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Cheapest Places in Lincolnshire to Buy a Three-Bedroom House in 2022

Amanda has worked in estate agency in the Southeast of England in both residential and commercial property sales.

Humber Bridge

Humber Bridge

Buying Property in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire has some of the U.K.'s cheapest residential property, most notably in towns such as Grimsby, Gainsborough and Scunthorpe. However, the price variations from town to town across the county, are substantial. A three-bedroom house in Woodhall Spa or Tattershall, for example, is likely to cost considerably more than a similar property in Grantham or Skegness. Whilst some areas are obviously more desirable than others, the huge variations are nonetheless puzzling.

Much of Lincolnshire is low-lying, Fenland territory, and there are vast areas of flat, almost featureless landscape where the sky seems enormous, and you can see for miles in any direction. There are areas of flood-prone land here, which have been traditionally managed with dykes and drainage ditches. The rich soil in Lincolnshire is useful for agriculture, and there are vast acres of farmland. However, the rural economy is strongly contrasted by heavily industrialised areas around the Humber Estuary, where the River Humber brings water-borne traffic in from the North Sea, and further inland, where iron smelting and steelmaking still take place.

Lincolnshire is a county with many borders. Norfolk lies to the south-east, Cambridgeshire to the south, little Rutland is in the south-west, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire adjoin to the west, South Yorkshire hugs the northwest border, whilst the East Riding of Yorkshire lies just above it. Lincolnshire also borders Northamptonshire in the south for just 20 yards. With such a wide variety of neighbours perhaps it is unsurprising that Lincolnshire is such a diverse and interesting county.

This article seeks to provide an overview of the most and least affordable locations within the county. It should be helpful to those looking to buy property, either as an investor, as a first-time buyer, or even as a re-locator.

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This article is one of a series written about the U.K. property market. Other counties currently covered include Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Essex, Devon, Cornwall, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Bookmark this page to see regular updates, or follow Cheapest Places U.K. on social media.

Cheapest Paces to Buy Three-Bedroom Houses in Lincolnshire August 2022

Up to £100,000£100,001 to £150,000£150,001 to £200,000£200,001 upwards





Grimsby & Cleethorpes










Market Rasen

Woodhall Spa





Wainfleet All Saints

1. Alford

The little Lincolnshire town of Alford is home to one of the largest thatched manor houses in the country. It was refurbished with National Lottery funding in 2006, and is open to the public. The town also has an historic working windmill which produces flour for sale.

Alford has a useful selection of High Street shops and businesses, including supermarkets and banks. The town has schools through to sixth form and a regular bus service into Skegness. There is, however, no rail link, Alford being just one of many stations axed during the infamous 'Beeching cuts'.

Basic three-bedroom houses can be bought from a little under £175,000 in Alford.

2. Boston

Boston is a town and small port on the east coast of the county. Boston's best-known landmark, St Botolph's Church ("The Stump"), said to be England's largest parish church, is visible for miles around across a flat, almost featureless landscape.

The Port of Boston handles more than one million tons of cargo per year and provides a great many local employment opportunities. The port is served by a rail link and major road links.

Boston is one of the largest towns in the area, with a good range of facilities, including a choice of secondary schools through to sixth form, a busy and interesting High Street, ample sports and leisure facilities, and a large, popular twice-weekly market.

Simple, three-bedroom terrace family homes start at approximately £90,000.

3. Branston

Branston is a large village approximately four miles (six kilometres) south-east of Lincoln. The village has many attractive, older-style houses at its heart including the historic Branston Hall, and a handsome Rectory House, both built in the late 18th century.

Branston has limited amenities, but they do include state schools through to sixth form, a library, and a basic range of shops including a co-op.

There are very few properties currently available for sale in Branston, and the styles are many and varied. Consequently you are never guaranteed to find one of the rare bargains at the lower end of the price spectrum. If you are really lucky you might trip over a tiny three bedroom terrace house in the £175,000 to £195,000 range, but a more realistic budget would be upwards of £315,000 (August 2022).

4. Crowland

Crowland is a small town situated between Peterborough and Spalding. The town's major historical points of interest are the romantic medieval ruins of Crowland Abbey and the curiously shaped, 14th-century, three-sided bridge, Trinity Bridge. Like many other Fenland settlements, Crowland is low-lying and is surrounded by substantial drainage ditches and other waterways.

Crowland has only one state primary school. Secondary education is provided at an Academy school in nearby Holbeach. Allow a budget upwards of £230,000 when searching for three-bedroom homes in this attractive historic location, but look out for an occasional bargain at considerably less.

5. Gainsborough

Gainsborough has the distinction of being one of the U.K.'s cheapest places to live. Just £85,000 is sufficient to buy the most basic three-bedroom homes in this interesting location. Built on the banks of the River Trent and situated 18 miles (29 km) north-west of Lincoln, this sleepy little town historically served as an important inland port with trade travelling along the river from Hull. Although no longer an important trading post for river traffic, Gainsborough retains a single wharf where large vessels still dock and off-load their wares.

