How to Get a Tax Identification Number ID in the Philippines

Updated on August 21, 2014

Any person or company who files tax statements in the Philippines is required to have a Tax Identification Number, issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Below, I will explain the process of obtaining a Tax Identification Number, including the necessary documentation and government offices.

Before you can get a TIN ID, you need a Barangay Clearance and a Cedula (Community Tax Certificate). Keep reading for steps on how to obtain those as well.

A Tax Identification Number ID card
A Tax Identification Number ID card

How to Obtain Barangay Clearance

Before you can get your TIN, you need to get Barangay Clearance, which certifies your good standing as a resident. (For those readers not familiar with the Philippines, a Barangay is our most local unit of government.)

This can be done at your local Barangay Hall. You must present a voter ID or voter registration record number, and the clearance is only valid for 60 days from the date of issuance.

How to Obtain a Cedula (Community Tax Certificate)

You will also need to obtain a Cedula. Same as the Baranga Clearance, you can also get this from your local Barangay Hall. Expect to pay around ₱20 for the Cedula, and prepare to show at least one form of ID.

Be sure to show up at government offices early, as lines can get long.
Be sure to show up at government offices early, as lines can get long.

Getting a TIN from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

First find the nearest BIR office in your area. Be sure to go before 8:00 a.m. to avoid long lines.

Along with your Barangay Clearance and Cedula, which you will have already obtained from the Barangay, you will need to present photocopies of the following documents to the BIR:

  • Birth certificate: should be a National Statistics Office-authenticated copy or a certified copy from your local Civil Register.
  • Employment Certification from the company where you work: you cannot apply for a TIN as an unemployed person, unless you are reapplying for a driver's license.
  • The TIN of the company you work for.

After giving them the required documents, you will be asked to fill out a form. After turning in the form, you will wait for your name to be called, and when your name is called you will be given you TIN ID card.


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    • profile image

      Alkaid cris marichado dumalaos 2 weeks ago

      i lost my tin card, so i need that no. how i am supossed to get that one?

    • profile image

      Mary Sarampote 2 weeks ago

      Hi i would like to ask about my tin number, my friend wants to use it for business, is there any consequences if i let them use my tin number?

    • profile image

      JOY MAY REYES 2 months ago

      I'm not working but i need tin number because im applying abroad.. what will i do

    • profile image

      cory hitosis ete 2 months ago

      Im not working but i need tin number because im applying abroad what will i do?

    • profile image

      Juan Mira Jr 8 months ago

      Good day!

      i have already my new TIN number i dont have TIN ID card. May i ask you can ID card give me and my email at us please pm me thanks

    • profile image 8 months ago

      Me none I'd tin tin look paper only need get id 2316 please get I like I'd how

    • profile image

      Marites Gamilia Demate 8 months ago

      i have already my TIN number butlong time ago i lost my TIN ID Card together with other premanent ID.Now am here inmalaysia how i can secure new ID card number?because my employer wants me to show my TIn for my requirements

    • profile image

      joykrissna das 11 months ago

      i can not get tin id number

    • profile image

      patrick sicat 14 months ago

      today i have no job but i have a TIN number when im working last 2008 but i dont have ID. can i get id for that old TIN number..

    • profile image

      catherine cobol 17 months ago

      bakit hindi ako nirelesan ng TIN ID dito sa CAtarman N. Samar branch , kahit may valid reason nman yung gagamitan nmin dhil sa pagkuha ng NBI ,at kumpleto nman yung requirements ko , dahil hindi daw sila nag rerelease pag hindi daw tax payer o yung may mga negosyo..3 times na ako pabalikalik dun .sabi ni PRES.Duterte d na daw pahirapan sa pagkuha ng valid ID. eto phone # 09277366949 pki text or call nlang

    • profile image

      john 18 months ago


    • profile image

      Angelica Martinez 18 months ago

      I want tin but I don't have a tin

    • profile image

      Ruby Enguerra 19 months ago

      How to get an tin number!!

