Is it a good idea to ask what the intentions of a company are?


If you ask what the company's intentions are, you'd probably get a very non-committal response from HR, such as that the company intends to investigate the matter thoroughly and reach a quick and fair resolution based on the facts.

If instead what you really what to know is what are they going to do (discipline you? fire you?), then a better way to phrase it is to inquire whether your job is at risk. Don't be surprised if HR responds that if it finds violations of company policy or the law, then employees are subject to discipline up to and including the discharge of employment. That's standard language. If you've been waiting for what seems like too long for an answer in regards to your situation, mention that the investigation has been going on for x amount of time and you'd like to get back to work. It's okay to ask for in advance for an expected timeframe of how long the matter should take to resolve. Then, periodically check in on the status.

Updated on May 9, 2018

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Accused of Wrongdoing at Work: What to Do
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