Gainsborough has excellent transport links, some well-regarded state schools, and plenty of retail and leisure facilities. It is a good town with plenty to recommend it, not least those staggeringly reasonable property prices.

6. Grantham

Grantham is a market town situated approximately 23 miles (37 km) south of Lincoln and about 22 miles (35 km) east of Nottingham. It borders the River Witham and lies close to an ancient Roman road. History has often been made in this interesting location, and Grantham has many claims to fame, not least that it is the birthplace of MargaretThatcher, one of the U.K.'s most famous politicians.

Grantham has very good transport links, including a station on the London to Edinburgh East Coast Main Railway Line, and it is convenient for the A1 trunk road. The town has a mix of state and independent schools. The food processing industry, together with Grantham Hospital, accounts for a large proportion of local employment opportunities.

£140,000 should be sufficient to buy a first family home in this pleasant location.

7. Grimsby & Cleethorpes

Property is incredibly reasonable in these conjoined East coast towns. Small three-bedroom terrace properties frequently appear for sale from as little as £60,000. Grimsby, Cleethorpes, and their nearby coastal neighbours, were all hit incredibly hard by the loss of a major part of their fishing fleet following the U.K.'s entry into the Common Market. With unemployment rife, this east coast fishing community found its property values failing to keep up with other more prosperous areas. Although employment prospects have improved in recent times, house prices are incredibly cheap compared to similar Lincolnshire towns. Brexit may eventually herald an improvement in the local economy, but only time will tell.

8. Horncastle

Horncastle is a market town 17 miles (27 km) east of Lincoln. For many centuries Horncastle was famed far and wide for its great August horse fair, where horses were bought and sold and otherwise traded. The annual fair continued until horses ceased to be in common agricultural use. The last fair took place in 1948. The town is now well known as a centre for the antique trade.

Horncastle has schools through to sixth form and an adult education college. Three-bedroom homes can be bought from a little under £195,000 in Horncastle, although these cheaper homes are scarce at present ( August 2022)

9. Lincoln

The ancient cathedral city of Lincoln that gives Lincolnshire its name can trace its history back over 2000 years. The city is a pleasure to walk round, with so many interesting and historic buildings at its heart. Lincoln has museums, galleries, theatres, great places to shop and dine out, and so much more besides, all of which combine to make it an ideal tourist destination.

Lincoln is a vibrant university city, and if you want to settle in a lively, busy location with great transport links, then you might consider buying a house here, especially given that Lincoln has basic three-bedroom properties for sale from around £120,000 (August 2022).

10. Louth

Louth is the main town and amenity centre for a large rural area of eastern Lincolnshire. Louth is home to Lincolnshire's last remaining cattle market and has a limited range of supermarkets as well as many independent retailers in the town centre. The local education offering includes schools through to sixth form as well as a further education college.

Property prices reflect the town's status within the wider rural community. The most basic three-bedroom homes are available from around £155,000.

11. Mablethorpe

The quaintly named seaside town of Mablethorpe has three-bedroom properties for sale from about £160,000 (August 2021). The town is blessed with a wonderful sandy beach and is popular with holiday-makers. Many of the job opportunities are seasonal. Mablethorpe has schools through to sixth form and a useful selection of shops, including supermarkets and other chain stores. Mablethorpe, in common with other small towns in this area, no longer has a railway station, having lost it during the Beeching cuts in the 1970s.

12. Market Rasen

Home to one of the U.K.'s most popular equestrian race courses, Market Rasen is understandably often very busy during the racing season. However, this bustling market town has more on offer than a day at the races. Attractively positioned on the banks of the river Rasen and surrounded by lovely countryside, Market Rasen has a good range of interesting local shops, schools up to secondary level, and it is only a 20-minute commute into Central Lincoln station by train.

Upwards of £170,000 should be more than sufficient to purchase a simple three-bedroom family home in Market Rasen.

13. Saxilby

Budget a minimum of £230,000 to guarantee the chance of buying a three-bedroom home in Saxilby. Situated just six miles (9.7 km) north-west of Lincoln, this picturesque village lies on the north bank of the Roman Fossdyke Navigation. Various finds of Roman pottery in the area hint at Roman habitation, and there are the excavated remains of a Roman camp just outside Saxilby.

Modern day Saxilby is a large village with its own primary school, and a limited but useful range of shops in the High Street. Transport links via road, rail and bus are all good, and the village is a suitable place for commuters into Lincoln or Gainsborough.

14. Scunthorpe

The manufacturing town of Scunthorpe is positioned on an escarpment of ridged land known as the Lincoln Cliff and lies above the River Trent, which runs a mile or so away to the East. Although the town itself is heavily industrialised, it is surrounded by areas of wonderful woodland and fertile farmland.

Scunthorpe is just eight miles (13 km) south of the Humber Estuary and 25 miles (40 km) north of Lincoln. It has excellent transport links and has been a major centre for employment thanks largely to the strong presence of the steel industry in the town. In more recent years, however, the steelworks have suffered job losses and other setbacks, and employment prospects are not as favourable as they once were. It may be that job uncertainty has affected the property prices in this large, factory-dominated town. House prices are cheaper here than in many Lincolnshire locations, and three-bedroom family houses are obtainable from a little under £95,000.

