How to Find Housing With an Eviction on Your Credit

Updated on May 31, 2017
Can't Get an Apartment because of an Eviction?
Can't Get an Apartment because of an Eviction?

Having an eviction or foreclosure on your credit can seriously impair your ability to rent another apartment, or home.

I am not going to mention that you should try to avoid an eviction or foreclosure at all costs, because I am assuming that if you are reading this, you have already passed that point.

We all know that apartments that actually advertise “no credit check,” are probably not nice places to live, so you might want to save those options as a last resort.

Although the process is often time-consuming and frustrating, there are steps you can take to find decent housing.

Find a Move In Special before the Eviction hits your credit report.
Find a Move In Special before the Eviction hits your credit report.

Act Quickly

The first thing you should do is try to get a rental as soon as you know that you are being evicted. Do not wait until the record hits your credit report, because if you do, it will take much more effort to try to find another apartment or home.

Obviously, if you are being evicted, you do not have the money to pay to stay in your current housing situation (unless your eviction is for reasons other than non-payment of rent).

If you have a portion of your rent, you should try to find a move-in special at an apartment community. I have seen apartment communities with move-in specials as low as $99, and believe it or not, there are decent rental complexes that run these types of specials from time to time.

The best ways to find these rental specials is to either drive around to different neighborhoods and look for the often colorful banners announcing the specials, grab an apartment guide where the specials might be listed, or check with a popular website like Craigslist and search for “move in specials” in the “housing” section.

Find a Private Owner
Find a Private Owner

Look for Private-Party Landlords

If the eviction has already hit your credit report, you are going to be in for a bit of a struggle.You can drive around and look for those “for rent” signs that private owners place in front of their properties, or check on Craigslist and search for “bad credit” or something of that nature.

If you find a private owner, chances are good that they will not pull a credit report. Although, many private owners are savvy, you would be surprised to find out that there are still a lot of people who have no idea of how to pull your credit report; they just want to make sure that you can and will pay the rent on time.

Unfortunately, large, established apartment complexes have the ability to pull a credit report within minutes, so you might want to stay away from those types of establishments.

The Extended-Stay Alternative

If you have searched for a reasonable amount of time, and you still cannot find a place to live that will accept you in your situation, you might want to consider an extended stay hotel until you can get back up on your feet.

Extended-stay hotels are like apartment hotels, and they usually come with a kitchen complete with a refrigerator, microwave, and stovetop.

They range from low-cost dives to expensive one-bedroom suites, and there are no credit checks and no leases.

Consider an Extended Stay Hotel
Consider an Extended Stay Hotel

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      • profile image

        Charles Johnson 9 months ago

        How can I find a house

      • profile image

        Victoria Wiley 10 months ago

        I have a eviction, but i don't owe anything to the landlord

      • Ericajean profile image

        Ericajean 5 years ago

        Wow! Good advice! I am currently working on a similar article(and was redirected here); after much experience and research on this same topic, I can't help but agree with the information found in your article. It is very true that "no credit check" places are not always so decent.


      • monicamelendez profile image

        monicamelendez 5 years ago from Salt Lake City

        Solid advice and you're right, a private owner is rarely going to pull your credit - even if they say they will.