    • profile image

      Arjay C. Nicolas 21 months ago

      How to apply TIN No# ??

    • profile image

      sergio m. seciban 21 months ago

      how to get my TIN number..I forgot it!

      name; sergio m. seciban

      birthdate; january 9, 1980

      thank you!

    • profile image

      maricel 22 months ago

      pwede bang makakuha ng tin number kahit walang trabaho?

    • profile image 22 months ago

      hi good pm po ask ko paano po ba ako kukuha new TIN id kc mayron na po ako din nawala po ano po kailangan ko gawin pera alam ko po TIN number pls reply me kailangan ko thanks

    • profile image

      ellen 22 months ago

      ilan araw pobago mareleas ang tin kng wala po k birth certifecate n dala marelesan po bako id

    • profile image

      mark jan sumalpong 23 months ago

      how to get my tin n0.?

    • profile image

      cecille dela cruz 23 months ago

      matetrace p po ba yung dati kong TIN ID khit di ko alam yung tin number?

    • profile image

      Geynaldo G. Alcantara 23 months ago

      i have already my TIN number how i get my physical ID for bussiness transactions?

    • profile image

      pano ko po ba malalaman ang tin number ko. 23 months ago

      Eneria R.Rabino

    • profile image

      elmo 2 years ago

      bakit po kelangan pa ng letter of request to get a TIN ID from employer.. meron na po kasi akong 1902 pero hinahanap pa ung request, meron po ba kayong format or sample?

    • profile image

      NADINE 2 years ago


    • profile image

      gwapo ako 2 years ago

      nag lala tuloy yung BIR ng dumating yumg online.. nakakalito.. di tama yung mga info. sa form.. mali mali talaga... ito yung sistema nanag papahirap sa mga filipino..

    • profile image

      Kris 2 years ago

      Hi, just wanted to ask if we are the employer what are the details needed for us to apply TIN for our new employees (fresh grad and first time to work)?

    • profile image

      akakuha ng TIN ID kahit wlang employer? pls po... 2 years ago

      hellow po,pwede po ba mkakuha ng TIN ID kahit wlang employer?

    • profile image

      Ar 2 years ago

      Hi ..

      Good pm po ask ko lang kung pwde po ako mkakuha ng TIN ID .kahit wlang work .need lng for trvel abroad .?? Reply lng po ..Tnx .

    • profile image

      Edward 2 years ago

      Hi. Ask ko lang. What if may problema ako regarding sa birth cert ko?di pa kasi sya nakaregister sa NSO. Pwede ko bang gamitin yung lumang birth certificate ko to get a T.I.N I.D? Tapos nkaattach yung NSO document na wala pa kong record sa kanila?


    • profile image

      helen 2 years ago

      2002 pa tin id ko pwd b mgkuha ng bgo pwd kb iupdate yun mabibigyan b ako

    • profile image

      RAM 2 years ago

      You can get your TIN ID, if you are employed, ask your employer where BIR Branch the company covered, for example, if your company is in San Juan City, you can get your TIN ID in BIR RDO No. 42, San Juan City. Visit BIR Official Website to find the list of BIR RDO.

    • profile image

      vghfg 2 years ago

      iLang Beses Nako nag Punta Sa Branch Ninyo Ayaw Naman MAg realise Ng Tin Number ! Nakakainis Lhung

    • profile image 2 years ago

      Paano po mkakakuha ng Tin number para magamit ko sapag apply sa bdo ng savings account...hinihingian po kasi ko ng tin number sa banko..