15. Skegness

Billy Butlin opened his first-ever holiday resort in Skegness in 1936, and it has bought visitors and holiday-makers to the town ever since. Skegness lies on the North Sea coast, 43 miles (69 km) east of Lincoln, and it is famous for its sandy beaches and holiday atmosphere. Popular with retirees, the town is a great choice for families and relocationers. Aside from the pier and other obvious seaside attractions, Skegness has a hospital with an Accident and Emergency department, a good mix of state and independent schools, further education provision, and excellent transport links.

Three-bedroom properties may be bought from approximately £180,000 in Skegness (August 2022).

16. Sleaford

Sleaford is the principal market town in a largely rural area, and it includes the hamlet of Holdingham to the north-east and the village of Quarrington to the south-east, within its boundaries. Sleaford can trace its history back to Roman times and still retains a number of buildings from the Medieval and Tudor eras. The oldest part of the town centres around the market place, an important hub for farmers and traders for many centuries.

Sleaford, with its handsome, historic town centre, its excellent road and rail links, and its good range of schools, leisure facilities, etc, has three bedroom homes available from a little under £190,000.

17. Spalding

Spalding lies at the heart of the U.K. flower industry, and each spring, visitors flock to the town to share in the various flower-related festivities held annually.

Prettily situated along a stretch of the River Welland, Spalding has many historical buildings and elegant Georgian terraces to look at and admire. A market is held twice weekly in the busy town centre, and there is a farmer's market once a month.

The town has excellent road and rail links, a small hospital, schools through to secondary level, and a strong community spirit, with many local clubs and societies for all sorts of activities, sporting and otherwise.

Typical three-bedroom houses are available in Spalding from around £160,000, with the occasional bargain creeping in a little below that figure.

18. Spilsby

Budget upwards of £160,000 to buy a basic three-bedroom property in Spilsby. If you have a little more available, you might consider purchasing a substantial, detached, four-bedroom house in one of the nearby villages—such homes are typically around £360,000 at present, considerably cheaper than similar properties in the U.K.'s southern counties.

Spilsby is a small, rural market town with a useful range of supermarkets, banks, traditional independent shops, etc., as well as a regular weekly market held on Mondays. Although something of a quiet backwater these days, Spilsby was of great significance during the medieval period. Bolingbroke Castle was built in the parish of Spilsby around 1220 by Ranulph de Blondeville, Earl of Chester and Earl of Lincoln. Henry de Bolingbroke, later to become King Henry IV, was born at Bolingbroke Castle in 1366. Sadly, however, the once great castle was brought to ruin during the English Civil War, and today, very little of its past glory remains.

19. Tattershall & Coningsby

There is very little bricks and mortar property currently available in this picturesque location. On the day this article was last updated, there was just one small three-bedroom home for sale on Rightmove at or around £175,000 (August 2022), and the price of other houses in the village was quite a lot higher. Realistically it's best to allow a minimum budget of £280,000 and to be prepared to pay more if you are hoping to settle in lovely Tattershall.

Although only a village itself, Tattershall has schools through to sixth form, and hosts much of the educational provision for the surrounding countryside.

20. Wainfleet All Saints

Wainfleet All Saints is a historic port and market town situated five miles (8 kilometres) south-west of Skegness.

Three-bedroom properties start at approximately £235,000, with the occasional bargain slipping in at a little less than this figure, but realistically there is often very little available at the bottom end of the market.

Wainfleet railway station is on the Nottingham to Skegness Line. The journey time to Nottingham is around two hours.

21. Woodhall Spa

With three-bedroom homes priced from around £240,000, Woodhall Spa is definitely one of Lincolnshire's more affluent locations. Established almost by accident, Woodhall Spa is a relatively new development in comparison to Lincolnshire's many historic towns.

In 1811 several attempts were made to find coal in the area. After a great deal of investment and the sinking of a 1,000 feet deep shaft, the project was abruptly halted due to the discovery of a mineral spring deep underground. The waters rapidly flooded the excavation, leaving the miners no choice but to abandon the project. After the initial disappointment, it occurred to local entrepreneurs that the spring itself might be of value. The water was duly analysed, and found to contain beneficial minerals. A well was sunk at great expense, and a spa was established, with hotels and other accommodations soon being built to accommodate visitors. Today Woodhall Spa still retains some of its Victorian grandeur, but it has also seen some smart, new housing development, and it is considered to be one of Lincolnshire's most desirable property hotspots.

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Amanda Severn (author) from UK on August 23, 2017:

Aah! The good old days when property was still affordable. Sorry you got ripped off though. £800 for a house seems almost unbelievable now.

Christopher James Stone from Whitstable, UK on August 23, 2017:

I used to live in Barton on Humber, which is where the Humber Bridge arrives in Lincolnshire. Bought a two bedroomed terrace house for £1,200 in 1978. It was only later that I discovered I'd been ripped off. The one up the road went for £800.