What is a suitable name for a t-shirt and sweater brand with the target audience being between 10-23 years old?


As you know, naming a business is difficult because there are a lot of variables to creating a good name such as target ages, genders, style, etc. There are also legal things to consider, such as are there any other businesses in your state/country using that name. With that said, here are some ideas that might help you come up with a great business name:

Young&Teen Tops

23/10 Clothing


23 Clothiers & Co.

Vivacious Tops



Youth Clothiers

Cloth & Stitch Co.

Mad Stitches

Youthful Threads

Twisted Stitchers

Golden Elegance

Fine Threads

Silk & Spool Clothing

TopTen Clothing


Young & Thimble

Wild & Free Clothing

Young Value Co.

Updated on April 15, 2018

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90 Creative Clothing Company Names
By Tatiana