Are women eligible for desktop engineer positions?


Yes, they are definitely eligible. I learned hardware and networking from a leading institute in Mumbai in 2009. My class had three girls and seven boys. That is 30 percent of female attendees. In those days, I saw many girls that would inquire about different courses. Now, the count of women has only increased in this profession. Speaking about my batch mates, especially the girls, they are now doing well in this field. One of them is working abroad as a Microsoft Systems Engineer.

Desktop support is a start, and ladies are often employed in on-call help-desk positions at the initial phase of their career. There are many technical support BPO’s that come out with ample job opportunities. My first job in this field was as an in-house company support engineer. And there we also had a help-desk team which had a majority of girls. So, most women in this profession start with help-desk jobs, and then move on to more significant offers. When it comes to field support, most companies prefer men. For better opportunities, one must have adequate experience coupled with international certifications. After working for three to five years, they move to a higher post like systems or network engineers.

Updated on March 19, 2018

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By Kannan Reddy