights went off an I was a few months behind on rent. When I did finally got called back to work, I was only working 2or3days a week . And guess what? They decided to give me unemployment, lol. So I took it every week to get my family back together. Now to day I owe 5960 bucks. If they would have given me what deserved in the first place, things would have been different for me. Now today I gotta pay that amount back. If I had a choice, I will never ask those greedy people for any thing. So people be careful with that unemployment, they will kill your family....

    • profile image

      Kelly Anderson 2 months ago

      I was recieveing ui back in 2013 at a minimul payment rate because of lack of hours available at the job i had at the time and they (the state of MD) continued sending me the payment for several months after i was let go from the job due to health reasons and now the state has garnished my full tax return from 2016 after being out of work for 3 years of which i was solely being supported by family. I just returned to work in the middle of 2016 for the first time in over 3 years and i am furious because i needed (and was planning) on paying of some past debts with my refund that were accrued (medical bills) while i was out of work and now due to this big mistake on the state of MD's part of overpayment, i will not be able to pay off these debts that i had been obligated to do so. Any suggestions???...please let me know.

    • profile image

      Lisa 2 months ago

      I have been through same thing..they just give u run around never answer your questions!!!!! Still going through it....told me lies then when I read all docs sent to me and proved wrong got defensive and hung up on me!!!!

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