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Cheapest Places in Suffolk to Buy a 3-Bedroom House in 2022

Amanda has worked in estate agency in the Southeast of England in both residential and commercial property sales.

Suffolk is largely a rural county with lovely countryside, quaint towns and villages, and a stunning coastline, popular with holiday-makers.

Suffolk is largely a rural county with lovely countryside, quaint towns and villages, and a stunning coastline, popular with holiday-makers.

Buying Property in Suffolk in 2022

Suffolk is part of East Anglia and has borders with Norfolk to the north, Cambridgeshire to the west, and Essex to the south. The North Sea provides the eastern boundary. The county town of Suffolk is Ipswich, a lively university town with bags of interesting, historic buildings at its heart. Other key locations in the county include Lowestoft, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, and, of course, Felixstowe, well-known as one of the largest and most important container ports in Europe.

Suffolk is largely a rural county with lovely countryside, quaint towns and villages, and a stunning coastline, popular with holiday-makers. Lack of employment opportunities and limited transport links have kept house prices low in certain areas of the county, whilst other areas are booming, and property prices have leapt up in recent years. Suffolk is very much a county of contrasts, and if you are prepared to travel to work, you can still enjoy a home in a picturesque, modestly-priced location.

The prices given in this article are only intended as a general guide, and it is always wise to do your own research before making a property purchase. The adjacent counties of Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex are also covered in this series of articles.

Happy house-hunting!

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Cheapest 3-Bedroom Houses in Suffolk in 2022

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Bury St Edmunds





Wickham Market












1. Aldeburgh

Beautiful Aldeburgh lies on the coast around 20 miles northeast of Ipswich. It is a tiny town with so many quaint and individual houses that it is difficult to pin down a typical price for a three-bedroom home. On the day this article was updated in January 2022, there was just one small, terraced three-bedroomed house listed at £375,000 on Rightmove. The least expensive properties other than that were all priced at upwards of £850,000. Very occasionally, small, modern, family-sized homes creep onto the market here at a reasonable price, but these tend to be rapidly snapped up. The more quirky and individual houses tend to be priced at quite a premium.

Once home to the famous English composer Benjamin Britten, Aldeburgh is today renowned for its annual music festival. Music-loving tourists flock to this part of the coast every year to join in the fun. Over festival weekend, you can expect Aldeburgh's fish and chip shops to see queues spilling onto the High Street, and every restaurant and cafe will be jammed with out-of-towners.

Aldeburgh is a popular destination with visitors to Suffolk year-round, and a large proportion of the local property is owned as second homes. This means that local amenities are skewed towards pleasing the drop-in crowd rather than the indigenous Suffolk locals. There is a small primary school in the town, but the nearest secondary school, together with the nearest railway station, is a few miles inland at Saxmundham.

2. Bramford

Bramford is a quiet village three miles west of Ipswich. Bramford has its own primary school, a limited range of shops, including a Co-operative store, and a popular pub called The Cock. The villagers enjoy a good sense of community, and there are several social and sports societies locally, including a bowls club and a football club. Three-bedroom homes in Bramford are priced from around £280,000.

3. Brandon

There is currently very little property for sale in Brandon (January 2022). When available, £250,000 should be sufficient to buy a basic three-bedroom property in the small town of Brandon. You might have to wait a while for that opportunity.

The town lies near the Norfolk border, in the heart of an area once renowned for its flint mines. An example can be seen at Grimes Graves, a popular Brandon tourist destination. Brandon was a major centre for the production of gunflints in years gone by.

Modern-day Brandon has schools through to secondary level and is a useful location for commuters into Cambridge, Ely, Thetford and Norwich, as it has good road links and a station on a mainline railway route.

4. Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds was once one of the royal towns of our Saxon ancestors. Sigebert, king of the East Angles, founded a monastery here around 633. Almost three centuries later, in 903, the abbey was chosen to become the burial place of King Edmund, and the town's name ultimately derives from this act.

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Edmund was slain by the Danes in 869, and his reinternment in this holy place was quickly followed by a whole host of reputed miracles apparently performed at the shrine of the martyr king. The shrine at Bury St Edmunds soon became one of the most famous and wealthy pilgrimage locations in England, and a sizeable town grew up around it.

Bury St Edmunds is still an important town, and the abbey, now a ruin, remains at its heart. Major local employers include Greene King brewery and the British Sugar factory. The town has schools through to sixth form, including some private provisions. The town is on a major train route and is also served by National Express coaches. A rail commute into Cambridge takes around 40 minutes.

