What is the initial payment/salary of event managers in India?


The salary of any profession when starting out will be less. The HR manager will consider many factors when deciding upon a package. Event management companies look if a candidate meets the following criteria. To attract a better package, the candidate must possess at least a diploma in event management. The institute’s name in the market is very important in this field. As such institute will have an internship in their syllabus. Internship programs gives a student the opportunity to face real-life situations. There are some top universities which have started event management courses, Amity University is one such.

Another criterion will be the communication skills and the ability to network. Good communication here is the way you speak and how well you are in building rapport to get things done. Negotiation is also an aspect of this high pressure deadline adhering job. With all these qualities one can expect a better pay than the average Joe. There are many different positions for freshers such as Assistant Event Manager, Operations Executive, or some bigger firms also offer Assistant Project Director openings. When it comes to monetary benefits one can expect to get an annual salary in the range of 1.80 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs. Travelling is an essential job requisite in this industry. While you are on a tour, companies do compensate for travelling and food expense.

Updated on March 15, 2018

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By Kannan Reddy