What are some courses that can be taken to become an entrepreneur in India?


To better answer this, let me ask you what does a child require to take the first step?

The child will require motivation, willpower, strength, and possibly a baby walker to speed up the process. Now juxtapose this with becoming a successful entrepreneur. All these are the qualities that you’ll require for starting your entrepreneurial venture. Self-motivation, strong-willed character, mental strength, and product knowledge are basic essentials. Like many experts will point out, no course can give you the certainty that your upcoming firm will be successful. Take a look at the history books, successful entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many others had little education. But that never stopped them. Having said that, taking up a course will do only good.

When it comes to courses, there are some specifically tailored programs that may help you in kick-starting your business venture. Below is an indicative list along with some details.

1. Startup India Learning Program (GOI) – Duration: 4 weeks – Fees: Free of cost

2. Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (IIM, Bangalore ) – Duration: 2 years Part time – Fees: 14.00 Lakh

3. Start Your Business Program (SPJIMR) – Duration: 10 days – Fees: 76,700

4. Post Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management (XLRI Jamshedpur) – Duration: 6 months’ Full time – Fees: 90,000

5. MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business (NMIMS, Mumbai) – Duration: 2 years Full time – Fees: 18.12 Lakh

6. MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Symbiosis, Pune) – Duration: 2 years Full time – 13.20 Lakh

7. Post Graduate Program in Entrepreneurship Management (Wellingkar, Mumbai) – Duration: 11 months – Fees: 7.00 Lakh

8. MBA in Entrepreneurship (Amity) – Duration: 2 Years Full time – 9.88 Lakh

9. Global MBA + PGDM in Entrepreneurship (Universal Business School, Mumbai) – Duration: 2 years Full time – Fees: 8.48 Lakh

10. Masters in Entrepreneurship and Management (Jain University, Bangalore) – Duration: 2 years Full time – Fees: Unknown

11. Certificate in Entrepreneurship Program (TIMSR, Kandivali) – Duration: 11 months Part time – Fees: 30,000

12. M.A. in Social Work in Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship (TISS, Mumbai ) – Duration: 2 years Full time – Fees: 98,600

13. Diploma in Women Entrepreneurship (DSIMS, Malad) – Duration: 4 months Part time – Fees: 50,000

14. Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Management (VESIM, Chembur) – Duration: 1 Year Correspondence – Fees: 14,375

15. Diploma in Microfinance and Entrepreneurship (BHU, Varanasi) – Duration: 1 Year Correspondence – Fees: 14,375

Updated on March 27, 2018

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