Allow a minimum budget of £240,000 when searching for a basic three-bedroom family home in Bury St Edmunds.

5. Claydon & Barham

Claydon is a large village just north of Ipswich. It is adjoined by the hamlet of Barham, and both sites have seen considerable development in recent years. Claydon has schools through to secondary level and an interesting mix of old and new housing stock. £250,000 should be adequate to begin your search for a three-bedroom property in Claydon or Barham, but do look out for the rare bargain that may slip in at a considerably lower figure.

6. Eye

The quaintly named market town of Eye enjoys a picturesque location in the North of the county. With more listed buildings than Lavenham, a whole host of interesting, independent retailers on the High Street, one of Suffolk's best-known historic churches, and even a castle, there are plenty of reasons to take a second look.

The town lies around four miles south of Diss and 17.5 miles north of Ipswich. Despite its small size, Eye has a good selection of amenities, including schools through to secondary level and a local community hospital. Three-bedroom family homes can be bought from around £350,000, but in reality, cheaper-end properties rarely come on the market here and are few and far between.

7. Felixstowe

The town of Felixstowe lies between the River Orwell and River Deben on the North Sea coast of Suffolk. It includes the Port of Felixstowe, which is the largest container port in the UK.

Felixstowe has excellent transport links, including ferries across the River Deben to Harwich, a railway station, and a regular bus and coach service through to Ipswich and beyond. The town is large and has a good range of facilities. There are schools through to sixth form, good sports and leisure facilities, plus lots of seaside attractions aimed primarily at holidaymakers and day-trippers.

The cheapest three bedroom houses start at a little under £225,000 in Felixstowe.

8. Framlingham

Although no longer on a railway line, the lovely market town of Framlingham can be readily accessed via the B1116, B1119 and B1120 roads. The nearest railway station is a few miles away, at Saxmundham.

Framlingham Castle stands at the heart of the town and is a handsome structure with a long and colourful history. It is now a popular tourist attraction under the care of English Heritage.

The town has both state and independent schools through to secondary level, and a good range of basic, everyday shops in the town centre. Simple three-bedroom homes start at around £250,000, but basic houses are few and far between in this smart location. A more realistic minimum budget would be £295,000 plus.

9. Hadleigh

Basic three-bedroom houses start at around £250,000 in Hadleigh, but the prices climb very steeply upwards. Realistically you might want to budget a minimum of £300,000 to guarantee a shot at buying a family home in this lovely old town.

Sprawling out on either side of a long, wide High Street, Hadleigh is an attractive location with a good range of everyday shops, a sprinkling of popular pubs and restaurants, and easy road access to numerous nearby tourist destinations, including several stately homes, and the wonderful Castle House gallery in Dedham, Essex.

Hadleigh has schools through to secondary level.

10. Haverhill

The market town of Haverhill lies close to the borders of both Essex and Cambridgeshire. Conveniently situated, just 19 miles southeast of Cambridge by road and 66 miles northeast of central London, it's an ideal commuter location. Unfortunately, however, there is no longer a railway station, and travellers must make their way by car or bus. London Stansted airport is also within an easy distance of the town.

Haverhill has a range of schools through to sixth form, and excellent sports and leisure facilities close at hand. Popular with families, the town has a great deal to offer, including reasonably priced housing. Approximately £220,000 should be sufficient to buy a basic three-bedroom house here.

11. Ipswich

Ipswich is home to the University of Suffolk, whose campus stretches along the waterfront, affording students and staff wonderful views across the harbour to the old town. The quayside at Suffolk has handsome buildings standing cheek by jowl with derelict warehouses awaiting development. Antique Thames barges stand at anchor alongside flashier, more modern boats. The whole town is an intriguing mix of old and new.

Ipswich is an historic location, and the labyrinth of well-preserved ancient edifices in the town centre gives glimpses into the town's rich and varied past. It's easy to see, however, that the town is moving forward at a rapid pace. Gleaming new developments are evident all around, and many of the traditional facades of older buildings hide sympathetic restoration work on the interior.

Given that Ipswich has a great deal to offer in terms of educational establishments, sports and leisure facilities, easy transport links, and excellent town-centre retail outlets, it is good to learn that three-bedroom properties remain very affordable. The most basic three-bedroom properties begin at around £180,000 (January 2022).

