What do you think of Clever Container's direct sales jobs?


I just checked it out and I'm loving the idea of a company that focuses on home organization which I think is a very lucrative niche right now.

I also think that the low startup costs of between $45-$99 is a great price.

From a marketing perspective, I'm concerned about the price point of the products. I know that with most direct sales products you're going to see a slightly higher price point, but usually there's an incentive to the buyer there, like an all-natural product that's harder to find in stores.

With the Clever Containers I see a lot of stuff that can be purchased at a value price at retailers like Hollar, Ikea or even Target. To compete, I think Clever Container needs to style their products with more of an eye towards their market (I would consider myself one of their markets). What I look for in home organization products is first, functionality, which is present here, but second a product that blends well or accents my home, vehicle or office space. Their bathroom products are a great example of functionality and attractiveness! I'd like to see the laundry bags, travel sets and shopping bags come in more neutral patterns - they would be more marketable that way.

Updated on March 5, 2018

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