    • profile image

      rossy 2 years ago

      Hi!pwede ba ko mkakuha ng tin I'd,meron na ako tin no.nung nagbayad ako sa pagbili ng bahay at nagbayad ng buwis kada rain plz.reply thanks

    • profile image

      rolando 2 years ago

      good afternoon po, meron na po akong TAN#, pwede ko bang palitan ng TIN#

    • profile image

      maimai 2 years ago

      ask lang po ako, kasi first time ko po mag-apply.. need daw po ng company ung tin# .. nasa iloilo po ako ngayon at ung inaapplyan ko nasa maynila, makakakuha ko po kaya ung tin # ko dito kasi dito nman po talaga ung permanent address ko eh.. salamat po! :)

    • profile image

      jen 2 years ago

      hi po ask ko lang po,unregistered pa po ako wala pa po akong voters id.. at wala din po akong work,makakakuha po ba ako ng TIN ID just for travel abroad lang,,

    • profile image

      Carol 2 years ago

      hi ask ko lang. pwede po bang makakuha ng tin no. online? at paano po?

    • profile image

      nathan 3 years ago

      how about us from mindanao? our local clearances from there were already expired, and the locals of the city where we are staying this time won't issue us local clearances because we are not voters of the said area.

    • profile image

      09092567635 3 years ago

      may tin no n po ako! san po ba mag ppa ID ?

    • profile image

      Sam 3 years ago

      BIR PASIG BRANCH Security Guard IS VERY RUDE..Nagsabi ako nah kukuha aq ng TIN ID coz almost 1yr nah wala pa ako ID Employed ako for almost 2yrs ang sabi ng guard "Bkit kah kukuha ng TIN ID Meron kbng work?" From the very Beginning nagsabi nah ako sa kanya. then he quoted me OFFLINE Po lahat ng BIR OFFICES?? Huh..buti pah sa BIR NG BGC Super Bilis at Friendly pah..

    • profile image

      melessa 3 years ago

      Cn hav it through online?

    • profile image

      mary ann ferrer 3 years ago

      How to make TIN letters as a requirement po sa tinatrabahuan ko para sla na mag pasa sa BIR toget TIN no..pls help me i need TIN letter now..

    • profile image

      rebecca autor 3 years ago

      pwede po ba makkuha ng tin id kahit self employed lng?

    • profile image

      jona 3 years ago

      ask ko lang po pano po kung unemployed po ako,makakakuha po ba ako ng TIN ID. pano po ba ang process nun?

    • profile image

      honey 3 years ago

      hi. i already have my tin number but they didn't gave me any IDs. so what will i do?

    • profile image

      joe 3 years ago

      how will i get my TIN number as my first job already processed it. it happens that i've resigned in the company and i don't have any idea what my TIN number is. hope you can help.


    • profile image 3 years ago

      if i had a tin number can i get now my tin id???

    • profile image

      robin john 3 years ago

      guys I need ur help pls! my work requires me to bring a tin id, but i only have a tin number. i don't have a tin physical card that we can use as a valid id. please where and how can i get a tin id card? thanks and god bless!

    • profile image

      Sophia 3 years ago

      How do we know which RDO do we belong to? Do they give a clue by any digit(s) from our TIN just like acct numbers in bank they have code for every brach it is included in our acct number

    • profile image

      anna 3 years ago

      good pm po mg aapply pa lng po ko sa company one of the requirements po ay tin number pwd po ba ako kumuha ?

    • profile image

      catherine tarlit 3 years ago

      ask ko lang po.. nagpunta kasi ako sa bir calasiao para manguha ng tin id..bat ganun sabi sa balanga bataan pa daw ako kukuha, kASI dun daw inaplay ng employer ko ung tin number ko.. akalako centralized ang bir

    • profile image

      jesyl aranas 4 years ago

      can i get tin tru online then it wiil deliverd?

    • profile image

      edison espiritu 4 years ago

      this was not help me

    • profile image

      kat 4 years ago

      This page is really helpful..thank you!

    • LucidDreams profile image

      LucidDreams 6 years ago from St Petersburg, Florida

      My bank also was willing to help as they called the correct numbers wjile I was opening a new business account for the sole proprietorship I had just started.


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