12. Ixworth

The village of Ixworth was settled in Roman times and is the site of a 1st century AD Roman fort, believed to have been built as a response to Boudicca's revolt. Modern-day Ixworth lies six miles northeast of Bury St Edmunds and nine miles southeast of Thetford. It is surrounded by lovely countryside, including. just north of the village, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) known as Bangrove Wood. This 45-acre site is an area of ancient woodland containing species such as ash, field maple, oak, hazel and wild cherry.

Ixworth has a quaint and interesting High Street with a limited range of everyday shops. The town has its own primary school. Secondary school children must travel to nearby Thurston Community College.

The smallest three-bedroom homes are priced from around £300,000 in this popular location, but hurry, hurry if you want to catch a bargain. Traditional terraced houses are a rarity here, and the more typical semis and detached houses tend to be priced at a bare minimum of £345,000.

13. Kersey

The village of Kersey and the hamlets of Kersey Tye, Kersey Upland, Wicker Street Green and William's Green lie a few miles north-west of Hadleigh. Considered to be one of Suffolk's most picturesque villages, Kersey straddles a ford, and fine old houses line the sloping High Street.

Kersey is not the cheapest place in Suffolk. Pretty villages are at a premium here, just as they are in most of the UK. Three-bedroom houses start at around £400,000, but few come onto the market here, and it's best to budget considerably more if you have your heart set on this idyllic location. On the day this article was updated in January 2022, the cheapest property listed on Rightmove was priced at £900,000.

14. Lakenheath

The fenland village of Lakenheath lies close to the county boundaries of both Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. It is well-known for being the site of the largest USAF base in the United Kingdom, RAF Lakenheath.

Lakenheath has a primary school, a useful shopping street with a limited range of everyday shops, including a small supermarket, and there is a railway station three miles from the village centre. Three-bedroom properties are relatively affordable in Lakenheath. Basic houses are priced from a little under £250,000.

15. Lowestoft

Lowestoft has some of Suffolk's cheapest property, and a mere £135,000 could be sufficient to buy a very basic three-bedroom house in this bustling seaside location.

Lowestoft is on the North Sea coast and is the UK's most easterly town. It lies 110 miles north-east of London and 38 miles northeast of Ipswich and is on the edge of an extensive wetland area known as 'The Broads'. Popular with holidaymakers, Lowestoft has a full range of attractions, including two piers, wide sandy beaches, and a theme park.

Although many of Lowestoft's employment opportunities are based around tourism and renewable energies, and the gas and oil industries also have a large presence on this part of the coast. Birds Eye frozen foods is also an important local employer.

Lowestoft has a mainline railway station, educational facilities through to degree level, a wide range of retail outlets, and a hospital with A&E and maternity services.

16. Martlesham and Martlesham Heath

The village of Martlesham lies around two miles southwest of Woodbridge and 6 miles east of Ipswich. The locals refer to the original settlement as "old Martlesham" in order to distinguish it from the more recent Martlesham Heath development, just south of the village. Martlesham Heath is home to BT's Research and Development Centre, now known as Adastral Park, and this provides many jobs in the area.

Martlesham has a long history, and there have been numerous finds of Roman coins and pottery locally. The village was the site of a great deal of activity during the two World Wars when nearby fields were turned into an aerodrome.

Martlesham has state primary school provision and a limited range of everyday retailers. The nearest railway station is at Woodbridge. Three-bedroom houses start at a little under £320,000, but as cheap, terraced properties are rarely available, it's best to budget a minimum of £395,000 when shopping for a home in Martlesham and be prepared to pay considerably more.

17. Mildenhall

The large Royal Air Force base, RAF Mildenhall is located north of the town that bears its name. This is used by the United States Air Force as the headquarters of its 100th Air Refueling Wing and 352nd Special Operations Group, and its presence has undoubtedly been important to Mildenhall's growth and development. Approximately 18% of the local residents were born in the USA.

Quite aside from its RAF connections, the small market town of Mildenhall is perhaps best known for the 1942 discovery of the Mildenhall Treasure. Now housed in the British Museum, the treasure consists of a hoard of Roman silver objects originally buried in the 4th century. The town's museum has information about the find, as well as a display about the US Air Force's connection with the town.

Mildenhall still holds its traditional Friday market in the town centre market square. Stallholders gather from miles around to repeat an activity that has taken place for many hundreds of years. The hexagonal market cross and the old village pump serve as reminders of a bygone age.

£260,000 should be sufficient if you're looking for a basic three-bedroom house in Mildenhall. The town has schools through to sixth form and good bus links with neighbouring towns and villages.

