Midland Funding has three different debts, but is only suing me for one. Should I send them a letter to validate the other two debts before they sue me for them? Assuming they do, is there any way I can better come at this that would be more specific to Midland Funding? I'm in California, by the way.


If Midland Funding has three debts, the fact that you know this means that they know this, too. If they have sent you what is called a "dunning letter," a letter asking you to pay the debt, then you should send them a validation request. For now, my opinion is to wait until then to do this.

As far as how to handle Midland Funding, do some Google research on them. You will find tons of material to use. Use the phrase "Midland Funding adverse court actions."

Updated on May 13, 2018

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You Can Beat Credit Card Debt Collectors
By Brian Gray