Test Your Job Seeking Knowledge Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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Major companies typically receive how many applications annually?
The correct answer is "6 times their number of employees"

On average how long does a recruiter take to read your resume?
The correct answer is "6 seconds"

What percentage of recruiters bother to read a cover letter?
The correct answer is "17%"

One in ___ charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are for age discrimination.
The correct answer is "4"

Visible tattoos can reduce your chances of being hired. What percent of Americans ages 30-45 have at least one tattoo?
The correct answer is "32%"

A study by Wharton Business school study found that bald men are perceived as ___ , compared to men with a full head of
The correct answer is "all three ... because bald is where it's at!"

On average, how does being considered attractive affect pay?
The correct answer is "pretty people earn 4-10% more"