18. Newmarket

If you like horses, you'll probably love Newmarket. The town is a renowned centre for equestrian activity. There are over fifty horse training stables and two large racetracks locally. The area is believed to be home to over 3,000 racehorses, and approximately one in every three local jobs is related to horse racing. The National Horseracing Museum, and Tattersalls, the racehorse auctioneers, are both sited in the town alongside other important horse-racing institutions.

Newmarket railway station is on the Cambridge–Bury St. Edmunds–Ipswich rail line. The town also has good bus links with the surrounding area. There are local schools through to sixth form. A simple three-bedroom family home can be bought for a little under £250,000 in this equestrian-minded location.

19. Saxmundham

Set in the valley of the River Fromus, picturesque Saxmundham is a small market town approximately 18 miles northeast of Ipswich. The town provides many services and facilities for the surrounding rural and coastal communities. These include Saxmundham railway station, which is on the East Suffolk Line. Local schools go through to secondary level, and there is a good range of retail outlets.

Three-bedroom homes start at around £250,000 in Saxmundham, but prices jump quite quickly upwards, so you'll need to be on your toes to catch a bargain in this well-loved location.

20. Stowmarket

Stowmarket is the largest town in the Mid Suffolk district and has been the site of considerable development in recent years. The town lies between Bury St Edmunds to the west and Ipswich to the southeast and is on the main railway line between London and Norwich. With excellent rail links to London Liverpool Street (1h 25mins), Cambridge (1h 10mins) and Norwich (35mins), the town is in a prime location for commuting.

As you might expect in a town of this size, there is a good range of local amenities, including schools through to sixth form, and a selection of sports and leisure venues. Three-bedroom homes start at around £260,000 in Stowmarket, with the occasional bargain coming along for considerably less.

21. Sudbury

Three-bedroom houses start at approximately £230,000 in the attractive market town of Sudbury. Once upon a time, the weaving and silk industry prospered here, and many great houses and churches were built on the proceeds of these profitable industries. Modern-day Sudbury continues to enjoy this rich, historical legacy, and the fine old buildings help to give the town a unique charm and character.

Sudbury lies near the Essex border on the River Stour. The local area is very beautiful and has been immortalised in the paintings of John Constable and Thomas Gainsborough. Sudbury has connections to both artists, and there is a Gainsborough museum based in his birthplace in the town.

Local schools go through to secondary level, and Sudbury has many and varied leisure opportunities, including, not least, boating on the broad reaches of the River Stour.

22. Wickham Market

Wickham Market is a large village in the Suffolk Coastal heritage area. It lies on the A12 trunk road, northeast of both Ipswich and Woodbridge. The nearest railway station is approximately two miles east at Campsea Ashe.

In 2009 it was announced that a large hoard of iron age coins had been discovered at a site near Wickham Market. The find consisted of 840 Iron Age gold staters and was discovered in a field at Dallinghoo near the town. The coins date from 40 BC–15 AD and have provided a valuable insight into the lives of the Iceni tribesmen and women who once inhabited the region.

Around £400,000 should be sufficient to buy a three-bedroom property in Wickham Market, but if you're vigilant, you might chase down a rare, small terraced house for a far lower price.

23. Woodbridge

The town of Woodbridge lies about eight miles from the coast and is a popular spot for all forms of leisure sailing, thanks to its situation on the banks of the River Deben. The river flows through the town on its journey to the North Sea, and Woodbridge's inland harbour has been the site of boat-building, rope-making, and all manner of nautical activities throughout the ages.

Woodbridge has a great holiday vibe and is popular with visitors. Many local businesses rely on tourism for their livelihood. The town is also close to the most important Anglo-Saxon site in the United Kingdom, the Sutton Hoo burial ship, and there is a National Trust visitor centre on the site.

Woodbridge has a choice of state and independent schools through to sixth form. There is a railway station in the town, and the train journey into Ipswich takes less than 20 minutes. Three-bedroom homes can be bought in the town from approximately £325,000, although the cheapest, terraced houses are seldom available.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: Where are the cheapest two bedroom properties in Suffolk?

Answer: Suffolk properties range from the ridiculously cheap to the outrageously expensive. The cheapest properties tend to be found in the larger towns such as Lowestoft, Ipswich, and Mildenhall, and they are generally fairly modern, standard homes. The pretty, quirky villages with their pink-washed thatched cottages tend to be amongst the more expensive locations.

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